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Now that Robert Francis O’Rourke is just a fading memory, the field of Democrat contenders hasn’t made much gun-related news in the last week or so. That changed today. Bernie Sanders is in Iowa this week and took a question from the crowd at a green jobs rally regarding Beto-esque mandatory gun “buybacks” for AR-15s and AK-47s.

The Vermont socialist had this to say about that . . .

I don’t support — a mandatory buyback is essentially confiscation, which I think is unconstitutional. It means that I am going to walk into your house and take something whether you like it or not. I don’t think that stands up to constitutional scrutiny.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What’s gotten into Bernie? Maybe it was just a fortuitous Kinsley gaffe. Maybe he’s had a post-heart attack civil rights epiphany. Or maybe he’s just given up all hope of actually winning the nomination.

That kind of electoral dog just ain’t gonna hunt. In the current Democratic Party climate, a stance like that on gun rights will get him labeled a deplorable patriarchal white supremacist Nazi.

Whatever has gotten into him, if you’re thinking Bernie’s had a total change of heart regarding the Second Amendment, we’re sorry to inform you that he’s still a big supporter of “universal” background checks and an “assault weapons” ban.

And so it goes.

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  1. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what has gotten into him. He is obeying the stupid broad from the View who told the democrats to hide their gun grab agenda.

  2. Nope, the fact is, there’s plenty of left-wing gun owners who aren’t interested in buybacks or confiscation.

    Just as there aren’t very many left wingers who are in favor of so-called open borders.

    You guys have all been watching Fox news far too long to have any connection with the reality of America.

    The Democrats don’t want to take peoples guns, sure there’s some fringe demos who talk a good game but when has it ever happened in recent memory?

    The Democrats had a majority in both houses and the presidency in 2009 and 11, two full years yet you saw no gun confiscation. In fact, we gained an expansion of gun rights by Obama signing into law a bill that authorized the caring of concealed weapons on hundreds of thousands of acres of BLM and national forest lands.

    Now you have Republican Trump banning bump stocks and advocating gun confiscation without any sort of due process, “let’s just take the guns and worry about the courts later.”

    You boys was had, you’ve been snookered, you was all took.

    • By all means, please use the following space to insert all your child like insults; liberal scum, Dema commie, etc. in the space below. I’m sure it will make you feel much better to ignore the facts and display your treasured Batshit opinions about reality.

      • Mentions ‘reality’, but then proceeds to ignore how must-pass legislation and filibusters are responsible for the ‘expansion’ of gun rights under Obama…

        But please, tell us more about how the current iteration of the DNC is not anti-gun…

      • The democrats were so horny for socializing health care and spending 11T that gun bans were on the back burner. Besides they were smarter than the current crop and knew taking guns was not practical.

        But I wouldn’t expect a dumb ass commie like you to look at it that way.

      • “..The Democrats don’t want to take peoples guns, sure there’s some fringe demos who talk a good game but when has it ever happened in recent memory?..”

        So “Bingo” Biden is fringe?

        Isn’t he your great white hope?

        Judging by your extreme spin today, looks like some self-awareness has creped into your psyche of how weak your far leftist candidates really are. Your attempt at division and propaganda is both transparent and panicked.

    • “When has it happened in recent memory”
      So just because they haven’t yet, doesn’t mean they will?
      Even your troll ass has to recognize that in recent years, the main stream Left wing talking heads have been ramping up calls for various forms of gun control (as well as other farther left positions), to which most most leftist gun owners either reply “well I’m not a single issue voter”, or just laugh nervously and try to change the subject.

      • You’ve been lied to by fox, ttag, and the nra. The democrats are actually more pro gun then the republicans. You backwards conservative hillbillies need to learn your place and start voting democrat. The only thing democrats want it conmen sense gun laws and conmen sense gun taxes and registration. Then we will have more gun rights. The evil capitalist republicans want to take your guns by allowing unfettered access’s to them in schools.

    • The only reason ‘Bommer signed the bill allowing carry in national parks was because it was attached to some huge funding bill he wanted. He never would have signed it if it were on its own.

      • More right wing disinformation.

        The bill allowing concealed carry on hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands was not a spending bill as you claim.

        In fact, the bill was a consumer protection bill to protect individuals like you and me from predatory lending practices by credit card companies.

        You may remember the great recession brought on by Republican George Bush in 2007 and 2008 big banks and Wall Street finance companies were gobbling up peoples homes and property.

