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Well, you knew it was coming. The BidenHarris White House has let their stenographers in the press know that they’ll announce executive actions on gun control tomorrow.

And, as expected, the big item on the regulation-through-executive-order agenda looks to be “ghost guns.”

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

As Politico reports . . .

Biden will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of so-called ghost guns — homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers — to undergo background checks, according to three people who have spoken to the White House about the plans. He is expected to be joined at the event by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Other executive actions remain unclear. But stakeholders have speculated that the president could announce regulations on concealed assault-style firearms; prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners; and federal guidance on home storage safety measures.

Keep in mind that the ATF is already defending against a lawsuit brought by Biden’s current health secretary Xavier Becerra and others, when he was in his previous post as California’s attorney general. That suit seeks to force the gun regulator to classify 80% lowers and frames as firearms, forcing buyers of the parts and kits to undergo a background check.

We’ll also be watching to see if Grampy McUnity goes after AR-15 pistols and braces, forcing the ATF to regulate them under the National Firearms Act as short barrel rifles.

Q honey badger sb tactical
Q Honey Badger pistol with SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace (Jeremy S. for TTAG)

Of course, there’s nothing about either AR or AK pistols (or arm brace) that would make them covered under the language of the NFA. Then again, there was nothing about bump stocks that could even remotely be classified as a machine gun…but that didn’t stop the last president from pushing that through.

Speaking of the ATF . . .

One other announcement Biden could make on Thursday is the introduction of his nominee to be the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who will play a key role in any executive branch action on guns. His nominee could be tough to get through a Senate split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. The ATF has had mostly acting directors since the position became Senate-confirmed. Todd Jones was confirmed as ATF director in 2013 after a years-long stint as acting director.

We understand from some of our friends in the gun rights community that lawsuits are being drafted as we speak to challenge what will likely be blatantly unconstitutional limits in Americans’ right to keep and bear arms imposed by executive order.

Does anyone think anything Biden will announce tomorrow will have the slightest impact on crimes involving firearms in this country?




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  1. Poor, poor Jim Crow Gun Control joe just can’t help it. Gun Control is a democRat Party Family Tradition.

    • If we still had Jim Crow our murder rate would be half of what it is today. Face it you just love to support the big government progressives who hate America and call themselves Republicans.

      • Our murder rate would be half of what it is today. I dont know about that but I certainly dont want a p o c drinking out of MY water fountain, or using My public schools, or having the privileges of MY U.S. Constitution.

    • You are right of course, but it is kinda annoying that you say the same thing in every comment section.

      Basically “Demonrats are racists, jim crow, … whatever”

      True but gets old


        • Oh, come on fellows.

          Repetition is the basis of learning. The ancients could recite the tales of Socrates without missing a word, verb or principle.

          However, it’s also the foundational principle of indoctrination.

          Works both ways.

          Repetition in its use is not unlike a good pair of boots. They can take you to the mountains for a pleasurable day out in the sun, or, they can take you to combat in some far away, stinking swamp of a land (been there, BTW) that makes you question your commitment.

          I prefer to like Debbie W. You go girl.

    • I said it before and I will say it again. Sniffy Joe messes with our gun rights January 6th will look like a family reunion.
      Everyone file off your serial numbers and lets mess with Washington.

      • I was thinking the opposite – Get a punch and put a number on it. It’ll shoot the same, and nobody will have the number written down anywhere anyhow. Took care of that problem.

      • “Sniffy Joe messes with our gun rights” and , and , and ,,,,,, ,,
        The Trumpistas on Jan 6, full of bravado, left quietly when commanded to leave.
        We sure showed them by golly.

    • It’s illegal to sell a firearm without a serial number. What dealer is going to put their name on a 4473 and provide evidence of a felony?

      • It’s not illegal to sell a firearm without a serial number. Many weren’t serial numbered before the ’68 GCA as it was NOT a legal requirement until then. Further, the serial numbering of military weapons was for inventory purposes – to account for them periodically to prevent theft and conversion of Government Property. Hence why the Army put the serial number on the lower of the M16 – and because that happened about half a dozen years before the GCA, it was accepted as a fait accompli. They were all already done that way, not the way that the ATF may have preferred.

        Only FFL licensed manufacturers are required to apply a serial number. Lets not overstate a situation that doesn’t exist. There is NO written guidance by the ATF based on law passed by the Legislative Branch which requires inscribing a serial number on a weapon manufactured by a citizen – and citizens can and were literally manufacturing firearms before the Constitution was written, therefore, it’s grandfathered in legally, and an INALIENABLE right as recognized in law. For example – the most accurate rifle I’m aware of, fired inside a warehouse on a rangle measured in miles, is an approximately 36 pound benchrest rifle which has no serial number. Just as legal as all the muzzleloaders carried by BOTH sides of the conflict in 1776.

