Truscott: I Own Guns So I Know No One Needs Military-Style Weapons
Lucian Truscott IV (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
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Lucian Truscott is on a roll. First he was expressing shock and horror at the availability of long range bolt action rifles. Now he’s back with tips for debating “gun nuts” and, in the process, freaking out about AR pistols. Here he is establishing his Fudd bona fides so you don’t doubt he knows what he’s talking about.

I am a gun owner. My guns are locked away in a storage locker right now. I own a 12 gauge Remington pump-action shotgun, a .32 revolver, a .38 revolver, a .22 bolt action rifle I inherited from my grandmother, and a .177 bolt action rifle my brother gave me. I’ve never owned a semiautomatic weapon. Not even one. The last one I shot was an M-14 in the Army in 1965.

I come from a military family. You would think a family of Army officers would have owned a lot of guns. You’d be wrong. My father owned the 12 gauge pump-action shotgun I inherited from him and the .45 caliber Army-issue Colt pistol he inherited from his father. My grandfather, a four-star general, owned two guns: the .45 pistol he gave to my father in 1951 when he left for the war in Korea, and the German Luger taken from Field Marshal Albert Kesslering, commander of Nazi forces against whom grandpa had campaigned the Fifth Army in Italy.

That’s it.

I was raised to understand that guns are designed and manufactured to kill. I was trained in the Army on multiple guns, and I was trained to use them to kill. That’s what they are for. Killing. Guns like the assault rifles used by the Las Vegas shooter, or the shooter in Parkland, or Sandy Hook, or Pittsburgh, or New Zealand, are civilian guns that are designed to kill more people faster. That’s what the gun nuts don’t want to admit. These military-style weapons may be legal, but they are high powered, rapid-firing, efficient killing machines. If you want to own one of these things, you’re a gun nut, not a gun owner. There’s a difference.

– Lucian K. Truscott IV in Youuuuu might be a gun nut if . . .


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      • ” Nobody ‘ needs ‘ more than 10 letters a day to express an opinion , more than that might lead to hurt feelings …..”

        Word wars = Call them out ;
        The Latest is — ” Military Style ” and Fully-SEMI-automatic.
        When GLO-BULL warming fell apart ….the term ” Climate Change ” was printed everywhere.

        ( Side note , I’d like to see more gun owners and gun writers talk about the laws on the books that are NEVER enforced because prosecutors allow the hardened criminals to PLEA-BARGIAN away the most serious gun crime charges be pleading guilty to lesser crimes, and throwing out the gun charges. These bad guys then do MORE crimes that honest gun owners get blamed & BANNED for )

        • Thank you for that; I’m going to paraquote that from now on. “No one needs more than 10 words a week to express their opinions, regardless of what the 1st Amendment reads.”

          • “No one needs more than 10 words a week to express their opinions, regardless of what the 1st Amendment reads.”

            AOC is in trouble then. She uses hundreds of words and still can’t convey a lucid thought.

        • I come from a military family. You would think a family of Army officers would have owned a lot of guns.

          His father lived on base virtually all of Truscotts childhood. His grandfather was a general and had armed security virtually 24/7. Where that author lives is also one of the lowest crime rates in the country. In fact we know from surveys that the most likely to own modern weapons are former US military members.

          the press eats up and re-spews this totally unrepresentative of the military garbage from a handful of military people, just like it eats up the FUD gun owners stuff. In this case it is both.

          This guy took our taxdollars for a full boat four year military paid college education –and quit with a general discharge 13 months later because even though we were at war when he started, he did not want to service in combat. He is not a normal draft dodger but a real scumbag since he took the four years paid schooling and then gave the finger to the taxpayer. i have more retrospect for clinton’s draft evasion record.

        • }}} AOC is in trouble then. She uses hundreds of words and still can’t convey a lucid thought.

          This would REQUIRE a lucid thought.

    • He needs to review the Second Amendment to the Constitution his forebears and he himself fought to protect and swore an oath to defend.

      Says something in the beginning about the need to be able to create a militia. Which needs arms. Which need to be able to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

      Doesn’t say anything about keepsakes, memorabilia, or duck hunting.

      • He didn’t really fight, actually, given he left the service with a “less than honorable discharge”.

    • Absolute truth. Funds like him should dictate to us…legal, law abiding gun owners what we can and cannot own… In my several decades of ownership, I have never planned or used them to kill anyone. I have never desired to either. I have trained with them in case trouble comes to my door and I have to defend my family or loved ones. I want the tactical advantage! “You don’t like them…Don’t buy them!” It’s a pretty simple concept!

  1. This guy is so wrong on so many levels, I can’t help but feel the need to point out that blithering idiots like him are part of why the Army has seen such a rapid decline in the last decade. I now he got out long before, but the ramifications of his stupidity – and the stupidity of those like him – is still being felt today.

    For what it’s worth, why on earth do fools like him feel it necessary to dictate to the rest of us what we do and do not “need”? Is it simply the DK effect, or something more sinister?

    • I know people in the military who insist regular people should not be able to own guns and military personnel should not be able to carry guns outside of the battlefield, particularly on base. Most people don’t believe me. Here’s just one example.

      And more proof that neither the military nor law enforcement know particularly much about guns or the constitution or laws of the USA and various states.

        • I have as many harsh criticisms with the bulk police and despise the particularly bad ones as much as anyone, but a blanket indictment of all LEOs and especially the ones here is unfair and counter productive. They should be judged as individuals just like everyone should be.

        • “a blanket indictment of all LEOs and especially the ones here is unfair and counter productive.”

