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(courtesy Mrgunsngear's Facebook page)


New York’s SAFE Act is a bad, bad thing. It requires people to register, sell or transfer (out of state) “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines. Many Empire State gun and standard capacity ammunition magazine owners have complied. Many have not. So, at some point, the State’s gonna go get ’em. People on both sides of the law enforcement divide will die and the s will hit the fan. Meanwhile, there it is: the reason why expanded background checks, indeed all background checks and any type of registration, set the stage for confiscation. And tyranny. [ED: This notice was sent for New York City residents, based on New York City laws, not necessarily SAFE Act provisions.] [h/t DrVino]

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    • That letter represents no freedoms. 3 .22s and dude gets a threatening letter from the guvmint? Wrong-o. Time to be moving to… Anywhere else. Except New Jersey. And California. And Illinois. And… I just got a little scared.

      • Just keep telling yourself that we live in the land of the free and that our troops keep fighting and dying for our freedoms and liberties! Truth of the matter is, if our troops were really fighting and dying for our freedoms and liberties, they would be fighting the only entity that has/is/will continue to stomp on our rights/freedoms/the Unites States Constitution >>> The U.S. Government!

        This is why the conditioned/programmed military worship has grown to all time high levels. By proxy, your worship of them and their REAL duties, breeds more and more of the loss of freedom and liberties for the citizens that worship them!

        We were warned about this…

        “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes. And armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended. Its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a constant state of war . . . and in the degeneracy of manners and morals, engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

        – James Madison, April 20, 1795

        • Us “mindless drones” people like to call us in the military will fight the government. Except me here in Wisconsin will not fight for New York, California or any other libtard state. If the people ALLOW their state government to do this that’s on them.

        • There has been some discussion over the last few years about secession and the supposition that the War Between the States and some SCOTUS decision has determined that there is no legal authority for a state to secede after once joining the Union. This is pure legal bullshit, actually, since any society is premised on VOLUNTARY association and the very purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to describe the time, place and reasons for dissolving political bonds.

          However, is there any legal precedent for kicking the bastards out? Can we come up with any plan for New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, etc., whereby we can legally and Constitutionally say that since they have determined to no longer govern according to The Constitution of the United States of America, which they have all sworn an oath to uphold, that they are hereby EXPELLED from that union?

          Just sayin’.

        • Hey Richard.. you are losing your sight picture. NY is not a libtard state.. it’s primarily controlled by Libtard NYC.. the rest of us don’t give a &$*# about NYC+5. We are fighting back..

        • Instead of shooting the gestapo who willingly follow these unconstitutional orders go after the bastards like bloomberg first. They have not the balls to come themselves. Resistance is a must otherwise you give up your freedom without a fight there vBulletin Will be deaths but that’s the cost of freedom. Piss on new York and bloomberg especially

        • Well said. Short version: War is the instrument through which the wealthy control governments. In peace, free nations regulate corporate influences to benefit all of society — in war corporations gain the upper hand and shift the benefit to their own shareholders.

        • “free nations regulate corporate influences”

          Well, in Free nations it’s not government that “regulate[s] corporate influences,” it’s the Free Market. Government regulation is cronyism, where the regulations are there to prevent competition.

          FIFY. 😉

        • Move to Phoenix Arizona you can open or conceal carry here without a permit and hell if you feel like you can walk down the street with these long rifles including your AR-15 if you want too. No one will say anything. We love our gun owners here. We welcome you any time.

        • that is true Mindy i live in tucson but i do have license to carry and i really have to say to the people in new york stand for what you believe so what you believe will stand you are FREE MEN AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kansas gave us Kathleen Sebelius, the Typhoid Mary of healthcare. Not sure I want to live in a state that is literaly flat, has people like Sebelius and those who voted her into office as Governor, and is located in the middle of nowhere.

          Even Dorothy and ToTo left Kansas!

      • Vendetta, why would you include Illinois in that list? I’m sitting here smack dab in the middle of Illinois and have somewhere in the vicinity of 20 rifle magazines that hold 30 rounds, around 10 pistol magazines that hold 15 rounds. All perfectly legal right here in Illinois. This state is not the friendliest state of the Union for guns, but it’s far better then New York.

        • I am so glad someone said something in defense of Illinois. I HATE this state’s politics and agenda’s, that I can promise you. I can also promise you that if they wanted to start sending out notices like this here, there would be a revolution inside Illinois’s borders. 3/4 of the state would be heading to Cook county, and stop in Sangamon on the way up. You can see that our gun owners/supporters here are growing more bold. We will have our first CCW permits rolling out before summer next year.

      • Hey, now… don’t judge the rest of Illinois by Chicago. Outside there, we’re winning. The CCW victory was a major blow to the hoplophobes. That crowd seems to be barricading themselves in Cook County and thank God for that, IMHO.

        While we do have the Firearm Owners ID, it’s far better than any state that has *any* sort of registration or licensing option. It’s not much more than a “carry with you” background check that you’re not a felon or dangerously insane. Certainly not near the intrusiveness of the fed background checks or the requirements of a lot of other states. Its use doesn’t track when you buy, what you buy or even if you buy (plenty of FOID carriers without a gun, but have it just in case). There’s no registration or license involved.

        Sad, though, to think even the dinky Ruger 10/22 my 10 year old son put 200 rounds through yesterday (that’d be a good story for the FNS contest) would be an illegal assault weapon in NYC.

      • You were born scared. That’s why you think you need a gun with a 30 round clip in the first place. you were born a coward. Your gun was the only thing holding what passes for courage together. 300,000,000 guns, and you think anyone that EVER wants to get re-elected would do this kind of stupidity done to Americans? Don’t you ever think!?

        • Marc,
          It is time to be scared. Scared for our country and what the do-gooder libs want to do to people who don’t agree with them. Individuals are going to be attacked in their homes at night by 20-30 heavily armed men with full auto weapons looking for the opportunity to shoot a law abiding gun owner. They are doing it all the time right now so why should it change. A single 30 round mag may not be enough when the state comes for you.

        • Bravado is not courage. I’ve figured out you antigun nuts. You want to ensure that you can have carte blanche to spew offensive, inflammatory, insulting, accusatory blather and be protected from the well-justified wrath of those whom you scorn with such haughty self-righteousness.

          People like you make me want to throw up.

    • Free, huh. How’s that. Have you ever thought seriously about the concept of freedom. A free man wouldn’t have the state trying to impound his 22 because it holds ten rounds. Ironically, in Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have the government after him.
      This once was a free country, but I wouldn’t call it that now. Land of the free home of the brave has become land of decree and home of the slave.

      • “Land of the free home of the brave has become land of decree and home of the slave.”

        I am going to shamelessly plagiarize that statement as often as possible.

      • Anytime I hear the word, “allowed” or “permit”, I question that thing about freedom.
        We’ve come to think that freedom comes from obedience to the rules. That’s how it is in prison.
        But true total freedom has risks, including anarchy. So we live by the “rule of law”, assuming the laws are righteous and fair.
        It’s when our legislators cross the line, from working for us to working against us, that we will have to regroup and pose a challenge against our government(s).

        • When the laws are not Constitutional, we have no duty or obligation to obey them and those who are enforcing such non-laws are breaking their oaths and the Constitution, therefore, they have become criminals. Just like the elected and other appointed officials who do what they want, make up regulations, codes and non-laws that do not exist in agreement to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. So if they want to order people surrender their weapons due to illegal laws, let them come and take the sh-t from your hands and stand up for your rights. Shoot the bastards dead and injure as many as you can until they either kill you or you can get out of there somehow safely and run until you can do something else. Either way, I’d rather die on my feet as a freeman than die on my knees begging for permission to have weapons and be free.

        • I teach that the Constitution and rule of law should be governed by the Principles of Respect, Independence, Stewardship and Self Government established by the unanimous Declaration, our Supreme founding document.

        • The public forgets (or never knew) that the Bill of Rights puts limits on the government, not us. The first five words of the first amendment sets the tone for the entire Bill of Rights. It doesn’t say what people “can” do; it says what the government must NOT do.

          Making a class of law-abiding citizens suddenly criminals, by decree, is much like making it illegal to be a Jew. Just like the Nazis were measuring people’s noses to see if they were Jews, the government in New York is measuring how many bullets fit into a magazine.

        • so dumb, and no one needs any more than 5 bullets unless they are a bank robber i agree with this law

        • Dear “Someone who has a brain”- have you ever actually held a gun? There aren’t any guns with magazines that hold less than 5. That was written to try to fool people. The “no more than 5” clause is the government’s way of banning them all. Hello… they just cited this guy for owning 22’s and called them assault rifles. In case you’re not familiar with 22’s, it’s what people use to shoot mice & squirrels. Wake up from your sleepwalk and stop repeating the lies of the government.

        • Lisa, You assume too much when you assume an anti – gunner is capable of original thought. They all claim reasonableness but emotion is the antithesis of reason and all anti – gun arguments are based upon emotion and have no basis in fact. The proof of this is self evident in that all the oath breakers use fear, that most basic emotion, to justify their violation of our civil rights.

        • @someone who has brains don’t move to Arizona because your dumb ass would be to scared to leave your house. I live in a land where you can walk down the street armed to the teeth like Rambo and walk into a bank and no one will say shit to you because its perfectly legal as long as their is no sign on the door saying no fire arms allowed inside. I have seen it done many of times. Hell I even saw a guy running on the tread mill with his hand gun strapped to him loaded and had 5 loaded 15 round magazines each. You don’t need a permit to carry open or conceal here. Welcome to the Wild West mother f*****! We don’t put up with liberal bullshit in my state!

      • Afghans are free to live in the 6th century, as long as they don’t support terrorist organizations who try to force the rest of the world to do so by murder. Remember, most Afghans were/are being murdered by their fellow muslims who have joined terrorist organizations. Wise up.

        • I know this is old, but I just have to say.


          Afghans and terrorism? Well citizen, who trained and armed the terrorists? Who radicalized them so they would fight against the Soviets?

          Hint, its the same country that overthrew the Iranian government, the same government that installed Saddam Hussein and sold him WMDs. USA USA USA

        • Muslims have been slaughtering each other since Mohammed’s death. We armed the afghans to be a pain in the ass to the soviets. its called provy wars. Our problem has been limp wristed democrat presidents, senators and congressmen who refuse to deal with a problem until its to late.