        BTW, can anyone actually quote the Law that requires a manufacturer to apply a serial number? Or, is that something that Congress has once again sidestepped when they commissioned the ATF to act as both creator of regulation AND enforcement of violations which are only interpreted by them.

        Yall can chatter about the whut if’s and I aint gonnas but the real solution is to hire actual patriots for legislative representation who pass laws to safeguard our rights and deny the Federal Governments overreach. Or is that some fantasy I’m living out by residing in Missouri? Because a lot of YOU are NOT doing your job, just taking it from corrupt politicians and trying to hunker down to avoid the fight.

        When is the last time you actually showed up at a town hall and told YOUR reps exactly what you expect of them? “uh no, it’s a waste of time, I got better things to do, the games on at 6 and the truck needs a wash . . . “

        • OK, pedant:

          It is illegal for a firearm manufacturer to produce a firearm without a serial number (GCA68)
          It is legal for a private citizen to manufacture a firearm *for personal use*. That firearm need not have a serial number, but it cannot be manufactured with the intent to sell it. And before you try to exploit that loophole (intent), remember that the Feds have unlimited resources to prosecute your ass.

          Happy now, pedant?

    • How they USED do it in California is to require that someone wishing to build from an 80% lower apply to the CA DOJ for a “unique serial number” issued by the DOJ, with a
      BCG. The builder had to then engrave that number onto the receiver to the same spec as required by the feds for manufactures prior to beginning the build.

      How they do it NOW, to my understanding, is basically not at all. The DOJ has decided that no one can build a firearm without being a licensed manufacturer first. (There rules do not apply to black powder firearms or 100% receivers, the latter of which require a BGC at the time of purchase.)

  2. And yet I was told by so many “gun owners” that Biden wasn’t coming for the guns.

    It took less than 90 days. Way to go, idiots.

  3. And when states like Florida which permits an individual to build a non-numbered firearm for personal use tells them to PHUKOPH what will JoeMalla do?.. The SCOTUS should uphold an individuals (not involved in interstate commerce) right to build a gun with out requiring registration/serialization…

    • What SCOTUS should do is realize that THEY are prohibited from infringing on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

      • THEY are prohibited from infringing on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

        The “keep and bear” thing and “manufacturing” a firearm are TWO entirely different things… 2A does not guarantee your right to build a gun…

    • “…the new thing will be 75% lowers.”


      And going after braces means ‘game on’ with the ADA, a law that has some real teeth in it to force compliance. 😉

      (And I was already planning to SBR my .300 BLK pistol build when the brace was ‘allowed’ to be shouldered, so that’s kinda a no-factor thing for it, anyways…)

  4. Hope for the best…prepare for the worst.
    The Shot heard ’round the WORLD II?!?

  5. “concealed assault-style firearms”

    That phrase is almost as stupid as Dementia Joe himself

    • I was wondering what that BS statement was supposed to mean. Is there some sort of full auto Kalashnikov that will fit in my pocket? If so, I want one.

      • I just figured out what the old coot was talking about. He wants to ban or at least restrict full auto VZ61 Škorpions.

        I didn’t know they were such a problem. Is that the current weapon of choice for gang bangers?

    • “concealed assault-style firearms”

      Pistol braces, that recently have been ‘implied’ they could be shouldered without risk of a charge of possessing an Short-Barreled Rifle SBR.

      No biggie for me, I’ll just remove the brace, start the paperwork and get mine ‘legal’…

  6. If only Trump had been a more effective executive…we wouldn’t have this problem.

    Maybe you’ve heard of “never Trumpers”. Their ranks swelled during his term.

    Ask yourselves WHY?


        • I wonder how many “doctors” begin a reply with ummm? The good doctor here seems to believe that more Americans automatically means more votes. Is that your scientific opinion based on your feewings? As Paul Harrell says, let’s put that to the test.

          In 2008, the population was 303,486,012 and Obama got 69,498,516 votes. In 2012, the population increased by about 3.5% to 314,043,885. According to enuf, I mean Dr. David, that means millions more votes for Obama in 2012, right? Hmm, no, actually Obama got about 5% FEWER votes in 2012, as in 65,915,795.

          But what about total votes you ask? In 2012, the Obama and Romney combined votes were 126,849,299. In 2008, the Obama and McCain combined votes were 129,446,839. NOPE! It STILL isn’t even remotely tied to the change in the population.