          Stating that “the police are not our friends” isn’t an indictment. They have no affection or respect for us, so “friends” they surely are not.

          Which doesn’t make them enemies. It just makes them cops, and inherently untrustworthy.

        • …But evidence supports the notion that Sheriffs generally are, with some exceptions.

          Virginia would be an excellent example of Good Sheriffs.

      • The military already forbids soldiers from carrying for the most part. When you’re off duty, and off base, you can if you get a permit like everyone else. There’s no carveouts for military personnel.

        And you’d be wrong about most of the military, at least the enlisted and combat MOS personnel. They’re largely made up of conservatives who’d likley make you blush with the things they have to say about shit like gun control or illegal immigration.

        • I carried around a big fat fixed blade, it was better than nothing. No one cares if you have a knife… everyone has knives… sometimes two knives. We aren’t supposed to have anything longer than 4″ in our rooms but ehh, like the rest of policy, that doesn’t mean much. Usually >4″ is required to be stored in the armory but people kept machetes and more in their rooms.

          • Arc, in the lame duck session last December the Michigan House and Senate passed a bill that allows all CPL (concealed pistol license) holders and those exempt (service members) to carry concealed weapons and firearms on the premises of an armory or any other building or property under the authority and control of the adjutant general (Michigan National Guard—Army and Air Guard).

            While this is great, the MI legislature let all sorts of other pro-2A legislation wither and die on the vine, despite intense lobbying by us. But I am glad that we keep pushing the limits of lawful carry. We can’t let up, because God knows the Left isn’t giving up.

        • There’s no carveouts for military personnel.

          And once again you open your big, fat mouth without knowing what you are talking about. There are carve outs for military. In some states military can get concealed carry permits at a younger age. In some states the military can carry on base (where civilians can’t). I could go on. It varies state by state, but don’t make blanket statements.

        • Danny, you are such of child. Typing danny, typing. This is online. I haven’t *spoken* a word. But I get it, you’re an internet tough guy who gets off on looking like the man online. I get that you hate the military. But *youre* wrong. The states make those laws themselves. The military and the feds have *no* say in those laws. Rules concerning gun ownership on a military base are a leftist wet dream.

      • The people you ‘know’ must be POGs because grunts are pretty big on their guns. Out of everyone in my unit, I recall only one saying civvies shouldn’t have XYZ. Everyone else was pretty big on liberty.

        • Arc, reading is fundamental. I did not say everyone that I know in the military. I did not even say most of the people I know in the military. I simply said that I know people in the military who think this way, and they do.

          We’re destined to lose the war if everyone is as stupid as you.

        • What War Danny? Who do you think is gonna fight “the war” Danny? You? I sincerely doubt it. My guess is when war breaks out you continue to play the internet tough guy, meanwhile you’ll do as your told. The real men doing the fighting and dying will likley be ridiculed by men like you. If there’s ever any civil war here, the rebel army will largely be made up of veterans, I can assure you. Worthless people like yourself sit on the sidelines and bitch, then when it’s all over talk about how they “would’ve fought too, BUT,”

          • I meant the war for gun rights, in fact, rights–period, although I understand your confusion. I should have been more clear.

          • Yeah, there’s a lot of things you could be more clear on.

            Well, this thread / page is about gun rights, so when I was talking about the war on gun rights I thought people would understand. Sorry you couldn’t figure it out.

        • Well an idiot like yourself should be keenly aware that the “war for gun rights” may very well not remain just a political war for long. I figured even a blathering, ignorant, fat, old military hating, liberal FUDD like you would understand that one.

      • “I know people in the military who insist regular people should not be able to own guns and military personnel should not be able to carry guns outside of the battlefield, particularly on base.”****** You should ask said people, how that worked out for all those killed @ Ft. Hood in Klein, Tx in 2014.

        • Tom, I’m serious. One guy, I think he is a Master Sergeant in the Army, states that the military pushes people so he doesn’t want people under him breaking and shooting the base up. He cites the extremely poor candidates they get in the military these days. Lots of gang-bangers, or maybe former gang-bangers.

          He says that people with any intelligence, motivation, and future will not join the military. They will go to university or business or something. He states that people who have no vision, or perhaps have no choice, join the military, and he doesn’t want them having guns on base.

          • Danny that’s a made up story and you know it. Sad.

            Actually it’s not. Furthermore, some of it is in writing, in public, on public forums that anyone can read. The Master Sergeant story above? Yep, all publicly available. He and I had a disagreement over that, among other things.

        • So Danny, because someone posted something in a public forum, you automatically believe it? That explains a lot.

          • See, Gadsden, the problem with you is that you don’t get out much. You think everything on the internet is anonymous. In real life it’s not that way. People with common interests travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles and get together periodically. People know one another for years, oftentimes for more than a decade.

            You ought to buy a life one day.

        • Right… Danny, you realize you typed that… literally after claiming your intel comes from Internet forums… you are a real genius Danny.

          • I just listed one example. I have two kids in the Marines (son and daughter-in-law), SSGT and GSGT. I could go on, but my point is that I have several areas of exposure to the military. And again, RIF.

            If you can’t do that you will continue to be a failure in your life.

        • Oh yeah, I’m sure. Now mr. big military hater has two kids in the marines. Bullshit Danny. If you had so much “exposure” to the military you’d know exactly what I’m talkimg about. But you don’t.

          • One son, one daughter-in-law. Again, reading is fundamental. You really should have paid more attention in elementary school. I’ve posted pics of the son in the sandbox on two different deployments. The second one he got lucky.

