beto robert francis o'rourke lies background checks
(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
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Robert Francis O’Rourke knows how to wow a crowd. And in officially kicking off his presidential campaign with a series of stops here in the Lone Star State yesterday, he told supporters that he’s for universal background checks and making sure that guns sold to the military stay on the battlefield.

We’ve got some good news and bad news for you, Bobby. First the downer: universal background checks don’t work. We know, that goes against everything you’ve read and believe about gun control in America.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen to pro-gun luminaries like UC-Davis’s Garen Wintemute and Johns Hopkins’ Daniel Webster. They found that ten years of mandatory background checks in California had no, zero, zilch, nada effect on suicides and violent crime in the state.

Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, right, poses for a photograph with a supporter during his presidential campaign kickoff rally in Houston, Saturday, March 30, 2019. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Yes, we know, you’re probably shocked by that revelation. OK, here’s the good news. You told the crowd in Houston . . .

…let’s ensure that the weapons designed, engineered, sold to the United States military with the sole purpose of killing people as effectively, as efficiently, as great a number as possible, are kept on the battlefield and are no longer sold into our communities.

Done! US gun buyers can’t purchase the same guns the military uses in combat. Those were actually outlawed back in 1934 (with assists in 1968 and 1986) for the most part, but we won’t hold that against you.

The truth is that guns available to US civilians aren’t the same firearms as those used by our men and women in uniform. (BONUS: even guns that look like the rifles the military uses are almost never used in crimes…win-win!)

Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke speaks during his presidential campaign rally kickoff in Austin, Texas, Saturday, March 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Clarice Silber)

Here are some highlights of Beto’s magical mystery tour across the state yesterday . . .

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — The latest on Beto O’Rourke official presidential campaign kickoff in Texas (all times local):

6:10 p.m.

Beto O’Rourke has evoked a school shooting last year near Houston to call for banning assault weapons and points to that city’s 2017 devastation during Hurricane Harvey to push for fighting climate change.

The former Democratic congressman is formally launching his presidential campaign with Saturday rallies across Texas. He began in his native El Paso, then visited Houston’s historically black Texas Southern University and is holding a late-night Austin event.

Wearing a Texas Southern cap, O’Rourke recalled the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School last May. He advocated for universal background checks for firearms purchases.

O’Rourke also said he wanted to ensure that weapons “sold to the United States military with the sole purpose of killing people” are confined to the battlefield.

He said Harvey meant Houston understands the perils climate change “better than just about anyone.”


12:30 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has told 1,000-plus supporters near the Texas-Mexico border that immigrants make the country stronger.

Formally kicking off his campaign in his hometown of El Paso on Saturday, O’Rourke offered support for unapologetically liberal positions, including backing federal legalization of marijuana. He promised to strengthen unions nationwide, make it easier to register to vote and end U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The former congressman again vowed to work with Republicans, saying that a unified campaign will help him win his party’s 2020 nomination and “defeat Donald Trump.”

President Donald Trump has threatened to shutter the U.S.-Mexico border to combat a rise in the number of immigrants crossing.

Speaking mere blocks from the border, O’Rourke said, “We have learned not to fear our differences but to respect and embrace them.”


5:30 a.m.

Beto O’Rourke is formally kicking off his presidential campaign with three rallies across his home state, where he came close enough to upsetting Sen. Ted Cruz to generate the national buzz now buoying his 2020 White House bid.

The Democratic ex-congressman is holding a Saturday morning rally mere blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border in his native El Paso, then traveling to historically black Texas Southern University in Houston before an evening event in the shadow of Austin’s state Capitol.

O’Rourke has visited nine states since joining the race March 14, though he’d promised to head home for an official launch.

Texas is America’s largest red state, but Democrats aren’t writing it off in 2020. Another presidential candidate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, drew large crowds at Texas Southern last weekend.

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  1. Keep BETO on the reservation where he came from. DONE !
    Guy is another rich drunk non sensical dip shit.

    • this writer of prose..”buff my balls”…or curious mental musings…thinking of running over children playing in the street to “steal their happiness”….this table dancer…with the gay flag prominently displayed in the background…….is one strange duck…whose views on gun control just mirror the rest of his ilk…..

    • My only question is, ‘Is the LGBT(etc) wing of the Democrat Party ready to accept a candidate who’s a furry?’

      • Its OK to identify as a 6 ft tall orange imaginary otter. His needs are his needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has ….

        • I don’t know, I personally draw the line when a presidential candidate wears a sheep onesy in public.

    • The same was said about Trump…

      that said, there is no candidate that will win a democratic presidential primary that will be anything but anti-gun.

