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Shannon Watts of One Million Moms for Gun Control (courtesy

Trying to capitalize on the recent high profile shooting incidents in the news, the Bloomberg funded gun control group Everytown fro Gun Safety released a list of 70+ “school shootings” that they claim happened since the Newtown tragedy. The implication is that if we had just “done something” (AKA banned guns) then these incidents would have been averted. But before the ink on the press release was even dry, over half of them had been thoroughly debunked . . .

The disclaimer at the bottom of the list should tell you everything you need to know.

Data: Incidents were classified as school shootings when a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on school or campus grounds, as documented in publicly reported news accounts. This includes assaults, homicides, suicides, and accidental shootings. Incidents in which guns were brought into schools but not fired there, or were fired off school grounds after having been possessed in schools, were not included. This list includes incidents meeting the above criteria that were brought to our attention after our School Shootings Analysis was issued on February 10, 2014. Incidents were identified through media reports, so this is likely an undercount of the true total.

When you think “school shooting,” the classic Columbine-style attack is what springs to mind; a guy with a gun indiscriminately killing people. But that’s not what Bloomberg’s group is presenting. They include in their count not only typical “school shooting” attacks, but actually stretch their definition so far as to include any time a firearm was discharged on school grounds.

Police officer accidentally pulls the trigger in his squad car with no injuries? According to Bloomberg’s gun control group, that counts as a “school shooting.”

That’s only one of the issues with Bloomberg’s methodology. In short, though, the whole thing boils down to this list including:

  • Any time any firearm was discharged anywhere near a school
  • No injuries are required to be reported
  • Based on news reporting, not independent investigation

With those facts in mind, let’s look at Bloomberg’s list and see how many of these “school shootings” should really be thrown off the list according to the work done by journalist Charles C. Johnson.