            I hosted a cookout for some Marines prior to deployment. One, the first deployment was secret.

            Now go play with your tinkertoys and leave the adults alone.

          • big military hater

            This is a first. No one has ever accused me of hating the military. Plenty of people have accused me of hating cops, but never the military. LOL

        • Right, you of all people holding secret cookouts for secret deployments. What a joke. Your such a fake it’s funny. Well have at it then, go off on your secret fantasy cookouts and deployments all you want.

          • You really have a reading comprehension problem, don’t you? But, on the off-chance it is I who is not writing clearly, let me restate that. First deployment, secret. Second deployment, known in advance and Sunday cookout held for Marines in my back yard.

            See, the first deployment was the invasion of Iraq. The second deployment, well, we had been there for awhile, so no longer a secret. It was all over the news. You must have read about it.

            You must have been one heck of a cop. LOL!

      • Yeah, I’ve run into a couple of those. It’s the “I’m in the military/police, so I’m properly trained to use dangerous things, and you’re not” mindset.

        These are people who want to feel like they’re special, and completely miss the point of the 2nd Amendment.

        • Rosignol, be careful. Gadsden, Ted Unlis, or whatever he’s calling himself nowadays will be all over you for expressing that opinion.

      • know people in the military who insist regular people should not be able to own guns and military personnel should not be able to carry guns outside of the battlefield, particularly on base. Most people don’t believe me. Here’s just one example.

        On example of what 1%? the vast majority of former military, especially combat veterans are very supportive of the second amendment — as are police. I will take the wide statistically supported surveys over your anecdote any day.

      • As a former e4 mafia MP I fully support Americans owning at least as much as we have access to. Tends to cut down on thoughts of infringement and building urban combat courses that look like anytown USA instead of where we actually deploy.

      • I’m not even sure this guy qualifies to be a Fudd. Doesn’t sound like he ever uses his guns, with half being inherited or gifts Just rusting away in a locker.

  2. Lucian is a tool and is ruining the good (first) name of Lucian Blake, much as Hitler did for Adolph.

      • You’ve aren’t addressing ideas or policy or arguments and have just made character attacks. This doesn’t impress anyone. Maybe take your “tribalist” unquestioning pro-military hat off and address the ideas at face value? Stop looking like a hurt wounded animal and say something with substance.

  3. Typical statist…. Good for me, Not for thee.

    From that word-soup at the link…

    “…These military-style weapons may be legal, but they are high powered, rapid-firing, efficient killing machines. ”

    Yeah. So? These race-style cars may be legal, but they are high-powered, fast-driving, efficient killing machines. Which sounds just as stupid as what you said about guns.

    “…If you want to own one of these things, you’re a gun nut, not a gun owner. There’s a difference.”

    There it is. There is the elitist arrogance. You think yourself better than others so that makes it ok for you to decide for them what they should want or need.

    No. You are an arrogant twunt and I will not be taking your opinion under consideration for any part of my life in regards to what I want or need.

  4. When somebody has to tell you how expert he is with guns, it’s because he doesn’t know shit.

    And if a self proclaimed Fudd expresses horror upon discovering the existence of bolt action rifles, then he isn’t even up to Fudd standards, or even close to being a Fudd, he’s just an ignorant troll.

  5. Wonder what happened to the .45 and the Luger. Clearly, not all his family shared his disgust of semi-autos.

    • Arguably (have at it), you could consider Lucian’s two revolvers, assuming they are DA, as akin to semi-autos. The mechanical function is entirely different, but the end result is the same: one trigger pull, one round fired. So I’m just gonna go ahead and call this guy a hypocrite and a liar, fairly or not, mostly because he seems like the kind of guy who deserves it…

    • He has them now. Thus proving that he’s either completely unknowledgeable or a bald-faced liar. I don’t own a single semi auto followed descriptions of two historically significant ones he owns. If this was a court, he’d be put away for perjury or would have impeached his testimony.

  6. Being in the military or from a military family doesn’t qualify you as a Constitutional expert. Put history expert and great thinker on the list. Oh and also he isn’t a a very good writer. What he is, is a leftist scumbag who comes from a military family and once served in the military himself.

    • Never got a single class on the COTUS. I got classes on everything under the sun, but not the COTUS. Never got any classes on Habeas Corpus, very little on warfare laws ( not that they mean anything unless its to US benefit. )

      I got dozens of classes and annual training on tobacco, sex, rape, suicide, drugs, personal information, medical records, mobile course, map reading, but not one class on the COTUS. I wonder why.

      • We got a brief overview for MP AIT but it was a 1 day class with combatives (or how to get your ass beat if you try thesein real life) in the afternoon. I hope it was just the way they had to jam the schedule together but it could be seen as trying to reduce the focus posse commentatus and the role of the national guard vs big army in civil unrest.

    • Even being a lawyer who studied constitutional law doesn’t qualify you as a Constitutional expert.
      These days, law schools teach you to legislate from the bench, reinterpreting the Constitution to suit your own political agenda.

      At least that’s the impression I got from a Philadelphia lawyer I know who claims that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say what it clearly says, doesn’t actually recognize that “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”
      This Philadelphia lawyer claims that “the right of the PEOPLE” actually means “the right of the U.S. military”, which is ridiculous. Why would the government grant themselves the right to keep weapons in the Bill of Rights, which spells out the rights of the people? And if the government was simply granting ITSELF the right to bear arms, why would it explicitly state “the right of the PEOPLE”?
      And if the 2nd Amendment says the government can set conditions and limitations on the right to bear arms (as this Philadelphia says), why would it say in crystal clear language “shall not be infringed”?

