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The seven round limit that, in their infinite wisdom, New York lawmakers pulled out of their rectal cavities when drafting the nation’s most egregiously restrictive anti-self defense laws was, of course, purely arbitrary. Just as the magical ten round limit was before it. If Governor Cuomo and his pals had their druthers, it would likely have been zero. There is no logic or scientific data to support anyone’s idea of what constitutes a “reasonable” maximum number of rounds the typical person might need in a defensive gun use situation. And even if there were, what if your particular situation isn’t “typical”? But the people of New York, Connecticut, Colorado and other states have to live with disarmament laws crafted by legislators, most of whom wouldn’t know a magazine from a martini. Good luck with that.

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  1. Great video. Just wish the home owner didn’t squint in fear of firing his own gun.

    The ending was a little too subtle for non-gun owners to understand.

    • Agreed. No way they’ll know what a locked back slide means. Also, did this guy connect with nearly every one of his shots? Probably wouldn’t happen that way in real life. Other than that, a pretty powerful video.

      Liberals who watch the video will probably just assume that these guys got their guns at a gun show without a background check. After all, that’s where the criminals go to get their guns, right? (sarcasm on)

    • Respectfully disagree with ya, Rabbi. There are A LOT of people out there that buy a home defense gun and rarely practice with it. When an average person is confronted with a situation where they must shoot RIGHT NOW (and likely take the BG’s life) or be killed, there’s likely going to be significant fear. Its not only fear of shooting the gun, but fear of the consequences of your actions while also understanding you don’t have any better options.

      I thought the ending was pretty clear when the homeowner has an empty gun that goes click but gunshots continue, and then the cellphone drops out of her dead hand with 911 on the line. I’ll have to play it for my non-gun-owner sister to see if she gets it but it was very powerful to me.

      • Agree. No homeowner is going to gleefully off some BG. I’m sure every first timer (even LEO’s and mil types with training) winces one way or the other.

      • I disagree. They showed his face while firing 5 times and all 5 times he winced. He showed more fear of his gun than of the bad guy. It sends a bad message in my mind.

        For someone who does not know anything guns, the locked back slide and clicking was too subtle (Ignoring the fact that triggers on locked back guns wont click)

        Just my humble opinion.

        • Send that message to the director, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be doing more of these videos and that kind of input would help craft a better vid. no?

        • Wonder if the wincing could be the thought of actually having to put “X”s in they eyes of some a-hole. That’s suburbia for you.

        • It’s called anticipation where I was taught to be a firearms instructor. Anticipating the flash, noise, and/or recoil. Seen shooters with 20+ years do it once in a while. On the other hand, yes – some people are flat out afraid of whats about to happen. Mostly by thier pulling the trigger rather than what it’s going to hit. A In the video- I assumed they used a practiced shooter and the wincing was on purpose…

        • I’m not saying that anticipation is not real, I am saying that looking like you are scared of your own gun is not good PR.

        • Regarding the locked back slide and empty gun click, I think most people will get that no problem. That’s something that will carry over just fine from Hollywood which everyone is going to be familiar with.

    • Great video. I like the squinting, it says “I am peace loving family man. I wish I didn’t have to shoot you but I must – you are a threat to my family!”

      The ending is chilling.

      • The squinting is good. We’re not all gung ho tactical kosher operators. Well, we are, of course, but the average gun owner isn’t.

        I’ve been to a few Appleseeds, which is mostly shot with 22LR. One exercise is with dummy rounds and you team up with your neighbor to assess flinching, squinting, jerking and the whole lot. People squint with 22LR too, no matter how gentle that round is, even experienced shooters.

        If you want to show Average Joe the Family Man, you show what most people will do. Not us, who have our houses well lit with cameras at the appropriate places and of course no need to walk to a safe since we carry at home, including a spare mag.

        I think it would be better if there were 3 guys though, to disarm crazy ol’ JoeB’s double barrel argument.

