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“We had about a two week lull when things were pretty calm. We kind of forgot what business was like when a Republican was around.” – Sharp Shooters owner Charles Blackwell in Guns as Gifts; Firearms Continue to be a Popular Christmas Gift [via]

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  1. Never fear. The moon bat liberals are now buying guns because they believe that the Republicans are coming for them on January 21.

    • So we’ll have lots of lightly or never used, pre-owned guns coming onto the secondary market and to buy backs ready to be snapped up by eager well funded right wingers. Works for me. 20% off the top!

    • I wouldn’t bank on it. Liberals aren’t having a come to Jesus moment on guns. Any market indicators that buying hasn’t slowed is likley due to the holiday season. Liberals aren’t gun people. Never have been and never will be. They’ll demand others with guns do their bidding for them.

      • Except there have been numerous news stories talking about how liberals are buying guns and stored food now that Trump is going to take office.

    • Which is an absolutely hilarious self-revocation of every argument they’ve ever made about gun control.

      As long as their people are in positions of power, why would anyone ever need a gun?

      They’re learning why. And something tells me they’re going to regret weakening Senate filibuster rules as well.

      • “Which is an absolutely hilarious self-revocation of every argument they’ve ever made about gun control.”

        Not *really*, if you use their mindset on how they justify it.

        As in: Guns are bad and evil, but since *they* are a ‘good person’, they can be trusted with one.

        Now all those knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing inbred stupid hicks in flyover country who were too brain-damaged to vote for the only rational and obvious choice of Hillary Clinton for President, no way in HELL should they ever be even ALLOWED to touch, much less own a gun.

        *That* is a Progressive for you…

    • As has been said before; If we “gun nuts” were as unstable, violent, and vindictive as the anti-gun loons accuse us of being, there simply wouldn’t be any of those anti-gun loons left alive. The fact that they’re still around, still pointing their fingers at us, tells us all anyone needs to know about their credibility.

  2. 2nd time in the past couple of months that my home town made TTAG. Not used to seeing Lubbock in headlines. I love shopping there. The prices aren’t amazing but the customer service definitely makes up for it.

    After Christmas I know I’m going to pick up a Saint from there and I know a few others that have other things in mind. Don’t worry they’ll be busy again soon enough.

    • Oh I thought this was the sharp shooters in Spokane, WA, which has also been mentioned on TTAG. Hopefully the sharp shooters is better in lubbock! Got charged $60 for a simple lower transfer (more than the Aero lower itself) and won’t go back again!

    • They seem to be regrouping around all the old farts, completely ignoring any lessons. I guess we are lucky they are psycho statist control freaks and refuse to release their power to the next generation? Pelosi ain’t releasing her grip until she dies. Hopefully the Bernie supporters get real jobs and realize how taxes work before then.

  3. This may actually end being a good thing, if just 10% of these folks start going to the range and meet fellow firearms owners and NRA members they might find that we’re not the “racist, sexist, homophobic…” that we’ve been portrayed as. Could be an eye opening experience and may result in a few transformational moments.

    Here’s to hoping so.

  4. “We had about a two week lull when things were pretty calm. We kind of forgot what business was like when a Republican was around.” –Charles Blackwell

    “Shoulda voted for Hillary.” -TTAG’s Firearms Concierge.

    As a firearms blog prone to posting random, batshit crazy content, you need to be careful who you poke fun at.

  5. I hope Firearm Concierge goes out of business. Maybe TTAG will publish an article on how he is doing 6 months from now so we can all point and say f@#k you. I can hear the lamentations and butt hurt already.

  6. Do we know who Firearm Concierge is? Would love to know if it is a jerk of a gun shop owner that I know of.

      • I think that if it was he would be out in nothing flat. On the other hand, he might have a huge surge in business catering to the Librotards.

  7. I have been working at my friend’s gun store to help him out with the holidays since he has employees taking time off. It is a pretty decent sized shop in southwest PA. it has been crazy busy everyday since black Friday. Most of the people I have been selling guns to were not first time buyers. Hunters, shooters, and people looking for Christmas gifts made up about 70% of purchases. But in that other 30%, I was surprised home many of them had never, ever owned or shot a gun. Not a rifle, shotgun, or even a .22. The majority of them said they were looking for self defense weapons.

  8. No lull at all from what I see. Looking for bargains too. And if leftards want guns more power to ’em. A percentage will turn to the light. Merry Christmas!

    • Recently went to gun show in big city & it was plenty busy. I asked a lot of vendors how it has been & most said that sales have so far been good, not the drop off expected. Dealers that came prepared were selling all day long; I even found a deal that could not be refused (#7 for the year so far).

  9. 5 dollar ar magazines and 250 dollar ar parts kits are coming! With five years of heavy demand, supply has caught up …

    Look at s&w and ruger stock… i wouldnt want to own or work at a gun store, but the next few years will be a great time to be a customer!

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