      I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but every time I try to explain gun rights to anti-gun people, they fall all over themselves to say that the 2nd Amendment only applies to the U.S. military and the National Guard, just because some early 20th-century court cases made the mistake of reinterpreting the 2nd Amendment that way!

  7. I have no doubt he’d be perfectly fine with using those “military weapons he was trained on”, to enforce his tyrannical vision on the general population. Same as any other wanna be dictator with delusions of superiority.

  8. Lucian doesn’t “need” that chandelier. Let’s vote to take it away from him.

    Lucian doesn’t “need” any guns. Let’s vote to take those away before we vote to take his chandelier. And if we don’t like what Lucian has to say about it, we can vote to penalize him for what he says.

  9. The moron’s grandfather was a competent, if barely, senior officer in the US Army during the Italian campaign of WWII. That does not bequeath any competence upon the grandson! Simply based upon what the twerp has written, I can reasonably assume that he has no understanding of the US Constitution, specifically no comprehension of the meaning and intent of the 2nd. Further, it is clear that in his zeal to be opposed to “murdering” guns, he has failed to connect the Militia Act (current 10US Code ss246) to the 2nd. EVERY male citizen of the US between 17 and 45 is, BY LAW, a member of the militia and is responsible for having and maintaining modern, functional, personal weapons!

    So, Lucian is both a fool, and a lawbreaker, incapable of making reasoned assertions supportable by the law!

      • Which means the Left may spare him for a while after the great roundup. But eventually he will outlive his usefulness.

    • Uh, okay, his family has a somewhat claim to fame, but what makes him special?

      What makes him special? he got a favored placement as the grandson of a politically connected general and the son of colonel into west point. He ate four years of the country’s tax dollars knowing full well we were at war and he was making a commitment — he then refused to go and got a general (‘other than Honorable” discharge.

      Oh in addition to being a parasitic coward, he is a profound hypocrite since under gun control laws proposed by the gun grabbers he loves — he would NOT be able to own his shotgun due to his discharge status.

        • Get in dissenter and be prepared for hilarious commentary on articles with no comment sections. Its made by Gab, a twitter competitor that actually be lives in freedom of speech. They get slimed by the media all of the time, but have held fast.

  10. I wonder if this character uses the same logic with cars that he does with guns. If he does, he has never had a car with an automatic transmission, air conditioning or power steering. It would also be underpowered so it won’t exceed the speed limit.

    Back in the 60s, I thought a handgun had to be a revolver, a rifle had to be a bolt action and a shotgun had to be a break barrel single shot or double barrel. Like with automatic transmissions in cars, I thought anything I couldn’t manually do myself would be unreliable and problematic. I learned better as I got older and found out I was very wrong.

  11. Lucian K. Truscott IV

    “I am a gun owner. My guns are locked away in a storage locker right now. I own a 12 gauge Remington pump-action shotgun, a .32 revolver, a .38 revolver, a .22 bolt action rifle I inherited from my grandmother, and a .177 bolt action rifle my brother gave me. I’ve never owned a semiautomatic weapon. Not even one. The last one I shot was an M-14 in the Army in 1965.”

    And he’s out to prove he’s a Leftist/Fudd Moron,he has the credentials to prove it.

  12. This guy is such and idiot it’s barely worth the effort to retort his stupidity. He’s the definition of a FUDD. Actually even beyond that because I doubt he even actually hunts.

  13. What an elitist dweeb.

    Though this doesn’t describe all or even necessarily most uniformed military or police, there are always going to be people who, once they are given a uniform and a weapon, who thus represent The State and with that, The Officially Sanctioned Use Of Deadly Force, are going to feel a compulsion to deny the rest of us “peasants” that capability. They do this for two reasons. First, it simply props up their fragile, insecure egos. Second, it makes their jobs easier; that is to say, keeping us riff raff under control.

    The biggest gaping hole in his stupid little essay is that first, he spends most of it going on about how unnecessary and presumably evil it is that military style semiautomatic weapons are available to civilians. Then he goes on to reference the “30,000” deaths annually caused by guns in the US. The implication is that we are seeing all or most of this carnage because of the availability of such firearms. But the inconvenient – for him – truth is that military style semiautomatic rifles account for not even a hundred deaths every year; ALL rifles account for less than a thousand.

    So, according to Lucien, if we show these “gun nuts” who is boss by taking away their military style “toys”, that will greatly reduce the horrific figure of 30,000 deaths a year.


    Hell, it won’t even necessarily impact the frequency of mass shootings with military style rifles. Look at gun controlled France, Paris, November of ‘15.

    How stupid do such people think we are?

  14. “So what if guns are designed to be good at killing, it’s an unfortunately needed thing from time to time.” George Washington…I think.

    I don’t intend to live a coddled existence with only others reposible for my freedom. I intend to be free and do what’s nessecerry to keep it that way. Whether the threat be from a criminal or from government gone awry. No one can argue the utilty of the so called MSR in that purpose.

    • You’re an expert on moldy women? I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone with those credentials before.