School Name

School Type


1. 1/08/2013 Fort Myers FL Apostolic Revival Center Christian School K-12
2. 1/10/2013 Taft CA Taft Union High School K-12
3. 1/15/2013 St. Louis MO Stevens Institute of Business & Arts College/University
4. 1/15/2013 Hazard KY Hazard Community and Technical College College/University
5. 1/16/2013 Chicago IL Chicago State University College/University
6. 1/22/2013 Houston TX Lone Star College North Harris Campus College/University
7. 1/31/2013 Atlanta GA Price Middle School K-12
8. 2/1/2013 Atlanta GA Morehouse College College/University  Off campus gang shooting
9. 2/7/2013 Fort Pierce FL Indian River St. College College/University  Police shootout off campus
10. 2/13/2013 San Leandro CA Hillside Elementary School K-12  Murder near campus
11. 2/27/2013 Atlanta GA Henry W. Grady HS K-12  Gang member, accidentally shot self
12. 3/18/2013 Orlando FL University of Central Florida College/University  Suicide
13. 3/21/2013 Southgate MI Davidson Middle School K-12  Suicide
14. 4/12/2013 Christianburg VA New River Community College College/University
15. 4/13/2013 Elizabeth City NC Elizabeth City State University College/University  Off campus, gang related
16. 4/15/2013 Grambling LA Grambling State University College/University
17. 4/16/2013 Tuscaloosa AL Stillman College College/University  Criminals dispute over gambling
18. 4/29/2013 Cincinnati OH La Salle High School K-12  Suicide
19. 6/7/2013 Santa Monica CA Santa Monica College College/University
20. 6/19/2013 W. Palm Beach FL Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts K-12
21. 8/15/2013 Clarksville TN Northwest High School K-12  Domestic violence
22. 8/20/2013 Decatur GA Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy K-12
23. 8/22/2013 Memphis TN Westside Elementary School K-12
24. 8/23/2013 Sardis MS North Panola High School K-12  Gang violence, out of school hours
25. 8/30/2013 Winston-Salem NC Carver High School K-12  Single victim, money dispute
26. 9/21/2013 Savannah GA Savannah State University College/University  Argument in dorm
27. 9/28/2013 Gray ME New Gloucester High School K-12  Suicide, not student
28. 10/4/2013 Pine Hills FL Agape Christian Academy K-12
29. 10/15/2013 Austin TX Lanier High School K-12  Suicide
30. 10/21/2013 Sparks NV Sparks Middle School K-12
31. 11/1/2013 Algona IA Algona High/Middle School K-12  Suicide, not a student
32. 11/2/2013 Greensboro NC North Carolina A&T State University College/University  Gang related drive-by
33. 11/3/2013 Stone Mountain GA Stephenson High School K-12  Gang related, victim not a target
34. 11/21/2013 Rapid City SD South Dakota School of Mines & Technology College/University  Suicide
35. 12/4/2013 Winter Garden FL West Orange High School K-12  Gang on gang violence
36. 12/13/2013 Arapahoe County CO Arapahoe High School K-12
37. 12/19/2013 Fresno CA Edison High School K-12  Gang initiation
38. 1/9/2014 Jackson TN Liberty Technology Magnet HS K-12
39. 1/14/2014 Roswell NM Berrendo Middle School K-12
40. 1/15/2014 Lancaster PA Martin Luther King Jr. ES K-12  Drive-by, no injuries
41. 1/17/2014 Philadelphia PA Delaware Valley Charter HS K-12  Gang on gang violence
42. 1/20/2014 Chester PA Widener University College/University  Took place outside school, single victim
43. 1/21/2014 West Lafayette IN Purdue University College/University  Single target
44. 1/24/2014 Orangeburg SC South Carolina State University College/University  Argument off campus
45. 1/28/2014 Nashville TN Tennessee State University College/University
46. 1/28/2014 Grambling LA Grambling State University College/University  Off campus, drive by, BB gun
47. 1/30/2014 Palm Bay FL Eastern Florida State College College/University  Defensive gun use!
48. 1/31/2014 Phoenix AZ Cesar Chavez High School K-12  Gang “turf war” out of school hours
49. 1/31/2014 Des Moines IA North High School K-12  Gang related in parking lot
50. 2/7/2014 Bend OR Bend High School K-12
51. 2/10/2014 Salisbury NC Salisbury High School K-12  Gang related, “accidental”
52. 2/11/2014 Lyndhurst OH Brush High School K-12  Off campus, after hours, personal dispute
53. 2/12/2014 Jackson TN Union University College/University  Murder in parking lot
54. 2/20/2014 Raytown MO Raytown Success Academy K-12  Murder in parking lot
55. 3/2/2014 Westminster MD McDaniel College College/University  Drive-by, no injuries
56. 3/7/2014 Tallulah LA Madison High School K-12
57. 3/8/2014 Oshkosh WI University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh College/University  Gun fired into ceiling, no injuries
58. 3/21/2014 Newark DE University of Delaware College/University
59. 3/30/2014 Savannah GA Savannah State University College/University
60. 4/3/2014 Kent OH Kent State University College/University  Self inflicted accident
61. 4/7/2014 Roswell NM Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell College/University
62. 4/11/2014 Detroit MI East English Village Preparatory Academy K-12  Gang related, outside school hours
63. 4/21/2014 Griffith IN St. Mary Catholic School K-12  Domestic violence in parking lot
64. 4/21/2014 Provo UT Provo High School K-12  Suicide
65. 4/26/2014 Council Bluffs IA Iowa Western Community College College/University  Mugging gone bad
66. 5/2/2014 Milwaukee WI Marquette University College/University  Robbery gone bad
67. 5/3/2014 Everett WA Horizon Elementary School K-12  Gang related, out of school hours
68. 5/4/2014 Augusta GA Paine College College/University  Gang and drug related
69. 5/5/2014 Augusta GA Paine College College/University  Gang and drug related
70. 5/8/2014 Georgetown KY Georgetown College College/University  Accidental discharge ricochet
71. 5/8/2014 Lawrenceville GA Georgia Gwinnett College College/University  Suicide
72. 5/21/2014 Milwaukee WI Clark Street School K-12  Gang battle crossfire
73. 6/5/2014 Seattle WA Seattle Pacific University College/University
74. 6/10/2014 Troutdale OR Reynolds High School K-12


I’ll update the list as more information comes in. But it looks like fewer than seven of these seventy-four instances could be called “school shooting” using the common sense criteria of “spree shooter in a school.” Even fewer reach the Bloomberg-supported definition of “mass shooting.” It looks like Bloomberg and his cronies can’t even assemble a list of school shootings long enough to warrant an article without padding the stats and misrepresenting the facts.

