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“Saturday, December 15, from 10:00am – 4:00pm, the Kings County District Attorney’s office will hold a “Cash for Guns” event at Mt Ollie Baptist Church and St. Peters Lutheran Church in Brooklyn,” reports. “Citizens may exchange working handguns, no questions asked, for $200 bank cards and working rifles and BB guns for $20 bank cards. Although any number of guns will be accepted, a maximum of $600 in bank cards will be rewarded.” Wait. What? How does six hundred dollars in no-questions-asked-cash for three handguns NOT create a black market for stolen guns and, thus, stimulate criminals to burglarize legal gun owners, with the possibility of injury or death for law-abiding New Yorkers? Or, for that matter, gun owners living in, say, Virginia? It’s time for the buyback madness to stop! [h/t Allen]

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  1. So you could go buy 3 brand new Hi-points for $160 each and make $120 selling them no questions asked. What a deal.

  2. Holy shit.

    That’s some pretty good money.

    Sure wish Chicago would up their payout to $200 a gun.

    Keep that up and we might be able to install gold-plated fixtures at the NRA Youth Camp with that sort of money!


    If I lived within a two to three-hour drive, I’d be there with my friends.

    Six (white) guys each with three guns and big smiles.

    Then off to the next “buyback” location to do it all again.


  3. Buy a bunch of hi-points and Phoenix arms for 100-150 and sell them. Easy 2-3 hundred dollar profit.

    Sensible spending no?

  4. I need to start hitting up gun shows for junky but “working’ guns…bet I could come up with a lot of old but functional revolvers for $100.00 ea….make a $100.00 profit.
    Limit Schmimit, just pay some bum to turn in three guns for you, pay him 100 and keep the other $500.00 for myself! Repeat and PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!

    In regards to stolen guns: I am sure your average street criminal can get a lot more than $200.00 for a good condition common semi auto like a Glock, M&P, SIG etc so you have no insentive there. You will only IMO see real criminals turing in stolen junk.

    I want to see a picture of every gun turned in at this event, I bet 99% is total junk and will not be the types of guns favored by criminals.

  5. What no seperation of Church and State?

    Dang crims are being paid by politicians to rob homes in search of more guns.
    It is a brave new world after all

  6. These are the same people that get their tit in a wringer over the possibility of a gun not being able to be tied to a crime (CoBIS, microstamping, registration) yet they take in god knows how many heaters used in crimes with no questions asked. No gun, no crime – thanks for nothing you idiots.

  7. That link you have is not correct, although I agree with the headline at the link: “470 Murders in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel ‘Has Some Blood on His Hands’ “

  8. LOL! That was a great post re-positioning the buyback stimulant to crime for what it is all about. New Englanders need to crank-up their 3D printing machines and start printing out handguns they can sell for $200 each.

    I am confused by the comma use in the post. Are they paying $200 or $20 for working rifles? If $200 then I’d suggest go out and buy a bunch of used H&R single shot shotguns which I have read sell pretty cheap at around $100 each for a used one. Then sell it and and profit the difference.

    • The picture links to the Bed-Stuy story, but the cnsnews link in the body goes to a story about Rahm Emanuel and Chicago.

      Aharon, they’re only offering $20 for rifles and shotguns because they don’t care about those. Long guns aren’t used in crime to anywhere near the extent that handguns are. Even if you don’t buy into their buyback premise, that’s still a fact, and they’re targeting their payoffs accordingly.

      • Only $20 for rifles???? But, but, but I thought it was the evil black “assault rifles” that were the most dangerous and evil of all firearms and totally responsible for all crime, murder and evil mayhem. Did I mention that they were evil (protect the children)?

  9. None of the Hi-Point schemes posted here can work. It’s New York City, guys. All of the handguns turned in will have been illegally possessed since nobody in the Apple has a legal right to own a firearm unless their name is DeNiro or Trump. It’s not like someone can just drop in at the local gun store and pick up a cheap heater. Even somebody with a license to carry has to get a purchase permit from the po-po, and there’s no way anyone is going to get more than one every four months or so. At most.

    BTW, Hynes is a strong prosecutor and a savvy politician. He knows that what he’s doing is nothin more than theater, but it gets him votes. Hynes doesn’t lack critical thinking skills — but the voters are a different story.

  10. So, they create a market, my gun is stolen, they buy it, don’t check for true ownership and won’t give or get it back to me. Libertarian or not, is this a proper fuction of government?
    Funny thing is, my pistol is most vulnerable to theft when I have to keave it out in my cable connected car lock box when I have to go into a GOVERNMENT building to pay my parking tickets.

    • In your example, how are the police then not breaking any laws. Isn’t receiving stolen property a crime? I would go sell them some junk pistols to turn a profit, but I’m afraid it may be a setup and I’d get arrested before I got to turn them in

  11. Buybacks are dumb and happen where guns are legal. How can NYC have a buyback when guns are illegal to have unless you have a permit from the city? I dont think anyone that goes through that process is selling their guns here. This is nuts and makes no sense. They are paying criminals to be criminals.

  12. ‘No questions asked’

    Ok, now that is out of the way. Isn’t it legal for an American to make a gun by themselves for their own use? What if NYC residents bought the parts they need at their local hardware stores to make a very cheap and crude simple single-shot .22 LR handgun, and then assembled it at home for a gun they ‘later’ chose to sell at the buy-back fro $200? Would that be legal to make and posses and would they be able to sell what might be termed a junk gun? What about a crude simple black powder handgun that a person can assemble and hammer together at home? Can those be sold at these buybacks?

    • Eye opening. I just reviewed the title II list and will have to start drawing up some plans. At least something good (my education) came from this rediculous gun- buy (“back”). Now I just need to find a really cheap way to rifle the barrel, cause they might not give me $200 for an AOW.

    • Why would you do such a ting to a Nagant? Its better and cheaper to buy used Ravens,Lorcins and Jennings pistols.

  13. Home Made Zip gun. (Homemade)

    homemade .22 derringer and firing mechanism

    These ‘guns’ look like they’d be a fun experience to make. Then just imagine what you can buy after selling three of these at the NYC buy-back program for $200 each.

  14. It won’t be long before the anti-gun people realize they can pay thieves $200 to steal your guns and turn them in.
    I doubt they would even worry or even think twice about loosing a few thieves to homeowners self-defence fire.
    That’s one way to reduce the number of guns in private hands.

  15. How about a gangbanger buy back program. Can I turn a Crip of blood and get $200.00 for each criminal AH?

  16. Or Robert….

    Someone can murder people with a few handguns turn them in for $600 and go free since no inspection of the firearm will occur and the bad guy gets away Scot free.

    Thats the scum filled cesspool that NYC is.

  17. Yep!! You can’t fix stupid. Somebody needs to cut NYC out and let it float away and start all over from scratch!!

  18. This being New York, how long before someone decides to have a “gun owner” turn in? You know, where you get a $100 gift card for ratting out the neighbor who has a gun.

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