  15. Thank you for your less than HONORABLE service Douchebag. You should be escorted though Arlington on Veteran’s Day, thanking for each real HONORABLE service member that laid to rest there, on the worst possible weather march back and forth with the Guard of the Unknown Solider. You are everything that we as US citizens are not. Your sense of duty is to YOURSELF, not to country or fellow soldiers Guessing you have “Daddy” issues, you seem to have revolted against your heritage every step in your life, yet making money from it. Is your war on firearms due to Dad, taking care of his soldiers vice you? You hated him cause he was DEPLOYED in service to country vice patting you on the head for being a good BOY? I think I know how to help you, Q has “The Fix” it is the perfect tool to fix your issues, even from say 1000 yards, you sit still and write your next “LOOK AT ME” tale about how you are an expert on firearms, leaving out the fact that you ran away from them like a little sissy when it was your turn to pick them up. Senior Chief Beck,USN (retired) is more of a man than now then you will ever be. She has earned respect of everyone for being a SEAL then upon retirement decided to change himself into herself. Don’t claim to be an expert on anything other than being coward. Shame they let you out on just a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions” sure they felt sorry for your father and didn’t courts martial you to E1, give you a Big Chicken Dinner, aka BAD CONDUCT DISCHARGE, walk you to the front gate of the post, cut the buttons off your uniform and let you find your own way home. Then you would not be allowed to own a firearm now as per ATF Form 4473 Question 11. g. You would mark YES, game over, you are a prohibited person. So your ivory tower you are preaching from would be a cardboard box under an interstate overpass.

    • This guy is a self-promoting asshole pure and simple. Why does anyone care what he thinks or says about anything? Because his father and grandfather were career soldiers in good standing; that says something about him? I don’t think so. That is basic transference. It sure is irritating when some smug asswipe looks down his or her nose at the rest of us ‘less thans’ and proceeds to lecture us about how we should live.

      Stay on the upper west side of Manhattan with the other socialists where you belong and shut your pie hole about he we should behave.

      • With the Champagne and Chardonnay Socialists. Ones who think their social standing will make them immune to Socialist Justice.

  16. All revolvers are semi-auto IMHO, except SAO.. A cylinder is a revolvers’ equivalent of a magazine. Each trigger pull = 1 shot until the cylinder is empty with no other manipulation by the shooter.

    Having owned or using something does not make you an authority on what freedoms others should (or should not) have. His opinion is duly noted, and much like our Founding Fathers said to their British Overlords – FOAD…

  17. You meant Fudd owns a 12 gauge, pump action shotgun just like the 12 gauge, pump action shotgun that was the primary weapon used in the massacre at the second New Zealand mosque?

    BTW, someone ought to explain to Elmer that the primary weapons used in the Columbine High School massacre were a 12 gauge pump action shotgun and a double barrel break action shotgun. The weapon employed at the Washington Navy Yard shooting was a Remington 870, pump action shotgun. Ditto for the Sante Fe Texas High School massacre. The weapon employed for the Anapolis Newsroom massacre was a pump action shotgun.

    If you peruse the FBI statistics on homicides of police officers, you will find that over 300 police officers have beenkilled with shotguns since 1970.

    FBI data also reveals that in recent years over 300 people per year have been killed with shotguns. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, over a thousand people per year were killed with shotguns.

    Rather than banning semiautomatic rifles, we should ban the Elmer Fudd defense.

    • don’t forget that pump 12 gauges served in multiple wars from WW1 on and helped earn the Marines their nickname of Teufelhunden or Devil dogs

  18. “The last one I shot was an M-14 in the Army in 1965.”

    He graduated from West Point in 1969, according to Wikipedia. So, in West Point, they do no weapons training after the first year?
    From the same source, “He was threatened with being sent to Vietnam, so he resigned his commission about thirteen months after graduating, receiving a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions.”
    Having a less than honorable discharge isn’t something I, personally, would want to be associated with. Yet he brings up his military training (conveniently failing to mention he was kicked out).
    But he knows a lot more about guns than the ordinary “gun nut” does. For example: “I mean, look at the reaction of the NRA to something as sane as the recent ban on bump stocks, which take an “ordinary” (if such a thing can be called ordinary) semiautomatic assault rifle and turn it into a fully-automatic weapon.” If this is what he learned about guns at West Point, I can see why he got the boot. His instructors must be so proud of him; they continued to pass him despite his obvious lack of trainability.
    “The first thing they accuse you of is wanting to ban guns, all guns. You want to take their guns away! Or the government does. Or somebody does.” Well, if we listen to Clinton, AOC, Pelosi, et al, it’s easy to get the idea that someone wants to take our guns away. They keep harping on it.
    His writing proves he’s a liar, and he deserved his LTH discharge.
    Also, I eat, so I know no one needs kale, or protein smoothies, or peanut soup.

    • His academy grades must not have been good enough to secure a cushy stateside posting, or at least one in Germany. They must have been so bad he couldn’t even get a rear echelon post in Vietnam. So facing a tour in a combat unit, he bailed.

  19. If you read his life story he is basically an elitist clown. Born to a privileged military family (his grandfather had been one of Patton’s most loyal pets in the early phases of the Italian campaign) he attended West Point without seeming to realize that that led to an army life. He then enters the army and acts like some kind of investigative journalist (as opposed to say, I don’t know, a soldier) and then resigned his commission because, according to Wikipedia, the army threatened him with a deployment to Vietnam. Yes, you read that correctly. He is one of those folks West Point has probably always regretted admitting.

    I could go on, but I think a pattern should be clear by now: this is one of those fish that has never realized it is wet.

    Let’s not give him any more of the attention he so desperately craves.

    • Back then the Service Academies gave preference to legacies just like the Ivies. Sounds like his father told him that was going to West Point whether he liked it or not

  20. I kinda, sorta, almost agree with the guy. At age 62, I’ve recently purchased my first-ever semi-auto. That is the cheapest Savage available. I still don’t own an “assault rifle”. For me, weapons have come, weapons have gone, I’ve purchased weapons for my sons, I’ve traded weapons, received some as gifts, given some as gifts. Never have I felt that I “needed” an AR-15 style weapon. Like the author, and those who think like him, I am mildly contemptuous of those who need a high capacity magazine to hunt creatures that don’t even shoot back. Besides which – you almost never get a second shot if you miss with the first.