        • No, the root of the problem is the morphodite of bloodthirsty warmongerism and intractable busybodyism. “Gosh, the neighbors are fighting again. As my brother’s keeper, it’s my holy duty to go over and start shooting at them to make them stop. And while I’m at it I’ll make them arrange their household schedule to suit my agenda.”

          But that’s essentially the root of all of the problems that there have ever been.

          <mad metascientist rant>
          I’m on a mission from the Mother and Father of Manifestation (Divine Will and Body), and I’m here to tell the Universe that after approximately 14,000,000 years of intensive research into WTF, it has finally been revealed/determined that no, you are not your brother’s keeper. You are your own “keeper,” and your brother is your brother’s “keeper.”

          And, of course, the Mother is rightfully the one whose decision it is as to whether a particular spirit incarnates or not, depending on whether she feels like creating another new little will-body for it to possessanimate.
          </mad metascientist rant>

    • @ Orton Fallswell Free?!? Are you kidding me?!? We’ve lost more freedom and liberties since Clinton was President than I care to mention. Especially in the past 5 yrs since this foreign Muslim has been in the white house!

        • You call yourself “someone who has a brain.” Congratulations. How does it feel to have your brain up your ass?

        • Amazing at what? Enslaving the nation even ore? You ever fire a gun or serve in the military? If not, SHUT UP liberal shit for brains!

        • WHAAAAAAAT????? You’re kidding…..right? All he has done since usurping the office of President of the United States of America, is try to undermine the constitution and LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fantasy world are you living in?

        • Obama has done nothing but assure the end of this nation as we know it. More people than ever are on food stamps
          and public assistance. Over half of the nation is now dependent on the gov’t for at least part of their income. Now
          everyone who has ever served in the military or supported the constitution has been declared by Obama to be the
          greatest threat to national security the country has ever known. We, the people, who raised our hands to affirm we will
          defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic are now public enemy number 1. I think its that
          enemy…..domestic that scares the shit out of Obama as those who actually served to protect the constitution and the
          American people are the ones who he fears the most. Why else would he allow the NSA and HMS to do what they
          have been doing.
          Look at what happened when the temp extra $7-11 dollar food stamp boost expired. People damned near rioted.
          That’s the small spank the gov’t wanted to give the people to show they could also take it all away. The average
          grocery store has 3 days of food available and the warehouses ditto. In 6 days if the Gov’t desired there would be no
          food and the cities of America would burn and the welfare society the democrats and RINO’s has encouraged will
          begin to come to the burbs to take what is theirs (so the gov’t says).
          In the end, like all parasitic infested animals, the host will die unless good people become politically active and either
          start a 3rd party or insist the republicans support real conservative candidates.
          In the mean time keep your powder dry and hide your guns. They will be needed later.

        • That is correct: a government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you own. Many people are too stupid to know that, but I guess that’s on them. I for one will be here to defend The Constitution, my home and my loved ones. After all, my Bill of Rights says that I have the right to protect life, limb and property!!!!

        • Very true. I find myself routinely amazed. Now if only he were actually a GOOD president as well.

        • Yeah he’s been a great president alright, if you’re pro-communist, you MORON, It’s people like you that deserve whatever they dish out.

        • ~>Barry O…. is that you????? You really should stay outta these threads and stick to the ones discussing finger painting and nap time like you are used to.

        • Dan Mitchell says some Libertarians say the zero is useful – he’s waking up millions to the fact that the government can’t, and shouldn’t, be trusted.

        • “Amazing” is the right word for it. It’s amazing that people don’t understand what a president’s job is supposed to be (you can read it here: )

          It’s amazing that black people, a stunning 91% who voted for him, thought that they would all get free Obamaphones and free stuff, directly from Obama’s pockets. They were wrong. That is amazing.

          It’s amazing that he was re-elected by people who do not feel that showing proof of ID is necessary to exercise the right to vote. It’s amazing that he takes and publishes selfies. It’s amazing that he says the police acted stupidly when they arrested his soul brother in Cambridge who was breaking in to his own house. It’s amazing that he said that if he had a son he would look like the now-deceased Trayvon Martin. It’s amazing that your tax dollars are paying for his wife’s lavish vacations, this person who was never proud of this country before her vacations were all pre-paid. It’s amazing that we still have the right to say what we think on web sites like this without being called RACIST or that we “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion.”


        • this useless piece of garbage may hold the office of president but he certainly isn’t a president…. He and his cronies (Pelosi, Reid, Clinton,) to name a few are running this country into the ground. Honesty in government ???? what a joke…. I feel sorry for you young people who are going to reap the harvest of this clown’s cabinet…

    • You guys from NY should be moving to New Hampshire we are holding the line with our gun rights. The more like minded folk move here and we can vote them out and make this a ‘2nd amendment refuge state’.

    • The restiction above is a NYC code. Has nothing to do with the safe act. NYC has had some of the toughest firarms law in the country for over 20 years. All the liberal attitudes down there are crazy and uniformed about crimes with weapons.

    • S.O.S. When the government first got here they gave the Native Americans trinkets and beads, took their lands and confined them to reservations. Now they give cell phones and food stamps and enslave them on the Democratic plantation. They need to start a war or confiscate the ability of the people to fight back. When I was a young man I often wondered how the people of Germany allowed their government to do all the horrible things hey did. We are about to witness those things with our own eyes. Will we have the courage of our fathers to stop it?

      • Most of the population won’t dare nay say the empire. They might get their welfare checks cut. Look at the moaning over $7’s a month. The rest of us have been labled enemy of the state because we are eith vet’s or have the nerve to actually work and support ourselves. Rome fell because to few romans (city of rome) actually worked and no one wanted to defend the reilm. Slothfulness and persuit of earthly pleasures were more important. Its whats currently hapening in the US.

      • Police state? do you even know what a police state is u moron? They tell you when to eat sleep and piss wtf are you on ? people like you are the reason these “United States” are so f—-ed up you need to pack your bags and go live in a police state . Better yet move to Ireland and see what a so called police state has done for the people

      • Carol,
        Its obvious you have never been to Afghanistan or any muslim country. Out right slavery and so called indentured servitude is wide spread.

    • You sir are an idiot if you seriously think you are in the land of the free….your liberties are being eroded everyday… You will be one of the idiots when the storm troopers kick in your door will stand there crying and asking “How did this happen ” ????????

  1. But they keep on telling us that nobody wants to take our guns away. This must be a hoax to foment unrest amongst the bitter clingers.

    • This looks like a NYC decree, not a product of the NYS SAFE Act. NYC has a 5 round limit where the NYS SAFE act generously allows 7 rounds. It’s Bloomberg trying to get one last f*ck in before moving on to being a bigger nuisance with more time on his hands. Eventually NYC decrees will leak out of Bloomberg’s toxic bubble and into the rest of the state.

      • Happens all the time. Folks in the rest of country don’t understand that New York State and New York City are not one in the same. Big difference in people and attitude between New York up by Canada or out in the farmlands by the finger lakes, and some shit hole in Brooklyn. That NYC from a legal standpoint generates its own laws separate and distinct from the State. Bloomberg has nearly absolute control over the 8 million people in his town.

        • Same goes for Chicago and the rest of Illinois, which they so kindly call “Downstate Illinois.” We Downstaters are so outnumbered, we have no voice. And we pay their taxes.

        • And we keep hearing this is the best system in the world. It sounds like NYC enslaves NY, Chicago insulates IL,and L.A. enslaves CA.

          It seems like things will get worse and worse.

        • South NJ is like that too. North NJ is like a different country than South NJ, and North NJ treats us like crap and they have most of the power in the state. North NJ also worships NYC and hates Philly while South NJ hates both NYC and Philly. In South NJ we call people from NYC the great unwashed.

        • even out west here in co. liberals in denver screw the rest of the red blooded mountain folk with laws we dont want. thats why we have already recalled at least two elected officials already and more recalls on the way.

        • Ditto here in MD. The liberals in Baltimore/and Annapolis force their liberal antigun agenda laws down the rest of the states throats. Almost all of the gun crime is in Baltimore

        • In Denver there is more pot dispensaries than Starbucks coffee houses. As long as the liberal freaks keep getting
          their dope they will keep electing these shitheads. The whole state needs to secede from Denver and not allow
          anyone to emigrate from Denver into the rest of the state unless they can prove they are a conservative.

      • Carol,
        Your right Obama and the democrats in NY haven’t started selling people YET. But there are many forms of slavery and all you have to do is look at any Islamic state and commie state. They just have a hell of a lot of them enslaved in welfare and food stamps and taxing the rest into submission. All while violating the constitutional rights of the rest. The corrupt gov’t officials will probably start by selling off body parts, they already have death panels so why not go ahead and see whats available to sell on the open market. You won’t need them soon anyway.

  2. Old news .In the 90’s ,California decided the SKS rifle was a registered AW and mailed out fliers to Mr. and Mrs. America to hand em in-or else.

    In that instance, the “or else” meant a denied drivers license renewal .

    • Better have proof. Otherwise the boys in blue will be paying a visit. And by paying a visit I mean they’ll break your door down, hold you and your family at gunpoint, shoot your dog and search the entire house. And you better pray they don’t find anything, not even a spent casing.

        • The storm troopers are out raiding homes in California. They recently doubled their budget. Pretty frightening. One home at a time.

        • I wonder how the TeeVee nooz will spin it. Will we make whoever goes first a Martyr to the Cause?

          “He Died to Save our Guns!”

        • Rich, I’ve found, to anticipate the future look to the past. Consider how long it took media to start to cover the black on white crime spree thats been going on for 2 years and even now they are in denial about its true nature. Whatever comes to pass with regards to firearms confiscation will most likely never be accurately reported no matter how many law abiding gun owners end up dying for the common good.

  3. I do not know why anyone is surprised. Wait until January 1st and see what CT does as well.

    There is no other reason for registration and all the reasons I have heard from politicians are just BS. For example, if you are going in to serve a warrant as an officer do you not already assume the person is armed and dangerous or you count on a registry that you know is more than likely wrong?