        Once again, the Democrats were looking out for working people, Hey protecting them from predatory lending practices, all while expanding gun rights for licensed concealed carriers.

        Really, you should use Google before you post, it might save you some embarrassment.

        • ahhh moron the ‘great recession’ was started under Bill Clinton when he signed off on killing all the banking regs…it just took 8 years for the AXE to fall.

          You need to read up more on your history…little boy!

        • Don’t bother, if it doesn’t match what they have been told by trumpTV, it just passes through their little sheep brains. Even we rational, true Republicans think the trumpies are nutjobs..

        • Ticktalk I think it’s time you come on over to us on the Democrats. Not only are we the only opposing force to the Trumpenriech but we are the future of American politics with free healthcare for the common man and free college for America’s children. Also gun free schools for them so they stop getting shot daily. The democrat party welcomes you.

        • Miner49er, nothing from the government is ‘free’ until you and I aren’t paying taxes anymore.

          If you want free college and free health care for all, Russia sounds perfect for you. You would have made a great Soviet citizen back in the day, no doubt.

      • Actual history is quite different from the narratives we are exposed to these days.

        In fact, it was Republican president Reagan who made it more difficult for citizens to possess their firearms in national parks.

        “The policy was enhanced in 1983 to prohibit possessing, carrying, or using a firearm outside of certain approved areas and hunting seasons, with an exception for firearms kept in a car or mobile home “when such implements are rendered inoperable or packed, cased or stored in a manner that will prevent their ready use.” The revision effectively mandated that visitors store their guns, unloaded, in a car trunk or equivalent while in a national park. After four months of public comment, President Ronald Reagan approved it.”

        That didn’t change until Elizabeth Warren promoted a bill to protect citizens from predatory credit card company practices. This was the bill that was later amended to include expansion of gun rights on thousands of acres of federal land.

        “Elizabeth Warren — not yet the junior senator from Massachusetts — played a prominent role in securing the passage of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. The bill’s proponents sought to put a stop to what they deemed predatory practices on the part of credit card companies. The House passed the original bill, introduced by Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York in 2008, but the Senate refused to vote on it. It was reintroduced in the next session of Congress, again passed the House, and again went to the Senate, where it sat until May 2009.
        The second time around, President Obama joined Warren in an aggressive lobbying campaign, holding town halls and publicizing consumers’ credit card horror stories. There was significant pressure on the Senate to act before Memorial Day, and leaders of both parties going back and forth before eventually reaching a deal the week of May 10.
        Soon after the compromise announcement, an amendment to the bill was introduced, quickly voted on, and passed. This new measure had nothing to do with borrowers or lenders. Instead, Section 512 carried the title “Protecting Americans from Violent Crimes,” and it dismantled all existing federal restrictions on firearm possession for visitors to the national park system outside Alaska. State laws — including concealed carry statutes — would govern national forest areas instead.”

        Not only did President Obama and the Democrats expand your right to carry weapons on federal land, they did it along with a bill to protect you from predatory lending practices by credit card companies.

        All this, to relax Reagan area gun prohibitions in national parks.

        Tell me again how the Republicans are all about preserving gun ownership and Democrats want to take all your guns, I love to hear your fairytales.

        • In his defense Reagan did have extra holes in his hide inflicted on Federal property and almost died.

          The amendment wasn’t Warren or Obama’s idea, just a deal they had to compromise and approve to get what they wanted.

        • Miner49er, it’s truly refreshing too read a post by a few intelligent individuals on one of these sites. However, that being said, I’m afraid I must fall back on a quote from Sam Clemens. “Never argue with an idiot. He will bring you down to his level and then beat you with experience.” The point is you have a plethora of idiots who will post on this site and seek to demean your obviously logical stance, without regard to fact or truth, and imply that to believe as you do you must have been inhaling or shooting up something that has distorted your perceptions. Not much you can do about it or them. But you did do your best at educating them. Unfortunately, it rolls off them like water from a duck’s back. They’re just not interested in facts or anything else that might challenge their limited ability to learn. Incidentally, I fully expect to be called a commie after this posting! They may be dumb, but they’re awfully cute when they try to express themselves!!!

        • Thanks LL. Us liberals need to stick together. These stupid ignorant backwards conservative gun bullies on this site are all Hitler worshipping Trump supporters. We need to use our superior liberal intellect to teach them the real history of the world so they can apologize for being white American males. They’re so buisy worshipping the constitution and worrying about their “rights” when they should be out there supporting minority children and democrats so we can finally get rid of the second amendment once and for all.