    But – and this is a huge but – when people say those things, they forget what the 2nd is all about. 2A guarantees our right to be able to face police/military/government agents on an equal footing.

    Despite that mild contempt, I have to approve of OTHER PEOPLE’s opinions that they DO need those AR’s and other “military” weapons.

    Live and let live. Or, if it becomes necessary, live and let die.

    • Obviously that is your decision but what makes your decision binding on others?

      In shooting sports there is enough variety for everyone to take part. If you want to fire your Remchesterby off the bench every few weekends and tag a deer during hunting season, that is your thing but not mine.

      I like service rifle for the variety of different distances and courses every week, and also for the history. If someone wants to use a scoped rifle, they can shoot the course in a different class.

    • my Mini 14, SKS and AR are more defensive carbines than hunting guns so standard 30 round magazines are useful there

  21. So… he owns a 12 gauge trench gun and .22 bolt action covert operations assassination tool?

    • Better. He says he has a .177 bolt rifle. As far as my 5 minute googling can find, there aren’t any actual cartridges in .177 (.17 HMR is .172 for example). That’s an air gun, a pellet rifle. Also known by pearl-clutchers as an Automatic Self-Silenced Heavy Operations Lethal Enforcer. Dipstick’s a self-aggrandizing Cottonelle reject.

  22. All I need to know about this “military expert” West Point grad is that he resigned his commission rather than accept a tour in Vietnam and received an Other Than Honorable Conditions discharge. He’s the 60’s version of Spenser Rampone.

    He’s a left wing POS who hides behind his family history to give himself the credibility he didn’t earn for himself.

  23. “Lucian Truscott is on a roll.”

    Sorry, you misspelled a word there, I’m thinkin’ instead of “roll”, you meant to say “troll”…

    I really have a hard time understanding idiots like this, he’s obviously been recruited and coached on what to say, why not just stay on the sidelines like he’s been doing, no harm, no foul…time to flush this turd down the toilet…

  24. Hey ain’t this Lucian the PUTZ er 4th?!? Mr. Less than honorable. Yes. Yes you are…reminds reminds me of Mike the gun goof Weiser.

  25. I still have not seen a single argument for gun control that isn’t based in a lie.

    “Military style” being the deception here.

  26. I agree that a lot of yahoos out there do crazy and unsafe things with guns. Education could take care of some of that, but there will always be risk takers. I do not support that kind of stupidity, but I guess if you aren’t hurting someone, it is your right.

    I would bet that about 3/4 the ARs and AKs in the U.S. have not been shot, or have been taken out once to make sure they worked, the same as other self protection fire arms are. Many people buy them for insurance, like a fire extinguisher.

    These guns are our line of defense against any hostile government or criminal element that wants to hurt us or take our property. That does NOT make someone a “gun nut”, it does not make him/her a potential mass shooter, according to the 2nd, it makes him/her a good American, prepared for trouble. It does not make me a white separatist, or any other stereotype the media wants to portray.

  27. Just remember to always pound the fact that Mr. Truscott received a general discharge under less than honorable conditions for refusing to go to Vietnam. In my opinion this further invalidates his use of his Army experience as argument from authority.

  28. Nice to see Salon replacing their resident Pedophile with this piece of filth.

    Not sure if this is an upgrade or a downgrade.

  29. It’s interesting to note that Salon is so cowardly that it doesn’t appear to allow comments to dispute Truscott’s screed.

  30. I’d trust the vast majority of people I know further with an AR than I would him with the right to vote or a pen (figurative for a public forum to share stupid thoughts). Funny thing about this guy is that for an educated man, he seems to write like a high school boy…

  31. This tweet by Caleb Howe sums up how I feel about Lucian K. Truscott IV:

    “Banning weapons is the most white privilege idea ever. Rich liberals scoffing at the idea that a person might need to defend their own life is a tower so ivory you can’t look at it in direct sunlight. It’s the personal safety equivalent of “just have the maid do it.””

    • Being talked-down-to by the ‘crystal chandelier’ crowd gives me such a h*rd-on.
      Lucian K. Truscott IV?!? YGTBSM.

  32. Not that it matters but to establish at least as much credibility as you attempted and failed at since you were not completely truthful about your less than honorable discharge, but I served, was in combat in Vietnam, having not “chickened out”, and received an honorable discharge after five years in the regular Army and eight more in the Reserves. I also fired the M-14 for the first time in 1965 but went on to carry it in Vietnam after advanced infantry training where we were trained in several semi-auto and automatic weapons. I later was trained in the M-16. Hopefully you will never have a home invasion. You have advertised publicly that you have weapons but do not have easy access to them. That makes you a target. Even if you had easy access, after one shot you would have to eject a casing and re-load. Your opponents will not be that poorly prepared. In the time it takes you to be ready for your second shot (there could be several of them) they, even if only one is armed, will have gotten off at least four more. I wish you the best of luck, you are foolishly unprepared to protect yourself, family and home. I guess we should not have expected anything different from a coward.

