Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Bernie Sanders Tells it Like It is


“What we need to do is to do everything that we can to make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of people who do not have them.” – Senator Bernie Sanders



  1. avatar FortWorthColtGuy says:

    Does he mean people who already don’t have guns or people with no hands?

    1. avatar Jason says:

      Lol, that’s funny. Being crazy liberals, I’m guessing he means people with no hands, because that would get more “aaaawwwweeee” from the crowd

    2. avatar Chadwick P. says:

      That was my thought. People with no hands still have rights!

      1. avatar dragos111 says:

        That depends on which hand they lost.

        1. avatar Ozzallos says:

          I don’t have hands to clap, let alone own a gun you insensitive jerkface.

        2. avatar JasonM says:

          What is the sound of one hand clapping?

        3. avatar Vhyrus says:

          Dear Ozzallos,

          How do you type with boxing gloves on?


        4. avatar Julio says:

          This seems appropriate.

        5. avatar Rusty Chains says:

          Since Bernie is an admitted Socialist and a statist, perhaps what he meant was “when we take the guns from your cold dead hands.”

      2. avatar John Hope says:

        But if they have no hands how would they hold the gun or pull the trigger? Maybe use their feet? It like trying to imagine the tree falling in the forest when no one is around. Or the sound of one hand clapping. Blows the mind is what it does

        1. avatar Scoutino says:

          Yep. Use the feet. Like this guy:

  2. avatar Mr. 308 says:

    Yea that’s the first thing that jumped out at me looking over that Hillary thread below.

    I do believe this was one of those ‘moment of truth’ thing, he didn’t really mean to say it.

    But this is exactly what he does mean, and after they stop people from acquiring guns, then they have stopped the bleeding as the saying goes, then they start to work out removing guns from those that do have them.

    These socialists sure do have a hard on for putting an end to the second amendment.

    And here’s the thing; I really do not like the idea of people telling us we cannot be armed. Sure they say it’s all about keeping people safe, but how do we know this? The only way to find out what their true intentions are if for them to succeed and remove all gun rights and all guns. You don’t really know until then. And at that time it’s too late if it really turns out that their motives are in fact something else.

    This is the real reason that the second amendment is there – to protect the people from people who want to disarm us. We either stand up for it and keep it, or cave and be at the mercy of those who disarm us.

    And we all know how trustworthy and moral the state is.

    Yea, that’s sarcasm.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      We can even set aside their intentions, for now, and assume they’re noble, though we know full well they’re vile. What matters just as much is how vulnerable their policies would leave us to some future officials.

      Even if the president at any given time is perfect, honorable and not given to abuse of power, granting the government greater power through restricted rights of the citizenry only sets us up for abuse by the subsequent occupant.

      Really, even with George Washington at the helm, the man who voluntarily stepped down after just two terms and who refused to become king, the States and the Framers still thought it wise to include a Bill of Rights. No way I’m going to give up my guns and just trust Trump or Hillary’s unprepossessingness.

      1. avatar Chrispy says:

        “Even if the president at any given time is perfect, honorable and not given to abuse of power, granting the government greater power through restricted rights of the citizenry only sets us up for abuse by the subsequent occupant.”

        This. A million times, this.

    2. avatar connor rilling says:

      “I do believe this was one of those ‘moment of truth’ thing, he didn’t really mean to say it.

      But this is exactly what he does mean, and after they stop people from acquiring guns, then they have stopped the bleeding as the saying goes, then they start to work out removing guns from those that do have them.”

      You just did an about face there. You said he didn’t mean to say it then you say that he meant it.
      People can do whatever they want about his mistake but we are all human. He probably meant to say “Keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them” Meaning mentally ill etc etc no fly list ya ya ya all that jazz. The media will have some fun with this while they can.

  3. avatar C.Rogers says:

    Getting ahead of your TelePrompTer: not good.

  4. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    The Truth About Socialists strikes again…

    Thanks, Bernie. You tell it.

  5. avatar ptrog says:

    hmmmmmm. thats a strange way to put it. well i guess not if they are Dems.

  6. avatar me says:

    So, all these families wanting to sue firearm manufacturers I think is total bullshit, aurora theater shooting, sandy hook, columbine etc are all in my opinion at fault, “no gun” zones are a theoretical target, criminals don’t care what that sign says and they know at that point there is no one armed in those places, how many theaters within a few miles do you think are near the one that was shot up? Several, and that’s the only “no gun zone” between them, the victim’s failures should figure out how to sue those locations and realise that if a good guy didn’t need to lock his gun away and be unprotected, their family members may still be alive, our country is becoming more and more blind to the real problem, and quick to blame a gun manufacturer, they have no control, nor does the shop owner, if you pass a background check, a weapon can be purchased, if you decide to commit a crime, your firearm is a victim at that point in my eyes, and no one but you should be held accountable.