        • “They’re so buisy… “

          Please, if you’re going to put up fake comments using their handle, the least you could do is learn to spell properly.

    • Miner, I only have to listen to what they say to make up my mind. You may be right regarding the average leftist American. Myself, I’m taking the candidates at their word. They do want open borders. They intend to give taxpayer healthcare to all of them. They want to promote transgender migration and climate refugees. They will reverse Trumps tax cuts and take away my private insurance. This is what they are saying so Fox news has nothing to do with it. You may not agree with all of the above yet you intend to vote for them. Who is confused here?

    • “there’s plenty of left-wing gun owners who aren’t interested in buybacks or confiscation”

      Fair enough – however that means nothing to almost everyone here.

      How many left-wing gun owners support an EXPANSION of gun rights right up to the letter of the 2nd amendment?

      All gun laws as currently written are unconstitutional. I’m not interested in left-wing views on the matter unless that view embraces the full intent of the 2nd amendment.

    • Of course leftists don’t believe in open borders. They just believe that anyone who can make it to our border and say the magic word “sanctuary” should be able to stay and have access to entitlements, that aliens should not be deported for criminal acts committed while here, that those who sneak across rather than presenting themselves should not be deported, that we have no right to even pause admitting people from failed states from which it is impossible to obtain meaningful records, and that we have no right to admit people based on our needs rather than their needs. I’m sure people can add some to this list of positions the current Democrat party takes. Call all that propaganda if you want, but all of that comes from watching what Dems support and oppose, listening to the words coming right out of their mouths.

      As with so many other things, it’s crucial to remember that leftists feel free to redefine words without telling their audience.

    • ‘We’ all Got more federal gun rights under the dems!…your comment is laughable while at the EXACT same time state after state took them away locally….LOL

      what Odumbutt signed was a drop in comparison to the bucket of rights being taken at the same time…..

    • “You boys was had, you’ve been snookered, you was all took.”

      I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I never trusted Trump on protection of basic civil rights related to firearms. I really didn’t know which way he would go under heavy pressure. He’s been inconsistent over the years.

      Unlike his opponent in the general election. She’s been quite consistent.

    • I seem to remember Obama’s speech where he screeched about ‘pretty shameful day’ when he didn’t get his gun grabbing bill through the Congress. Is he part of the fringe Democrats like basically all the 2020 presidential hopefuls?

  3. He only said that because he’s from New York and he thinks people in Iowa are stupid cornfed hayseeds who’ll believe whatever he says.

  4. Bernie Sanders CAN’T win the 2020 Democrat Party Presidential Nomination without winning the Rust-Belt and Relatively Gun-Friendly Blue States (Nevada, New Mexico, Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Oregon) by running like Beto O’Rourke on the 2nd Amendment Gun Issue.

    Bernie Sanders is going to Destroy Joe Biden on the economic issues regarding Biden’s Voting Record on Unrestricted Free Trade Deals, as well as his votes for various Wars and Interventions during the Clinton and both Bush Presidencies.

    Bernie Sanders is trying to Triangulate votes of Liberal Gun Owners whom are very socially liberal on other issues, as well as focusing on an economic campaign that can Torpedo Joe Biden.

  5. This is just a scam. The left uses dopes (stooge) like Robert to spew EXTREME wish list items that push the agenda 5 steps forward and when they hit enough resistance they walk it back to sound “reasonable”. This allows them to find the limits Americans are willing to accept and “nudge” us forward to Socialism. As far as the liberals are concerned, it’s not longer a matter of IF but WHEN gun confiscation will occur. All red-flag laws are a part of this scam (look at Florida). The Secret Service researched this (recent mass shootings) and found that there were clear signs for all these shooters so this means that all the socialist adults around these young people FAILED!! (teachers, Admins, LEO, etc.) Maybe they wanted it to happen. Maybe a 100+ lives sacrificed for the goal is acceptable?? Stay vigilant

    • “This is just a scam. The left uses dopes (stooge) like Robert to spew EXTREME wish list items that push the agenda 5 steps forward and when they hit enough resistance they walk it back to sound “reasonable”. This allows them to find the limits Americans are willing to accept and “nudge” us forward to Socialism.”

