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Wikipedia tells us that “Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., ‘downsizing’ for layoffs, ‘servicing the target’ for bombing), in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning (for example, naming a state of war “peace”). In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth.” Ain’t that the truth. The truth here: the UK has made the logical leap from implementing civilian firearms disarmament to total civilian disarmament. The above org aspires . . .

to get UK schools to include “knife education” in their curriculum. To provide instruction that discourages teens from carrying knives (or hammers and screw drivers, judging from their logo). What they don’t want to do: tell kids how to defend themselves against an attack without weapons. An omission that leaves the impression that you shouldn’t defend yourself, period.

That job falls to society, of course. A task which the UK Nanny State is all too happy to assume, albeit ineffectively. More than that, the “Only Cowards Carry Weapons” agitprop is a direct assault on personal freedom and dignity. The message (designed to last a lifetime) is classic doublespeak: being defenseless is heroic. Scary stuff but all too predictable for a disarmed populcae, yes? [h/t Barry Green]

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    • And all police and military are cowards by their definition. UK has become such a travesty, the British Empire wasn’t built by folks doing just a lot of talking … WWII would have ended a lot quicker if Neville Chamberlain hadn’t had this same attitude.

  1. Wait, do you mean to tell me that’s their actual logo? I had assumed it was a parody. Screw drivers and claw hammers?

      • Wear that hoodie and every thug immediately knows “That kid is gonna be really easy to rob.” It’s literally a gun free zone sign you wear.

        • lol, I like to wear hoodies that say “I am anti-gun” with a gun in the mid pocket…… then I go into my local hood with a big grin and declare “Oh, no! I have no weapons on me! Whatever will I do! I hope someone doesn’t try to rob me!” XD lol
          …. just playing, I don’t actually do that. 🙂

        • @Tyler:

          I don’t know – is wearing a shirt that says “Protected by Glock” considered baiting?

          I just think that you should be able to wear whatever you want, if you wear a Glock shirt it doesn’t mean you are carrying, and if you wear a anti-gun shirt, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry a weapon. In fact, if you wear one of these shirts, and then carry concealed, I think it could be argued in any court that you are being especially pro-active in your concealment effort – I mean, you could argue “what criminal is going to suspect I’m carrying a weapon” – but don’t take that as legal advice.

          If someone attacks you while you’re wearing this shirt, that would also make a very good demonstration for news outlets about how effective those gun-free zones, the ones that Shannon Watts is so pleased by, are.

      • Not to mention the most dangerous weapon of all: the banana! Thanks for the post, haven’t seen this bit in decades…

    • And a butcherknife and a BONING KNIFE! These people are SERIOUSLY twisted. I don’t know how to put it more clearly than that. TWISTED SISTERS! Do want even one of these maniacs teaching kids ANYTHING?

      DAMN! My gorge just rose up… these people literally make me sick to my stomach. THE EVIL IS PALPABLE! I don’t even know how to DEAL with my revulsion towards these PERVERTS!

    • I assume they simply ran out of room to put in the crowbar, axe, chain, pipe, tire iron, candlestick, fireplace poker, tree limb, ball peen hammer, engineer’s hammer, mattock, ice pick, pool cue, machete, shovel, maul, gaff hook, chainsaw, wrench, and of course, fresh fruit?

    • Ok so how did they get the right legal to use the cookie monster image?? WTH is wrong with people?

      • It was easy. The same people own and control Sesame Street, as well as PBS. They are known as the Khazars. The own and control most all things. And what they don’t yet control, they are desperate to seize. Their religion is control of everything. They see it as their religious duty. Religious fanatics are the worst sort of fanatics. The bottom of a very bad barrel.

    • Actually, screwdrivers rate fairly high in statistics as implements used in homicides. I’d imagine that the ones with replaceable tips, or worse, the high capacity assault screwdrivers with extra tips in the handle, are even more egregious.

    • A silhouette of a gun would have been an admission that their gun control doesn’t work. Which it doesn’t. You would only need to put a gun on that sign if there were still guns that could be carried.

  2. I guess joining that group is one way of avoiding the honey-do list. “But honey, only cowards use hammers and screwdrivers… wouldn’t want me to look like a coward!”