Or, as Charles C. Johnson put it:

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  1. Where is the NTSB report of the number, location, and fatalities of highway deaths in the same time frame? Automobile deaths outweigh firearms deaths by X to 1.

      • Suicide are absurd to count. Time and time again it has been shown when guns are not present suicide happens by equal number by other means

        • Yes, but seeing as how all you have to do is go to the store, pay a large sum of money, fill out a lot of information on a form and wait several minutes, guns are so EASY and EFFICIENT!

          Without guns, where on earth could someone find a length of rope, or a belt, or something poisonous, or medications that are harmful in large quantities, or something sharp, or a tall bridge, or…?

    • True, but it is worse than that. It is that, plus the term someone used recently, Political Pedophilia. It is sick.
      Look at this baby!

  2. Anyone surprised? Anyone? No? No. Good.

    Can’t tell if they’re getting more brazen or if they are just starting to actually believe their own BS…

    • I vote brazen. Well, I mean they did make it into People magazine after all. Oh, and some news (softball style) interview. So yeah, that is pretty big time right there. Time to step up the game with even more easily debunked sensationalism!

    • The leaders have got to know it’s all BS. Their followers, however, are just taking all of it in, believing every word, with no filtering or doubting anything their leaders tell them. And the large number of followers are the real danger.

  3. I sent this off to Politifact as soon as I saw it. They’re generally left leaning, and sometimes appallingly biased, but they tend to call bullshit when they see it too. I predict this gets “half true” at the very best.

  4. Is anyone really surprised? They know that they’re in the wrong so they’ll do whatever they can to turn the tide which obviously involves lying. What I assume is, in their eyes, they feel that most or at least some people will take their bogus statements at face value and parrot it out to other people and different forms of media and overtime people will cite it as fact. I cannot wait for the next elections where some of these knuckleheads get voted out so people can stop referring to gun owners as a “vocal minority”.

    • Isn’t it funny how “vocal minority” is a bad thing to leftists only when that minority is someone they don’t agree with?

  5. I know a kid down the block that said the word “Gun” at school the other day. Does that count toward the 70?

  6. No real surprise that the media jumped all over a completely bogus anti-gun group “study”. If they reported the truth, it wouldn’t get as much attention.

  7. That’s pretty shameless. These tactics are on par with those of the scum-of-the-earth corporate PR and marketing parasites who brainwash people for profit instead of doing honest work.

      • Well yes, but invoking that particular company is like invoking nazis. I was thinking even in regards to much less evil companies…

        • You do know that Shannon Watts of Everytown was the PR director at Monsanto? So the comparison is very accurate if you ask me.

        • So she’s literally got the blood on her hands of countless poor South American and Indian farmers who lost everything and in some cases comitted suicide after ending up with sterile plants and poisoned soil where nothing but Monsanto seeds they couldn’t afford would grow? Add to that the blood of the starved families and women and children driven off the farm and into prostitution. That’s ironic.

        • I’ve made a similar comparison on a number of left leaning sites about Shannon. And the result? Nothing but silence. It’s the achilles heel of Everytown that should be exploited to the fullest.

  8. It looks like as time went on, they became more and more loose (or maybe that’s “desperate”) with what was considered a “school shooting”.

  9. Let me get this straight…. you mean a guy getting shot with a nerf gun at midnight three blocks from a closed DUI school doesnt count?

  10. I love the Net. But…back in the day, you had some level of vetting done before something actually made it into mainstream media. Now, with instant this and instant that, any press release, any “statement of fact” is treated as though it’s “the truth” without a shred of investigation.

    The Bloombergs and Watts of the world know this and they can lie and manipulate with reckless abandon. They’ll make front page news; the corrections or retractions, which almost never happen, end up buried.

  11. “Incidents were identified through media reports, so this is likely an undercount of the true total.”

    Given the media’s reluctance to report DGUs this may well be true.

    Everytown for Gun Control appears to be populated solely by Hysterical Mothers who will say anything. You do have to admire their work ethic, they make things up faster than MSNBC and the New York Times combined. If George Orwell is watching from above (or below) he must be proud.