      This is what is happening with Sanders. He didn’t suddenly become a moderate.

  6. bernie sanders can’t win the nomination now that kapo bloomberg has bought the left. The left is finished in this country. They just ain’t smart enough to know it yet.

    Trump just appointed more than 150 judges in one day. He will have another 4 years to appoint more and restock the scotus. We will have constitutional carry by the end of his second term if not sooner.

    Scotus has also agreed to take up DACA. It will be interesting to watch.

    • “The left is finished in this country. They just ain’t smart enough to know it yet.”

      Man, how I hope you are right about that. They have completely dropped the mask, which probably means they think they have reached end-game. And if you look at the goals of of the communists in the USA going back to “The Naked Communist,” they would seem to be close to accomplishing most of it.

      • Remember the shock when the Berlin wall came down and communism collapsed in Russian? It seemed to come out of no where and caught the world off guard. The same has happened to the left here. They just haven’t realized or excepted it yet.

        kapo bloomberg, an old white, racist, billionaire bought their national .org. Watch what happens when Trump gets a second term and he wants pay back.

        • Fingers crossed. We’ve gone in cycles, every 30 or 40 years the progs have gained enough power and influence to do real, lasting damage (graduated income tax, social security, “great society” crap, Obamacare). People get fed up, the proggies lose much of their control over elected components of government, and go back to slowly and steadily worming their way through the institutions waiting to rise again. But each time lasting damage is done. It’s cumulative. The USA is remarkably robust, and has been able to mostly keep going with all these barbs stuck in us, but we’ve never had this kind of debt, never had this degree of over-growth and overreach of the Federal Government, never had quite this blatant control by leftists over media, entertainment, and education (more than 50% of the latest generation thinks socialism is a good thing, and I’m not sure it matters that very few of them have any idea what they are advocating).

          Granted, Trump has set them back a bit, which is why they hate him so passionately, but notice that even he keeps signing off on profligate spending. So bottom line, if we are going to survive as anything resembling a free and prosperous society, we need meaningful roll-backs of the damage that has already been done over the last 100+ years. Prying control out of the hands of proggies and staunching the bleeding would great, but if all we manage to do is chase the roaches back under the fridge, I don’t think we buy ourselves even another 30-40 years.

          Sorry for the rant. And the negativity. I’m not really a happy camper these days. I could really use some tangible victories for Americans against the proggies.

        • When you chase the cockroaches under the fridge they just multiply and get out next time in larger numbers. That’s not how you get rid of them and of the damage they do.

  7. I remember some time ago, Clinton was talking about holding gun manufacturers accountable for the misuse of their products.

    Sanders disagreed, and was booed by the crowd lol.

    • And at the same time make Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and other auto makers responsible for the misuse of their products. And then brewers and distillers for the consequences of misuse of their products. And even big pharma.

      Once you establish the precedent, it’s affects will be far and wide. Whether or not this is unintended consequences is academic.

  8. I suspect some of this is prepping for losing the presidential primary.

    If Bernie loses the presidential primary, he’s going to have to run for Senate again in four years. Vermonters would likely turn against him pretty quickly if he were on board with the Beto gun control aspirations.

    • That’s one possibility, but it’s not the one that I think will happen.

      When (not if) Bernie gets screwed at the Dem convention, he goes scorched earth and splits off from the Dems (after all, he was never a member of the Dem party). He’ll either start a new party or throw in with the Justice Democrats and AOC. Very likely Tulsi Gabbard goes with them. It would be the end of the Democratic Party.

      • From your mouth to God’s ear. However, Dick Morris is sounding a very credible alarm over Bloomberg.

        Dick thinks that Mikey is actually looking to start a third party and could very well draw enough voters form all sides to win it. I respect Morris very highly.

        • kapo bloomberg is not well liked. If he starts a 3rd party he will draw more dems away than the gop. Besides, why start a 3rd party? He’s just bought the dems.

        • I can’t see Bloomberg winning it. As jwm points out, Bloomer is not well liked outside of NYC. For that matter, he’s not terribly well liked in NYC either. Granted, he did 3 terms as Mayor, but that was built mostly on his “stop and frisk” policies that cut crime somewhat, but was not liked by a lot of voters. He spent an enormous amount of money (no problem for him) on his third run and just barely squeaked by. I don’t see him being an attractive national candidate either on the Dem ticket or as a third party run.

          But… I could be wrong. Picking the exacta at Delaware Park is a lot easier than picking a political race.

