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Today and tomorrow, shoppers at will receive up to 60% off plus Free Shipping with coupon code 7HOLIDAY. From their huge optics sale (e.g. 50% off Vortex Spitfire) to up to 50% off ammo (including great deals on IMI) to deep discounts on Cabela’s house brand products and more, you’ll find the lowest prices of the year today through the 25th.

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  1. Being that I live in California, I put an order in for ammo. They have a good price on Winchester PDX1 Bonded and for a dozen calibers.

  2. I’m done with Cabela’s. It shouldn’t take 2 hours to buy a firearm when it’s not a holiday. Since a Scheels has opened where I live, I haven’t been back to Cabela’s or Bass Pro.

    • I was at Cabela’s on Wed afternoon and there were only about 2 two people working the gun counters. They moved about 10 numbers in over an hour. I was another 10 further. I left unhappy after someone ahead of me got the last one of the gun I wanted. Had I not been paying attention and overheard the conversation between the employee and customer I would have waited over 2 hours only to be told they didn’t have any when they finally called my number. I checked the website for inventory before I left, but of course they don’t show how many the store has.

      Adding insult to injury it’s about a 100 mile round trip to the store. Normally on the weekends when I’ve gone they have several times as many people working the counter and it moves much faster.

  3. I got in before the Black Friday main rush at the Richfield, WI Cabela’s. I got a couple of FDE Leathermans, CCI Mini-mags, Federal AE .223, Hornady Critical Defense .357, Woodwick candles for Mrs. ’81, and a toy for my little buddy. Checkout was fast and service was great. Their gun counter may have been slow, but I’m used to lines at the ProForce in Brea, CA. Rock bottom prices on great gear from a big vendor usually equals long waits.

  4. I bought my Henry online and it was delivered to the store in 2 days. They bore sighted my scope and that took a while but understandable given it was hunting season and there were 3 others ahead of me.

    I like the 5 percent discount for ex military.

    • I like the gift cards for Cabela’s sold on eBay at 18% off face value. Combining those with coupons on sale items yields very solid deals.

    • FWIW, there are totally above board and legit ways to get even better deals at Cabela’s, but apparently I can’t mention them as my prior comment mentioning it was put in “moderation” purgatory. I guess TTAG doesn’t want their readers to get the most for their money.

      • Oh chill. The spam filter is automated and lord knows what it pings on. Maybe just the use of the word “eBay” caused your comment to be held for manual approval. Obviously it was approved, so let’s not panic quite yet, eh?

        • But I just bought this 55 gallon drum of panic at Costco and I need to make sure I use it up before it expires. 😛

  5. Oh I’m headed for Cabelas sometime. Just buying ammo. I too have been mightily P-Oed by the pathetically slow service and BS attitude(their website says they have a gun in stock but of course it ain’t)…”we can order it” 😫😡😢

  6. Just an FYI, Colorado is a “Point of Contact” state, meaning backgrounds are run by Colorado Bureau of Investigation before going to NICS. CBI was not scheduled to open until 9am Black Friday. Four hours after Cabelas opened. Cabelas also went to a Firearms Sales Associate program which allowed corporate to cut staffing in Gun Departments.

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