  12. The more they treat the definition of school shootings as elastic the less credibility they will have.

  13. I can’t find any evidence that the Grambling state incident involved a BB gun… Injuring 3 would take a pretty serious effort. Maybe a mixup with another incident? (I didn’t read them all)

  14. Im hoping this has been retweeted at Shannon and her goons, and forwarded to all major national and local news stations… if not we are just shouting in the wind.

  15. Every major news outlet, plus the president, swallowed this uncritically. When I saw the number 74 in the headline at HuffPo yesterday, I knew it was going to be bullshit. Anyone with common sense who keeps up with news knew that figure had a bad smell to it. Thanks to Johnson for doing journalism, since no one in the MSM cares to anymore.

    • Meh, nobody is able to any more. The industry is rife with “Communications” and “Journalism” majors who are too busy padding their resume to check anything or do any actual reporting.

    • Interestingly, CNN included Isla Vista but Moms did not. I think it should not be counted as a school shooting either.

    • Hmm. Interesting. Looks like CNN only saw 15 as true school shootings. That means Moms demad Action and Everytown were only exaggerating by about (74 divided by 15) 500%!!
      Were these not the same people saying that the Boston marathon bomber was a “gun violence” victim?

  16. 1) Actually, Nick, MDA say they are excluding off campus shootings. True, they seem to have been a little over-inclusive.
    2.) As for including suicides, MDA has always included suicides in their “gun violence” definition as a way of padding their stats.

  17. real time death toll in the united states from Jan 1, 2014 – Jun 11, 2014 (6:34:47 PM)

    Abortion: 537211
    Heart Disease: 289826
    Cancer: 243823
    Tobacco: 155084
    Obesity: 136031
    Medical Errors: 86404
    Stroke: 66530
    Lower Respiratory Disease: 54893
    Accident (unintentional): 48162
    Hospital Associated Infection: 43867
    Alcohol: 44310
    Diabetes: 32264
    Alzheimer’s Disease: 29169
    Influenza/Pneumonia: 27238
    Kidney Failure: 18948
    Blood Infection: 14828
    Suicide: 16354
    Drunk Driving: 14980
    Unintentional Poisoning: 14072
    All Drug Abuse: 11080
    Homicide: 7444
    Prescription Drug Overdose: 6646
    Murder by gun: 5093
    Texting while Driving: 2654
    Pedestrian: 2215
    Drowning: 1735
    Fire Related: 1551
    Malnutrition: 1228
    Domestic Violence: 647
    Smoking in Bed: 346
    Falling out of Bed: 264
    Killed by Falling Tree: 66
    Struck by Lightning: 36
    Mass Shooting: 12
    Spontaneous Combustion: 0

    from Jan 1, 2014 – Jun 11, 2014 (6:34:47 PM)

    • hmm, I’m surprised texting and driving isn’t on there. Maybe lack of info? Good post though.

    • If abortion counts as a death, wouldn’t miscarriages as well? It’s almost as if abortion opponents don’t actually give a shit about life and death and only care about accusing the other side of murder while advancing their political agenda at any cost.

      That reminds me of someone else, too.

      • If they’re so much in favor of life, then why aren’t they camped out on the White House steps demanding an end to the wars? No, they want to ensure a supply of cannon fodder who can be aborted in their 78th trimester in some god-forsaken desert half-way across the world.

  18. So MDA lies/ exaggerates the truth. In other news the sun is scheduled to go down tonight.

  19. I hope no one is under the impression facts actually matter. Shannon is all packaging, no product.

  20. I just saw this cited this on my local news channel, i doubt anything will come of this, just like those two cop killers, it dosent fit the narrative maybe 2 days of coverage at best.

  21. Huh, for being the so called “good guys” they really are stretching the stats.
    They’re trying to “make a difference” by outright lying…Like they’ve done before.
    Hmm, really shows how wrong they are when pretty much every time they come out with more “stats” those stats are more twisted than a bag of pretzels.

  22. That’s not padding, misleading, or anything else you want to say to take the edge off. It’s lying. Plan and simple lying. Like the president, congress, school teachers, and half the rest of the people in politics. Lies.