    All stupid excuses for the unthinking masses that cannot think or read beyond a headline.

    This will not end until some people end up dead and then the courts will hopefully decide for the 2nd amendment. I will blame Obama for his continued policy to divide the country and to give false hope and make believe change. At current trend, he will not be happy until Israel is destroyed as well and we may be screwed in the Pacific sending an inexperience ambassador to fend off the Chinese. Nothing this president has done will end well.

    • It’s really a double-registry, since any guns bought retail were already registered.

      I have got to buy some vacation property in NH or PA.

      • I don’t know how long PA will be a safe haven. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh voters can be relied upon to vote for the biggest lefty stooges in the election. If you can believe it, 59 districts in Philadelphia voted unanimously for Obama, with not a single vote for Romney.

    • Didn’t you know that most folks, including many here, believe that The Law is sacred? It is a sin to break The Law, and if you don’t like it, your only option is to work within The System to change The Law.

      • the only laws that are sacred are gods laws most state and federal laws are put in place for the profit and gain of the government

    • Well, as a whole we are law abiding, law respecting citizens here, so I dont think name calling would be fitting for those who choose to stay in NY and give in to the bullshit. But at what point does a law become unlawful and invalid?

    • I would say patriot! A .22 should never be recalled. Or any gun for that matter. Rise up and vote out the idiots and don’t turn in that gun!.

      • How do you vote them out when you are the minority in a population that simply will not pull their heads out of the sand. People always say “vote them out,” but how do you do that in a losing battlefield like NY. I can’t say I know the answer, but I’m sure the people there have tried to vote them out, and it’s only gotten worse. Sure keep voting, fight the statists on all fronts, but I don’t think that only working within the current system is going to work moving forward. We can’t keep beating our heads against the same wall.

        • I agree with Evan. Majority of New York City dwellers are sheep and they are proud to be so. They are ignorant and know nothing outside their own slavery. You cannot vote anyone out in this situation. The solution is the rest of New York to separate from NYC. Again the ability to do this likely does not rest with voting. This is really not a comfortable solution to the rest of New York so the only real solution is to evacuate oneself from the horde to a different state.

        • You vote them out or move.

          Better yet, change the game, just like they do. A minority of all voters got 2 senators recalled in Colorado.
          The people who are voted in need to be held accountable for their false representation of their constituency and to the Constitution.

          If not now, when?

        • Vote them out of office in NYC? And who’s going to do that? They just elected a Democrat for mayor, so expect things to get worse, not better.

        • What is funny is that, thanks to the Sullivan Act, NYC is free to ignore the rest of the state when it comes to gun laws. So an upstate gun owner who goes through the hoops to get a carry permit cannot carry in NYC. And yet someone with a NYC carry permit can carry anywhere in the state, and the laws established by the five boroughs (like the Safe Act) are burdened on everyone.

          Some are more equal than others.

        • Read “Atlas Shrugged”.

          If they hold all the political cards and you cannot vote them out at the ballot box you must vote with your feet. All the productive citizens must vote in the most effective way – Go Galt! Once a government has become this corrupt the only solution is to STOP SUPPORTING THEM and remove yourself from any activity that provides aid, comfort and tax support for that government.

          When you are outnumbered by the “Moochers” you have no possibility through democratic elections of overcoming the altruist politicians who confiscate your productivity and hand it out to non-producers in order to buy their votes and retain power. Only when you shrug off that load will you be free and that corrupt civilization implode.

      • The majority of NYC voters, upon seeing a SWAT team invade a house and kill a gun owner who has an “arsenal” of illegal guns, will say, “Good! I fell safer now.”.

        How do you overcome that at the ballot box?

        • Here’s my fervent prayer: Deblasio makes things so bad in the Gulag that so many people leave that the number of communist representatives in state government goes down. After that we have to get all the non – semi gun owners in the state to understand that their liberty is under attack too. Btw you bow hunters – it’s your battle too.

        • More like “The cops just raided that nice guy next door – the one who never bothered anybody and shoveled old Mrs. Clancy’s sidewalk and stoop every Winter. That’s BS. F*** THEM!”

    • Unlikely, Leonard. However, I will be glad to keep calling you an “idiot”, a “narcissist”, and just plain “asking for it.”

      Your ridiculous trolling is usually slightly more subtle than this.

  4. It seems like the requirement to submit a statement of where the firearms will be stored outside of NYC would be a violation of 4A.

    Additionally, wouldn’t the burden of proof reside with the state? I don’t have to prove that I’m in compliance with the law, the state must prove that I’ve broken it.

    • This sounds right. Also, there is a very big difference between receiving a letter in the mail and having the police knock on your door. I’m wondering how far the nanny state will take it.

    • I agree, it would sort of be like being stopped on the street and the authorities checking your “papers” to make sure you’re not the wrong ethnic group or something.

    • Not that they give a shit about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but just responding to this form is an obvious violation of your Fifth Amendment right: “…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

  5. I thought the SAFE Act addressed the magazines, not the firearms? Those firearms can be loaded with a magazine of various capacities, some 5-or-under and some 6-or-over. Isn’t the correct remedy (compliant with Bloomberg’s fevered dreams) to surrender the 6-or-over magazines? Why is the justification for coming after the firearms?

    • Because it isn’t really about the magazines. They don’t want you to have it period so if they use the excuse, “well it could accept a larger capacity magazine,” it gets one more gun out of the hands of law abiding citizens. It puts them closer to their goal of complete disarmament.

  6. I’m confused. I don’t know much about the NY SAFE Act, but it appears that this person has to remove his rifles from the “gun free” zone of NYC. So, he can store them at a relative’s house one mile outside of the city limits and this would be okay? Is there a carve out in the Act regarding NYC? How does this make sense?

    • “How does this make sense?”

      It doesn’t. That’s what everyone here has been pointing out. And which seems to be lost on NYC and Albany. And a few other state legislatures.

    • The letter is a NYC generated letter, referencing NYC laws–not the SAFE Act. The referenced guns are allowed by the SAFE Act but not NYC law. NYC has no carveout–just a few additional layers of restrictions. So he can take them out of NYC and store them elsewhere in the state. I know, it’s hard to believe there are more restrictive laws than the statewide SAFE Act.

      • What you say about NYC and not SAFE act is absolutely true, but if NYC/Bloomberg get away with this what are the odds that Albany will attempt a similar move?

  7. How about F U. This is exactly why we don’t want registration. Are you serious… a .22 is a kids plinking gun not a terror tool! Fing idiots.

    • As President Ronald Reagan once famously said; «Well», to which I will add; crazy persons can kill a lot of people with just about any type of gun. Like this kid, he shot and killed 15 people with a bolt action .22lr.

    • Yeahhhh… I get what you’re saying, but a .22 is plenty lethal. Might take longer to die from it, but it’ll kill ya.

    • I don’t believe my opinion on the Second Amendment or Constitutional Carry is a secret here, and so I agree with your comment, however, from a purely tactical standpoint do you think a person on the receiving end of ANY gunfire knows or cares if it is .22 LR? It’s INCOMING and that’s what matters. Some rounds we all know are ore lethal than others, but if they are coming at your face are you going to react much differently if they are .22 or 5.56? Either round can and will kill you or at least put you out of the fight.

      Which would you rather face – A .22 LR Calico with a 100 round magazine or a 12 gauge pump with 5 rounds? Correct answer is NEITHER ONE, but I bet the Calico will keep your head down a lot more effectively, even with body armor.

    • No good. As far as this letter is concerned, if you don’t have a paper trail attesting otherwise, they’re assuming you still have the gun. Better make sure it fell in a really deep lake.

      • “The firearms you’re looking for are in storage in a location where they are legal. Try to prove otherwise…”

    • Voting is important absolutely but the scary thing about this type of thing is it seems RKBA supporters are the minority in ny.

      Voting won’t protect the rights of minorities which is why we have a bill of rights and legal system that should be in place to protect those rights.

      I’m not saying we shouldn’t vote but just that loosing elections is not where rights like the RKBA are lost.

      • Voting is good, but you also have to MAKE A LOT OF NOISE – out-shout your opponents. Look at the grabbers’ tactics: demonize guns and gun owners using the media megaphone. Indoctrinate the sheeple. Wage sticker war in the subway. Get creative.

        • Voting is not the answer. We don’t need to vote about this. We already have the 2nd amendment; the law is already on our side and its wording could not be any clearer. What’s voting going to do?

          The only course left is to spit in the faces of tyrants and dare them to molon labe.

  8. It’s New York. When the police come, they’ll obediently hand them over. Then they’ll be arrested and charged with a felony, thus losing the right to vote – because we all know that the Founding Fathers specifically said that if you do anything to annoy politicians, you lose all of your rights. How did that line go in the Declaration of Independence? “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that some men are created equal, and that the lesser men are endowed by their Rulers with certain limited Privileges…” Right?

    • I know some in NYC are decent, but NYC just elected an open, un-apologetic communist as Mayor, with more than 70% of the vote. I didn’t think it would be possible to do worse than Bloomy, but somehow they pulled it off. So, yes, I agree that people will meekly comply. For the most part, they deserve everything they get. Screw NYC.

      • “NYC just elected an open, un-apologetic communist as Mayor, with more than 70% of the vote.”

        When the government has the ability to confiscate wealth in the form of taxes from the 30% of producers and give it away to the 70% non-producers in return for their political support, and every man’s vote is yet equal, the producers become slaves to the state and the support of the non-productive.

        It would be political suicide to allow that 30% to own effective arms to resist this tyranny.

        Who is John Galt?

  9. A wise man once said, “Git yer ass to Texas!”

    On a more serious note, mark this day and watch the numbers for violent crime. Assuming they report truthfully and don’t skew the data (as they’re wont to do), violent crime in NYC will skyrocket and the upward trend on the graph will begin in November, 2013.

    • A wiser man once said, “Look at all the articles about Texas not being nearly as gun-friendly as the media portrays it. Get your ass to Arizona or the Mid-West (just not Illinois)”.