  3. Wow, nice job of copyright infringement! Can’t wait til the owners of Cookie Monster’s likeness get wind of this.

    • Indeed, disarmament targets the most vulnerable in society. I suppose anyone not ‘man enough’ to take on a few large athletic men hand to hand is just not the sort of people we want to survive. Or perhaps it’s that we’re willing to sacrifice the dignity, property and safety of any such untermenchen to criminal predators. Really, this should be offensive to everyone everywhere. One has to wonder what is appropriate when dealing with a ‘cowardly’ opponent who has brought a weapon? Surrender I suppose, or die. How’s this: It’s cowardly and irresponsible to be ill equipped for ones own defense and evil and tyrannical to prevent others from being so equipped.

      • I am from Michigan. I guess I am a coward because I will not allow my guns to be given up.
        Yes, I know – I’m just one of those damn Yanks!
        Just don’t forget, England, that we damn Yanks pulled your butt out of the frying pan a couple of times, and we sure didn’t do it without our guns.
        Now explain to me how a bunch of yellow, gun bearing, damn Yanks could do that?
        By the way, you are welcome, and we ask for nothing in return. Just give us a little respect once in awhile. The next time (and it is coming) we just may not be there to save your butts.
        One Yanks view
        To all our British friends.

  4. It is the logical progression of things. As we all know, gun control isn’t about guns, really. It is about control, and control means total civilian disarmament including the will of the populace to self protect.

      • “At this point, I’m pretty sure even a seated, uninformed army would do the trick.”

        Why not? It’s working in the USA – we’ve been under the iron fist of the bureaucrats for some time now.

      • well that settles it! I shall take my toolbox and invade England. I will return once I conquer their silly little island and bring uninfringed gun rights to all citizens there. lol sadly I could probably get away with it.

        • When the UK is once again threatened by invasion and they come screaming to the US for help, they can pry my screwdriver and hammer from my cold, dead hands. BTW – I won’t be sending them any of my firearms either. FOAD, Limeys.

        • Oh noooooo – not your toolbox! – Sh*t, I better warn Britain quick that they are about to have a terrorist invasion!

          You can thank me later, Britain.

  5. Unless you are a trained fighter who weight 200+ and is guaranteed never to meet: an armed attacker, multiple attackers, or a well trained attacker, this is true. If you are like a normal person this is the biggest lie ever. It looks like the increasingly well armed leo’s, the military, and many citizens are just huge cowards.

  6. I will never understand the implication that you are a coward for carrying a weapon. No, it means you have assessed that a weapon is a more effective tool in defeating an opponent that is attempting to cause harm to you and your families. Of course a gun is the best tool for the job in most cases.

    • The next step: Only cowards defend themselves. Heroes die. You want to be a hero, don’t you?

    • It’s the classic mental projection of the antis. They themselves are cowards, hence their irrational fear of personal responsibility and inanimate objects, and thus they can gain emotional relief by believing those they disagree with are cowards. The “cowards carry weapons” is truly the most laughable they’ve ever been, akin to saying “only lazy people ride bikes and cars” and “only cowards keep fire extinguishers in their kitchens.”

  7. Pfft. Unlike you sniveling cowards, I am proudly and courageously ready to allow myself and all around me to be viciously mauled at the whim of any ne’er-do-well.

    Because as we all know, courage is really about having the guts to vote away my own privileges and responsibilities, courage is having the balls to let psychopaths, sadists, and sociopaths do what they want.
    Courage is making sure you couldn’t have done anything.
    Courage is making sure nobody could say it was your fault.
    Courage is waiting for somebody else to fix it.

    • Slavery is freedom.
      Lies are truth.
      Helplessness is strength.

      1984; How prophetic, and pathetic. To think that this is believed as “truth” by a large proportion of the western world. I keep feeling like I walked onto a Twilight Zone episode sound stage and I can’t find the exit sign.

  8. The reason the Baltimore Police strike ended in 7/1972 was the citizens supported the cops. Citizens not cops went to the ccommissioner’s, Mayor and other city officials homes and started picketing. After that Officer Friendly program was stopped.

  9. I reminded of a newspaper article I read once in the Daily Mail. A fellow was arrested carrying a sharpened screwdriver, a spanner (wrench for Americans), a motorcycle chain and a sawn off spade (essentially a poor battle ax). What a safe society we’ll have once all the evil guns are gone!

    • I’ve still got an Army intrenching tool (yes, it’s spelled with an I) and carrier from the Viet Nam War. Maybe I should keep it covered so as not to scare the Euros.