  23. The next step is coming up with a response to the following exchange:

    Us : “That list is easily half garbage”

    not that i think arguing with these people will ever be successful, but it can’t hurt to plan ahead.

    • Rather ironically I just had this conversation on FB debating this with my cousin.

      The total may not actually be 74, but it is close. I guess the real question is, what is the ideal number of mass shootings you’re looking for if 7 isn’t it? I honestly think you have a problem if you are jumping to the defense of objects designed to kill people before defending the rights of children to not fear for their lives in school. I like guns. I think the mechanics are fascinating. I am also afraid of being shot in traffic every day by someone who thinks I’m driving too slow, or because I think social democracy is a good idea, or because of my religious beliefs. I am a white, male, Vermont native, and I have to be that afraid of guns? Screw that, and screw everyone who thinks guns make things safer.

      While I don’t want my kids to live in fear I have no clue how to relate to this thinking. I don’t believe I live in fear, I believe I’m prepared for the bad and unpredictable things that are part of being alive.

      • Ask him which amendment gives him the right to “feel” any specific way and then link him to the video below from Colion Noir.

      • Pssst. Here’s a clue – you are living in fear. The gun grabbers and oligarchs won with you. Change your attitude. And stop reading the Boston paper.

  24. Yes WE all know it’s BS. BTW my favorite gun shop( Blythes) is in Griffith,Indiana. I don’t have the slightest recollection of a so-called school shooting there in April. What a load of s@@t. For the children…

  25. Some how I don’t think even most of those happened with in a block of a school… why don’t they list drunk driver fatalities, Rapes, knifing, non-firearm related suicide, etc… Just more garbage for the septic tank to deal with..

  26. They had a similar list a few months ago on their facebook page…I picked 5 at random and researched them. Everyone I looked at had nothing to do with kids, mostly were just two adults somewhere in the rough area of a school. 4 of the 5 were people in their 30’s or older. They were just trying to call anything a “school shooting” for publicity. When I questioned this on their page, I was promptly banned for telling everyone what was really in the Kool-Aid.

  27. So glad that at least CNN said 15, not 74…..but all of the other media markets grab it and run, just tearing it off the printer like they do anything else that comes across the news wire

  28. #1 – FALSE: Fort Myers’ first homicide of 2013 was being committed on Barden Street in the Dunbar neighborhood, and just yards away from the Apostolic Revival Center and Christian School.

  29. This reminds me of the famous MAIG Road Trip when they read off the names of criminals and terrorists who were shot by police as “gun deaths.” Well, technically…

    • Let’s pay for them to tour European WW2 battlefields and do that. Should keep them busy for a while.

  30. Trying to fill the gaps here (for the ones that were not “debunked”):
    First batch:

    #1 – A man is shot dead in the parking lot of Christian school in Fort Myers’ first homicide of the year.

    #2 – Student brings shotgun to school after bullying, two wounded

    #3 – College student shooting an administrator in a dispute over financial aid has a history of mental illness and at least one earlier violent crime.

    #4 – Domestic dispute escalated in the school parking lot. 3 victims all related to the shooter.

    #5 – One 17 year old killed near a university gym outside a stadium after the game finished with several fights (both between players and people outside stadium).

    #6 – Three injured as fight between two people at a college escalates.

  31. Here’s what it is:

    We know the general public is comprised of stupid, low information mouth breathers who believe anything they’re told because decades of numbing complacency have dulled their ability for critical thought.

    The antis know the general public is comprised of stupid, low information mouth breathers who believe anything they’re told because decades of numbing complacency have dulled their ability for critical thought.

    The difference? We seek to educate the public, however futile that may be. They seek to deceive and control the public.

    They know exactly what they’re doing, and the MSM played right into their hands. As I’ve always said, the “gun control” debate is about good versus evil, plain and simple, with legions of idiots acting as jury through votes.

    The biggest mistake this country ever made was giving everyone the right to vote. The founding fathers were against it, look it up.

  32. I haven’t looked at every entry here, but #52 was not “off-campus”, it was in the school parking lot. And if it was during the basketball game, arguably it’s not “after hours”. And does it really matter that it was a “personal dispute”?