      • There are certainly more gun friendly places, but one thing Texas has is consistency. Yes, a lot of RINOs get elected, but we have lighter business regs that are consistent(very important) and gun laws that aren’t likely to get worse, but are slow to get better(knock on wood). Our biggest problem is the influx of lefties from the northeast and California that come here for better opportunities, and bring their bad ideas with them thinking, “if we just do it better this time.” we also have a problem with the Anglo republican population who consistently drives the immigrant population into the arms of the democrats. It doesnt help that the democrats Also tell them that the republicans will send them and their families back to Mexico if they get elected(false propaganda during elections).

      • No!… please go to Texas. Leave Arizona out of this. We have all we can handle dealing with the folks fleeing California and bringing their liberal politics here. We don’t need an influx of New Yorkers that are even more liberal coming here. They’ve lived under the nanny state for so long they no longer recognize what freedom is and just plain can’t believe that the government “cares so little” for it’s citizens out here. We kinda prefer it and would like to keep it that way. So please stay away…

        • @DrVino

          I’d wager that’s because a growing number of people are libertarians, thus they do not claim to be “conservative” if asked, because they do not agree with the big government / legislating religion policies of the Republican party.

        • To all of those Red states that are fearful of liberal immigrant take-over, you need to push for amendment to your state constitutions before the Libs can oppose you! Push this amendment:

          1. No state agency or branch of government may disburse funds from the public treasury, from whatever source derived, except in payment for services rendered at rates commensurate with such services available to the private sector.

          2. Due to obvious conflict of interest, no person receiving more than 25% of their monthly income from state government funds is eligible to vote in any state-wide election, except for the President and vice-president of the United States and federal Senators and Congressmen, so long as this condition persists.

          Given that amendment no Liberal legislature could use tax dollars to buy liberal or crony-capitalist votes and subvert the intent of the constitution(s).

        • Funny, I would think you’d welcome a New Yorker who wanted to relocate. If I was thinking about leaving NY to go somewhere else it would be because I didn’t agree with the liberal BS here. Which means I probably have a lot of the same political beliefs that you do.

        • “I would think you’d welcome a New Yorker who wanted to relocate”

          Not really. Experience is that they flee a Blue City over one issue, not over the Marxist ideology. They move to a Red State and start peddling the same crap that destroyed their city.

      • In the even of attempting to force those bastards out of OUR country, the U.S. dollar will become a liability. Save precious metals, in small denominations, somewhere that you can access in any emergency.

        Also stock cheap whiskey for barter and for use in case we lose.

  10. I wonder who the first person to be charged with failure to comply will be. I hope it happens soon, for the sooner someone is charged the sooner this assinine law can be brought to the courts.

  11. Because a bolt action 22LR is so deadly.

    What did the pro gun control people say…

    “No one is trying to take your guns, repeat, no one is trying to take your guns – we just want common sense gun restrictions”

  12. This doesn’t seem to be a SAFE Act related letter. NYC has much different gun laws than NYS (I’m saying this as a gun owner who lives in NYC). In NYC long guns can only have 5 round magazine capacities. We’ve also had an “assault weapons” ban since 1991 (with a 1 feature requirement).

    I recently bought a Remington 870 and got a ration of shit from the Kew Gardens’ Rifle/Shotgun division because the receipt didn’t clearly show the magazine capacity.

    What the person who got this letter can do is try to find 5 rnd magazines for these rifles, show the Kew Gardens folks the receipts and they should be fine. Don’t bring it to the 1 Police Plaza license division in Manhattan, though, because they only deal with pistol licenses.

    Would any TTAG readers be interested in reading a post about what it’s like to be a firearms owner in NYC? If so (and if it’s ok with Robert and co.) I could write something up.

  13. I did a little digging, and found the law in question:

    Now, I only gave it a cursory glance, but as I read it only magazines of more than 5 rounds are prohibited.

    b. No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is
    designed for use in a rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding
    more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun ammunition, unless such person
    is exempt from subdivision a of section 10-303.1 pursuant to section
    10-305, provided that a dealer in rifles and shotguns may possess such
    ammunition feeding devices for the purpose of disposition authorized
    pursuant to subdivision a of this section.

    Ammunition “feeding device”…not the firearm itself. Am I missing something, here?

    Also, further in they make an exception for film crew. Because, you know…priorities.

    • Well there HAS to be an exception for film crews since we all know that every firearm used in a movie or television production is capable of firing 100 times before reloading.

  14. Just reading that letter sends a chills down my back and deep into my soul. I know these things happen, but to see that letter… I don’t even know how else to respond. Someday, sadly, uncivil disobedience may become the only recourse to a government out of control.

    • I’ve been seeing it on website but I wish there was a source attached. Anyone can mock up a letter.

      Now, given it’s NYC, I don’t really doubt its validity. After all, going after legal gun owners is much more important that stopping gangs. But having a name attached would have been better.

      • I am the original poster of this letter, which was lifted off of a FaceBook group I posted this on without my knowledge nor expressed permission, as it was received by my friend who chooses to have his name, address, and firearms serial numbers private for his own piece of mind and protection. Trust me when I say that it’s a real letter from the NYPD Pistol/Rifle Licensing Unit in Kew Gardens, Queens accompanied by another letter with the official NYPD seal which I did not include because it’s a typical canned letter stating NYC’s penal codes on firearms ownership.

  15. When the gun control supporters question why us law-abiding citizens think that their agendas will lead to confiscation, we need only point at this and at what’s happening in California and say, “Because you’re full of SHIT.”

    Unfortunately, moments like this are a good sign that you have passed the point of no return in the fight–that working within the system to change it so that it doesn’t violate your natural rights is no longer possible, because the system will not allow it. Your only real options are to submit to the oppression of your rights, resist and be thrown in jail or killed, or leave. Right now, within the U.S., it is possible (albeit financially difficult) to take the third option and move to a more rights-friendly state. But if the gun control machine continually overtakes our state legislatures as they’ve done in CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and HI, eventually there will be nowhere to run to, and we will be left with two very painful choices–resist, or surrender our liberties forever.

    Let’s make sure we don’t get to that point, and work within the system where we can, while it’s still possible.

        • Are you so completely devoid of creativity that all you can endorse is sedition? There are other, non-violent ways. We use violence, we lose. Simple calculus. Your ragtag guerilla group is going to strike from and hide where exactly? How do you propose to fight armor, infantry, and tactical air with satellite reconnaissance? Use your AK to shoot them out of the sky?

          All you’re doing is giving the antis more quotes. Grow up and use your head for a change. Life is NOT a video game or a reality show.

        • I understand the “States Rights” issue of the Confederacy, as much as I abhor the concept of slavery, but any rational person should have seen that the South was a mostly agrarian society wholly dependent on the labor of an unwilling, inefficient and expensive workforce to sustain their economy. Except for a miracle leading to capitulation by the North they had little chance of succeeding in any war of attrition, which did in fact destroy them in the end.

          In any future such conflict is unlikely that the economic lines will be so clearly diverse and so the outcome remains in doubt. Of more concern is the state of the world political situation when the stabilizing influence of The United States of America is removed from the equation. This conflict is about freedom and liberty here and what that means to the world, not just to Americans.

    • But if the gun control machine continually overtakes our state legislatures as they’ve done in CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and HI, eventually there will be nowhere to run to, and we will be left with two very painful choices–resist, or surrender our liberties forever.

      I agree. Some states will continue to resist the push for gun control (I thought CO would be one of them, so much for that), but in the end I suspect massive gun control will be passed. It won’t happen tomorrow, or even in the next 5 to 10 years….I think it’s inevitable, just as I suspect we’ll also go in to full-blown Euro-socialism sometime in the next 25 to 50 years.

      • Not if the money runs out.

        Tyranny precipitates its own collapse by doubling down on the expensive apparatus of oppression. Happened to the Bourbons, happened to the Romanovs, happened to George III. The Soviet Union, Rome…

        We’re already in full-on currency debasement mode, which, historically, is the last gasp of empire.

        • Your mention of empire strikes a chord with me. I just got introduced to the concept that the United states is an empire and not an nation. It makes a whole lot of what goes on in DC a lot more understandable and explains why both Democrats and Republicans are attacking conservatives: the ruling elite can not tolerate challenges to its authority.

        • What Michael G says above is interesting. The ruling elite in Washington and the tyrannical city-states no longer view America as a republic created by and subject to the will of the member States according to the limitations of the Constitution, they consider America to be an empire of 50 states ruled by Washington D.C. We are witnessing the worst nightmare of the Founding Fathers.

          Gives more insight into Limbaugh’s use of the term “Obama Regime.”

      • Maybe. Maybe not. Obamacare might be the wake-up call we needed. It’s a shame it had to be so painful, but I’m more optimistic these days. I think the Progs overreached badly.

    • Yup…God forbid they have pistol grips, folding stocks, or thumbhole stocks

      and forget about those bayonet lugs or those ever so popular “grenade launchers” that we all yearn to mount on our rifles…LOL

  16. 1.) A nasty letter in the mail is not Due Process.

    2.) If shotguns can have simple plastic dohickies in them to limit capacity (ie. 3 rounds for hunting) then why not install some aftermarket dohickie to limit capacity to 5? Problem solved.

    • Nor is some obscure paperwork trail probable cause for a search warrant nor a blatantly unconstitutional law grounds for confiscation of personal property.

      Mechanical compliance with an unconstitutional law is not “Problem solved” since the problem they are trying to solve is not and has never been magazine capacity, it’s about the guns themselves, and they will NOT be satisfied until that problem is solved.

    • I am the original poster of this letter received by my friend who owns these rifles and what you stated is exactly what he will be doing with his rifles…having a gunsmith modify the magazines permanently limiting them to only 5 round capacities.

  17. God! Am I the only one that this seems like another phony TTAG post? I mean honestly, 5 rounds of .22? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that TTAG reported false rumors as the truth. I will wait until I see it somewhere else before I get excited about it. However, you people go ahead and write with your outrage. The advertisers love that!

    Oh, don’t forget that TTGA is the source that told us NYS was outlawing lever and pump firearms and that Bank of America has an anti-gun policy. Anything for more hits! This is NOT a reliable source of news. They may even be correct about this incident, I don’t know. I do know enough not to trust the source.