      • If tone-deaf dummycrats seriously want to run their next presidential campaign on an ‘anti-gun’ platform, I say, “more power to them”.

        Their will go down in flames.

  2. Oh
    In case this moron doesn’t know it The gene al public does NOT have access to military weapons and neve has ! Liar liar pants already on fire ! Roll out more lies BATO.

    • In fairness, the CMP exists. My Garand is one of only a few things in the safe that has probably been fired in anger in its life, actually. Even the Mosin probably just got put in a bunker for half a century (made after ww2)…

      • Most of my guns have at one time or another been fired in anger…. as in “I was able to hit the target fine yesterday what the &$#@$ is wrong with me today that I can’t hit crap!?”


    • since I own a Garand, SKS, M1917 Enfield and S&W and an SMLE4–I do own military weapons but the newest is over 50 years old

  3. Well I think Slow Joe Biden won’t survive “me too”. One down…Beto “I’m a fake Meh-he-co boy” and a drunk criminal is next. Trump owned his “mistakes”.These fools(Harris & Spartacus included) won’t. Are you not entertained?!?

  4. I don’t care what one’s political affiliations are, any rational person should be insulted by a someone who is so vain, so convinced that the world needs their guidance, that no matter how little they’ve accomplished —despite every advantage in life— that they are still certain that the world needs more of them.

  5. I guess he doesn’t like the CMP.

    I have never heard of an instance where an M1903 or M1 Garand was used in a crime.

    The new M1911 program may be more risky; especially if one of the pistols is stolen from it’s new owner.

    • I agree. “…let’s ensure that the weapons designed, engineered, sold to the United States military with the sole purpose of killing people as effectively, as efficiently, as great a number as possible, are kept on the battlefield and are no longer sold into our communities.”

      I have at least 4 M1 rifles, an M1D (from the ’90s lottery), 4 M1 carbines,, several 1917 Endfields and a few ’03s and ’03A3s that came through the DCM (now the CMP). These were originally designed solely for military use. I’d not agree nor claim that the public does not have access to military firearms as we clearly do once they have been deemed obsolete and surplus by the government. At that point it should logically make infinite more sense to sell them to people willing to pay to take them off the government’s hands and out of their inventory rather than have to pay outsourced contractors to destroy them.

      What we need to insist is that the various AR-15s, AR 10 variants, M1-As, Thompson and AK clones, and all other military style firearms available to the public are not, nor never have been weapons used by anyone’s military and were built exclusively for civilian use. Insist on truth, even when one is “politicking”. And never even think about apologizing just because one owns such firearms, or an actual piece of American history where the surplus weapons are concerned.

      • By Beto’s definition, a 1853 3-band Enfield is a military weapon.

        I’d like to see him load and shoot one (without someone telling him what to do).

      • You can get KAC AR10s that are literally built to the exact same spec and on the same line as the US militaries, FN makes the MK20 available for civilian use.

  6. Let’s get these clowns out of the way and do The Peoples business. Trump has NO competition in 2020. FED should be abolished and the PEOPLE of this country should run it.

    • I hope your right but don’t rule out Sanders or Biden. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the left.

  7. That woman he’s posing for has been all over memes recently. Is that photo shopped?

    Who is she?

  8. MMMMM dirt eating, feeding green baby poop to the wife, I’m hispanic, NOT Irish soy boy. Beta’s hands ought to be classified as military only and should be removed or cuffed, actually cuffed on his DWI event.

    What if I have a transferable Thompson? I know a guy who has a 50 cal machine gun from an auction. He also
    trains Deputies in firearms. But I can’t see him mounting it to his truck, unless Zombie apocalypse time. And he ain’t gonna hand carry it anywhere.

  9. “evoked a school shooting last year near Houston to call for banning assault weapons”

    A school shooting that was carried out with a shotgun and a revolver. Facepalm.

  10. I don’t think very many soldiers take to the battlefield with the intent to kill as many people as fast as possible. I had always heard that they were trying to accomplish a mission of tactical or strategic importance rather than simply wholesale slaughter. I don’t think that that is what designers of the weapons had in mind when they designed them either.

    • I guess part of my point is that someone with such an ignorant and idiotic notion of warfare should be president. We have had a lot of such presidents though, I suppose.

      • You mean like 5 time draft dodging Trumpy Bear who capitulated to the gun grabbers and ordered the ATF to make bump stocks illegal? I dont care about bump stocks I care that POTUS gave the gun grabbers a inch so what will be next? Binary triggers, AR pistols, etc. You give in once to something that is not illegal or in violation of the stupid NFA laws to the anti-2A crew they will keep coming back for more.

