Bloomberg Gun Control Operation Passes Off NSSF ChildSafe Gun Locks as Their Own

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By Matt Manda

Billionaire and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg should be able to pony up the money for his own gun control agenda, but one of his initiatives was caught red-handed trying to pass off the firearm industry’s Project ChildSafe safety kits as their own.

John Richardson, a blogger and podcaster who writes about firearms, tweeted a photo taken at a gun show in Asheville, North Carolina, of the Bloomberg-backed group Be Smart stapling their own cards to what are clearly Project ChildSafe-branded locks.

Those locks are paid for by the firearm industry and distributed free to communities through partnerships with over 15,000 law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. Over 40 million of these free kits with firearm locking devices have been distributed in the past two decades.

It’s more than ironic that a billionaire’s gun control group swiped the firearm industry’s locks so it appears that it is “doing something” about “gun violence.” It is downright disingenuous.

Not Smart at All

Be Smart is an offshoot of Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. It bills itself as promoting “responsible gun ownership.” Except that’s not what Everytown or Moms Demand Action is about. Both groups consistently demand gun bans.

Bloomberg has pushed to restrict gun rights for law-abiding Americans to protect themselves at every opportunity while he himself pays for private security. The gun control groups he bankrolls, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, regurgitate lies and falsehoods about the firearm industry’s efforts to reduce criminal gun crimes and unintentional firearm injuries.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand, has even smeared the firearm industry as “extremists” who are only “focused on profitability” over everything, “including the safety of the American public.”

40 Million and Counting

Project ChildSafe is part of NSSF’s industry-led Real Solutions. Safer Communities. effort to reduce accidental and unintentional firearm injuries in the home. The 40 million locking devices Project ChildSafe has distributed are above and beyond the locks that are included with every firearm sold at retail. Totaled, that number tops 100 million. These collective efforts have led to the lowest numbers of unintended firearm injuries and deaths since data was first recorded in 1903.

Just since January 2022, Project ChildSafe gun locks have been distributed in hundreds of communities across the country, including Las Vegas, Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans and Albuquerque. In Columbia, S.C., Mayor Daniel Rickenmann expressed his gratitude to NSSF for bringing Project ChildSafe to his city.

“We want to provide members of the Columbia community with the resources and tools to take the right steps in properly securing firearms,” Mayor Daniel Rickenmann recently said. “These steps are essential in preventing tragedies, and we’re grateful for NSSF’s partnership and other local leaders for their efforts to make our community safer.”

If Everytown believes Project ChildSafe is a cynical distraction and not a worthwhile effort, they should speak to President Joe Biden. In 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden held a White House meeting in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy. He spoke to then-NSSF CEO Steve Sanetti and referring to NSSF, said, “You guys are doing a lot of good things, including the gunlock thing. And this isn’t Joe Biden just blowing smoke. I mean it.”

Multipronged Effort

NSSF President Joe Bartozzi spoke at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last year about the importance of secure firearm storage in the home. His message was simple – the messenger matters. “What we’re talking about here, from NSSF’s perspective, is a proactive approach to educating people. Many of these proposed laws would only come into effect after a tragedy has occurred.” Bartozzi continued. “It is more important to prevent a tragedy than to deal with the pieces afterwards.”

Project ChildSafe is about preventing tragedies, but it is just one of several industry-led initiatives under the Real Solutions. Safer Communities. umbrella to reduce criminal misuse of firearms and firearm accidents.

Reducing accidental firearm tragedies is a goal that everyone can agree on. The firearm industry does this while also ensuring the Constitutional rights of all law-abiding Americans to protect themselves are safeguarded. The industry’s efforts in this regard, including by handing out Project ChildSafe gun safety kits, have shown unquestionable success. That effort continues.

There’s a word for stealing free gun safety locks and handing them out as your own. It’s a lot worse than “cynical.”


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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  1. I saw someone use a rusted one of these to lick their side gate with once. I got the impression that it was put there by the previous home owner. I don’t believe she knew what it actually was.

      • Thanks for clarifying. My brain kinda froze on licking a side gate. I was like, “They make guns that you have to lick the ejector or something, to make it work?”

        • My mind conjured up the playground scene from A Christmas Story.