  33. This idea that, “I’m a responsible gun owner so I know you aren’t”, is the same claptrap that Beto tried the other day. This elitist mindset that assumes all gun owners, but a select few, are irresponsible morons has been used for ages and has never been defensible. There are hundreds of millions of guns in this country and only a tiny fraction are ever used to harm someone – In other words, nearly *Everyone* who owns a gun is highly responsible. If this were not the case, if only a small fraction, say 1%, of gun owners accidentally, negligently or intentionally shot someone each year then we would see in excess of a million people being shot annually. Instead, we see one to two orders of magnitude fewer than that. That means that much, much less than 1% of gun-owners are the irresponsible or dangerous idiots that these self-appointed ‘authorities’ would have us believe are the norm.

    Somehow, even without the wisdom of this sage, American gun owners were able to safely store, maintain, carry and use somewhere on the order of 400,000,000 guns last year. Only a tiny fraction of that number were used to cause harm. Sorry Truscott, you are just not that special – regardless of what your mommy told you.

  34. Egads man your name is Lucian K. Truscott IV , what do you have in common with me? I am college educated, make decent $, but you? You are a friggin Trustifarian. Live with US asshole and tell US how to live you elitist shitbag!

  35. Well he’s partially right, some of my guns were designed to kill and that is what I want them for. Just like a fire hose is designed to put out fires, I practiced with one for 40 years in the Merchant Marine and never, thank goodness, had to put out a shipboard fire with one. So to I practice with my weapons, I hope I never have to use it to defend hearth or home, but I am prepared to do so. I am prepared to use my gun to kill if necessary to stop someone from killing or seriously injuring myself or a loved one. I’m willing to do the same to stop enemies of the United States, foreign or domestic, again, I hope I never need to.
    But as far as I know only one gun I own has ever killed anyone. I have a 1943 Springfield M1 Garand and it may have been used to kill many enemies of the US in WW2 and Korea, and I’m fine with that. But that rife and many thousands just like it are used all over the country in competition in Service Rifle Matches. Sold by the US government via the CMP and DCM to target shooters and collectors for marksmanship training. To say that a even battle rifle has only one use, to kill, is ignorant and simple minded.

  36. So I heard this guy didn’t even get an honorable discharge, is that true? If it is his credibility is even less than zero.

  37. Like this grown ass black man is gonna listen to any white man that I don’t need a certain kind of gun…

  38. Someone should take his .38 revolver away from him. Not only was it an issued military weapon (and still is in some countries) but it has no sporting purpose.

    Someone should also take his shotgun. Why does he need more than two shots? What is he trying to do, clear a WW1 trench?

    He can keep the rimfire stuff but only locked at a gun range where he can check it out and has to buy and fire all the ammo that he uses that day. Remember, the shitbird who shot up Sandy Hook used a .22 to begin his spree.

  39. I hate to break it to you Mr. Prescott, that pump shotgun you have, instrumental in clearing trenches in WWI, used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and probably in places you never heard of. That is a military style shotgun.

    Those revolvers, maybe you remember Sam Colt? He improved and was able to bring a practical revolver to market and to the US Government in 1835. They were a favorite of soldiers. Hmm, those revolvers you have, those are military style as well.

    Maybe you heard of Johann Nicolaus von Dreyse? He designed the Gras rifle, the first bolt action rifle. His customer? The Prussian Army. Sounds like another military style weapon you have.

    I would think someone who was a West Point graduate, a commissioned Army Officer would have done just a little research when making his opinion about what people need or don’t need. You see, I was an NCO, a US Army Paratrooper, served 21 years, honorably. My opinion from reading many of your articles is that you are being purposely dishonest, as someone with your education cannot be that stupid.

    Maybe you should read our founding documents, and pay special attention to the preamble of the BoR, and think about how your position is the epitome of ignorance. n the meantime, your opinion is like the fourth point of contact, everyone has one, but yours stinks more than the usual.

    • Well he did 13 months active duty after graduating from the USMA at West Point. Then he got canned under “less than honorable” conditions. He sued the Army because he didn’t want to go to Chapel while a cadet. He was a “letter writer” before that and he was loaded up with demerits because he didn’t want to be there.

      He was among a group of cadets that commited fraud in ringing up thousands of dollars worth of long distance calls with fake credit card.

      He was a despicable and dishonorable cadet. If his name wasn’t Truscott he would have never been there.

      He was a shitbird in 1971. And he still is.

      The worst that we can have as an Army officer.

  40. This guy would have to work really hard to RISE to the level of a Fudd… apparently he lost the string on his manpon and got a lot of sand in his mangina…he’s so distressed by the fact that practical firearms actually exist he’s likely to start ovulating any moment.
    What a puke. Way overdue for someone to call him out on his bullshit.

  41. I am a gun owner so I know that nobody needs anyone else to tell me what I want or need. Our constitution and bill of rights do not tell me how many or what type of firearm(s) that I can own. Simple. Case closed.

  42. I hate being preached to about my wants and needs.
    It makes it worse if the sermon comes from a self righteous elitist douche bag.

  43. My God. His forefathers must be rolling over in their grave.

    He resigned his commission about thirteen months after graduating, receiving a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions.”

    “Other than honorable” for a USMA graduate is getting busted out of the Army with a DD for an enlisted man.

    • It wasn’t a DD. It was “other than honorable”. There’s a difference. If whatever he did was done by someone who didn’t graduate from the USMA, it would have been a DD for sure.

    • Dishonorable and bad conduct discharges are for serious infractions including conviction or felonies. General discharges and entry level separation are for the ones who can’t hack military life.

  44. “I have a 1983 Chevy Chevette diesel that reaches most legal speed limits. Therefore, no one needs a better or more powerful car. Because that’s all they’re meant to do. Drive.”

