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Women with Guns in the Past (18)_1

Last week’s winner of a Black Arch rig for his favorite carry piece was CarlWinslo. If you want one, too, put your thinking cap on and enter a caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight. Get a move on.

Black_Arch_Logo small


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  1. Last image the gorilla saw after the boys fell over the rail at the 1948 opening of the Cincinnati zoo!

  2. New York police cadets learn volley fire.

    Utah Rapists Execution Squad (Hey, ladies, you are supposed to aim for the heart.)

    Your wildest dream and your worst nightmare all in one

  3. That’s the same camera you used to take the videos you posted on Hold it up a little closer to your heart.

  4. Teaching your wife to shoot is a good idea. Teaching your girlfriends to shoot at the same time? Not so much…


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