    • Rabbi..
      I get both sides of the fence here..
      Public perception is everything. This movie is not meant for us. If you shoot like a high speed low drag operator, this is not the movie for you.

      What this is for is all the hoplophobic gun grabbers out there. If they sowed a guy acting like the way many of us shoot, well gosh it is just a bunch of gun nuts, and they are all crazy extremists. That is the perception.
      Yes, they probably did the fear up a little more than most of us would think, but this disarms the image, of all gun owners being killers, NRA fanatics, oh the list goes on and on…

      Sure how you, Nick, me, heck probably 80% of the people on this site would act, and shoot would be much different than this, but the point is, the civilian disarmament crowd will have a difficult time simply scoffing at this. They might try, but the reality through perception in this video is that this is one situation that many people might find themselves in and it is presented in such a way, that makes sense.. To many…

  2. restricting the means by which the 2nd Amendment is fulfilled is restricting the 2nd Amendment itself. I don’t need any servant of the government to explain that to me.

  3. Fantastic video. The libs in my town, however, will waste zero time in decrying how infinitesimally small the odds are that one is to be a victim of an an armed home invasion (robbery) -and furthermore – how much smaller the odds are that it will consist of multiple armed robbers. That is, until it actually happens. When it does happen to you, statistics mean absolutely nothing.

    • Shit, man, my in-laws live in a gated community here in FL and had multiple daytime door kick in invasions on their street. They are well armed, now.

    • Hey…I’m a liberal AND a veteran so I’m right with the program here, but let’s keep the politics out of this – that’s how they divide us on issues. This is about Control, and not just gun control. We can all debate economic policies and so-forth later.
      Anyway…as a vet (and it’s just common sense), I want the same capability to defend myself that a potential enemy has to attack me with. Period. And I anticipate being outnumbered by at least 2 to 1. Exclamation point!

      • dumbass liberal no longer means what i think you think it means
        Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. It is the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems.
        “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

      • If you voted liberal (democrat)… are the problem.
        I say that because this gun-grabbing business is entirely on the democrats who are pushing for these laws and voting for them.
        If you voted for Barry (how any of you on this forum could or did is beyond me), would you again (after he, and his libtard friends, went anti-gun psycho)?


      14%-24% of 354,396 robberys occured in a residence were aggravated by criminal using a weapon

      Avg = 19% x 354,396 = 67,335 robberies occured in a home residence

      FBI UCR Total reported burglaries 2.188 mil

      Per USDOJ National Victimization report 2001-2011 avg. 73.95% of violent crimes not reported = 1-73.95% = 26.1

      67,335/26.1 = 1% x 100 = 257,989 robberies in homes a year

      2.188/26.1 = 1% x 100 = 8,383,142 burglaries per year

      US Census 2011 114.3 mil households at 2.5 people per household

      384,000 home fires in 2010

      384,000 / 114,300,000 = .34% chance of a fire in your home.

      257,989/114,300,000 = .23% chance of an armed robbery in your home.

      Yeah, is that statistically significant difference, no, it isnt.

      Who here doesnt have smoke detectors or fire extinguishers in their homes, or home owners insurance?

  4. Short and straight to the point. Arbitrary magazine limits save the wrong lives……

  5. I’ve read lots of discussion about the best home defense weapon. This PSA is really making me rethink my choice of a 9mm pistol over a 12 gauge autoloader.

    • Yeah. I’m pretty sure this is why *some* LEOs and departments opt for 10mm or go back to .45. Truth be told, a homeowner in a such a stressful situation, may not be able always to hit an instantly debilitating center-of-mass or head-shot right off the bat, when absolutely necessary.

      • While head shots are effective, have you ever tried taking a head shot on a moving target while you are moving, all while in high stress?

        • My point is that you should get on the range and try doing a head shot on a moving target while you are moving. You will find it much more challenging that you think.

          After you try it, I am willing to bet that you will promote “center of available mass” shots rather than head shots.

