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(sponsored) Remington has a new CEO, a new attitude and laser-like focus on quality control. But don’t take our word for it. Click here, buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival (October 14 – 16) and put their guns to the test. Big Green is bringing their best to Best of the West (just outside of Austin). Specifically . . .


Handguns – The easy-racking reengineered and reintroduced R51, the discreet RM380 and the venerable R1 1911 (in various flavors).


Shotguns –  The “it’ll eat anything” Versaport gas system-based V3 semi-automatic shotgun, Remington’s equally versatile, supremely reliable Versa Max and the Tactical 870 pump-action shotgun.


Modern Sporting Rifles – Remington’s still finalizing their list for the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Suffice it to say, Big Green’s bringing their best AR’s in a range of configurations, priced to go!

There’s only a couple of weeks left before the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Tickets are strictly limited to minimize line length. And prices go up at the door. So why not click here and buy your tickets today?

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  1. The R1 is Remington’s answer to the Pontiac Aztec. Butt-ugliest firearm of this generation. I don’t care how it shoots.

    • Um, just a slight correction: the R1 is a butt-ugly gun from more than a century ago (1911, it’s right there in the name). Or did you mean the elegantly curved and beautiful R51? A pox on you, sir! Been following that one since ’14, so glad they got it right. Now to convince Momma to let me get one with next year’s tax return. Yes I know about it’s atrocious take-down, I’ve been practicing with my display unit in the shop and I think I can demonstrate it now without embarrassing myself.

  2. “But don’t take our word for it.”


    Suck it, Freedom Group. The R51.3 could eject to a G above middle C every damn time and it still wouldn’t make up for what you did to Marlin or any of the other companies under your bumbershoot… but especially Marlin.

  3. Well I certainly don’t fault you guy’s for doing this. But I don’t think there’s much you can do to get people to buy that R51. By all accounts even the ‘upgraded’ version is still twitchy as hell.

    Keep it up thought guys. You’ll get it there eventually. 😛

  4. Glock is definitely fretting over that new R51. Gaston is inconsolable, he has been out engineered and there is a new mantle for “Perfection.” Glock has had a good run up till now, but its over. Many, many, many, many Glock armorers are whispering “we tried to warn Gaston that Remington was nipping on his heels, but he wouldnt listen.”

    In other news, YUGO announces it will become the new provider of cop cars nationwide. The new CEO has a laser like focus on quality.

    • Yeah, the new CEO has a laser focus on quality – the laser-guided bomb will be arriving soon to eliminate the pesky remnants of that word.

  5. Oh, I could tell you what the new CEO has a “laser-like focus” on. Hint: it isn’t quality.

      • As I have personally met the man and worked for the company, I couldn’t possibly offer a direct comment. I will, however, offer a list of words and/or phrases which do not contain the letter “q”:

        Bottom line
        Employee turnover rate
        Employee morale
        Employee relations
        Human resources
        Vendor relations
        Engineering rigor
        Due diligence

        I could go on, but I won’t. But I could. You go ahead and guess which of these Marko has a “laser-like focus” on.

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