    • Jim B,

      TTAG in my experience does not purposely post anything bogus. A quick google search would have brought you to this:

      This is straight from the NYC gov. It clearly outlines that rifles and shotguns over 5 rounds are illegal:

      “Rifles and shotguns have a separate rule in New York City that was not affected by the NY SAFE Act. As per New York City Administrative Code 10-306(b) rifles and shotguns in New York City cannot have feeding devices capable of holding more than (5) rounds.”

      It clearly outlines the gunsmith modifications:

      “In a situation where a permit holder believes the weapon can be modified to be in compliance, the permit holder may request to place the gun in the possession of a licensed gunsmith for modification and certification of compliance, rather than surrendering the gun. If permission is granted, proof that the gun was immediately placed in the possession of a gunsmith will be required.”

      Anything else Jim?

      ” I will wait until I see it somewhere else before I get excited about it.”

      Great activism there Jim.

      • Could be the letter recipient was turned in by ex-wife or disenchanted girlfriend etc, looking for a reward. NY has a rat-on-a-neighbor—get-a-check program.

        • No Bill…I happen to know the person who received this letter and he is happily married, so stop with your moronic speculations. The only explanation here is that his name and number came up with the NYPD in their attempt to crack down on those in “violation” of NYC’s long gun magazine capacity laws.

      • “…If permission is granted…”

        THAT’S the scary part. It shows without doubt that they believe that your Second Amendment rights are permissions granted to you, not natural, civil and Constitutionally protected.

      • Oh it’s real alright and that 718 phone number will put you in contact with the firearms licensing officer in charge of this crap…P.O. Harris. How do I know this? Because I am the one who posted this letter on FaceBook, which somehow made its debut on this website. The recipient of this letter respectfully chooses to have his name and address kept confidential so I removed that information from the letter but believe me, this letter is as real as it gets and I have seen others getting the same letters too in NYC.

  18. I bet every politician in NY gets a copy of “Mein Kampf” signed by Bloomberg and
    Obama for Christmas this year.

  19. Oh, I called the number listed on the form and the lady knew nothing about such a letter. She said it sounds like a hoax. Why could’t Robert Farago have called before publishing this nonsense? Oh, I know! More hits! Anything to bring up the hits for the advertisers. Maybe they should change their name from the The Truth About Guns to Ridiculous Rumors About Guns.

    Of course there will be no apology or retraction from TTAG. That’s the norm.

  20. Never register anything in your gun safe. Not even once.

    P E R I O D.

    It will be taken away from you at some point. This is absolute proof.

    • Doesn’t NYC have a blanket ban on handguns? That having been said, it would be interesting to see how this law applies to a Judge-style revolving rifle. Is the cylinder an “ammunition feeding device”?

        • Isn’t the Sullivan Act a practical ban on handguns, preventing anyone who isn’t politically connected from obtaining a license?

        • Well, someone can do it now thanks to Heller, but they still have made it prohibitively expensive and so time-wasting that no normal person can go through it all. Unfortunately the courts don’t have a problem with charging people hundreds of dollars every year or so to renew permits.

  21. How’d the trolls get on here? You want fact checking go to Snopes (/sarc). You can call any number of NYS government agencies and get just as many different answers regarding the (un)SAFE Act. THAT’S A FACT! NYC regulations rise out of the same communist cesspool of thought that the Act did. You want facts, here’s one: the government is coming for your guns and soon.

    • I love people who complain about ‘trolling’ when other people actually ask for evidence or facts. Who needs evidence when we can have outrage, right?

  22. Gun rights are civil rights!
    Gun control was first used by Democrats to deny black people their civil rights.
    Gun control is racist.
    Black people suffer the most because of gun control.
    Wake up people!

    • I would have to amend this to say, “Law-abiding black people suffer most from gun control laws.”

      The criminal element of any racial or ethnic group cares little about and so suffers little from any laws attempting to “control guns”. At worst it is only an inconvenience for them. At best it is a business opportunity.

  23. It’ll be amazing how many boating accidents are about to happen there. Gosh, i hope bad guys get those confiscation letters too!

  24. Registration does lead to confiscation . This is all part of the bigger plan [ U. N. Agenda 21] for those in Power to micro control every aspect of our lives. WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO WAKE UP OTHERS to this indoctrinated TYRANNY. People are deceived into contracting and believing “The government is here to help us”. Registration to the government (of anything) is consenting to their contract and jurisdiction. What ever you register becomes the property of the state

  25. More militant progressivism/liberalism in action. I think I agree with Michael Savage when he said liberalism is a mental disorder. There is absolutely no reason or logic in their motives. It’s complete fantasy.

  26. “Between 1954 and 2002, Congress passed 15,817 laws. Of those, the Supreme Court struck down 103 — just two-thirds of 1%. Of the more than 1 million state laws passed during that same time period, the Court struck down 452; less than 1/20th of 1%. In any given year, the Supreme Court strikes down just three out of every 5,000 laws passed by Congress and state legislatures……The idea that federal and state legislators are hitting the constitutional strike zone more than 99% of the time with the laws they pass is preposterous. ”

    — Clark Neily, senior attorney at the Institute for Justice

    Haven’t heard of IJ? You should, and they should hear from you.

  27. What do you not understand about “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”? When are you New Yorkers going to rescue your government from the criminals who are now running it?

  28. I feel as if we need to build a large wall around the city, not for our safety, but their own. The walls in Mayberry on the Walking Dead kept the walkers out and the people stayed in blissful ignorance. If the people left, they’d die very quickly. If most of these snobby sheepish NY types ever left the city they’d be completely at a loss. Lets do our part to save NYC by petitioning for a wall around the city, so they cant hurt themselves and so their Hitler-esque policies cant spread and infect the rest of us “yokels” in the rest of Amerika, remember, its for the children.

  29. Good thing they listed the gruesome AR-7. It has no scary features, but the detachable mag holds a whopping 8 rounds of 22lr. It was originally made by Armalite, hence the AR prefix. It’s more common name was the U.S. Survival rifle. It’s now made by Henry and sold as a backpacking gun.

  30. Where legal, if you are a gun owner, open carry! Be respectful, friendly, and peace-loving. I live in CT, where, like NY, the majority of people are either anti-gun or closet gun owners. There’s a social stigma against owning a firearm as the owner is often viewed as paranoid or looking for trouble. The stigma allows a relatively weak and unconstitutionally based minority (those who favor disarmament) to shift the focus from people’s actions to an inanimate tool. Let’s break the stigma! It’s not the tool that is the problem, it’s the person. Troubled people will find any tool, whether it’s a firearm, a fertilizer bomb, or even a laptop to inflict terror.

  31. The Second Amendment, as the rest of the Bill of Rights, is an acknowledgement of our natural born rights, not a granting. The entire Bill of Rights is about keeping the governments in their place. The Second Amendment is about the common person’s right to own weapons of war so that we can keep the governments in their place by keeping the ‘monopoly on force’ in the hands of the people where it belongs, as in ‘We the people.’ Remember that? It will not be infringed any further and the ‘gun laws’ in existence will be repealed. End of discussion.

    All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept further ‘control’ until the final objective, civilian disarmament, is achieved. Thus all gun control is an act of war.

    What we need is a granite gallows in front of the u.S. capitol, the now red house, every state capitol, every county court house and city hall with a militia force on hand to provide a speedy treason trial and execution for those who violate their oaths.

    Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.
    It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.
    If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.
    The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.
    What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?
    Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first. Then read my column ‘Prepping for Slavery.’

    • Historical note: The Warsaw Ghetto uprising failed and many tens of thousands of people died.

      Meantime, millions of people who DID NOT fight the Nazi oppression also died in the camps and other pograms. Which group would you want to be aligned with in history?

      And by the way, many millions of non-Jewish Germans also died because they either sided with or did not stand against the Nazi fascism, many of them women and children cowering in their basements wondering what went wrong.

      “I would rather die in the cause of freedom than live on my knees as a slave.” I forget the attribution at this moment.

  32. This can’t happen, I thought the military and police overall protect and fight for our freedom. Sarcasm off.

    People need to wake up and stop drinking the patriotic Kool-aid. Most of these “public servants” will confiscate your guns if ordered to because they don’t care about their oath to the constitution and the evidence is overwhelming.

    Nothing will improve until people realize the disconnect in their thought process. Many cops come from the military, they are trained to follow orders (all orders)and they are the same way when they join a police department.

    You people in New York better hope that the courts grant relief because they WILL come for your guns.

    • Jared, you have been misinformed.

      As part of EVERY basic training regimen the recruits are taught specifically that they are supposed to obey LEGAL orders from their superiors. They are also taught that in the event an order is in their opinion ILLEGAL they are not only not required to obey, it is their duty to NOT obey that order and to report the person issuing the order to their superiors.

      This does not always work, peer and other institutional pressure being what it is, but this is what is taught. For historical reference please see the Neuremburg Trials. “I was only obeying orders” is not a valid defense.

      • Cliff,

        You appear to be misinformed… Not I.

        The constitution is a paperweight, politicans and government bureaucrats (police and military) never get put in prison for violating it, nor are they ever held accountable.

        But I don’t need to argue it with you the fact is that not one soldier or cop who confiscated guns in New Orleans ever ended up in jail.

        The Constitution is a nice idea especially the Bill of Rights, but as Lysander Spooner said, it either created the monster government that we have or it is too weak to stop it either way it is unfit to exist… and he wrote that back in the mid-1800s.

        The fact of the matter is for every “oath keeper” there is in the police or military there are 30 more who will do whatever they are ordered to whether that is take your guns, force relocate your family or bulldoze through your house because they take orders from politicians who are liars and thieves.

  33. Although I do not agree with this action at all I am finding it hard to feel sorry for the people of NYC. THEY keep electing Communists to run their government then they are surprised when they want to take away your right to protect yourself. And believe me they have some real goodies in store for you once they get your protection. I suggest you move YESTERDAY out of NYC or start a citizen movement to get rid of the Communists running the city. Where were all these people when DeBlasio was running for office. What did they do to stop this Communist from being elected?? Probably too busy watching the football games.

  34. Lets see: Bloomberg

    Who are those who have been at the forefront of anti-gun laws and legislation – the answer is in the last paragraph.

    Bloomberg, Feinstein, Levin, Schumer, etc, and for that matter for the massive fraud and theft of our wealth – Greenspan, Giethner, Lew, etc. the list goes on and on.

