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Well, did any of these find their way under your tannenbaum?
You can see this and hundreds more videos from God, Family and Guns at their YouTube channel here

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  1. Nope. No biggie, for the most part. Not a big rifle guy for the most part. The only one on the list I really, REALLY want is the Henry. Preferably in 45 Colt.

  2. Strange, none of those guns are guns i dream about or would be even in the top 100 if i was to make a list of guns i’d like to find under my tree. My top 7 off the top of my head.
    1. transferable M16 with paperwork.
    2. Gavrilo Princip’s FN1910
    3. gas trap Garand
    4. Gustloff MKb-42(g)
    5. Army trials 45 acp Luger
    6. QBZ-97
    7. M1915 Howell automatic rifle.

    yes i understand my list is filled with unobtainium

  3. The wife got me a Ruger LCP II (the silver ceracoated version).
    I’m confident it will last longer than my 3 year old’s remote control car, which took a swim in the dog’s water bowl before the sun went down on Christmas day.

  4. Other than “any gun”, I wouldn’t object to a Parker Invincible, or maybe a Winchester Model 21 Grand American.

  5. I’m pretty happy with the gun my better half put under the tree for me: an M1 Carbine. Woman knows the way to my heart is through my trigger finger!

  6. Except for the Browning and the Henry, that list is full of lowest common denominator rifles that I’d never want. Might as well throw in a RAR and make it a complete list of rifles I’d never want.

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