          Fast forward to 2016. The population was 323,015,995 and Trump got 62,984,828 votes. In 2020 the population increased by about 2.4% to 331,002,651. In 2020, Trump got 74,216,154 votes, an increase of over, what 2.4%??? NOPE AGAIN! He got an increase of over 15%!! Once again, it wasn’t tied to the population change. Hmm, it’s almost as if enuf, I mean Dr. David has no idea what he’s talking about.

          But what about the vote totals you ask yet again? The 2016 Trump and Clinton totals were 128,838,342. In 2020, the Trump and Biden totals increased to 155,485,078, a whopping 17% increase when there was a MEASLY 2.4% increase in the population.

          Population numbers taken from:

    • “Maybe you’ve heard of “never Trumpers”. Their ranks swelled during his term.”

      Trump got *millions* more votes in 2020 than 2016, son.

      Your fantasy ‘Never Trumpers’ ran away and hid…

  7. Executive Orders aren’t laws at all and can be ignored. Here in Texas, some dumb child molester is not consider much of anything, certainly not a president to be obeyed.

    • MB…… As a fellow Texan, maybe we should start up a movement to send thousands of ” Come and Take it ” flags to the dumb bastard at 1600 Traitor ave.

  8. avatar Joe "Things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. We're a democracy. We need consensus" Biden

    Look folks…we have to do something to counter the new Jim Falcon laws the Republicans are pushing. When we’re dealing with, uh, this uh sort of…uh violence…Jill? Uh excuse me a minute, DAMN IT JILL I told you to hide the Parmesan cheese from Hunter!

  9. Wouldn’t someone convicted of a domestic violence crime already be a prohibited person? At least if the crime was a felony or had a sentence of a year or more in most states? Hmm, does this mean misdemeanor DV also makes you a prohibited person?

    Also those concealed assault-style firearms sure are uncomfortable in your waistband! I can’t wait to hear the language on what a concealed assault style firearm is, so you can have a concealed assault style pistol or a pistolly-pistol. Is the b&t usw an assault-style pistol, a pistolly-pistol, or a short barreled rifle?

    So you can’t buy a non-firearm without a background check, will that be for 80% or more receivers? What about 75%? 71%? 50%? What if you make your own, who does your background check?

    • Hey, with appendix carry of a “concealable assault-style pistol”, you’d be threatening your kneecap instead of your junk, right?

    • Probably just “unfinished receivers.” They will run into the same problem they had in California: when does a chunk of steel, plastic or aluminum become an unfinished receiver? Can you e arrested for having a block of aluminum or a 3D printer?

    • Domestic violence, misdemeanor, no firegunms for life. Its all ready a law, but they want to pass it again I guess.

  10. So if a POTUS can declare items NFA with the stroke of a pen another POTUS can remove items from the NFA with one?

    • Once NFA, always NFA. Once a machine gun, always a machine gun, once a rifle, always a rifle…

      First you have to get an actual pro-gun president AND somehow a pro-freedom ATF that would actually obey a pro-gun president.

    • “So if a POTUS can declare items NFA with the stroke of a pen another POTUS can remove items from the NFA with one?”

      In theory, yes. In practice no. As Unspoken points out; unlike a slightly sauced sorority girl the NFA doesn’t go both ways if you talk nice to it.

      Further, at this point it doesn’t matter. Obama issues and EO and Trump tries to undo it with an EO, the courts find that, like animals in certain books, some EO’s are more equal than others.

  11. Regardless of what Uncle Joe proclaims it still takes flesh and blood to enforce which doesn’t react well to high velocity hot lead. “We the People” are, but 12 days from the anniversary (4/19/1775) of the beginning of the fight for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We may soon see if the Courageous Sacrifice of those Patriots will be justified by today’s Citizenry or will they trade their Complacent Cowardice for continued life…Albeit under the Boot Of Tyranny. Prope Finem…Alea iacta est…Audemus jura nostra defendere…ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

  12. Sorry, last time I read the Constitution the POTUS was granted zero lawmaking powers, and certainly no powers that allow him to violate the second amendment. I won’t obey unconstitutional laws.

  13. “Concealed assault-style firearms”
    How much you wanna bet that’s an idiotic term they’re using to describe AR and AK pistols?

    • “How much you wanna bet that’s an idiotic term they’re using to describe AR and AK pistols?”

      *Any* braced pistol…

      • EDIT –

        The good news is, The “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has some very serious, sharp ‘teeth’ in it to force compliance on those who disobey it. and since forcing the enemy to live by it’s own rules is a classic Saul Alinsky ‘dirty trick’, we stand a real chance to destroy the ‘Short Barrel Rifle’ classification all together if they dare to make braces a controlled NFA device.

