Biden Chief of Staff: Be Sure to Say ‘Murdered’ When Talking About Gun Violence Victims

Double Barrel Joe (L) and Chief of Staff Bruce Reed (courtesy

The bummer about email lists is they can be hard to maintain. Sometimes people get messages they’re not supposed to. A TTAG reader forwarded the meeting notes compiled by a member of a group of 120 gun violence victims and relatives. Michael Bloomberg’s civilian disarmament-pushing group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, funded a junket to Washington in early February where participants met with “Double Barrel” Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Bruce Reed, the first lady and their respective Senators and Members of Congress. All under the watchful eye of MAIG operatives, of course. Click here for the trip notes. One of the more revealing details . . .

Is the effort made by Biden chief of staff Reed to make sure that the victims stay on message when talking to the press.

During our press briefing with VP Biden’s lead man Bruce, it was suggested that people use the word murdered, versus lost or taken when speaking about a victim of gun violence. Murdered is a very strong word, it certainly brings about horrible images and tragic grief, but that is in fact the case with these shootings. Hearing the word murdered can’t hurt or shock more than the tragic death of a loved one. Using the word murdered stirs a strong emotion, as do these shootings, so it will lend an impact when speaking to or writing your elected official. Although there are some shootings that are accidental, these are a small percentage of the annual average of 12,000 deaths per year due to gun violence.

Because if there’s one thing MAIG and the Administration don’t want, it’s a bunch of off-message victims running around D.C.

And Organizing for Action, (Obama’s campaign organization formerly known as Organizing for America) is doing what they can to keep supporters energized when it comes to eliminating the RKBA. Here’s an email blast they sent out this morning trying to rally the troops and maintain the anti-gun fervor:

Right now, add your name to say you’ll keep the heat on Congress until they vote on sensible solutions to reduce gun violence.

We know a thing or two about making change.

We know that doing big things means all of us doing what we can, where we live. That couldn’t have been clearer on Friday for the national gun violence Day of Action.

We had 117 events in congressional districts across the country. Thousands of supporters joined in, and thousands more called and tweeted at your representatives, demanding real action from Washington to reduce gun violence. On the pavement, on the airwaves, and online, you helped put the pressure on Congress.

Check out some of the highlights.

A candlelight vigil in California:

Supporters in California at a candlelight vigil.

Folks in St. Louis reminded each other — they deserve a vote:

They deserve a vote.

Supporters outside a congressman’s office in New Jersey:

Lining up in New Jersey

Volunteers in Nevada get people talking about the issues:

OFA-Nevada wants universal background checks now.

In Tennessee, supporters held a memorial for victims of gun violence, reminding their community of the consequences of inaction:

Petals mark the human consequences of gun violence.

And folks braved the cold in Pennsylvania to show their support:

A cold day in Pennsylvania didn't stop these folks.

That passion and commitment will drive this organization, and that’s how we’ll finish what we started.



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action


  1. avatar surlycmd says:

    Who is surprised?

  2. avatar William says:

    …sack of wet mice.

    1. avatar pat says:

      Your phrase made more noise in my head than…..a cow peeing on a flat rock.

  3. avatar TR says:

    Notice how all these pictures are close-ups with only like five people in each one? Makes you sort of wonder how ‘overwhelming’ that support really was…

  4. avatar Pwrserge says:

    Silly liberals, no matter how hard you stuff those ballot boxes, dead people still can’t vote.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Without voter ID, how can you know for sure?

    2. avatar Hamster says:

      Really? Then how do you explain Obama getting elected……..TWICE?

      1. avatar Jay Dunn says:

        Crappy opponents goes a long way.

  5. avatar NeonCat says:

    Why is Tilda Swinton hanging out with Biden?

  6. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    And there is nothing like influencing the jury by any means possible. Be glad when tho goes to court for the Unconstitutionallity of it all!!!

  7. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

    Is it me, or is there a dearth of wider-angle shots from these events showing the “masses” of supporters?…

  8. avatar Sammy says:

    Joe said “the vast majority” of the population was with him on gun control. Be that true, cause if you can’t trust our officials who can you trust, it would appear the population of the US has shrunk to under 1,000 people total. And that includes the non citizens what are are living in the shadows.

  9. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    In all fairness, people killed in unlawful violence (non defensive, et cetera) with a gun have been murdered.

    I’d say that about knives, poison, automobiles.

    What’s the big deal? Guns are great for murder, after all.

    Granted, the news doesn’t report many knife fights or drive-by slashings, but…

    While I do wish they’d get off guns’ back, as ’twere, the things are a favored tool of bad guys – mostly because they do the job quite well.

