Black Aces Tactical S Max Semiautomatic Shotgun
Courtesy Black Aces Tactical
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Black Aces S Max Semiautomatic Shotgun
Courtesy Black Aces Tactical

You may know Black Aces Tactical for their not-a-shotgun shotguns. Now they’re expanding their line of Pro Series semiautomatics with the new Pro Series S Max full-size semiautomatic shotgun. It sports a walnut grip and forend in your choice of natural or black finish.

The Turkish-made Pro Series S Max also ships with an additional birdshead grip. If you swap out the standard stock for the short grip, your S Max remains a shotgun (not a non-NFA firearm) due to its 18.5″ barrel.

Here’s their press release . . .

Black Aces Tactical announces release of $399 Pro Series S Max Semiautomatic Shotgun

Black Aces Tactical (BAT), a veteran owned American manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of the Pro Series S Max line of 12-gauge shotguns.

Said Black Aces Tactical, “Over the last months, our company is in the midst of a major shift. No longer is Black Aces Tactical only offering boutique weapons that are not what we would call, shall we say, price point. Our focus has shifted to one concept, and that is value. Value drives the market and value can be seen in every one of our new offerings.”

S Max Specs are:

  • 12 Gauge shotgun with chokes
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Receiver
  • 18.5” Barrel
  • 39.75″ Overall Length
  • Choice of Black finished Walnut or Walnut Furniture
  • Front blade sight with white dot
  • 6+1 capacity
  • Comes with short grip as a bonus
  • Extremely smooth action

The S Max features many of the same highly sought-after options available on more expensive semiautomatic 12-gauge models such as a complete set of chokes, extended magazine tube, and dual sling points included in the purchase price. Black Aces Tactical is excited to give the customer more for their money with the inclusion of real walnut furniture in place of the usual synthetic, which is industry standard. And what may be the best inclusion of all, Black Aces Tactical includes either a short black finish walnut or natural finished walnut grip free of charge.

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  1. Not too shabby, now just make it RBM fed and we’re set…

    I have a Beretta 1201FP, and my only “dislike” is that it’s NOT fed by a RBM…

    • AS long as it meets the minimum overall length, yes. With the stock on it, not a problem.

  2. What I noticed is the 6 foot 3 inch (75 inch) overall length with an 18.5 inch barrel. That makes for one long length of pull.

    • yep, was going to post something to that effect, you beat me to it.

      75″ Overall Length

    • Even if you had used the correct .75 it would be an out of proportion “length of pull” 3/4 of an inch is a little short. Now go back and read the claimed overall length of 39.75”, that will make it a little easier to handle, don’t you think? Sark

  3. Well, after reading some of the comments, I have to say I have a few shotguns, birders & combat style, full stock , bull pup stocks & pistol grip types, Two of those are box fed, my Saiga, which I have never had a problem with , except for the long barrel, that is the reason I don’t carry it as much as I would like, & I have a SKO Shorty, this one kicks like a mule, had to grind down the right safety lug because it tears your hand up when you shoot, but I got to say, I’ve NEVER had a problem with either one feeding. I carry a shotgun & a 460 S&W Mag loaded with 454 Casule all summer long , every day on my property in MT. Lots of critters up there that want to eat you.

    • Saiga is exactly what my friend had. It’s fine if you load and shoot right away. The problem arises when you load and store the weapon. And who doesn’t?

  4. Something I’ve learned in a very short time with shotgun sports. You get what you pay for, especially with a semi-auto. Beretta A300 is only a bit more.

  5. Jesus, oops the Turks made it. Well more for me then. The Russians have crapped on more people ever, than anyone, and will people not buy AKs? They sure will, Chinese ones too. Why? Reliability. If a weapon will run 100%, 24/7, that is what we want. Who owns a Glock? There ya go. I dont care if it were crapped out by Kim Jung whichever is running things in N. Korea, formed by his hands into a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, and it ran perfectly, you’d own it. I’d own it, it may stink but it is f’n reliable. That is what we want, reliability. If the American companies can’t get it right, I’ll buy the Turks, the Russians the Chinese, the Brazilian (yeah I got a pt1911 38 super no ftf, fte in 1000 rounds) So look for reliability, not an import stamp.

    • Here’s the thing about turkey guns. Most of them are quality & dependable. If you are going to keep the gun forever, it’s a good deal. The thing is you will never get even 1/2 for it if you ever want to sell it. Just the way it is. I have FFL. Bought a brand new semi SG, wholesale. I could not even get close to what I paid. Maybe in a few more years but now- buyer B ware-just sayin

    • There isn’t much aftermarket support for these, at least not here in the US, they are made in turkey by hunt group and called the m13 maybe try searching for parts under that name. I also would like an extended charging handle and bold release for this gun. One more round in the mag tube would be nice as well.

  6. Use to own a Rem 870. Right from the box it seized up and literally had to thump the stock on a log to get the thing to open up. Took it back and they sent it in for “repairs.” Got it back 3 months (90 days plus) and upon first shot, did the same damn thing. Used different shells, same shitte different day. Took it back again, replaced it with a new one. Shot it 3 times and the stock cracked. disassembled it, sold it for parts and will never, ever own another Remington shotgun.

  7. Pro series S max is a beautiful gun.
    Well built no complaints at all.
    Two questions…
    1. Can this gun shoot buckshot and slug rounds ?
    2. What chock is recommended for buckshot and slug ?

    • 1. Yes it can shoot buckshot and slugs
      2. Most ammunition will say on the box what type of choke is recommended for that type of ammo, for the most part I find an improved cylinder bore choke to be the best all around for buckshot and slugs.

  8. Charging handle is sub -par not well machined and very sharp edges would prefer a round one like on Ruger

  9. Easy fix for the “sharp” or any objectionable aspects of the charging handle. I have two of these shotguns, one black and 1 with the walnut furniture and both function perfectly. The charging handle is a bit of a nuisance as it is not really finished off well, but that is an easy fix. Go to an auto parts store or good hardware store and ask for a vacum line plug, which comes in a variety of sizes. Find one that just fits tightly over the charging handle and you’ll have the most comfortable charging handle you could possibly ask for. I did this for both of mine and it’s a perfect fix!

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