        • He has the highest dislikes among the Dem candidates. That didn’t do well for Hillary. Rich, old, white, cis, hetero male isn’t going to gather bunch of libs. Gun grabbing, global warming, soft drink size limiting petty tyrant isn’t going to get many conservatives. Besides, a 3rd party run wouldn’t require registering for an early Super Tuesday primary. He also wouldn’t get any debate coverage.

    • “If Bernie loses the presidential primary, he’s going to have to run for Senate again in four years. Vermonters would likely turn against him pretty quickly…”

      That line of logic has the stench of truth in it, DG.

      Here’s how I think it will play out – They are fully aware that their gun-grabbing rhetoric isn’t going over well in middle America, so when one of them gets the nomination, they will back off on it, in the interest of winning 2020. Once they get in, tho, everything is up for grabs.

      If they win the Whitehouse, Congress, and Senate (and I believe that is a real possibility) they will do with guns like they did with health care, and that is do and say *anything* to ram gun control through.

      I’m hoping Justice Thomas realizes this is what they want, and has a strategy in mind for the ‘NY Pistol’ case (restoring respect for the 2A), and phrases it to cut the legs out from under the grabbers.

      If he doesn’t, or cannot (like Roberts going squishy), our rights are doomed, and something nobody wants will come out of it…

  9. Article 1, section 9, clause 3, no ex post facto laws shall be passed! If you make exceptions the next thing they could take is your car or house. The only reason the bump stock ban has been able to take effect is because it was an executive and not a piece of legislation, which may not withstand SCOTUS. There are far too many dumb sh!ts in legislatures who haven’t thoroughly read the Constitution and the worst offenders may be lawyers!

    • “The only reason the bump stock ban has been able to take effect is because it was an executive and not a piece of legislation,”

      Thanks, President Trump! Making America great again!

    • Law that turns some perfectly legal item, say heroin or bump stocks, into illegal contraband and starts punishing people for owning it after that is dumb, immoral but it is not ex post facto. Ex post facto means that you will get punished for possession of the bump stock before the date they became a contraband.

  10. Here is an article on Sanders history on gun control and its gets a little complex. I would day Sanders is way preferable compared to Bloomberg who makes no pretense on his desire to confiscate all weapons. Its tragic gun owners will have one of them for the next President and can only hope for the lessor of the two evils. At one time Sanders was against the Brady Bill and changed his mind on the Federal Law that protected gun manufactures against law suits which is a law that is more complex than the public at large is aware of.

      • JWM, that’s a dangerous line of thinking. Their side thought the *exact* same thing about Trump winning. And look at what happened.

        We could have that happen to us :

    • Don’t lose faith my liberal brother Thomas we will soon have a democrat in the White House to set things straight. Sanders is the real hero here and if believe enough we can win.

      • “Sanders is the real hero here an believe enough we can win.”

        What do you mean “an believe enough”?

        Please, if you’re going to post a fake comment under my name, at least use correct grammar and spelling.

        But thank you for the support, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  11. I think thomaspaine is correct. Sanders, a long time Vermonter, has typically supported the right to hunt even with semi-auto rifles. So it’s not a switch. But considering he doesn’t seem to have any problem with mass murdering communists of the past, it would be reasonable to wonder what his stance would be once he became dictator president of the U.S.A.

  12. All i can say is be aware of false profits and the smoke and mirror effect of all political promises and politician’s as we must make and hold them to their worda and promises along with the biggest ( they must uphold the constitution, all of the constitution) not just what they see as furthering their agendas.

  13. Meh…feel the Bern is just looking after his future as a loser of the nomination. Again. Still. And he may realize oceans of blood would follow any attempt at MASS confiscation. Oh and Commies lie…

  14. Francis served his purpose by shifting the Overton Window. Now Bernie can appear “reasonable” and “moderate” by “only” wanting AWBs, registration, magazine bans, ammo bans, ATF reclassification of braces, etc etc grabber agenda.

    • Yes, there is that. Sanders may look more moderate in comparison, but he hasn’t changed his stance; what he’s saying right now is pretty much the same thing he’s said forever. He’s always been very clear about his political principles and tends to stick to them. In that way, he’s unusual and even admirable…even though he’s wrong about almost everything.

  15. “Greed jobs.” I know it’s a typo, but it somehow seems appropriate. Socialism is one of the greediest ideologies ever invented.