    • Not true. A 9mm will send a bad guy flying to the next wall where he’ll die instantly. Haven’t you ever watched an action movie before? πŸ˜‰

      • That’s so weird! I was looking for a 147 grain JHP at 1050 FPS to knock a 180 pound bad guy completely off his arse.

        On a side note, I want to be in one of those videos.

        • Watch the director’s “Making Of” video. He specifically excluded ex-mil and leo types for casting this PSA, he just wanted a “Regular Joe”. Sorry Accur81, but you’ll just have to produce your own PSA’s!

        • @hank

          Damn! I’m only 50-60 miles from the studio, and I could have volunteered my undeniable acting talent.

          Maybe I could be a bad guy or something if he wants a “when cops go ape$hit” scenario? Lets think outside the box, people.

        • Maybe I could be a bad guy or something if he wants a β€œwhen cops go ape$hit” scenario?

          Good point. You’d be perfect for that role!

  6. Correct Freddy.My 10mm if not center mass or head will produce anywhere depending on what load 618 to 725 ft lbs of jack..45 are nice too,No disrespect and not interested in caliber wars.I carry a .45 on the job as well.Drug induced bad guys,size and youth,not good.Also possible Kevlar,power important.Moving targets,nuff said.

  7. That is the type of video that will open the eyes of “those who will not see” otherwise. This needs to be seen by everyone.

    Great job in the production of this video, now it needs to find its way into the Evil Empire……

  8. Before anybody complains about accuracy, Yes with the slide back indicating empty for those that know, the producer had to add the pull click pull click that non gun people know means empty, even though that cannot happen with the slide back.
    And yes it was a hammer click not a striker fired so the hammer cannot move with the slide back. So… this message is for non gun people and is so that it can be understood visually or audibly. These are not errors but communicators. Got it covered, now move on!
    Great message, well done.

  9. I disagree, I think our legislators would know what a martini is. Now, as to how many martini’s they should be allowed at lunch before being considered “loaded” is another question.

  10. When you have a government that cares more about the bad guy than you, you might want to consider sending the very best to the bad guy, 45ACP, Randy

  11. The thing about mag limit laws is they’re essentially saying if you can’t stop the threat in 7, 10, 15 shots, you DESERVE to die.

    Next time you get in a debate with a liberal about the limits, ask if they agree with that sentiment, and if not why they still limit your defense.

  12. The thing about mag limit laws is they’re essentially saying if you can’t stop the threat in 7, 10, 15 shots, you DESERVE to die.

  13. The best argument for high capacity mags is that LEO’s have decided that a rifle with high capacity mags give them the best chance for survival and they have the additional advantage of being armored head to toe and usually hugely outnumber the bad guys. Is there some reason why I shouldn’t have that same chance of survival? Is my life less valuable than a LEO?

    I’ve never had a gun-grabber give a response…. just blank stares as you see their little perceptions crumble to dust.

    • The difference is you are not trustworthy, you see, but they can’t say that to your face because they fear you will pull a gun and shoot them on the spot for not praising you at every turn, especially since Police are minutes away and they can’t call right away anyhow. Now if you couldn’t have a gun and they knew they have advantage they would say whatever was on their mind. Meek little sheep all in a row.

      But the Police, you can trust them because they’re on your side, sworn to protect you at every turn. They’ve never misused power.

      • And the Supremes even said they’re there to protect you and me, so why would we even arm ourselves with something other than a cell phone with 911 on speed dial?

        • You’re being funny, right? My recollection is that SCOTUS has in fact issued an opinion (Warren vs. District of Columbia, 1981) that the police have no legal obligation to protect the public.

  14. Good video and it gets the message across in a powerful way. The homeowner is flinching as most will. He is not a gun guy, he is a husband, dad, and citizen. And he is scared, as he damn well should be. This video is to the general public, and is worth sending the link to all non gun folks you know. Many people can relate to this homeowner.

    • Billy, Like I said above, its not for you/us. Click Click mean’s “You efn lawmakers have disarmed me when I needed it the most” With the emotional impact that anti’s seem to identify with. Yes it is Hollywood, exactly.