    • “I don’t think very many soldiers take to the battlefield with the intent to kill as many people as fast as possible.” I do, if you’ve ever listened to Patton’s speech to the troops. Smart guy- you don’t win by dying for your country. You do by killing the other side’s SOBs. I would not apologize for thinking along those lines- if one goes to war it’s the only thing left to follow that’s sane.

      • My point is that body counts don’t win battles or wars. Eliminating your enemies ability impose their will, and resist your will, does. Them being being dead goes along way toward helping reach that goal but it is just a means, and not the only means of achieving the overall goal. I realize that this may sound like semantics but I don’t think it is. Note the kill ratios on the WWII eastern front and in Vietnam. The side of those that inflicted the most deaths did not in fact win those conflicts.

      • The rifles used (after a round of napalm etc.) were implemented to create body counts, but even these were for combatants in specified locations.
        Without getting too involved in the tactics, I think we can agree that the Stoner rifle was selected for tactical attributes such as capacity, recoil, accuracy, reliability, weight, etc. Some of these are more and some less important in personal defense than, for example, seek and destroy missions.
        I believe Vic’s point was that these weapons were not designed with the intention of killing the most people; they were designed to kill just the right person/people at the right time with efficiency and reliability.
        If killing the most people was the goal, nuclear weapons would be effective.

  11. This idiot is dangerous simply because he is an idiot. They complained about Trump never having been involved in any government and lacked experience. For no more than this guy has done and his lack of experience running something really and on an international level is less “experienced” than Trump was.

    • he’s a liberal, media darling…with a very thin resume…we’ve already gone that route….

  12. I don’t why you guys are so pissed off. I enjoy the comedy. He’s a hell of a lot more funny than Stephen Cobert.

  13. I legitimately don’t see why this guy had the dems fawning over him. I mean, Clinton had ovaries, and Biden is connected to Chocolate Dem Jesus, but what’s this guy’s selling point to the increasingly looney tunes Left? Sure, he says, “all the good words”, but all of their canidates do, and this guy doesn’t even have a winning complexion or a vadge. What gives?

    • His father-in-law is rich, and has influence with Democrats. Junior sings all the songs in the Social Justice Warrior Hymnal, which makes him a perfect candidate for the Democrat nomination.

  14. I personally don’t like apologizing for “weapons of war.” Calling ARs “sporting rifles” makes it seem like we are playing semantics to appease the anti 2A crowd. The 2A was designed to keep tyrants in check, not to use sporting rifles in three gun competitions.

    • Who’s apologizing? An AR 15 is NOT an M16 ! It is a semi auto platform that has changed the sporting world and shooting sports world. What a great interchangeable rifle !

      • Well depends on the AR15. AR15 doesn’t mean semi auto only. Plenty of AR15s are select fire. The M16 is just a US military designation for a AR15 built to a certain spec.

      • How often is the AR-15 used in the military (by the way, the M-16 has not been used for years) actuality fired in anything other than semi auto? The whole select fire BS was to get the things (MP-43/44) past Hitler and the fact that the military doctrine was still evolving away from sub machine guns.

        But hay, full auto is kind of making a comeback because no one wants to carry a M249, but I think the Ares Shrike is a better platform for going light.

        • “the M-16 has not been used for years”
          You’re obviously not familiar with a little organization called the U.S. Marine Corps.
          Yes, the USMC finally decided (in October 2015) to begin the transition from the M16 to the M4 for their infantry units, but they still have M16s for their non-infantry and support units.

  15. I love that he put Hurricane Harvey and Gun Control in the same speech. The aftermath of Harvey was a great example of why responsible Houstonians (like me) should own firearms. The Houston police went on TV and said ‘we are completely tapped out by the storm response. Don’t call us unless your life is in immediate danger.’ Basically, we were on our own if anyone tried to take advantage of the situation. I was grateful that I had the ability to defend my home and family.

  16. Hey Bobby O’Rourke you Marxist Moron,the AR 15 is semi auto,not the full auto M 16/M4.
    Although Constitutionally speaking the militia aka “We The People” are to be armed with like military arms that the rest of the worlds militaries would use to subjugate the U S,you Effing Moron.

  17. That idiot does not have sense to own and operate a slingshot would most likely shoot himself with it and what he knows about firearms would not fill a thimble and the only way you will get a armalite stile rifle built to the same quality as a military version even in semi auto is build it yourself and you better have a machine shop to do it in

  18. “Beto: Keep Guns Sold to the Military on the Battlefield…Done!”