  7. avatar Don from CT (Escaped to MA where at least there are lots of good jobs) says:

    He clearly meant people who SHOULD not have them.

    1. avatar Mr. 308 says:

      No, this is incorrect.

      He said what he MEANT; he was going to say ‘…make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them.’ deceptively, but he flubbed it up and mistakenly said what he *really* thinks.

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      At best, he’s a muddled thinker and clunky speaker who may have misspoken. More likely, he’s an aged and not-so-closeted statist whose campaign fatigue forced a Freudian slip.

    3. avatar Harrison says:

      I tend to agree with you Don. I tuned into the debate for that part, and he was trying to hustle and get that concession out of the way before circling back to make another point. I think he just flubbed up. My cynical brain even auto-corrected him. 🙂

    4. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      He clearly meant people who SHOULD not have them.
      Freudian slip.

  8. avatar Jimmyjames says:

    Lucidity is highly over rated.

  9. avatar Bob315 says:

    Unless Hillary is in jail, I cannot see the Democrat Party allowing Bernie the nomination no matter if he wins the popular vote.

    1. avatar Mk10108 says:

      Hillary is not going to jail. The kid who set up her private server is not going to jail. Lois Lerner is not going to jail. Fast and Furious managment are not going to jail. The CIA leader who told react team to stand down is not going to jail.

      What’s interesting is the lying & stealing is out in the open, known and accepted. ZERO accountability is the new normal.

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:


      2. avatar Mr. 308 says:

        You but you and I and Joe Sixpack better keep our heads down and follow all of their dictates.

        Because if the state has reason to go after you for the slightest thing, you will be made to pay.

        Must be nice to be king, or queen, I guess.

        1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

          When the lawmakers blatantly disobey the laws, sooner or later the proles realize the laws are not worth obeying.

  10. avatar matty9 says:

    C’mon you guys! People without hands should not be able to bear arms! That’s what he meant. GAWD! He aint just a socialist elitist, he’s also anti-disabled.

  11. avatar Anonymous says:

    I read that too (from yesterday’s article) and laughed. I know what he meant to say – but what he did say was funny.

  12. avatar Dave says:

    No matter what you think of his other politics, look into what Sanders has actually done about guns. He’s not some gun grabber commie liberal. In fact, he’s getting a lot of flak fit not being anti gun enough.

    1. avatar peirsonb says:

      He’s from Vermont. Having enough to worry about at home I’m not intimate with that states politics, but I’d bet being rabidly anti gun there isn’t a viable political strategy.

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      His idea of gun ownership is filtered through the prism of Vermont politics, demographics and culture.

      Vermont is about 95% white, older, less urban, wealthier and more educated than the national average. Firearms there mean bolt action rifles, break action shotguns, and maybe a stray .38 special revolver here and there. They actually have specific seasons for deer hunting by archery and muzzleloaders. It’s its own little Jeffersonian democracy up there and completely different from most of the rest of America. He’s even conceded that firearms freedom that works there may not work elsewhere.

      That’s the backdrop for Sanders’ supposed pro-gun stance. It’s provincial and very narrowly applied. On a national scale, though, he’s for banning so-called “assault weapons”, i.e., your basic everyday AR-15. He’s for closing the mythical “gun show loophole”, which means he wants to ban private sales of firearms. He’s for background checks and for expanding them, which means national gun registration. He constantly talks about “common sense gun reform”, which is code for further infringement of your freedoms while redefining it as something positive.

      No wonder he gets such poor ratings from pro-2A groups. No wonder he regularly brags about his low ratings. He’s a guns for me, but not for thee, fascist.

      1. avatar int19h says:

        What you forgot to mention is that none of those issues are part of his agenda. He talks about them when he’s asked about it (and even then somewhat reluctantly), but it’s clear that it’s simply not an issue that he considers important to deal with immediately. If you have heard his stump speech, or really any of his speeches, which are basically all about his priorities, they don’t mention guns at all. They talk about economic inequality, healthcare, jobs etc.

        What this means is that he would likely sign, say, an AWB if it was put on his desk, but I doubt he’d waste time and expend political capital trying to push one through Congress. He has a lot of other things he wants to see done first, and that list is so long, it would probably not be exhausted even after 4 terms. Furthermore, to get things on that list done, he’d have to compromise and bargain a lot, and that means quid pro quo in most cases… and I can totally see some GOP, or even the more conservative Democrat congressmen trying to appeal to their constituency by demanding a moratorium on AWB and such in exchange for their support – which for Bernie would be a no-brainer.

  13. avatar Publius says:

    A perfect example of why we need age limits for political offices. If you wouldn’t trust your elderly relative behind the wheel of a car or making financial decisions, why the hell would you let them be in charge of the economy, military, and decide the laws we’re all forced to follow?

    1. avatar BillC says:

      and old people shouldn’t have guns.

      1. avatar Publius says:

        There’s a difference between just “old” and “old and losing your marbles”. Bernie and most of our senile citizen politicians crossed over into “old and losing their marbles” a long time ago.

