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Anis Amri, the Tunisian national suspected of killing twelve people by driving a semi-truck into a crowd of Berlin Christmas shoppers on Monday, was shot and killed by Italian police early today in the city of Milan. According to multiple news sources, Amri was killed at 3:00AM local time on Friday.

Police officers had stopped Amri’s car for a “routine identity check.” Amri reached into his backpack, but instead of producing identification, he pulled out a gun and opened firewithout hesitation,” wounding one of the officers. The other officer then shot Amri dead. Sky News reports that the officer’s injuries were not life-threatening. No other injuries were reported.

“Italian media reports said Amri shouted ‘Allahu Akbar,’, or ‘God is Great,’ during the firefight,” also according to Sky News.

Amri had been to Italy before. In 2011, he’d spent three-and-a-half years in prison for “setting fire to a refugee centre.” German authorities had kept him under cover surveillance for several months this year. “[A]uthorities failed to deport him because he lacked valid identity papers and Tunisia initially denied that he was a citizen.”

The suspect had stayed in Berlin at a mosque for several hours after the attack, but had fled before German police conducted a raid on that location.

There is an unconfirmed report from Britain’s left-wing daily The Guardian that the gun used in the shootout is the same one used to murder Lukasz Urban, the Polish driver of the truck stolen and used in the Christmas terror attack. No details on the type of firearm used at this point, either.

Ariel Zurawski shows the last photo taken of his cousin and driver, Lukasz Urban (Photo: AP, via

The Guardian‘s Kate Connolly also reports that at a press conference, German officials came under a lot of pressure pressure…

to explain why Anis Amri was able to move freely in Germany and plan his attack under the nose of authorities, particularly following the emergence of the footage showing that he was monitored entering an Isis (Islamic State)-associated mosque in Berlin on 14 and 15 December and again leaving it seven hours after the attack.

The officials are very defensive, and have several times answered journalists that they cannot answer many of the questions, and that it would be disrespectful to speculate while many of the victims of the attack have not even yet been buried.

Elsewhere, law enforcement officials appear to have their hands full working to prevent other attacks. German police arrested two brothers from Kosovo on suspicion of planning an attack on shopping centers in the western Germany city of Oberhausen. It is unclear whether this was directly related to the Berlin attack, or whether the alleged plotters simply shared ideological inspiriation. Kosovo is an overwhemingly Muslim country in the Balkans. NATO went to war in 1999, to support Kosovar rebels fighting Serbia, which controlled the country at the time.

In Australia, police have arrested five men for plotting to attack three Melbourne landmarks (Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, and St. Paul’s Cathedral,) on Christmas Day.

Three of the alleged plotters — Abdullah Chaarani, 26, Hamza Abbas, 21, and Ahmed Mohamed, 29 —  were denied bail. The Guardian also reports that “[t]he Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations…on Friday accused the police of using excessive force when making the arrests.” Abbas had allegedly suffered “soft tissue injuries during his arrest on Thursday night.”

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  1. Getting really tired of hearing these stories. Some wretched shitstain is already under government surveillance, yet he is allowed to murder scores of innocent people because no one has the balls to arrest him or send him back where he came from.

    And good on the Aussie police. Sounds like some well-deserved soft tissue injuries.

    • Cjstl,

      “Some wretched shitstain is already under government surveillance, yet he is allowed to murder scores of innocent people because no one has the balls to arrest him or send him back where he came from.”

      It has nothing to do with government employees lacking the courage to arrest or deport a terrorist. Government allows spree killers and terrorists to murder innocent people because that helps government advance its agenda.

      Think about it. When a spree killer or terrorist attacks, the standard government response is:
      (1) Government must have ever more intrusive surveillance capabilities so that government can always track political enemies spree killers and terrorists.
      (2) Government must make ever more objects/weapons illegal to possess in order to disarm the populace and exploit, use, and abuse the populace with impunity prevent spree killers and terrorists from getting weapons in the first place.
      (3) Government must have bigger budgets for more manpower so that government has the necessary manpower to efficiently round up political enemies spree killers and terrorists.
      (4) Government must not be hindered by historical protections for the populace such as search warrants, presumption of innocence, or due process so that government can more efficiently capture and imprison political enemies spree killers and terrorists.

