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Women with Guns in the Past (3)

Reader bobby b took home a new Black Arch holster last weekend. This weekend, it could be you. Enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight and you’ll be carrying your mohaska in a new rig before you know it.

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  1. They never mentioned that the 72 virgins would fight back?
    Gonna be tougher than you thought there little jihadi?

  2. Moms found out that demanding action went better with a bren gun. Who knew that one day MDA would be instramental in repealing the NFA.

  3. And some of you guys brag about your high school having a rifle team. The Rockettes had a machine gun team.

  4. Those Brens have the straight mag. Were they the nato chambered version made in the 50’s? Or the original czhech version in the 7.9 mauser caliber?

  5. Listen up, Ladies! Now, insert the high speed ammunition feeding thingy into the mag well Do not confuse that with the shoulder thing that goes up!

  6. Ten women with guns on the floor
    Ten women with guns
    Take one “out”
    Scream and shout
    Nine women with guns on the floor

  7. A team of booth babes demonstrate Dyspeptic Gunsmith’s new skull insulating headgear for indoor shooting.

  8. Yes, I know there are only 10 of them, not 72. Your imams got a lot of things wrong. Yes, they’re happy to see you. But first things first: see that white line? You stand on the other side of it.

  9. Okay ladies, one more time…after you finish shooting, you will make a clear and safe weapon, hang up your robe and towel, and proceed directly to the swimsuit competition.

  10. She told me, later,
    She’s a machine (gun) operator.
    She said she liked the way I held the microphone …

  11. Pretty maids all in a row, this time with guns aglow, making things happen with an even flow and not a one going off alone!!!!!!

  12. Now smile for the cameras, ladies. This shot is for the cover of the new feminist magazine, “PMS Monthly”.

  13. There once were 10 women from El Paso
    Lying with guns on the floor
    Thier hair up in buns
    As they handled thier guns
    Planning for a 3 gun tour

  14. The Ladies Auxiliary Sniper Team assembled for a pose ,while their hair dried ,ready for the shoot of the day

  15. Pictured first in the line up, Alice Schmidt of Loveland TX was overheard saying “Well you know the men say that they ‘shit, shower and shave’ but we ladies here at the club don’t shave, we shoot”

  16. The rifleman behind every blade of grass is only the first hurdle. The mama bear machine gun squads are next. They are most deadly if you poorly time your attack and interrupt their weekly spa sessions.


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