  45. LOL, that “article” is one giant mass of logical fallacies – appeals to authority, ad hominems, strawmen, et al ad infinitum.

  46. I wish he would attempted to debate me.. So, I could tell him how little his opinion means to me and others..Then, I’d advise him of warm place to Stow his weaponry…Also, I would offer him the assistance in locating them in that oriface..

  47. They ARE NOT military style completely different weapon. And no ex -miltary person is going to call them that. He is a paid spokesperson.

  48. Why are we giving the Truscott fellow any legitimacy? He has an opinion that can be refuted just like anybody else’s. Who is listening to him? The people who think he has worth. The rest of us, gunowners and free-thinkers, know he is just a lot of hot air. He’s not an expert in any field. Maybe his ancestors were military generals, but he wasn’t. Sounds like he just doesn’t want to be forgotten, and this is his last chance to be remembered for something.

  49. Wow, just wow. I’m lucky I’ve never had to deal with LTs like this guy was. Most of the ones I work with want to be there and try their best. To be good leaders. This guy is a piece of work and probably would have given me a ton of headches counseling his stupid ass for failing.

    Having said that, weapons of war are protected by the Second Amendment and sometimes they are meant to be in the streets and in the community, because that thin veneer of civilization has been removed for whatever reason, natural or not.

    Here is one of my absolute favorite quotes from around the time the bill of rights was written.

    “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American.”

    Tench Coxe

    Back to “Truckstop”! His chandelier is so shiny, and his ivory tower so white! Screw this legacy thieving bastard.

  50. Lucian Truscott will be among the first to bite the dust when the revolution begins — no matter who begins it or who wins it.

    And he is afraid.

    So he sucks up to those who, he hopes, will hurt the people he fears the most. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that BOTH sides in this conflict despise him.

    To the side he hopes to be on, he is a tool they will discard and grind into the mud at the first sign of decreasing usefulness. To the side he rails against, he is a vile traitor; they will leave him alone as long as they can afford to do so, but they have the means to end him if they wish, and he knows it.

    If his chosen cronies start acting out the violence he secretly desires, he’ll eventually die with a bullet in his brain. Most likely from the people he thinks are his friends, and especially likely in the violent orgy that will follow if they win…but one never knows.

  51. Truscott must have never heard of the Rodney King Riots, where LA’s finest were the first to flee. Folks who possessed military style weapons survived the carnage. Many of those armed like Truscott quickly perished.

  52. Oh yeah? Well I’ve never heard of him, don’t care what he says or thinks and he sounds like an idiot anyway.

  53. His gunms are locked in storage until he gets off probation. Once he gets his go papers he will get his bb gun back.

  54. It is not up to Truscott, or anyone else in the government, to decide what kind of weapon or firearm THEY think I NEED. Or, what they are basically saying, what they think I should be “allowed” to have. Screw every last one of you people, my rights do not come from either of you-they come from God. And you are NOT God. Do not like it? Go live somewhere else. I hear hell is warm year ’round.

  55. Um, experience applying organized violence at someone else’s direction, for their purposes, is exactly the wrong perspective for assessing what individuals “need” to stop violence coming their way, themselves, after the authorities already blew it.

  56. “If you want to own one of these things, you’re a gun nut, not a gun owner.”

    What don’t these dolts understand about the core meaning of the second amendment? Of course no sane person in peace time would use one of these tools for nefarious purposes, but if people need to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, what you say would fit the bill nicely.

    Plus there have been those incidents in the not to distant past where a homeowner defended themselves successfully from multiple attackers. I guess this gentleman wishes they had a revolver so there were 6 feet under instead of still breathing.

    Or more to the point. The writer of this junk does not grasp the meaning of the english language or has willful ignorance of the actual meaning of the 2nd.

    Amendments don’t care about your feelings. Sorry.

  57. I support the 2A, but…….And that’s where I quit listening to Joey Bag-O-Doughnuts….

  58. Nobody NEEDS a .22. Let alone BOTH a .38 AND a .32. Someone needs to shut him down, NOW, before he hurts someone.

  59. So that is what constitutes a gun nut.
    Well howdy. Apparently I’m a gun nut. And a sock nut. And a shoe nut. And a frying pan nut. And a car nut. And a crock pot nut. And a computer nut. And a tea glass nut. And a beer nut. And a fork&spoon nut. And a knife nut. And a TV set nut. GOOD GOLLY! I must be a menace.
    I’ve worked with people like him more than once. If he was a military officer then he is quite lucky that his own men didn’t kill him.

    • We all had paper pushin lead from the rear asswipes in the service, and yes, he didnt get killed by his own troops but I’ll bet he got his ass kicked, not enough obviously.

  60. Truscott: So you have never been in a situation where you needed more than one bullet to protect yourself/family. Well, I have and I was never so glad to have 7 in the mag. I was out hunting with a .22LR when a huge boar decided he didn’t like me being in his area. I knew the .22 was too light, so drew my 1911 and put all the rounds in it. It was dead with the third shot (I hit his neck, which dropped) and I still had to jump out of its way. Another time, two armed thugs broke into my house (me/2 daughters) in the middle of the night. It needed two rounds to put them away. A few times when my wife and I, with a few friends was accosted by eight/nine thugs with knives/baseball bats/iron rods and maybe other things, wanted our money/rings/watches. I reached for my “wallet” but brought out my 1911 instead — the thugs, in both cases, decided to put some distance between us. In VN, I only needed one bullet (again from the Navy’s 1911) to save my forward gunner, but I had another 7 (had one in chamber that time), if I needed them.

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