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.300 AAC Blackout is a popular round that is gaining traction in the shooting industry, but ammunition is still rare as hen’s teeth and expensive when you can find it. Click here for a review of the .300 AAC Blackout round we did a while back. The local gun stores have some in stock, but the only flavor available is the 220gr Remington subsonics and they’re asking $30 for 20 rounds. New manufacturers are slowly starting to come online with their own flavors of ammunition, and as a service to my fellow .300 BLK owners I wanted to take a moment and point out a company that is stepping onto the scene with a bang: PNW Arms.

This coming Friday (“Black Friday,” get it? For “Blackout?”), PNW arms will be selling their .300 BLK ammunition for 25% of sticker price (~$15 Match / ~$18 Subsonic), alongside their regular ammunition all 25% off as well. That’s as cheap as CMMG’s .300 BLK match ammo and cheaper than Remington’s subsonic price

Why am I posting this almost blatant advertisement? Two reasons, the first of which is to point out that .300 AAC BLK is taking off as a viable caliber. More manufacturers are getting into the game and producing flavors of AAC’s round, which will eventually drive down the price. The 5.56x45mm NATO AR-15 platform is over 50 years old and starting to show its age, and the introduction of a new caliber that can be introduced simply by swapping a barrel on the old guns might just be enough to keep it rolling for another 50 years. The second reason is pure self interest — I love my .300 BLK gun, and the more people that buy the ammo the cheaper it will  be for me.

Here’s their press release:

November 21, 2011, Issaquah, WA – The traditional Black Friday starts the holiday sale season.  What is more appropriate than a sale of 300 BLK ammunition? As a high tech manufacturer of precision ammunition and advanced weapons, PNW Arms typically reserves discounts for its distributors and retail partners.  For this special holiday, we wanted to directly serve our customers with a newly released caliber before it enters our channel sales.

The sale will be online at on Friday November 25th 2011 from 8 AM PST to Sunday November 27th 11:59 PM PST.  This promotional offer will last as long as the designated stock of 10,000 rounds of Subsonic 220 gr. and 40,000 rounds of Match 155 gr. with a restriction of 100 boxes per person per SKU are on hand.  Please see the website for full terms and conditions as well as all the other ammunition products manufactured by PNW Arms.

“We want to let others share the excitement of shooting these game changing rounds,” said Mark Baciak, CEO of PNW Arms.  “You don’t see a lot of ammunition manufacturers offer a Black Friday special, but it seems like a natural fit for 300 AAC Blackout.  As one of the early producers of this caliber, we are making it in various configurations that you’ll have a great time shooting.  Before the end of the year, we are also adding a 125 grain match / hunting round in 300 BLK.  You’ll want to try that one for small to medium game since it has more energy than a 7.62×39 at 200m and much less recoil.”

Black Friday weekend

300 BLK Match – $14.99 / box – MSRP $19.99 / box

300 BLK Subsonic – $17.99 / box – MSRP $23.99 / box

25% off all other regular priced ammunition. (Discount prices will automatically apply during check out.  No coupon code necessary.)


Discounted prices are valid on  11/24-11/28/2011.  Valid only on current stock.

11/29 – 12/31:

Everything 15% off, plus flat shipping of $9.99 over $250.

(Discount prices will automatically apply during check out.  No coupon code necessary.)


Discounted prices are valid on  11/29-12/31/2011.  Valid only on current stock.

About PNW Arms LLC

A privately held company founded in 2009, PNW Arms manufactures advanced weapons and ammunition based on our expertise in Weapons Science®.  The company develops premium ammunition for recreational shooting, personal defense, law enforcement, and mil/fed use.  PNW Arms also creates turnkey kits based on its clients’ mission parameters and objectives to maximize their combat effectiveness.  To learn more, please visit the website:

Company Contact Info:

William Lyon
Phone: 206.321.7554
E-mail: [email protected]
PNW 300BLK Ammo Page:

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  1. I have a qiestion. Can .300 whisper be fired through a .300 blk gun and can .300 blk be fired through a .300 whisper gun?

    • .300 BLK is a SAAMI standard caliber, .300 Whisper is not. The upshot is that .300 BLK is capable of safely handling much higher pressures than .300 Whisper because the guns are all rated to the same high standards.

      .300 Whisper in a .300 BLK gun? Possibly, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      .300 BLK in a .300 Whisper gun? More likely to have an unfortunate accident.

      • I appreciate your answer. But I guess I can cross my fingers for more affordable reloading components for .300 whisper

          • In a sense, perhaps. The issue is that .300 whisper is not SAMMI rated, and thus not all .300 whisper guns are the same, and may or may not be compatible with .300 blackout.

            Think of it like the difference between .223 and 5.56, or if you prefer, .222 and .223/5.56mm…

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