    In the first Soviet Communist Government of Russia in 1917, of the 502 highest offices in the government, 467 were Jews. Jews ran and were in charge of all the Gulags, prison camps and torture chambers. Alexandr Solzenitzn writes in his last book on the history of Russia how the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians – that’s not counting the Polish, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Lativan’s, etc, etc. In fact Jewish historians, papers, perodicals, and writers “brag” that they were and are the originators of “Marxist Communism”. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Lenin, Stalin, Kruchev and others, all were Jews on at least one of their parents sides. Go figure who is running our country from behind the scenes, stealing our money and sending our young men to die for oil, power and Israel. What we have to realize is that “both” Islam and Jewry are both our mortal enemies. Why do you think that over 100 countries and thousands of cities, towns, kingdoms, and villages expelled the Jews, unfortunately only “after” the treason, theft, and subterfuge was done and near completed.

    • Jarhead, if that is your real name: Where to begin?

      Al I can say is, are you receiving treatment for your brain injury through the Navy, or the VA if you are a former Marine?

      You pretend to have a grasp of history but have no understanding of consequences. There were also untold millions of non-Jews complicit in each and every one of those atrocities. Demonizing a racial or ethnic group because of the actions of a small percentage of persons of that racial or ethnic background is hardly a (final) solution to the problem. This is exactly like demonizing guns because some people (of whatever ethnic persuasion) use them to commit crimes.

      We MUST judge each and every man and woman by the content of their character, not the color of their skin nor the ethnic heritage of parents they did not choose. You are measured by what you choose to do, not by what others choose to believe about you.

      You choose to identify yourself as a Marine. Should I then infer that EVERY Marine believes that Jews are the root cause for ALL of the world’s problems? I prefer to believe that the majority of Marines are rational people who would be apologetic for the fact that you claim membership in their organization.

      Get a grip, or at least take a pill.

  35. those who wrote these codes…should be the first ones to be held responsible…the second ones will be the enforcers… on …ball is in your court….NULLIFICATION…is the answer…..and you will define it….Semper Fi

  36. They can have my guns and every bullet that goes in them… one at a time, because that is what it will take for them to reconsider these unconstitutional laws.

  37. Option 4: move out of NYC without looking back, say good riddance to bad rubbish and if you own a business, take it with you.

  38. Speaking of God!In 1974 he got hold of me and gave me the ministry of a prophet, which is why i can tell you that according to the word it is God that is behind America being under attack sa she is.Don’t believe that?Deut. chapter 28 verse 48 shows us how that God will let a people serve their enemy because they did not listen to the voice of the Lord.When you have to serve your enemy, you have lost your freedom
    and that is just what is taking place in America? is it not? Chapter 28 also tells us that if you listen to the voice of the Lord he will make you the head and not the tail.Man believes in God butb does not believe his word.Eph 4-5 tells us there is only one faith.To make it short the book of Acts is the very beginning of the pentecostal faith, which is the only faith the bible teaches.God said to me,”the South will rise again,” so you can save your money! [email protected]

  39. I live in Canada where we don’t need to own assault rifles and guns with multiple rounds. And guess what, I still feel safe walking the streets, driving and riding the streets, and safe in my home. Is there really a need to own these? I’ve heard from some of my American friends, “Well this way if someone starts something, I can finish it.”. Think about it. By the time you find your gun, the other persons already shot you, so why bother. It’s really quite amusing reading this stuff from the U.S.

    • This is so funny. You don’t feel the need. That’s because you are still a subject of the crown and don’t know what liberty is. Plus you don’t know what rights are because you don’t have any. The point isn’t if we need a semi automatic gun it’s our right to have one. Perhaps if you had similar rights you would understand.

    • Yes Mike, all human beings should be equal; if them people calling themselves the country of Canada have scary looking guns then so should everyone else.

      There is nothing inherently special about the people calling themselves the state. No matter what plot of land on the planet is in question.

      If you want to be educated about guns, listen to Dan Carlin’s episode of Common Sense episode 234.

    • “I still feel safe walking the streets, driving and riding the streets, and safe in my home.”

      You may FEEL safe, but is that reality? Canada is still full of RCMP and other police agencies and someone, somewhere is collecting and collating statistics regarding violent crimes in Canada. What are they doing to keep busy?

      And regardless of all of those things, how you FEEL, especially in Canada, has nothing whatsoever to do with my natural, Civil and U.S. Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

    • Mike, you can FEEL any way you want. If your government won’t let you own something, just keep telling yourself that you don’t need it anyway.
      But do not dare try to tell me what I need. Thank you!

    • Mike, as a fellow CDN,.. perhaps you should first learn about CDN gun laws before commenting on American ones…. just a thought.

      Oh and to get you started,.. many, many CDNs own AR-15s and the like. Heck, some private citizens, still own full auto and belt fed HMGs.

      You were better off staying silent, fool.

    • Mike, the concern here in the U. S. is tyrannical criminal government, which is precisely why our founders etched in stone our birthright to defend ourselves vis-a-vis the Second Amendment in our Constitution. If we don’t have firearms to defend ourselves then only criminals, including those in government, will have all the marbles.

    • I’d rather be safe than “feel” safe. The million or so annual successful defensive gun uses every year refute you.

      • He doesnt say where he lives in Canada and if in a city what section. Every city in america (and the world) has safe places to walk at night alone and places even the cops don’t go to. He sounds like he’s claiming canada is crime free which is pure BS. Canada under reports crime like England.
        Criminals have to be afraid. Afraid they will be shot. That causes crime to go sown. 20 years ago that guy that shot the 5 teenagers who were asking for money (while menacing him with sharpened screwdrivers) cause crime on the subways in NYC to plumet to near zero for 6 months.

  40. This has to be unconstitutional. The word “arms” means the same today as it did in 1787, the date of the Constitutional Convention that produced the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights – and “arms” means weapons of war. With this demand the City of New York would deny its residents their right of self defense with weapons of war protected under the Second Amendment. I certainly hope that there’s a court challenge made to this attempt at confiscation in the context of the the meaning of the original as well as contemporary language of the Bill of Rights.

    • In a way, I have to agree with the law. While I don’t blame guns for killing people, I blame irresponsible gun owners for their psycho kid taking theirs to school and shooting his classmates.

      Until we, as a country, can learn how to keep our guns out of the hands of kids who don’t know how to use it and understand it’s NOT a toy, psychos, the irresponsible, the borderline homocidal, then we need to cut down on the amount of damage that they can do.

      Remember, all those school shootings were the result of someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to have a gun getting ahold of one. You scream about constitutional rights, but if Hitler was alive today, would you hand him a gun? Weapons should be a privelege, not a right. Owning one should depend on being able to prove that you can safely and responsibly handle and store it, and I doubt any responsible gun owner would disagree with that idea. But as long as guns are getting into the hands of the wrong people, we need to cut down on the damage they can do. And honestly, if you need one to protect yourself, if you’re trained to use that gun, what are the odds that you’re really going to need that 6th shot? Remember, rifles and shotguns do a lot more damage than most small pistols.

      A compromise was needed, and that seems like a pretty decent idea. They’ll modify your gun to hold less ammo and you get to keep it, while limiting how many people that emo kid that went insane is going to be able to kill.

      America just isn’t responsible enough to be free to own any gun they want.

      • Tony,
        First its called “The Bill of Rights” and not the Bill of Needs. Who are you to decide if we need a 6th round? Highly trained cops in shoot outs sometimes fire 100’s of rounds and hit squat. Highly trained or not when someone breaks into your home the adrenalin surge is going to make you shoot wildly. Anyone who has been deer hunting can tell you about that first deer they shot at. More often they missed as I did and thats what happens.AND THE DEER IS NOT SHOOTING BACK! Would we give Hitler a gun. Bad analegy on your part. The people of German all gave their guns to him and look what happened!

      • The number of people murdered because their firearms have been reduced in effectiveness or who have chosen not to own firearms because the hassle is too great will far outnumber any lives saved by such a “compromise.”

        It’s funny when I hear the word compromise I don’t picture two parties both giving up some of what they want so that both may get something, I hear the sirends of the Enterprise in an episode of Star Trek when their hull was “compromised.”

        Grow up, gun control gets people killed at a far greater rate than it saves their lives.

        • Rich,
          You’ve got that right. Look at what happened in NYC with the 3 guys who were going to play the knock out game and ending 2 of them getting shot and one pistol whipped. The cops interviewed the perps and were released even though they admited to conspiring to commit a felony and the cops are looking for the intended victom to arrest. They will probably try to charge him with a hate crime because the intended victom is white and the perps are black.

        • Yes, just like the gun grabbers would rather have a woman raped than use a gun to defend herself. Libs display an absence of logic and a total disregard for facts.

    • To be fair this is untrue in most cases.

      Although I oppose all gun control, no one in Australia or England has been put in a death camp.

      Also, many countries register guns and have not confiscated them.

      I don’t like fearmongering on the left and I don’t like it on the right.

      It doesn’t help.

      Michigan registers handguns and the state hasn’t confiscated them.

        • Louisiana doesn’t register guns (except NFA firearms)

          So the correlation is irrelevant.

          What is important is that while many on the right fellate the military, they forget about Katrina and that they were more than willing to follow orders and take your guns.

      • There may be a disconnect in the theory of logic. In this case it is NOT a given that A=B=C in every case.

        What is being argued, logically, is that A:Registration gives the state the means to undertake B:Confiscation, which has allowed, in the past C:Extermination. The formula is accurate even though it does not predict that these things MUST happen in every case.

        The point is that if you giver them the power to disarm you then you have NO ability to resist of they turn against you. THAT is the purpose of the Second Amendment.

  41. NY and NYC can shove it up their collective poops.
    Id just move………………………………………
    Hey wait I did.

  42. If I lived there and as a patriot and veteran, I say bring your punk asses to my home & if you want to die, come on in and try to take from me what is not yours to take. The 2nd Amendment is law on arms, NOT any “safe act” BS and no cop is going to steal my property to enforce an illegal UN-Constitutional “law.”

  43. If I lived in New York, I would type a carefully-written reply. It would read as follows:

    “Dear government,
    F*** you. I will own whatever gun I like. I purchased it legally.
    You have become what my granny used to call “too big for your breeches”

    Go pound sand.”