        This could be the first domino to fall in taking out large chunks out of the NFA once and for all… 🙂

  14. So…are they going to give me the money to buy a nice Pendleton or Iron Works safe? Settle for a Liberty 50.
    Good luck getting anyone to comply with these things…especially retroactively.

  15. Everything is there to remove the Biden administration, why are they still in the White House, him and his administration have committed dozens of crimes against the people and this NATION, act’s that would and should put them in prison for hundreds of years, Harris is a joke b.l.m. is theating the nation’s cities, on top of what they have already done that the Biden administration let them get away with, the Biden administration is just as guilty of theses crimes as the blm.people, each and everyone of them should be behind bar’s, from were I STAND IF THE justice system isn’t going to do what they were put there for, then they are not doing their jobs,and must be replaced with personal who will, crime is crime no matter the color, all life matter, if a person are person’s want to commit crimes then they need to be willing to accept the punishment even with THEIR life if they bring it on theirselfs, drugs, violence, doesn’t mix, it will shorten your life spand, that’s why there are laws that must be enforced, something Biden and the justice system isn’t doing, this is one of those times when the people of America will need to STOP the VIOLENCE and serve true JUSTICE ourselves, by any means necessary, rest assure they come on my property they will still be there the next day.

  16. Will Joe remember tomorrow what he is supposed to do?

    We have allowed the Executive Branch too much power. If the President can make laws why do we need the Legislature? Might as well fire the Legislature and let the Judicial and Executive Branches do as they want.

    We really didn’t deserve the Republic it seems. For generations we have allowed the ruling elite to change the Constitution without the will of the People or the States.

    • Will Joe remember tomorrow what he is supposed to do?

      Not to worry… Beijing Biden does not need to remember what he’s supposed to do… The actual people in charge will guide him to his desk, put a pen in his hand, take a picture and then carry him out and bring in the stunt double to sign the EOs and smile for the press as they run him back out of the room…

  17. I too believe that the Executive has acted beyond it’s Constitutional power.

  18. “Does anyone think anything Biden will announce tomorrow will have the slightest impact on crimes involving firearms in this country?”

    It’s possible depending on how you define your terms. If by “slightest impact” you mean “creating more” then… yeah, it’s possible.

    If a new rule/regulation makes something illegal and you continue continue to engage in that action you’re now an outlaw. If that action involves firearms then “crimes involving firearms” were certainly impacted, they went up as the new new rules were broken in ways they couldn’t be before the rules existed.

    Which is, in some ways, good way to argue “Gun crimes are through the roof! We need MOAR gun laws with MOAR-harshererer punishments!”.

  19. No, what Dementia Joe does tomorrow won’t have any effect on actually gun crime since 98% of gun crime happens with illegally stolen guns. And 99% of gun crime is committed by convicted felons using these stolen guns because they cant go buy one. They cant pass a NICS check, they would be committing a federal crime for checking the box on the ATF form 4473 that must be signed by the gun buyer. This crime alone would give the xcons a 10 yr trip to fed pin. Plus the criminals cant afford to buy a new Glock for $ 685.00 plus buy ammo. They dont have to. They can pick one up on the street with ammo for $60 to $150. The Nlack Market Gun world is running just fine. The criminals that sell these guns on the street are the selves felons and cant legally buy a firearm. Why doesn’t Biden focus on arresting the people that steal the guns and the people that illegally sell the guns to the criminals that make up that 98% of gun crimes? All the things in his executive order are pretty much already law. All FFL Dealers already call every purchase in for a NICS check!!! Been law for decades. If a Licensed dealer doesn’t do this he is going to lose the license, be fined, and how with the criminals to the Federal pen. In this country it has always been legal to make or produce your own firearm! Read the Law. If you have the skill to make a complete firearm why would you not be allowed to do so?? Again, unless the criminals are using the machinery in the prison workshop, no convicted felons are out there in basements learning gunsmithing skills and taking months or years to build a gun from rare materials!! Use a little common sense!! They much rather go on the street, put the word out that they need a hot handgun and they have money, wait a few days and there it is loaded and ready to go. Let’s face the truth, America as a whole ( local, state, and federal) already has well over 87,000 gun laws in place. That’s a fact!! Look it up! The only thing left for the liberals to do is BAN ALL GUNS !! And that is what they will do little-by-little! Baby Steps, till it all gone. Very smart! All of us need to stop responding, reacting, and making law through emotions!! Do the research and find the FACTS. More people are killed every year by HAMMERS and KITCHEN KNIVES that any other means! That too is a fact. Check the Stats!! I will leave you with this: a passage from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison discussing the need for the Bill of Rights, “If you sacrifice a little bit of Liberty in the name of law and order, you deserve neither and you lose both.” What great men. Where have they all gone?

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