  16. That’s the first time he said anything that made sense.

    But I don’t buy it for a minute. If I want to feel the bern, I pour on some Shit the Bed hot sauce.

  17. It’s great Bernie thinks we can keep some guns if we follow his rules. Unfortunately his economics are incompatible with human life as we know it.

  18. Even if the Libs were able to enact some form of confiscation. Who’s going to do their dirty work. Much of which will occur in small town America and rural communities. I recently had this conversation with several local members of law enforcement. Who I work with in a civil emergency capacity. The biggest concern they had with such legislation beyond the fact that they feel it is UNConstitutional. Is their concern with the fact that most people know of them and their families. Which could make their families targets of retribution if they involve themselves in such enforcement actions. At the end of the day. regardless of their dedication to their careers. Their first concern is with the safety of their families. I’m sure these same conversations are being held by numerous people in the law enforcement community all over the nation. So regardless of what the Liberals are saying or not saying about the future firearms control plans. They will still need someone to do their dirty work. Finding people willing to do it. May be easier said than done. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • That’s why you would have the troops stationed in New York staffed with People from the Southwest and the ones in the Southwest staffed with New Yorker’s. They will not be able to use local LEO to enforce a gun grab, they would need an emergency order authorizing troops to do it for them.

      Which would be legal under 10 U.S. Code § 252 to prevent “domestic violence. insurrection, and rebellion”
      All it would take is the right president, a willing congress and the right mix of troops along with a media willing to inflate the problem.

      There are ways around the Posse Comitatus Act. Simply declaring martial law would enable a madwoman to enact her gun grabbing when it becomes apparent that simply passing a law telling us to turn in our guns did not work. Have the media run horror stories of armed men showing up en mass at the state legislators offices. Show video of Bubba the heavily armed idiot frothing at the mouth how he will kill anyone who tries to take muh arms and so on on national news. When the sacrificial or perhaps made up story comes out of LEOs massacred when they tried to enforce a taking happen declare martial law in that area.
      When people in other areas resist move more and more of the country into the declaration.

      • Those troops from the southwest in NY are going to know that their families and communities are under threat from the NY troops. And vice versa. Neither group is going to be happy and they all will be unreliable for the likes of the socialists. One tragedy will turn the troops completely against the left.

      • As long as soldiers go along with the liberal gun ban it should all work fine.
        Probably won’t though and once they kick it off they might not like the results.

      • “Bubba the heavily armed idiot frothing at the mouth how he will kill anyone who tries to take muh arms”

        Goodness gracious, that’s an excellent description of the average commentor on TTAG!

        I don’t think they realize you’re poking fun at them, well played!

  19. Sure, and he also has an amazing bridge to sell us, he’s a politician, and even worse a leftist politician. Lying is in their DNA. Socialism is fundamentally incompatible with widespread private gun ownership because when you try to take peoples shit at gunpoint, they tend to react poorly. There’s a reason that no socialist regime in history has recognized the right to keep and bear arms….

  20. I only know what I’ve learned in the past 50 years or so. Experience has taught me. Any and all politicians will promise and say anything to get elected. After they are elected whatever they said before the election has absolutely no bearing on what they will do. They will find some excuse to keep from carrying out what they said they would do. And the people, some will agree, some will say they never voted for this guy. It doesn’t matter who won the election the results are always the same. We the people continue to be screwed for the benefit of the “government ” that means the politicians. Electing a president every four years gives the public the illusion of having control of their lives. Well he is actually nothing more than a whipping boy. He is the fall guy. Look at the posts prior to this. Talking about Obama, Bush, Reagan, yes they signed the bills, but they didn’t have much say in what was in them and if they did not sign, there’s always a chance the veto could be over turned. The pendulum swings to right then the left not stopping at either end for any appreciatable time and never stopping in the middle. That’s life. Enjoy the ride.

        • Donald Trump signed into Law:
          1. Banning of Bump Stocks
          2. March 23, 2018 signed into Law the NCIS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System)
          3. February 28, 2018, Universal Background Checks
          4. February 2018, Donald Trump caved to anti-constitutionalist by publicly advocating for strict, anti-Second Amendment gun controls even more extreme than those proposed by Obama,

  21. So is wealth redistribution. But tentative kudos, maybe?

    Not that i trust it. He seems sincere in general, but i just can’t trust a politician coming ot against a firm of gun control.

