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You can win a Black Arch holster by entering the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday midnight. Have at it.


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  1. “Target released this photo Tuesday, purportedly showing the plight of transgender people before the retailer changed it’s bathroom policy…more at 11.”

  2. Fart again in the hose kid otherwise I can’t shoot!!

    The other option would be “If the caliber of the gun is the same size as that bulge in your pants, go ahead and shoot.”

  3. “With your help this election, we can get assault rifles, like these fully automatic AR-Glocks-buzz word machine guns/death machines off the streets. This message brought to you by the always factual clinton administration.”

  4. Bad guy, “Hey look! Is that a pair of Cabot Big Bang 1911s?!” Good guy, “Nice try buddy! Everybody knows those are just non-functional safe queens and wouldn’t be seen in public.”

  5. After their embarrassing first attempt at crime fighting, Batman and Robin lose the gun and cover their faces in shame.

  6. “Am I sure? Of course, I’m sure! Go look for yourself! Remington dropped off a whole boxload of these things just this morning!”

  7. That was your mater plan Mordo? Farting in to klein bottles? Go stand in the corner and think of something better.


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