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Next Post wonders “Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress: What’s Wrong with Today’s Athletes?” Too much money and fame would be my guess. I think it’s writer Bryce Hammons’ conclusion as well, but he’s more poetic than I am and he’s got an entire column to fill (as do I). “Have we created demi-gods, incapable of rational thinking, bolstered by our cheers, beholden upon our affection, walking amongst us, having to look down upon all the little people, and not having to play by the same rules as us normals?”

Our stars, our Sunday night games, our playoff atmosphere, Mr. Non-Steroid October, the thrill and rush of a last second score. We’re willing to pay whatever is necessary.  It seems this is what we hold dear to our hearts, and it seems maybe we’ve helped create a culture where accountability and doing the right thing isn’t as important as bundles of cold, hard cash.

Despite the reference to The Incredibles, I’m going with the Joker re: Batman on this one: “I created you . . . you created me . . . what difference does it make?” To us? None. We’re a gun site, not a website dedicated to building up sports heroes just to tear them down. So this is our money shot:

But for some of the lesser offenses, all you’d need to do is change one or two things and you wouldn’t have put yourself in this position.  Plaxico, don’t wear sweat pants to the club.  Also, don’t bring a gun.  If you get paid millions per year, you can probably afford a bodyguard with a license to carry a concealed firearm.

Sorry, I’m all for professional athletes carrying a gun. Not only are they a not-so-obscure object of ire for bleacher-dwelling crazies, but their bling bling lifestyle makes them a target for home invasions.

While the President of the United States and the outgoing Mayor of Chicago can rely on gun-toting bodyguards for their safety, a pro athlete needs to do what any of us need to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Only more so. Besides, carrying a concealed weapon might stop them getting drunk and snorting coke off of their fans’ breasts. At least in theory.

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