  22. Bernie certainly knows how to work the system. He was able to do so as an independent for part of his career, that is saying something. He got a lot right, even though he is a socialist.
    Being a socialist in a state like Vermont(where the people are very similar makes it easier to kowtow to the masses). Here in Ca, the people have so many different races, places of birth, ideas from all the countries of the world, has it fragmented and no one is happy. Ca Republicans are very controlling and that is why most voters have run to the Dems. We need our social freedoms and a strong fiscal limits. The problem here is that neither party are ready to let go of their core beliefs. The fact that the Dems got hold of the gun control issue and are making hay with silly goose Moms for gun control, doesn’t mean everything to most people, they just take what they see as better political policy over the other party’s platform.
    We need Trump now, he is not a died in the wool Republican and seems to put working Americans first. The real problem is the NWO trying to muscle in, corporations holding jobs and production over our heads so that we vote anti gun(they don’t want civilians to have the power firearms provide) and become like the rest of the world.
    I think the Libertarian Party is the party of the free and should be used to flavor our government. There are extremists in all parties, we have to control them at the polls and should vote for those that take a positive stand against their own party’s issues in line of how we believe.

  23. As an Independent, Sanders used to be friendly to gun owners and the Second Amendment. Not 100%, just a good deal better than he is now.

    Back in 2016 his resistance to anti-gun Party-Speak hurt him with the Hoplophobe demographic. So, as will most politicians who lose an election and want to try again, he “Refined his position”.

  24. Im not into politics, We all no Trumps going to get it, then it’ll be democrat for 8 years and then Republican and
    the cycle remains the same. Oh there might be a few changes, they might ban a few gunms but wont go house to house. You just wont get to play with em outdoors. In time it will be enviroment,civil rights, or some other vote swinger . I truely believe the presidential elections are a litmus test of the population, people are voting, thats good theyve not lost faith. Its when the voter turn out drops to 15℅ makes em nervous.T he populous may have lost faith, ” talking bout a revoulution” well yah kno thats probably when a person should have fears of out right gunm grabs.

  25. The Democrats have lost their freakin’ minds! They need to sit back and take along , long look at what the hell they want to accomplish and who they have to get it done. Otherwise they are going get their butts kicked again in the next election. Or simply the idiotic crap they are trying to force on Americans is just to asinine for any one with a brain to stand for.

  26. You have to understand there are basically two kinds of socialist. There’s the young idealistic radical, who supports the people’s right to rise up and overthrow the existing social order. He’s against elitism, he wants his “dictatorship of the proletariat”. He is the cannon fodder used by others to gain power.
    Then there’s the older more cynical socialist. He is the elite. He thinks ordinary people need to be tightly controlled by people like him, by whatever force is necessary, for their own good. He just flat out wants his dictatorship.

    Part of Bernie Sanders is still that idealistic young radical. The American gun control debate strikes a number of sour notes with him – its emphasis on disempowering the common man, or the campaign of cultural suppression waged by an urban elite against a rural working class.

  27. Bernie is from Vermont, where they have constitutional carry. I don’t think he gives a shit about guns any more than he has to pretend he does to be a Democrat.

  28. Those who propose or prostitute these vile, damnable, and deceitful anti-gun turn ins are promoting class warfare predicated upon political deceit! That is right! Merchants who prostitute themselves to this via cash cards or whatever deserve to be boycotted and run out of business! This is civilian disarmament intended to promote an anti-gun socialist agenda reminiscent of a 1918 Bolshevik propaganda poster in
    Communist Russia ordering peasants to surrender their guns, knives, and personal weapons to a bunch of murderous criminal thugs, the Cheka! The Cheka was the precursor to the murderous Soviet Secret Police or NKVD (later KGB) starting under Lenin and Trotsky, and later utilized by Stalin to perpetrate terror, enslavement, and mass murder over disarmed/unarmed masses. Yes indeed these vile damnable “turn in guns for cash” scam are simply class warfare against honest American gun owners, our Second Amendment heritage, freedom, decency, and morality. Two commentaries of mine bear this out. They include: “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, January 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, August 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily Enter “search.”

    I will not remain silent, passive, apathetic, and indifferent where domestic tyranny is promoted that is subversive to our constitutional republic! I take an aggressive stand against such and apologize to nobody for it!

    On the net: The John Birch Society (
    JPFO, Inc. ……………..(
    Gun Owners of America at


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