          Thankfully, Prndll cleared that up. Now I’m thinking of a gate in some cheap redneck boozer’s Louisiana backyard.

        • Haz…Well Louisiana won a lawsuit against CA in a case where CA denied LA its ability to sell Alligator related products in CA…CA should have known better.

        • It’s one of them light brown colored ones, that look like they’re made of caramel…

  2. Both Bloomberg and the NSSF are just attempting to blow smoke up the ass of the average ignorant, shiftless and irresponsible gun owner.

    Only a draconian Federal Safe Storage Law with lots of teeth in penalties and jail time would force most hill jack gun owners to use trigger locks. Until we have such a law we will continue to lose on average 1,300 children a year to unattended loaded guns laying around the house plus 3 times that number of children crippled for life. Not to mention all of the easily stolen guns from smash and grab break in robberies.

    The Far Right Paranoid Neanderthals are always their own worst enemies.

    • You would save more lives teaching kids to swim and enacting common sense pool reform.

    • There are ten, wait, eleven, (forgot the 3″ round butt 65 in my bathroom) loaded and in the open every day. Both safes are open to air them out at this time. Humidity can be a problem where I live. Anyway, duncian. Fuck you. Any juvenile in my home is committing a felony. He won’t have to worry about being shot but by one person. No one here tells you how to live in your Mom’s basement. If they did, I suspect they would suggest you get into the old refrigerator in the corner. You know the one that doesn’t have magnetic locks. Make sure the hinges and seals are intact.

      • to Flag Waver

        quote—————-There are ten, wait, eleven, (forgot the 3″ round butt 65 in my bathroom) loaded and in the open every day.————quote

        You just proved what I said many times on this forum and that is that there are many mentally deranged people who hang out here. No one who is sane keeps 11 handguns all loaded in his home and laying out. The crooks will love you for it when they break in and you are not there.

        I might add a sane person still able to think logically would realize that a person who broke in and only had a knife would then have access to one or more of your loaded handguns just laying around. Then he can just walk out with them. If you are home there is no guarantee he will not shoot you with your own handgun before you can return fire.

        I am sure this is way over your head.

        • You really are stupid, aren’t you? If you really followed my comments you’d remember that I’ve delt with a few armed felons. I remember one in particular that I was in a foot pursuit with. When he realized he couldn’t out run me he turned, drew a large knife and faced me. I drew a 1911. Rut-row!. “Let me throw this down and run some more.” A scuffle and a leg sweep later he was gimping to my patrol car. Seven years later, after he got out of DOC, I ran into him and he complained about his knee still hurting. I said, “Don’t fuck up and then fight with the Law. You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” So, no. No one is marching me around at knife point.

          That said, duncian, I’m not afraid of armed felons. I have a S&W 442 in my pocket, Rosen holster, reload, Reeves folder, Surefire. I can touch a Sig 220 with two spare magazines. A rifle is a short distance away. Lest, you go off about paranoia, Let me explain. I’ve sent a lot of men to prison. Most were not happy about it. Some threatened to kill me. I believed a couple of them. This is a small town. Many know where I live. Now. I don’t have a basement and I don’t live with my 93 year old mother. So, I can’t count on her for help. Maybe, your mother can distract them while you hide in the refrigerator. Just a tactical suggestion for cowards.

          As an aside. I never home carried until I read TTAG. I always had a weapon stashed in any room I was likely to spend a minute in. After reading comments on TTAG I began to home carry. (Thanks guys). I just never felt the need to put the others away. Besides, if I’m not here my son is. Twenty seven, 6’1″, 210, black belt and shoots old WWII bolt action rifles on the weekends for fun. Every weekend.A lot. He’s an electrician (that’s the guy that makes sure the stuff that makes sure your computer turns on is there). Anyway, hugging him is like hugging a tombstone. An intruder would rather find me. Just to assuage your angst. If both of are away for 24 hrs, simultaneously, everything goes into the safes. Duncian, I think I just heard your mother say your Kraft mac and cheese is ready.

        • Prove “DACIAN IS A SUBJECT” not a “FREE PERSON”!!!!