  10. So if someone tries to attack me with a knife I should call them a coward? Yeah, that should do it.

  11. Well, you know you’ve lost the rational debate when your argument goes “You’re a coward!”

  12. 6′ tall 250lb steroid enhanced muggers and rapists LOVE disarmed individuals. Are they trying to say a 5′ 6″ 150lb woman is a coward for using a weapon against a much larger man intent on causing her harm? I guess they could just pee themselves, right?

  13. Exactly! Why call the Police when, if armed, they are by definition cowards too! When seconds count, they are only minutes (or hours) away. Personal protection is a personal obligation, and by the laws of nature, a personal right. However that right has been eroded in British Commonwealth countries under the guise of preventing public disorder, and in the name of continuing the oppression of colonised populations under British rule. When the Empire faded away, the right to personal protection was not restored in law.

    This is the same reason the King James Bible was translated with the sixth Commandment reading “Thou shall not kill”, rather than the correct ancient Hebrew “Thou shall not murder”. As killing an illegal oppressor would not be murder, the British obviously preferred the modified version.

  14. I have an idea…let’s NOT rescue Britain when the Muslims take over from the completely disarmed population. 1984 indeed.

    • The Muslims don’t need to take over. They’re watching the socialists eat their country out from the inside. The “Taliban” sit and watch Barack Obama’s antics and ROFL, watching him do thousands of times more damage to the American Way of Life than they could ever dream of.

    • Then, I guess you’re not really “living”, then are you? Well, except only at the sole leisure and patience of the State, of course — which does not and cannot be made to give a rat’s ass about you.

      May your chains rest lightly upon you, and your gilded cage be spacious.

      • He said coward, not slave. Just because I run from danger doesn’t mean I’m beholden to anybody. It’s much less work to slip through the cracks than to buffalo your way through the front door.

      • Umm, Excedrine- you weren’t thinking in the new improved version of progressive speech. TJ was saying that he was a coward and used a weapon to kill the bad guy. So “cowardly” TJ survived because he believed in carrying a weapon to defend himself. Bad, bad TJ! You didn’t just lay down and be violated, abused, and possibly killed by the poor, deprived and depraved criminal. You coward!

        (I feel crazier just trying to think this way for a minute; how can people think this way as a normal way of life?)

  15. Those cats have been calling names, hurling insults like monkeys and their feces, badgering, and nagging for so long I really don’t care what they think. I just wish they’d extend a liitle bit of effort and do something creative like those interpretive dance clowns. Maybe a nice poem in quatrain or iambic pentameter?

  16. I guess then Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are cowards? Actually, I think the people who stood around and took cell phone photos while a soldier was hacked to death in the street are the cowards.

  17. C is for crowbar, thats good enough for meeeee…….

    Oh, Crowbar crowbar crowbar starts with C………..

    • I cant believe no one got this……Cookie Monster in the logo above.

      C’mon people…… 🙂

  18. the whole coward thing is so funny. so essentially any woman who uses any leverage other than fist-fighting against a much bigger and stronger assailant to prevent rape or to protect her family is a coward?

  19. They should protest in Hereford.

    There are a lot of cowards in the SAS who are stationed there.

  20. Lessee… Shotgun, check. Ar-15? check. .308 AR? Check. .308 bolt rifle? Yup. .380, 9mm, & .45ACP pistols? Sure. But not a single “weapon.” An inanimate object isn’t a weapon until used to attack someone else.

  21. Oh, you lock your door? YOU COWARD! You’re just afraid of people breaking into your house.
    What a scrub.

  22. Has any nation ever fallen so incredibly low as the UK? To think these pathetic caricatures once actually had a globe-spanning empire.

    Enjoy the dustbin of history, mates.

    • Isnt it just astounding! How the mighty have fallen. Unfortunately I think the good ol’ US of A isnt far behind.

  23. At one time the sun never set on the British Empire. The sun is now setting on Great Britain.

    With so many playing the progressives for fools (especially those purported to represent minorities … Cough … Islamic Fundamentalists … Cough …) we are in a moral decline.

    While progressives always have the best intentions, their heads are so full of wool it is child’s play to pull it over their eyes.

  24. I think, in my experience, many of those who take this line, who then invoke Ghandi or others (accurately or not) and speak about the courage of non-violent resistance. The kind of steel shown by the Amish if you taunt them. They miss the point of such things.