    I 100% agree that MDA is using mischaracterizations and outright lies in a lot of their propaganda, but we have got to be 1000% more careful not to do the same, or even approach the appearance of doing so. We have enough numbers on our side that it’s completely unnecessary.

    • I was thinking something similar… how is a gang shooting in a school not a school shooting? A gang shooting makes perfect sense at a school. Cowards can pull out a gun and not expect resistance in the gun free school zone.

      It is really low of them to classify things like the domestic violence against an Asst Principal as a “school shooting”.

  33. Second batch:

    #7 – Two persons wounded in shooting outside a middle school.

    #14 – Two women wounded inside New River Community College’s satellite campus, which is inside the mall.

    #16 – Three wounded in (drive-by??) shooting at night outside university building. Unknown attacker.

    #19 – Home dispute (Father and brother killed) continues on university campus where three random people are killed.

    #20 – Workplace violence – two custodians probably killed by a third one.

  34. Third batch:

    #22 – Shooter exchanges fire with police at elementary school. Nobody injured.

    #23 – Gun accidentally discharges inside 5 year old’s backpack. Nobody injured.

    #36 – One killed as student brings gun to school after argument.

    #28 – Two wounded after fight broke off near a playground outside a school. Shooter fled the scene.

    #30 – Bullied 12 year old kills teacher and injures two students

  35. Ok, even weirder – the comment platform actually switches order of links 🙂
    Fifth batch:

    #56 – Student found dead in highschool field house

    #58 – couldn’t find this one. The closest match was another student found dead in an apartment campus “before” Sandy Hook

    #59 – one killed on university campus or

    #61 – man killed at university dorm

    #73 – One killed and one wounded at university building

    #74 – One killed in school shooting

    So far, other than a couple of incidents, all these murders could have been committed with knives, usually leaving one body behind…

  36. I was looking at these today. I believe the first one was a dad shot by someone while dropping his kids off at school, in the parking lot. Seems like a case of ‘we know where he will be in the morning so lets get him there’. I think it might have been #4, a guy shot his ex-gf, her dad and cousin in the parking lot of a college when she was there to swap custody of their 2 year old child. My guess is he shot dad and cousin just because they were there, and it could have happened in a library parking lot just as easily.

    I got about halfway through the list and found about 5 that might qualify as a more random type of school shooting, meaning more than one target or random targets. Lots of these are one guy shot another guy because they were pissed at each other or had some other type of altercation.

    In some cases they are legit, kid bringing shotgun into the gym and shooting multiple kids. But is that worse than if he had done some kind of Boston Marathon type bomb in his backpack? If he got the shotgun in, that would imply no metal detectors etc. in a crowded gym that would have a much more devastating impact.

  37. Hmm. Interesting. Looks like CNN only saw 15 as true school shootings. That means Moms demand Action and Everytown were only exaggerating by about (74 divided by 15) 500%!!
    Were these not the same people saying that the Boston marathon bomber was a “gun violence” victim?

  38. Again, proper use of statistics in thrown out the window – a favorite tactic of those whose conclusions are not supported by the the numbers. Lack the numbers, no problem, just make then up, be loud and the masses will believe it.

    Shannon and Bloomie’s mug shots should be in the dictionary right by the definition of “Heteroscedasticity”.

  39. I hope nobody flames me because this is a legitimate question: why does it look like the majority of these “incidents” (putting aside the fact that they are not “school shootings” as the media likes to glamorize) are occurring in gun friendly states? I’ve heard several times about how this kind of stuff doesn’t happen near as much in gun friendly states but I see a number of them up there that I believe are fairly open towards gun ownership and possession; and very few in states such as California, New York, Maryland and New Jersey. In fact if I counted right, I only counted four. I’m really asking so hopefully nobody takes offense to this!

    • You also have to ask yourself if they are ignoring shootings in states such as California, New York, Maryland and New Jersey. Consider the source.

  40. For Chris:
    The list seems to have more incidents in gun friendly states due to a random selector “firearm incidents near a school”. In a single night (or maybe two) in Chicago IL (very unfriendly towards guns) more people will die or be injured by firearms than the total number of people in this list.

  41. Please tell me that all of you gun haters really don’t think that banning guns will stop violence, if you do then I feel sorry for you, it is not good to be walking around and being that totally stupid, just sayin’…

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