    I have no further use for this corrupt government. A reckoning is needed. Flush the toilet bowl that is this nation.

  44. I am the one who originally posted this letter on NY Gun Owners and NYS Pistol & Rifle Association FaceBook pages and it went viral from there. This letter was received by a friend of mine who lives within the 5 boroughs and possesses sport target shooting and Olympic biathlon .22 caliber rifles. Yes the letter from the NYPD sounds threatening and demanding but what the author failed to state here is that if the magazines are brought within compliance of NYC code of no more than 5 rounds, the rifles don’t need to be surrendered or removed from within city limits. Listen, I am no fan of the SAFE ACT or any act that violates the 2nd Amendment, but if you’re going to publish an article, please get your facts straight and stop spreading hysteria. My friend called the NYPD firearms licensing division and as long as he gets the magazines modified and within compliance, he can keep his long guns.

    • Wow, you guys are really that beat up in New York. Just modify the mags to 5 rounds? the 2A is in dire straits in New York. What’s next, you can be compliant by just getting rid of your guns?

      • Jared, I am not agreeing that it’s a constitutional law and believe me, it’s as asinine as it could get, but this is NYC we’re talking about where only the cops and criminals have guns and law abiding citizens need to go through a crap load of red tape and govt stupidity just to legally possess a firearm of any sort. We don’t like the laws, but we have little to no choice but to comply or risk facing charges and jail time.

        • Take your city back.
          Tell your government it is no longer performing the job it was created to do.

          SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED what part of that phrase is so hard for your idiot mayor/governor/president to understand? What part of that phrase is difficult to understand. Shall not be infringed = DO NOT MESS WITH THIS AMENDMENT

          Take your city back.
          We’re taking our country back. Could sure use NYC and a couple of other liberal sh*tbird nests to do a 180° instead of continuing to be the problem.

  45. New York is going to wave their Magic Princess Wand to make all their crime go away by outlawing the “Assault Weapons”. This will be interesting.

  46. Woohoo, all my guns are legal in NYC! I bought them that way, my hand gets tired after moving that bolt thingy back and forth. I thought about telling the Police about each and every firearm I own, but I don’t have to and they can’t make me. I just have to be a good boy, keep my head down, and everything will be fine.

    You couldn’t PAY me to live in NYC.

  47. No, no… that was my evil triplet. He moved to the Onion Sandwich Islands last year. Go back and check your records; can’t you see I’m busy packing?

    • Highlight

      “shall not be infringed.”

      “nor shall any person . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”


      “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

  48. We were warned that eventually these Communist-Progressives would drop all pretense of being Traditional Americans who respect the Constitution. This is the beginning. The challenge now is whether or not all of the fine bluster of the past 40 years about “cold, dead hands” and “come and take it” will be backed up with action or will we be proven to be sheep?

  49. That letter reads like: : “We think you robbed a bank so we want you to prove to us, by our standards of proof, that you didn’t do it.”

    I’d like to see that letter get in front of the Supreme Court and hear what they have to say……

  50. Don’t let them take your guns. Remember the Jews in WWII. Shoot to kill. If a cop comes to your door, shoot him in the face. After so many of them have rearranged faces they will stop confiscation. Ask yourself how 20,000 SS officers can round up and kill 30 million Jews. Because they went peacefully. Do not do the same. Shoot them in the face and tell the courts it is in defense of your rights and your home. If one person gets arrested or detained for this, thousands of Americans will descend upon New York and Destroy it. Try Us.

    • You don’t have to tell me about WW2, Kristalnacht, and the Holocaust, for I am the grandchild of Holocaust survivors. Yes, the Holocaust happened as a result of gun confiscation by the Nazis.

  51. What’s worse is that this is a de facto registration of weapons IN OTHER STATES and OWNED OR POSSESSED BY ANOTHER CITIZEN.

    That’s right. You have to rat out who ever or wherever you sold/took those guns to. And I’ll bet you can’t just say mummblety mumblety and expect they’ll let it slide.

    This isn’t just an infringement on the owner’s rights but it’s an infringement on the rights and privacy of citizens of ANOTHER STATE. Who is NOT under the jurisdiction of New York.

    This. This is what “Liberalism” is all about. Being compliant units of the all powerful State. And ratting out your fellow citizens.

    The only way this stops is if people don’t comply and get arrested.

    • Love all of the comments on this issue except for the ones coming from those that cannot think for themselves. Those would be the ones that do not understand that any law that regulates firearms is a violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The only laws that can be passed legally regarding gun control can only be applied against those that have been imprisoned for violating the rights of other citizens. hey have forfeited their rights as US citizens.

      But my main reason for commenting is that I would like us to get away from the labels we use on these people who do not uphold and support the Constitution of The United States and its Amendments. We need to stop calling them Progressives, or Liberals, or Pragmatists, or even Socialists, or Communists. They are pure and simply Totalitarians. And maybe instead of having a Tea Party, etc., maybe we should start a party and call ourselves the Antitotalitarian or the Antityrannical party.

      • I suppose totalitarian describes them best but say that word in a crowd of 100 and 99 pair of eyes will glaze over.

  52. Let’s just wait til they are totally unarmed and then the rest of us who are armed can take them over,once we invade.We just apply Hitler’s “How I invaded Poland and Got Away With It” doctrine and we can accomplish the same goals as they are stupid and unarmed.

  53. Can’t help but wonder if NY has laws making the transportation of weapons and ammo a felony. Not to mention taking them across state lines. After all the transportation of guns across state lines has long been a pet peeve of BloomingIdiot.

  54. Its time to vote these idiots out of office, Colorado has teaken considerable steps to gain their rights back. New York can as well, you see all the “Repeal the Safe Act” signs in upstate NY. If we become one voice, we shall be heard.

  55. FWIW, the vast majority of New York is populated by Second Amendment loving Conservative valued, patriotic Americans. The sad fact of the matter, however, is that a few cesspools of liberal sewage like New York City, Ithaca, Syracuse and the like are heavily weighting Albany’s representation toward the Left. I saw the light two years ago, and that light was the freight train of leftist gun-grabbing government heading toward me and I got off the track. Living happily and armed quite well now in Wyoming, but feel somewhat like an exile from my home and friends because of my desire to protect my freedom and my rights. Just wanted to speak up and let it be known that New York State should not be stigmatized because of the liberal attitude of Albany.

  56. I need to defend New York guys, I live here and I have to tell you Bumberg is a grimy slimy piece of shit. His little lap dog Andy is no better. Everyone outside of New York doesn’t get to see the big picture, they just lump us into one giant libtard category. The people who live off the government are the ones who keep voting for these fucking morons bc it keeps them on the couch. I’ve met some ignorant people, one such ( I was good friends with) voted for Obummer just bc he was black that was it. I haven’t voted in the last two elections bc I didn’t follow them bc I’m too busy working trying to make a life for my family. Paying taxes ON EVERYTHING, and the sin tax and this tax and that tax, how is this country in debt? New Yorks tax alone should be able to clear the debt. But wait, we probably have the highest welfare rate in the country( minus Michigan), bc people don’t want to work. People make more money sitting at home popping out babies or selling shit than I do working a 40hr work week.

  57. Very interesting, Hitler did this about 75 years ago. The Germans let it happen, look where it got them. The British tried doing it to us and see how it worked for them. We got a free country. Now our government is trying to do it. We can now see how it is working for those areas that have gun control. I prefer having a well armed, country wide, militia where we will all be safe from terrorist, criminals, and out of control politicians. (In case you didn’t know, politicians work for us, we are not their subjects). Forward this to our senators, representative, and governor. I’m sure they will not look at it and will not respond for they have the best interest of citizens at heart. but we let them know.

    • “Hitler did this about 75 years ago”

      To be more precise, before Hitler rose to power, the Germans grew tired of Nazis and Communists warring in the streets, so they passed “reasonable commonsense” gun registration. When Hitler took over, he used the registration lists already in place to confiscate.

      The Marxist Left cannot guarantee that registration will never lead to confiscation. In fact, they are counting on it.

  58. In the 1870’s to the 1890’s America played “cowboys & indians”. Now it’s about time that America play “cowboys & liberals/progressives/socialists”.

  59. They are coming for our guns. No doubt about it. They must do it slowly, incrementally, not all at once. The government will chip away at the 2nd Amendment, first with “background checks,” then with registration, and finally confiscation. Just because gun control (read: gun surrender) is not in the news every day, doesn’t mean it’s not being plotted, planned, and enacted. Once the 2nd Amendment is done away with, they will start their holy crusade to abolish the First Amendment and then the others until all our rights have been smashed. This scenario has been played out before (Germany, 1933; Soviet Union, 1922 plus others).
    The people must defend their rights or go into hiding once they are all gone.

  60. This scheme is just that – another malicious scheme to steal all the guns. One of the favorite tricks of politicians is to dream up complicated regulations for guns since they can’t ban them outright. Someone should challenge this nonsense in court. I suppose the next thing they will do is pass a law prohibiting any gun from having more than ONE round in the chamber – such as derringers.

    • Some dimwit from NYC already tried to introduce legislation to limit the number of rounds in your possession to 1! Liberalism may be a mental defect but they’re not all totally crazy I guess. The bill didn’t make the floor(this try).

  61. are you people moaning about freedom, constitutionality or “civil liberties” at stake when the NYPD commits illegal searches and seizures amongst low-income and/or people of color looking for illegal guns? or is this polite letter in the mail really what pushes the envelope?

    /pun intended

  62. The un”SAFE Act” exempts law enforcement, politicians and the wealthy elite from compliance, it doesn’t exempt their families or employees. If possession of a 10 round magazine is a felony we all need to send every worn out magazine we can find to every cop’s or politician’s office and home. Registered mail, return receipt requested. With delivery confirmation a simple phone call to the police desk reporting a felony in progress would be appropriate and you would have proof.

  63. Just exactly what does it mean to have a “Constitution” that is the “the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.” ? (Article VI, second paragraph) It seems New York does not understand this. The key word in that sentence is “supreme”.