  15. Unfortunately, the NY-CA asshat collective has infected the Centennial state like herpes. There’s no getting rid of them. At least we’ve held them off at the Continental Divide passes, and they prefer to stay on the Eastern Slope (Denver-Boulder), except during ski season. ‘Tis a privilege to live in (Western) Colorado.

    Ran into a guy at my local arms purveyor the other day. East Coast guy. Asked him from where, and what brought him to Grand Junction. He said two words, “Bloomberg-Cuomo,” and added “I think they followed me.”

    All I could say is, “Welcome home, friend!”

    • Bob:

      I’m visiting my son in Loveland and am open carrying with only positive interactions. (Colorado doesn’t honor my Virginia permit.) Most of Eastern Colorado is still gun friendly.

      • tdiinva – Do not, I repeat do not, go any further/farther south than Larimer County. πŸ˜‰

        Weld is very gun-friendly; Denver Metro – Boulder complex not so much, though they might be too stoned to care…

        Thanks for visiting. Love the Old Dominion, and still have relatives in Highland County (Monterey – Blue Grass).

  16. The Armed Intelligentsia can be nit-picky about technical details. Overall, I thought it was a powerful video portrayal of the issue at hand. As others have said… not everyone knows what a locked slide means. But, they know what “CLICK” means. Thank Hollywood for that. We might as well use it to our advantage in communicating with the masses.

    • Definitely. I’ll forgive them that tiny infraction, and point out the movies where Bruce Willis puts down a helicopter by ghost riding a motorcycle are the new norm. This little video had much more realistic action. Nice work.

  17. Okay, let’s see… VP Uncle Joe says double barreled shotgun… so load with two 2 3/4″ 00 buck rounds means 16 to 18 .32 caliber steel ball bearings moving a bit slower than say a .223/5.56 round on one pull of the dual triggers… yep, 8 round magazine limt makes sense to me…

  18. THIS is what the NRA needs to run during prime-time TV viewing.
    It uses EMOTION to drive the point home.
    Well done!

  19. Wow. Very well done. Gets the point across in an emotionally powerful way. The upcoming PSAs should add some diversity — defenders and families who aren’t white, single mothers, etc.

    I’m gonna see if I can get some people I know to watch this.

  20. I don’t need ten rounds in any of my guns. I need a hundred. But since that would make my pistols, rifles and shotguns a tad ungainly and heavy, I’ll decide on a lesser number of rounds. Me, not some jack@ss in Boston or Washington. My life, my decision.

  21. Dramatic video. Just correct the error that has the hammer clicking when the home defender pulls the trigger on the semi-automatic pistol the slide of which has locked back after the last round has been fired. Show him pulling the trigger, but get rid of the sound of the hammer dropping, ’cause, as you all know, when the slide is locked back, the hammer will not drop. BTW, having the defender flinch and blink when he fired was very realistic.

  22. I know all of you operators here don’t flinch when shooting. Of course, when you are not flinching you have eye and ear protection, are psyched up to shoot, are at the range surrounded by other people shooting, and are not in your living room having family time. You’re also shooting at paper, not a living person who is shooting back.

    If you wonder why people don’t always take us gun rights advocates seriously, its because of nitpicking like this combined with the “I am a perfect stealth-ninja-SEAL team 6 operator” attitude. Just yesterday there was an article here about competition shooters dropping loaded guns with the safety off. Everyone makes mistakes, flinching happens. The homeowner in this video does so to communicate more dramatically his hesitation to kill. Let it go.

  23. Good Vid. But most of us @ TTAG would have also had a bigger gun, a backup, a second backup, and a pocket gun πŸ˜€

    I do think a family should “normally” be safe enough with a handgun, without all these BS gun restrictions and mag limits. I coulda dispatched 5-6 bad guys with my M&P very likely…

  24. What complete loser and moron would even consider following the seven round law in their OWN home? Better judged by twelve than carried by six.

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