    And that’s fine, NONE of any guns that I may or may not own have EVER been sold to the military…

  19. Neither of my AR’s are suitable for military use. Not made well enough, not all the right materials. No selective fire.

  20. Im sure his wife was holding his hand while giving this statement.
    This is coming from someone that talked about running over children in his car, committed burglary, and was driving while intoxicated.

  21. But wait! “Guns sold to the military” can mean any 1911, M1 Garand & carbine, ’03 Springfield, Single-Action Army, Colt Walker, Pinfire revolver, various single-shot muzzle-loaders, etc etc….
    If a law used this definition, I’m sure it could apply to just about any gun. (New Jersey already extends their laws to cover antique flintlocks) And don’t worry about ARs, AKs etc. I’m sure they’ll amend it to include ‘civilian versions’!

  22. The 556 fired out of the ar15 or any other type of rifle is not a high powered round. The ratio of killed vs wounded speaks for itself. An M1 could have been more devastating.

    • I have listened to these arguments about the evil high powered A R 15 round and when they pause for a breath, will take from my pocket a 55 grain 5.56 projectile and put it in their hand and say ” you mean this itty bitty thing “. Crickets. They know only talking points, can’t beat show and tell.

  23. Facts don’t matter to someone like Beto. At least Trump made something in his life. Beto not so much, this guy couldn’t hold a job mowing lawns. Typical leftist that has done next to nothing in life and now they want to control us. MAGA, Trump 2020, lets make liberals cry again!

  24. “make it easier to register to vote”
    I could not imagine how much easier it could be made (at least for those legally eligible to vote and not, like, dead, maybe). All I had to do when I registered was go online, enter my name and address and claim I am a US Citizen. I could have just filled one of many unsolicited applications mailed to me. Had I been lazy about it, I could have just walked past my driveway and let a gang of Democrats recruiting voters do all the (entire half page of) paperwork for me.

  25. Yeah I agree.. we can get our Firearms much cheaper than the military gets theirs..the DOD procurement rifles cost thousands more dollars than civilian rifles do..and they are not much different.. Of course, the military pays hundreds of dollars more for a box of toilet paper, than we do, too.. so yes keep weapons sold in the military, in the military..SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR MORE GUNS..

  26. “… weapons designed, engineered, sold to the United States military with the sole purpose of killing people as effectively, as efficiently, as great a number as possible…” I think he’s describing nuclear and other WMD’s.

  27. Actually all military rifles or firegunms should be raffled off to the U.S. citizens, after all we are the ones whom bought then for our soldiers to use.

  28. So, someone protecting themselves from violence coming their way after govt protections have broken down, should have lesser, weaker tools to work with than someone delivering violence at govt direction.

  29. Beto can take his opinions and shovem where the sun dont shine. That’s all the discussion this needs.

  30. Suck it up America’s Best and only man rerunning is TRUMP . I do not like him personally. I’m from Ohio where many lost . Jobs . Because of Trump’s . Abilities to use the bank rupt laws of this country that was written in to law by Democratic party rules. I’m keeping my weapons . Close to me I’m a veteran . And battle hardened bit staped shot and blown up all before age 22 . I’m a professional . At killing . But only to protect my family my country and all it’s people’s . I have never felt the need to carry a weapon . Still don’t . But I will never . Give them up . I love this country . All it’s people’s . No matter your color . Or religious beliefs . And I have no religious . Believes . At all . I have read several Biblical book’s . Of every religion out there . Words of war . A reason to kill off people that believe different . Is not problem . We can not change them . Vote Trump . 2020 you want change bring home are children . Stop the wars build the walls . Defend the waters . Around us . Get America and all it’s people’s back to work . Back to making . All things better . Live life together have Hart . And for safety of your people .and country. Keep your weapons . Well hidden . And your bragging mouths shut .stop showing and bragging about what you got . America is great again . Are government . Needs changed . But it must start local government . First .vote better locally . Term limits for all . That we the people pay. From the judge to the janitor . To the sherriff . Term limits .must be made . We the people . Must all vote better.use your eyes ears Hart . Believe in.only what you see. Around you . Save America . starts at hug your self your people .hide your weapons . hopefully will never need them. Vote Trump 2020.

  31. This guy is building up a personality cult that would put Mao to shame. By the way, I wonder how many college chicks he banged during his last university tour?

  32. Trs you should consider Jesus Christ.He really would help with your this point in time Trump is here because God Almighty has put him here.but regardless God is going to destroy us.we have killed too many of our Jesus now before He unleashes His terrifying wrath

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