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Just thought you’d like to know. Oh, and there’s loads of other gun safety violations, from poor trigger discipline and muzzle control to shooting without knowing a target or what’s beyond it. Ralph review to follow.

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      • Of course, I forgot, this is just the kind of stuff that she, Bloom-bug end the rest of the gun grabbing crowd wants the public to be exposed to; an arsenal of weapons with performance well beyond their engineered capabilities being brandished by a bunch of loons. It helps them define guns as scary and used by gun crazy people. Why interfere with THAT,

  1. I want the 2 minutes of my life that I wasted watching this crap back. There is no way I would waste my money or time to witness this attempt at a movie.

  2. See! That’s what will happen on college campuses everywhere if we allow campus carry! Guns attract bikini weilding gun women and Kid Rock wannabes! OH THE HUMANITY!

    • Quick! Get all the cheap crappy guns and throw them around campus(hey, you said bikini babes)

    • Actually, it will probably do passable and make more on the DVD. As stupid as it looks, it’s made for the section of the 18-25 year old male demographic who will eat the harem fantasy up. The guns and violence are just icing on the cake. Sad state of affairs, perhaps, but I’d bet money that it will make money.

        • My post was’t super clear, but I was trying to suggest.”a section” of that demographic would enjoy it. A particularly dim witted, emotionallt stunted section.

    • And all the while Hollywood, err Hollyweed, gets the pass because of the first amendment, while we in the law abiding 2A camp don’t? I get it, glorifying the bad guys is the new cool. That is one sick movie, I have daughters that age for Christ sake. This is what people like Michael Moore support. He’s in the news today saying death to the NRA, let’s show the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims. Nice person….

      People that make movies like these should be required to serve on the front lines first. Trust me, there are no atheist in combat. The first time a real bullet or two zip by your head supersonic, while friends are blowing up next to you, the first thought to cross your mind is “Oh my God please help us!”

  3. “Emma Seligman of The Huffington Post described the film as “Scarface meets Britney Spears.”

    That is all you have to know…the Huff post thinks it is a winner!

  4. I am sorry I wouldn’t rent that as a $1 pay per view, so no I WON’T BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!

  5. Every guy I’ve met whose tried to act that “bada$$”
    has a breakdown and starts crying after a night in

    • I believe everyone in the cast seen above was a former Disney property now turned bad girls.

      But, I would not be surprised if the house of mouse was not doing this for some cash by exploiting the teens in the movie and those who go see it

  6. Okay, let’s mix gobs of unsafe gun handling, glorification of violence and resolution of conflict through guns and add a healthy dose of sex. Now lets’ market that to young males. What could possibly go wrong?

    Clearly, there is not a cultural problem here. Hollywood and its mostly Democrat supporters are not to blame. It’s pretty easy to see that gun violence in this country is all the NRA’s fault.

    The “H” in Hollywood stands for “Hyprocrites”.

    • The “H” in Hollywood stands for “Hypocrites”.

      I guess that hits the steel fastener on the flat end.

  7. I just had to watch a couple minutes of Gary Oldman as Drexl in True Romance to flush out the pathetic attempt at “scary white punk w/ dreads” in that trailer. Thanks, Gary.

  8. A bunch of slutty women from Disney pretending to use guns while robbing a convenience store….I just vomited.

  9. Nice snapshot of the culture that the movie industry is aiming for. We’re pretty much there already. Disgusting film.

  10. Wow! We have come a LONG way from introducing kids to the real world with Bambis mother. Poor Walt, he must be rolling in his grave or cryo-freezer depending on your opinion.

    • Nah he rolled in his grave when Bambi meets Godzilla was released! Great movie btw!! Short but good!!

  11. Cheap booze, loose women and a total disregard for gun safety. When and where do we sign up?

  12. You guys obviously are way too old and crabby, this movie looks awesome. Like any of you would kick any of those girls out of your bed for eating crackers!!!

  13. So California thinks that guns are our nation’s biggest problem…

    Meanwhile, California shows us the way with attacks on personal freedom, fiscal irresponsibility and shit movies.

    Not that NJ is any better – oh wait – we made “Jersey Shore”.

    Texas is starting to looking like the promised land.

  14. Being a young, rational, American man, I am torn about this movie. . . . On one hand, the responsible adult in me says that the people behind this movie are terrible people that make a mockery of gun culture, the still-15-years-old side of me was distracted by all the female skin, money and shiny guns. . . .

  15. You know you’re old and from Seattle when the only thing that gets your attention is a jacket at about 1:53 that spoofs the ‘ol green and gold of the “Seattle Super Sonics” to read “Super Chronic.”

  16. Oscar winning material. A stark commentary on our disenfranchised youth of today, taking on the world as only they can. The future of America has never looked so grand!

  17. This is NOT what I come to TTAG to see – there are plenty of other sites that cover this sort of thing – and this doesn’t help our cause with women, either.

  18. I find it HILARIOUS that just a few months ago, Selena Gomez appeared on the Demand A Plan video calling for more gun control, yet here she is glorifying gun violence! So much for demanding a plan! I too am in the age demographic but I don’t know, these girls don’t really appeal to me, they have childish faces and to me that’s a little weird.

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