      In other words government uses the acts of violent criminals, spree killers, and terrorists to justify more power and control over and less liberty for the populace. Why would government be in a rush to give up that?

      • uncommon_sense; now you are just being paranoid, I think the problem is that terrorists have figured out that KISS is the way to go. Using firearms and trucks avoids big plots that give the whole thing away. Hell, they probably can accomplish the same attack using a big kitchen knife.

        • I imagine that ISIS as also realized that the decentralized model is more effective in spreading fear. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall people being so damned scared when AQ, and its large scale attack model was the leading threat. The terrorist behind every bush/low intensity attack is also effective because it’ll lead some people (as uncommon_sense asserts) to willfully surrender their liberties for the promise of security, i.e. the whole “no-fly-no-buy” proposal.

        • Not really. Democrats weaponized the IRS against their political foes, you really think they didn’t weaponize the intelligence branches too?

        • The reason why people weren’t as concerned about AQ (whether the common man in the street, or intel pro’s) was that AQ was all about the “external” threats to Islam. AQ wanted big, splashy ops because they were all about taking on governments and their backers.

          ISIS/ISIL/whatever is all about re-establishment of the caliphate, which means they want to eliminate apostates in dar al-Islam and terrorize those in dar al-Harb into conversion. This is basically how Muhammad himself operated; what you’re seeing are the “old ways” – ubiquitous attacks, large and small, to terrorize people into compliance with the Muslim’s demands.

          If people would start reading the foundational texts of Islam and studying their history, none of this would come as a surprise to you.

      • I absolutely believe this to be true. In the short term sitting by and even encouraging these nuts to run amok only benefits government and authoritarians. Long term the joke will be on them along with the rest of us as these forces will prove uncontrollable unlike the declared enemies of the past.

    • Tunisia did not want him back. If you arrested everyone who was under surveillance, not actively involved it plotting an attack, then what are you going to do? Given a choice between terrorist attacks or the goverment getting the idea that you should just lock away anyone who may be a “threat”, I know what I would chose, how about you?

      • Tunisia not taking him back is easy. Just stop issuing visas and curtail existing ones to their citizens until they take their assholes back. Travel between countries is a quid pro quo privilege not a right. The German authorities knows this, but are being deliberately obtuse. Hopefully the German people will wake up and transfer power into saner hands.

      • There is a difference. He was in the country illegally and associating with known terrorists. I don’t believe that non-citizens should enjoy all of the same legal protections, and illegals should be deported at the slightest sign of trouble.

    • Why aren’t the ‘soft tissues’ injuries at least a foot deep & fatal? These piles of crap do not need to be kept around.

    • Cjstl
      This is why I say humans have no right to travel to any country they want to. Building a wall is symbolic. Just enforce the nation’s borders. It’s cheaper, and don’t let them come here.

    • Don’t worry, Obama’s been working on that jobs epidemic for a while now. Too bad Trump’s gonna undo all his hard work and get people working again. Think of all those new workplaces!

  2. I’d be interested to see the crime numbers between Europe and the US for 2016. Thanks to a lot of bad policy from the Obama Justice Dept, the Homicide and Aggravated Assault numbers are going up in Big City USA, but I doubt it’s at the explosive rate of Big City, Europe. With reports of the various European governments actively suppressing the crime numbers, the comparison may still be inaccurate. Yet, I’m thinking Europeans are finally understanding why it’s a bit harder to have a Nanny State Utopia after letting in millions of people with very different societal norms that refuse to assimilate into the local culture.