    The sad thing is in promoting this idea, they actually dishonor the courage and sacrifice that is shown by those who elect to meet violence with only passive resistance, who choose to not kill/harm someone who is trying to harm/kill them. In the actual laudable examples of such non-violent resistance, they are laudable precisely because such people sacrifice what is their right for some greater good (whether their faith or love of even enemy). In other words, it is precisely because it is just for them to defend themselves, that it is a real sacrifice of something good (something due them) when they forgo this for even the good of an enemy.

    It isn’t cowardice to arm oneself. And not everyone can ethically choose self-sacrifice in the face of harm (a father cannot sacrifice the good of his family, he ought to defend them, and defend himself for their sake). As a Christian, looking at the martyrs I would say the natural virtue of fortitude means being able to act in spite of fear to defend oneself and others, and when we see the martyrs not do that but even smiling as they go to their death, we see that as only making sense because of something greater than temporal goods, something that is more than what is just, and only something sacrificial because it goes beyond what is required morally of them.

    Agree or not with their faith, that is the only way it makes sense to see them as iconic figures. By denying the good of defense, you are denying they sacrificed anything, you reduce them to mere victims and victimhood with courage…you have flipped everything on its head.

    • Believe it or not, that is what we are taught at school, Scouts, etc. We are instructed to roll over, take it, and then run crying to the teacher like the helpless little whinges we are. It still didn’t stop me from breaking someone’s finger when they tried to punch me. Taekwon-do rules.

  25. Does that the entire British Army, and the cops they now have carrying guns are cowards? Not to mention the Bobbies nightsticks

  26. Hammers, screwdrivers and steak knives? Seriously? It’s a dark day, indeed, when Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Bed, Bath and Beyond are the new Axis of Evil.

  27. Go preach this unarmed bollocks to the family of Lee Rigby and then come back and tell me what they say…

  28. “only cowards carry”
    – I’m confused. Does this apply to the police who carry clubs, security that packs heat?
    Utter rot is what it is. if only cowards carry, then I am indeed a coward.

  29. One set of weapons I always have with me are at the end of my arms. I must be a coward to have hands.

    Nage Waza
    Katame Waza
    Atemi Waza

    All are with me at all times.

    Me love weapons! Yum, yum, yum, yummy!

  30. No doubt the anti British will be coming out in Droves.
    Do The PM and The Royals that have armed guards are cowards? No they are just prepared.
    Wake up America, this is what happens when the liberals take over, you have been warned. Government will look after you.

  31. Again, as I have said before, this isn’t about self defence, or even the poor, poor children. This is about projecting power by showing that they can successfully prohibit something, giving an aura of strength. This is why they paint over figures. I am sure that for the politicians this is nothing personal, just something to make it seem like they are doing something. When a teacher got stabbed by a pupil in England, the government made the penalties for carrying a knife higher, despite it being blatantly obvious that no amount of knife-banning laws would have stopped that killing. The teacher or the classmates being able to stop the murderous pr1ck would have. This example above is another method of this but rather in reverse. They are making the undesirables look weak, as opposed to them. It is all just mind games, really; hearts and minds if you will.
    As a final note, the above picture offends me. Someone who is prepared to save another’s life is no coward in my eyes; doctors and paramedics are praised aren’t they? Someone who is willing to run the gauntlet of the law to protect their loved ones is a damn sight braver that those pen-pushing pussies that make this shit up.

  32. “Only Cowards Carry Weapons”:

    Twice in the last century, if it wasn’t for Americans carrying weapons intervening in British fiascos, they would be a German-speaking province now.

  33. I had no idea Cookie Monster had such strong political views concerning weapons. I had him pegged more for a drug legalization advocate. 🙂

  34. Ok, everyone, don’t get your panties in a bunch! I’m sure a lot of you think that this logo means they are against guns, but it’s clear to me that this logo is only saying: that only cowards use knives, hammers, and screwdrivers and wear cookie-monster masks…. and that we all need to have “awareness” in how we handle our “weapons” to defend ourselves against these cowards. 🙂

    I think we, the gun-owner community, should really be standing behind this logo! 😉

    • or maybe it means that only cowards carry cutlery, hammers, or screwdrivers, and hide behind masks, and that we, the people who have enough balls to actually carry real weapons, need to have awareness of how to use them properly – since those cowards who carry cutlery, hammers, or screwdrivers don’t train in their use, and obviously can’t be depended on in a life-or-death situation.

  35. God made all men.
    Colonel Colt made all men equal.
    Karl Marx sought to enslave all men.

    Don’t trust Karl Marx.

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