  64. To all the skeptics who think this is a hoax, i can assure you it is as real as a heart attack. They sent me a similar letter last year, All my tube fed lever action rifles (in common use in this country for 150 years) were outlawed. I removed them from the city and then told them afterwards. They then demanded proof and notarized forms from where i sent them. The letter above is a revised expanded edition where they lay out the requirements for proof they told me. You can see my letter in post number 6 in this forum thread:
    My screen name there is Savage99. I blurred my name and serials out. it is otherwise as i received it.

  65. Since more than 5 bullets per magazine (load_revolvers) are “NECESSARY TO A FREE STATE” 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution (__ ANY __ enemy would have more then 5) IT IS __ CLEARLY __ AN ILLEGAL LAW.


  66. Dear Mayor,

    I live near Riverside (127/BW). I own 2 ARs and 2 Glocks. I have no intention of complying to your order. I have every right to defend my family. Come and get it!

  67. Am I the only one who can see that this “notice” is not on official NYPD or City of New York letterhead? Also, notices like this would be coming out of 1 Police Plaza or the local precinct. I live in Kew Gardens, and that address is for Borough Hall, not the NYPD. I am a gun owner myself, but if you are going to post things like this, you better source it.

  68. I for one would challenge this in court.No state or elected official(s) can take you’re fire arms by sending you a form such as this! Take it to the supreme court. Who the hell would want to live in that dysfunctional state any ways?

    Rise up and say FUCK YOU!

    • Kieth, Something being unconstitutional has never been an issue for liberal democrats. Most people don’t have the money to take this kind of thing to court and in states like NY liberal judges toss out the constitution. The Supreme Court continually makes unconstitutional decisions because liberal activist judges have the majority (because of balls less wonders republicans have allowed it). Look at the gun confiscation after Katrina. Police went out in boats confiscating firearms people had with them to protect themselves from the big gators and other dangerous animals that came out of the swamps because of the flooding.

      The cops refused to give receipts for the guns they took and threatened people who tried to refuse their demands. Eventually it made its way to court and the judge said that yes it was wrong and they shouldn’t have done it but it was to late to stop it and if the gun owners wanted their guns back they had to provide irrefutable proof it was theirs. Things like a serial number and sales receipts are really had to come by even without a flood that destroys all of that stuff in your home.
      Basically a county sheriff or other law enforcement agency can do any damned thing they want in a natural disaster including looting without fear of retribution. In another flood a couple of years ago, cops went into homes of people who had evacuated their homes and looted their guns. Even those secured in gun safes. They refused to give them back after the flood in the name of public safety.
      If you want all of your toys taken from you nowadays just have your neighbor/wife/girl friend/ salesman etc say you brandished one in a threatening manner and a swat team will be breaking down your door.
      I make it a point to not talk about what I may or may not have to people and ask they don’t tell me what they have either, You can’t be forced to tell what you don’t know. I know cops that make the Montana survivalist groups look like amaters and its an unwritten rule between us of “don’t ask what I have so I won’t have to lie to you”.
      Gun confiscation goes on daily in America and reputations are slandered in the process. And as soon as the banks succeed in getting rid of cash (I believe Chase Bank now makes it hard as hell to get your money from them in a physical form) it will be even easier for the gov’t to get your guns.

      BTW so you know I am not a cop but have a lot of cops in my family and several friends also including a former Chief of Police. They will tell you their are a lot of good cops out there but there are a lot more that would confiscate your weapons in a heartbeat if told to.

  69. NYC cops decided to finally enforce a law that’s been on the books for roughly 20 years.

    Twenty years to get into compliance with a law. Look out they’re coming for you next. Watch for the next major enforcement effort to start around 2034 or so.

  70. Mother nanny bloomers knows best. NY will show the rest of the country how easy confiscation from law abiding folks is.

    And I suppose they are going to the hood and scooping up all the guns there that are frequently actually used in crimes. NO? Oh that’s right they are not registered and the police have no clue who has what.

    Poor dumb tax paying law abiding people just trying to own long guns for protection.

    Keep voting the nimrods in, you get the government you deserve.

  71. Keith
    On my last post I forgot to also mention Fish and Game Commission Officers (or whatever they are called in your state. Most states have given these people extra ordinary unconstitutional powers which violate about every law in the country if done by other law enforcement agencies. If they claim they are looking for evidence that you illegally killed wild game they can enter any structure or vehicle and conduct a thorough search without a warrant. Whatever they find not related to their “search” is found can also be used to arrest you and anything they deem may have been used in the as yet unproven act will be confiscated. They can also cross police lines and are not required (once again depends on the state) to obey any other agencies directives.
    The guys will be heavily utilized once lead ammo is outlawed and when max ammo you are allowed to own laws are enacted. They MIGHT be used to hunt wild game with you know.

  72. Don’t give that stuff away!!! I’ll buy those magazines off anyone that’s dumb enough to comply to this stupid letter. Hit me up, I live in Texas where we are still semi-free. This would never happen here!

  73. New York City is being used as a test bed again. First it was soda now with guns. In the Heller decision they up held the Miller decision which says that firearms that are of use to the military are protected by the 2nd Amendment. You the people of New York have to stop this. If you don’t them it will signal that the leaders can simple pencil whip away our rights.

  74. Congratulations New York! You have just automatically quadrupled your criminal populace of labeling every law abiding citizen who owns a rifle, shot gun or hand gun for over 5 rounds in New York a criminal in your sad state of denial to an astronomical amount. Better start with the Police Department and your local military since they were not excluded as well. Way to go! Im glad I don’t live there. I hope you get full resistance from all of your citizens over there! If I lived there I promise you if someone came to my door there’d be a lot of body bags lying in my yard for trespassers trying to take away my guns and shot guns and rifles. You push people in the wrong direction only to cause rational people people in to doing irrational things.

  75. Move to Oklahoma. I’m not even sure we have gun laws here at all. My glock has a 33 round magazine and my local gun store is selling a .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle.

    • God willing I have 5 years before I flee this slave state for a free one. Until then I’m giving as much heartburn as I can to Cuomo, Skelos, Schumer, and all the rest of the Communists and their sympathizers that rule this state. OK is on a short list of states that I’m looking at for my move. I hope nothing changes there by then.

  76. To the author of this article:

    I have been asked by the original recipient of the letter to have you kindly remove it from your blog, as he never authorized it to be posted on public forums. This was circulated without his permission from a facebook post and he is quite angry and upset about it. Please remove it promptly and cease all further circulation of this image and destroy all copies of it. Thank you.

    • He posts it on facebook and expects it to be kept a secret?

      Isn’t that what those idiot teens do with their self-nudies and then whine and snivel when people look at them?

      I guess Robert will have to just post a link to the facebook page.

      Or either that or give the OP all of the money he makes for sharing it.

  77. You know what they could do…. Charge over 80% of the population with stupid victemless felonies and then pass a law saying felons can’t own guns…. Or wait did they already do that ?

  78. In June 2013 my wife and I moved to Florida. For the most part our move was made for the good weather, but also to get away from the crap coming from Albany. This gun law is a prime example. 98 percent of gun deaths in the U.S. are caused by pistols. Why isn’t that mentioned. The hell with the constitution and the 2nd amendment. Now New York is it’s own nation with it’s own laws. It doesn’t look like New Yorkers have a vote in what their state is doing any longer. Before you turn those guns in perhaps you should all go to Albany and use them change the government. Voting no longer seems to work for you.

  79. look at Canada’s ‘gun control’ bullshit

    In fact go here..

    Get issues 116 and 117 read the two part article by Todd Brown.

    Do NOT let this BS happen south of the border!

  80. As For NYC NY. I Left This Ultra Far Left City Because Of Taxes And its proclivity To Worry More About The welfare Class (minorities Who Sit On Their Asses Along With illegal Alien kids in Its Public Schools) And Its Not Offending Homosexuals And The New Breed Of Immigrant Who Hangs out In McDonalds For 4 hours With a Cup Of Coffee And Then Gets Defended by a NEW City Council Member Of The Same Immigrant Status. The City Is a Breeding Ground For far far Leftist Thinking And Its Naïve and Stupid Laws Regarding Law Abiding Gun Owners and Tax Paying Citizens. Its A City For Queers,Dykes,Welfare Cheats And Illegal aliens Along With Their Colonizing Attitudes.

  81. We DO live in the land of the free. Its your job to keep it that way and pass it down to the next generation and they must do likewise. If anything like this were to happen, you DO NOT COMPLY and prepared to take up arms and if necessary kill all agents of local government who would act to enforce this unconstitutional decree. We are Americans and must act like Americans and not be afraid to die for freedom.

  82. You’re vote counts. Use it wisely, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Confiscation. You need to be a single issue voter, if that’s what it takes to maintain you’re rights.

  83. Many thanks for your personal sharing. We experience more than happy about that. You should also consider their finest game titles with our free currently to find the sense of exciting that brings.

  84. As President Ronald Reagan once famously said; «Well», to which I will add; crazy persons can kill a lot of people with just about any type of gun. Like this kid, he shot and killed 15 people with a bolt action .

  85. I am 71 years old and in good physical shape and have carried legally concealed for 40 years. During the Viet Nam war, I served in the Naval Service, thus I never was in a fire fight. In my lifetime, I have known many men who jumped in on D-Day or hit the beaches of Normandy. I have known guys who fought in North Africa, Italy and the Battle Of The Bulge. I have had the honor of knowing Veterans of the Pacific War, Island hopping and landing on Guadalcanal and the Philippines. I know people who were in Korea and in the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir.I had friends who were with Airmobile,who slugged through the elephant grass and were on riverine boats in the Mekong Delta. I know LEOs who have been in all sorts of fire fights and I have a friend who shot an attacker in his own home. But, Someone With a Brain, I have NEVER heard anyone say “I wish I hadn’t had so much ammunition.”

  86. They’re now actually coming for people in NYC with their stupid Red Flag Laws. UNITE BROTHERS! Stay together and build your numbers. Build your No Go Zones! Do what the muslims do before you’re done!

  87. Um they do know that the 9th US District Court just ruled that the ban on clips holding more then 5 rounds is illegal and a violation of the 2nd Amendment and as such is unconstitutional and unable to be enforced… is NY wanting to get smacked with a lawsuit like this?


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