        1. avatar Mr. 308 says:

          They are just there to smile for the camera and vote the way the party tells them to anyway. Old people can do that just as well as the young.

  14. avatar Parnell says:

    I’m sure the audience cheered wildly for this Prof. Irwin Corey-type answer.

  15. avatar wrightl3 says:

    An honest Democrat. Well, it’s official, hell has officially frozen over. Lets use the flying pigs as target practice.

    1. avatar BillC says:

      You mean an honest politician.

  16. avatar wrightl3 says:

    Does grandpa need his ear trumpet?

  17. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Where are these guns falling out of the sky and how do I get my hands on one? ?

  18. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    That’s like a Yogi Berra quote.
    “You can observe a lot, just by watching”.

  19. avatar FedUp says:

    See, Bernie doesn’t want to take your guns, he just wants to make sure your offspring can’t arm themselves, and in a couple of generations we’ll have Hillary’s gun free society.

    As for frivolous lawsuits, he believes that the members of the trial lawyer’s association need to eat too, so he supports grieving families wasting their last dollars losing frivolous suits, just as he supports laws making certain that frivolous suits are losing suits.

    In my final analysis, Bernie’s done for. The pro-Hillary press can now paint him as a flip-flopper.

  20. avatar Kendahl says:

    If I read Sanders’ comment literally, he is saying that no one who doesn’t already own a gun should be allowed to obtain one. Conversely, if you already own at least one, he has no objection to your keeping it or expanding your collection.

    I’m sure this was just a slip of the tongue and he really meant people who should not have them. Of course, the only effective way to accomplish this is to segregate them from the rest of society, the mentally ill ones in a secure hospital and the rest in prisons. The Democrats don’t want to do either.

  21. avatar neiowa says:

    “Socialist” my ass. Crazy Bernie is a full on true believer Khrushchev type flaming red commie.

    Honeymooned in the USSR. In early 60s was in Israeli in a Commie Kubitz (not an Israeli commune style kibutz but an “Internationale” singing Marxist commune). Rabid supporter of the Sandinistas. He has never even had a private sector job.

    If a demtard admits to being a socialist it means is a commie. If admits nothing is a socialist.

    1. avatar int19h says:

      Did you actually read his comments on what he saw in the USSR on that “honeymoon” (which was actually a business trip as a mayor to a “sister city”, but never mind that).

  22. avatar Ralph says:

    I warned Bernie at Woodstock: “Dude, don’t take the brown acid.” Did he listen? Nooooo.

  23. avatar Ing says:

    You go, man! Feel the Bern! (Is that the creepiest campaign catchphrase ever, or what?)

    1. avatar Julio says:

      I’d say it’s tied with “Feel the Chafe” on the creepy-campaign factor.

  24. avatar H says:

    I’m a positive person. So I have to consider how will life be under this candidate or that. Kinda like considering what you may do during a home invasion. You don’t want one, I hope.
    There’s a possibility that Sanders is a safe 2A candidate. He seems to be being “conservative” with his wording since he’s against Hillary.

    I don’t agree with his free college etc. at all. Libs have emotionally great fiscal ideas. Then come the unintended consequences.

    However what he said about coming from a state with no gun restrictions making him qualified to handle our issues sounds a lot better than Hillary!

  25. avatar Rick K says:

    I managed to watch (and keep down my dinner) about 5 minutes of the socialist debate. It was during this gun control exchange. I am actually dumber for having endured these 2 morons trying to out stupid each other.

  26. avatar jwm says:


    1. avatar Doran says:

      +1x several million I hope

  27. avatar Joshua says:

    How many of you guys just slammed Bernie for making a human mistake then went on to pump up Trump, who never backs off his always perfectly chosen statements?

    1. avatar Doran says:

      Vey good point even if I don’t want him for President.

  28. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    “What we need to do is to do everything that we can to make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of people who do not have them.” – Senator Bernie Sanders

    I do love a good Kinsley Gaffe.

    People shouldn’t have guns, or any other kind of personal agency, I’ll infer. Because he’s a self-declared socialist. In the end, it’s not just “things should be better distributed” but “we’re the guys to determine and enforce what ‘better’ is, and you’re not.” More people having guns only makes the problem worse. There are no people who “should” have guns, or even for whom their having guns is neutral.

    Also “people” ain’t the deciders or their agents. “… some animals are more equal than others.”

  29. avatar Brian M says:

    And then he immediately says ‘no assault weapons’. Such a shame. I liked him. But now I hate him. He opposes the fundamental, universal, human right to self-defense. All while having arming bodyguards, by the way. He’s like O’donnel and Feinstein — ‘no guns for you, but as for me, I’ll have a carry permit and be armed and have armed bodyguards with the kind of weapons that are illegal for you to own even now and then tell you you don’t need guns for protection and no sane person has need for any weapon of any kind ever.’

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