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Erik Thicke sends his Black and Silver Budget EDC to us today, via Everyday Carry.

Thicke, 36, says he’s in management but does not elaborate.  He does carry a Taurus G2C, a relatively handsome pistol compared to the Taurus revolver profiled a couple of days ago.  Oh, how I caught it for calling that “plastic no-so-fantastic” ugly!  You would have thought I insulted the Virgin Mary.

Erik doesn’t show his holster.  Or his belt.  Hopefully he has both and simply didn’t throw them into the picture.  The Swiss+Tech ST50022 Polished SS 6-in-1 Key Ring Multitool with Screwdrivers, Pliers, Wire Cutter/Stripper is pretty cool.  A good Father’s Day add-on to your main present for dad.  Or suggestion for the wife.  I carry one in my computer man-bag.  I give it two thumbs up if a person doesn’t want to carry a full multi-tool.

He wears an Orient watch, specifically a Ray II.  Not exactly “budget,” but then again, it’s not the $2500 watch from a couple of days ago either.

Add in a Fisher Space Pen, a Kershaw Cryo folder and a Nitecore light and he’s ready to roll.

Well, maybe if he grabs his wallet and keys.  Unless he’s walking to work.



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  1. @JB; You caught shit for being an arrogant, pompous ASS. Tone it back some.
    I know that might be hard for someone from commiefornia, but try. Thanks.
    P.S. My wife thought you were “an asshat”.
    Nice load out BTW.

    • Au contraire…the little Ruger LCR polymer / alloy revolver does NOT suck….small, reliable, great DA action and more accurate than most people who shoot it (I use mine to qual from the 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 25 yd line several times a year).

  2. I hear a lot of good reports regarding the G2C. They go for about $200, and Taurus currently has a $25 debate on them. They seem like a whole lot of gun for the money. I wouldn’t mind picking one up as an extra backup 9mm to have around. If I was broke and gunless, I’d get one of these over a Hi-Point, or Kel-Tec, or maybe even the Ruger Security 9 or EC9.

    • I have one I bought at a pawn shop for 150, and it has certainly impressed me. The trigger is not good, but it doesn’t seem to hurt it’s shoot ability much. I think it’s probably the best gun in the 200 dollar and under range.

      • I had never experienced a taurus first hand before getting a g2c. I had read some things that indicate that their quality has been a rollercoaster ride and not so good in the last several years. Im sure theyve made some crap guns but i love my g2c. No issues, great size, great capacity. Its so much better than a hi point for $20-50 more and i know because i bought a hi point while broke and living in a not-quite-nice neighborhood. Im at the point now where $200 for kicks isnt an issue but that $200 was well spent on the g2c

    • Picked mine up from Cabela’s for $200. I like the capacity (12+1), restrike capability, short reset, and no mag safety. Could use some night sights.

  3. No reload. That Taurus revolver was ugly. Compare it to a Colt Detective Special. S&W Chief’s Special. Even a Ruger Single Six. It may work, but it was ugly as a stump.

      • Not a snob, but ugly is ugly. I’ve ugly buildings, dogs, paintings, you name. I didn’t say the Taurus wasn’t serviceable, just ugly.

    • It’s also about half the price of the cheapest option you mentioned. Not everyone has a lot of disposable income… and cheap guns kill just as well as expensive ones.

      • I know. I’ve owned more than a few inexpensive firearms. I always tried to trade up and always on the lookout for deals. As an example, not too long ago I bought a Colt stainless Series 80. Lightly used in box w/papers. $400. When a deal comes along you can’t hesitate. Besides, the topic of conversation was esthetics, not cost.

  4. I have owned, shot & carried several pt111 Tauri. Recently traded into a G2C. WOW what a difference on the triggers!!! My G2C is having the slide, barrel, mag bodies (3) and some other small exposed parts done in Cerakote. My G2C has perhaps the best trigger I have ever used on a striker-fired pistol. Am currently looking for another with a stainless slide (9, 40 or both) but was so impressed with the trigger that I would rather pay for the coating than lose the GREAT trigger.

    • The trigger breaks kind of far back but otherwise its pretty crispy. Good gun as every review ive seen confirms

  5. This Taurus is also Ugly and Coyote Ugly was a fair and accurate assessment of the first.
    I wouldn’t touch either one with a 39 and half foot pole.

  6. taurus g2c:
    >less than half the cost of comparable sig glock springfield smith offering
    >probably 90 percent as good

    ill take the taurus revolver over any similar colt or smith

  7. Orient Rays and Makos are great watches for not a lot of money. Kudos to Erik for having good taste.

  8. If I was going to own a Taurus auto… would be this one.

    They shoot pretty well and have a nice form for carry.

    Nice, tidy load out.

  9. This John Boch reads like Joan Rivers or a Hollywood fashion critic. “An add-on to your main present”? You carry something called a man bag. Sit down and STFU.

    • priceless, Ive been laughing my a$$ off over your last sentence. I picked up on the “man bag” comment in the article and was going to say something until I read your comment.


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