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    • Get the accuracy first! The fast part comes later. The first time I shot a practical match, they could have timed me in decimal minutes. Now that I’m crippled up enough to have a hard time moving, they could probably use a sun dial to time me now. But just like a bicycle, piano, or basket ball, you get better with practice, practice and some more practice.

  1. I wish my work hours allowed me to shoot matches. It’s very addictive.

    Rio Salado is a bigtime IPSC place while Phoenix Rod & Gun has a lot of IDPA stuff going on.

    If anyone wants to see more cool stuff, search youtube for ACTS matches in Tucson.

    • However, you don’t have to have a race gun to shoot IPSC, my CZ75B did just fine. They have a production class for people like me that don’t want to run raceguns.

      I had a BLAST!!!!

  2. Someday I’m going to learn to successfully do that “rack and catch the ejected round” move. I have so far been unsuccessful. The problem is you can only do it with a live round, because dummies don’t have the same weight and flight characteristics.

    • Find someone who reloads, and have them make you full weight dummy rounds. The power only weights a few grains, and if its that important include a few pellets of bird shot.

  3. Hey I know that range… 🙂

    Those Open Class guns are great – if you can get one whose mags aren’t giving them fits!

  4. The New York City police department needs to make him an employment offer.

    Better yet, if lots of citizens were armed and could shoot like that, I suspect it would really put a damper on the ambitions of criminals.


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