Beretta Making 3-Gun Shotgun

Ben Cook, tactical products marketing manager for Beretta, has a plan for the TX4 shotgun. He wants to take this sporting shotgun and turn it into an absolute monster for 3-gun competitions. To do that, he’s got three steps in mind. First, he wants to make a longer barrel for the TX4, which right now only has an 18 inch barrel available. Second, he wants to move the manufacturing of the shotgun from the foreign factories and start making them right here in the United States . . .

Moving the production location means lifting the import restrictions, and would allow him to implement step 3, which is shipping the shotgun with an extended magazine. He’s still contemplating whether to go with ghost rings or not, but any future shotgun will use the “blink” operating system which cycles 40% faster than any other semi-auto shotgun.


  1. avatar Viapalcomia says:

    Your suggestions are spot on…I assume the belief of persistence is particularly important…it’s which you do over time which issues…offering consistent quality.

  2. avatar Wyatt McGowan says:

    Please do!

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