  3. Not a lot of difference between Deutschland and us. Happily letting San Bernardino azzhole bring his burka babe so they can slaughter. Or the “soldier of Islam”. Or Boston…or yeah we all know. Islam is the problem. And PC BS…

  4. I just heard on the the news that the haji’s pistol is a .22. I don’t know if that is accurate, but that’s what they said.

  5. So, the armed cop terrorist-guy assaulted shot back, n lived, while the unarmed citizens terrorist-guy assaulted got run over, n died. (Not all of them died. Some were merely maimed. Some merely terrorized. I’m thinking all of these count as “bad.”)

    N that’s what the E U overlords have arranged.(*) Some animals are more equal than others, it seems.

    Incidentally, after killing citizens whoncould only respond unarmed, terrorist-guy was free to wander about doing bog knows what, including drawing on a cop, while after the cop’s armed response he won’t be doing no terrorizin’ no more.

    I feel there might be a conclusion to make, here. Working on it…

    (*) A I R, their answer to Another Terrorist-Guy shooting folks (who also couldn’t #shootback) last week was more gun banning for the victims. Jackholes. #more cowbell.

  6. the problem is that we are all told that all religion is equal, that everyone has a right to charge his dingbatteries with the dinginess of his choosing, and you can’t judge or criticize any religion. but if you choose one, you have inherently rejected all others. because each religion claims to be the One And Only True Religion, and all other religions are falsehoods spread by Satan his own bad self, per your one true god among the 3,000 or so gods. selection of one inherently requires judgement and rejection of all others. takes a very long time to research all 3,000.

    one religion in particular plays this philosophy like a violin. you can’t criticize them or they kill you. they berate, vilify and insult you for your different beliefs, and throw a temper tantrum if you say anything in the slightest bit critical of their beliefs. the fact that we let them makes them bolder.

    a translation of a koran to any language but koranic Arabic is not truly a koran. only a koran in it’s original language is a true koran. only a muslim may handle a true koran, per their rules. when you become a muslim you commit to being a muslim for life and the eternal afterlife. if you backslide, they kill you. you commit yourself for eternity to believe the contents of a book as the literally true word of an all powerful and eternal god before you are permitted to read that book.

    imagine what mess your life would be if you made decisions like that on a daily basis. you might find yourself with a belt of C4 strapped around your waist by an imam who can’t bring himself to blow himself up, or driving an airliner into a building.

    and then you go to meet your maker, and then your master, and you find out they are not the same guy, or in the same place.

  7. While I’m glad the terrorist was stopped and killed, what bothers me is that he was stopped for a routine “documents check”. Is that something we can expect if liberals retake the white house?

  8. But the EU has strict gun laws.

    Where did he get the pistol?

    Wasn’t he supposed to take a criminal & psychological background check & join a shooting club before he obtained the license?

    • What license? Who cares where he stole his pistol? Did he have valid CDL too? Criminals do not care about laws. Only people inconvenienced by any ban or law are, you guessed it the law abiding folks.

  9. I think everybody knew that it would just be a matter of time until the Italians’ famous efficiency and martial prowess fixed this problem for the Germans.

    Really, though, doesn’t this just mean the German cops suck? Guy basically walked away from this mass murder, and they had no idea where he was. In Berlin, which is, like, a totally important city.

    • On some German media sites reporting reporting terrorist attacks, there have been arguments erupting over whether “Gott” (God) should be masculine (“der” and “er”) vs. neuter (“das” and “es”) surrounding the reporting of what the Islamists said during their attacks.

      When the feminists and their sitzpinklers take over discussions about terrorism and start yapping about whether Gott is masculine or neuter, you can tell that they’ve pretty much lost any clue what is important.

  10. They stopped this guy because he “looked suspiscious”. What it really means is they saw this Middle Eastern guy. When he spoke, he had a Southern Italian accent, which raised a red flag.
    How far the Germmans have come.

  11. A Fox News live report with a woman reporter was just on. The woman called the weapon a .22 caliber shotgun. Was he using snake shot?


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