          Since he/she/IT has admitted he/she/IT would be a compliant to “ANY DEMANDS OF THE CRIMINALS AND GOV’t” including “BENDING OVER FOR THEM”!!!!

      • darcydodo…you are a drama queen using what are mostly incompetence based tragedies to smear people that you have no evidence against. It is safe to assume you’ve never handed a Gun Lock to anyone in your life…people like you are too busy pointing fingers.

    • “draconian Federal Safe Storage Law with lots of teeth in penalties and jail time would force most hill jack gun owners to use trigger locks.”

      That sounds like a violation of a few Constitutional rights.

      The COVID lockdowns have been more detrimental to children and teens both mental and physical health than unlocked guns. All thanks to the Biden admin, power hungry Democrats who keep schools shut down with the help of teacher’s unions.

      • To Epstein

        quote———–That sounds like a violation of a few Constitutional rights.——–quote

        Two hundred and thirty seven years of gun laws blessed by the courts prove you wrong.

      • We should pitch in and send him a bag of paint chips. What’s your favorite color duncian or do you like the layered multi color brands?

  3. Of course, firearms accidents are at an all-time low in the US so the lock program does little to prevent the real firearms death issues: adult suicides and known felons/gangstas killing each other over turf and dope.

    I have no problem with giving locks away or people using them so long as they are not somehow mandated or required, or owners are not coerced into using them.

    The obvious message in Bloomberg’s push here is to lump all deaths/injuries by firearms into one pile, further propagating the fraud. Even the DC Police Chief now admits that the “average” murderer there has been arrested for 11 serious crimes before intentionally killing someone. That infers that many murderers have been let go many, many more times than that. WTH? Crime seems to pay well in large urban areas.

    I’d hope NSSF does more to expose this fraud than just post on TTAG.

  4. They actually make nice helmet locks for your motorcycle if you have to stop for food or visit your local gun shops.

  5. I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t there. I’ll take your card off of the package and beat your ass for you if you want.

  6. Good thing no one has invented wire cutters yet.

    I’m all for safe storage, largely because my guns cost me real money and I have no interest in someone stealing them but, if you know how to use pretty much any hand tool, you can prove to yourself that these locks are worthless.

    Even more worthless is the Bloomberg drones trying to piggy back off of an organization they despise.

    • Few locks in any market in the US are worth anything, if you’re trying to stop thieves. These locks are specifically aimed at stopping kids from playing with Daddy’s or Mommy’s gun. By the time your kids know about bolt cutters and wire cutters, and have the strength to use them, they should know better than to play with guns.

      Unless, of course, they were born to liberal parents who sent their precious babies to a liberal arts college.

  7. “Besides, as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no farther occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…”
    – J. Swift, 1719

  8. “There’s a word for stealing free gun safety locks and handing them out as your own.”

    And the gun-control freaks with their depraved fanaticism lied, this should not come as a surprise.

    They could have allied with NSSF at any time for this, but did they? Nope. That just shows they really don’t care about this aspect, instead they scream for laws and taking away rights while for years this proven NSSF program, the only proven program, was right there and all they had to do was say “hey, a common goal so let’s work together on this point and get these out there”. But what did they do? They steal the locks and try to pass them off as their own for the PR optics.

    • Cheaper than providing their own. Bloomberg expects strict financial accountability.

  9. Curious: How many of you actually use these child locks? 40 million distributed but how many actually used?

    • “Curious: How many of you actually use these child locks? 40 million distributed but how many actually used?”

      Mine has been very useful in securing my bicycle parking chain.

      No children, visitors, or sales people allowed in the home, so no need to lock up my Space Gun. (thieves are not frustrated by trigger/gun locks)

      Besides, free stuff is free stuff; value enough.

      • I left the lock in the box the gun came in. Pretty useless compared to a safe dynabolted to a rebarred concrete slab.

  10. I always have a lot of gun locks on hand. I keep them in a nightstand drawer, all locked to each other. Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of them. Most all of them are still in the cellophane bag they came in, along with the keys. Someday I’ll use them to lock something, but it won’t be my guns.
    But don’t worry dumcian. I don’t allow kids nor stupid people or criminals in my home.
    meanwhile my guns are easily obtainable if I need them to thwart off other dacians.

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