    So… there’s a lot to report. Unfortunately, a lot of defensive use goes unreported to police or media and therefor goes unreported by media.

    In Japan (this is from family experience) rape is perfectly legal. There’s even a comic called called Rape Man in which the “hero” does women the favour of giving them what “all women want.” Yes, that’s extraordinarily sick.

    Sicker is that my cousin fought off an assailant who attacked her at a rural bus stop and when she reported the incident was promptly arrested and charged with assault while the constabulary looked for the “victim.” She was eventually released when the search proved futile. Crike!

    While we’re not to that point, self defenders who use firearms are often made to feel as though they’ve done wrong.

    Mayhap we need to report – anonymously – to media about all the “good” uses of guns.

    Might help?


    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      All the incidents of “good” gun use, that is…

  10. avatar Mr aNINNYmouse says:

    From the meeting notes: “..murdered by a random gunshot…” I know it’s a tragedy, but, really?….

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      I my experience accidents in which someone shot off a round just make noise and it hit someone are called accidents – frequently tragic or stupid accidents.

      However, if one POS gang banger shoots at another, misses and kills someone across the street, it’s called murder. Which it is, the killing of a person during the commission of a crime.

      At least by Kansas City media.

      Yes, stupid discharge is a crime, but the Evil State tends to be understanding and treats it as an accident.

  11. avatar Lance says:

    More Robo emails! No large group supports this crap.

  12. avatar Leo338 says:

    LOL this administration is so full of it. It looks like their biggest event had about 50 people in attendance. Look at that last picture, there are only 6 people and they were probably paid by their union to be there. Half of these stupid liberals probably don’t even know why or what they are protesting. They show up because they got bored of sitting at home all week waiting for their welfare check to come.

    Now for something to make you smile. This is a must watch video!

    (Sorry, I looked on youtube but he only has this posted on FB)

    1. avatar imrambi says:

      That is mean.

      How does this help our cause?

      1. avatar Jarhead1982 says:

        No, that is Karma!

      2. avatar Leo338 says:

        Oh I am sorry. Did that hurt your feelings?? The people we are dealing with are NOT nice people. As long as you try to be PC and talk things out with gun grabbers then you will continue to lose the battle.

  13. avatar Arete13 says:

    Terrible white balance on that last pic. Jeez.

  14. avatar Javier says:

    All is fair in love and DISARMAMENT. WE need to start playing fair. Take and post pictures at the protests of the media photo hounds taking only shots of one side. This is politics and at its most basic of points it a dirty business.

  15. avatar rcacajun says:

    I can’t help myself. This is too good. Please read the article above with this text filter on.

  16. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    I wish all these anti-2A folks would just go away.

    1. avatar Brad says:

      I wish all the 2A people would start voting. I wish all the freedom loving, honest and upstanding people of this country would get up and vote these morons out of office.

      1. avatar Javier says:

        WE need to stop wishing.
        Go to the AP site an repost their articles which( I don’t know wich) read less anti than those of WaPO. Repost and share all things PRO 2A articles. Go to Pro 2A meetings and rallies in your area.
        Let US all STOP complaining about the results we don’t get from the effort WE didn’t put in.

  17. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    No demand a plan? They’re slippin. I don’t believe my “plan” will make it past the censors here, Randy

  18. avatar Roll says:

    Suprise, Suprise… underhanded tactics from the liberals and anticonstitution/biden/obama/feinstein group…who would have ever thought(sarcasm)…Gasp

  19. avatar Slappy says:

    Back in January I participated in a phone conference that was hosted by Biben’s rumpswab, Bruce Reed. The phonecon was in advance of the results of Joe’s Gun Violence Commission and was supposed to give some of us peasants a chance to offer ideas and/or voice concerns.

    I’ve run into some incompetent government hacks in my time, but this guy took the cake. He started out by rambling incoherently for about ten minutes about what the commission was up to but it was so obvious that he had done absolutely nothing to prepare for the call. He then opened up the lines for questions/comments; I tried to punch in the access code but was not quick enough. I expected this to be an anti-gun, libtard suck-fest. I was wrong; six of the seven callers were gun owners. One dude was a FFL from North Carolina who proceeded to tear Mr.Reed a new a-hole.

  20. avatar andarm16 says:

    I love how there are never wide angle shots of anti gun events. You usually see those close in angle shots, with the lens filled with people, but it’s because of the trick angle. Now, our biggest pro gun event in Illinois, I-GOLD (Which is coming next week, and all of you Illinois folk on here really should go!) is best experienced using a wide angle lens, mounted on a helicopter.

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