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From the Charlotte Observer: “A rare home invasion by one of North Carolina’s black bears started when the animal ‘broke through a garage door’ and began dragging food out of a deep freeze in the garage, reports the Highlander newspaper.” Not rare enough, evidently.

The garbage-scarfing bear wasn’t satisfied with the pickings in the garage and found a way inside to investigate what the homeowner had on hand in his pantry and fridge.
That’s where it was shot by a man who only later learned he had killed a mama bear with cubs not far away, state officials say.

A shame, but black bears aren’t anything to mess with. Especially when they’re inside your house. Something that seems to happen regularly in this particular address.

Jennifer Royce, community manager of Highlands Falls Community Association, told the Highlander it was “the third time the bear had entered the home.”She says it was a caretaker who killed it, the newspaper reported. Royce was out of the office Friday and could not be reached by the Charlotte Observer.

You might think the home owner would have taken steps to make the home more bear-proof, surely after the second time. Whoever it was who did the shooting, they took all the legal precautions first.

Details have not been released as to what exactly occurred when the bear and a man came face to face in the home, but it ended with gunfire, said Michael Carraway, a black bear biologist with NC Wildlife Resources. He says it’s also unclear if the homeowner did the shooting or a caretaker. Either way, the man contacted state officials before pulling the trigger, Carraway said.

One of the mama’s cubs has been found and authorities are searching for another.

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    • His gang mentor, Yogi, started him on picnic baskets after seeing him doing the “cute bear on the roadside” routine for snacks. Seeing he had potential, Yogi eventually schooled young BooBoo on how to properly pop a car door lock to grab baskets, the finer techniques of opening bags of chips and using intimidation rather than charm alone to get those stupid giant monkeys to throw more food.
      “But I wanna go back to school and finish my degree!” protested BooBoo…
      “Y’all don’t need no degrees! Y’all already smarters than no average bear!” replied Yogi, his gold chains rattling to punctuate his words…

      • Now BooBoo is dead and Yogi has moved on to having Cindy Bear turn tricks for the Kodiaks up north. Cindy, now completely addicted to magic berries, turn up to 27 tricks a day to fund both her berry habit and Yogi’s lavish lifestyle.

  1. Damnit Yogi! I warned you Ranger Smith wasn’t fuckin around anymore. He said he was sick of your shit but no you just had to go try to steal his picnic basket.

  2. Used to hang out in a facebook group with a guy that insisted that black bears don’t attack people unless you mess with their cubs. And you know it’s true that black bears aren’t usually aggressive, but to think that they all act exactly the same is just foolish.

  3. I remember reading about an older gent who shot the number 2 largest black bear in NC.
    Over 700 pounds.
    Jim and Eva Shockey scored some rather large ones in years past.
    They grow ’em big up yonder.
    (Being from South Carolina, one cannot use the word “north”.
    “Up yonder” is used in its place)

  4. Go to the south if you wanna see some defensive gun use on invasive species. The AR platform is ideal for hogs, which destroy millions (if not billions) in crops and property each year. Anyone who says you don’t need a 30 round magazine has never had a sounder of pigs destroying their yard. Add in the threat of coyotes and bobcat, and defensive gun use is common place around here.

    • I totally agree with SAMR. & N.Y. sucks worse than California when it comes to 30 rd mags. You can’t even get one for a Ruger 10/22 which I have . takedown & 3 10 rd mags. Wtf N.Y.

      • Ruger makes an accessory for the 10 rd mags that attaches them in a triangle basically. I prefer my 10 rd mag for my 10/22 because having it flush on the base is easier for varmint hunting imo, but that’s just personal preference.

        There should be a mandatory gun safety test and range qual for those who want to pass legislation restricting the use of them. Make sure they know what the hell theyre talking about in the first place. No business wading into the deep end of a pool if you can’t swim.

        • And also for journalists reporting on firearm issues. If they don’t know, they are not allowed to comment.

  5. Years ago I heard about a guy in NJ who found himself in the exact same situation, shot the bear in his home, and was arrested. Two Americas indeed.

  6. Meanwhile in New England: “M-ASS-achusetts Home owner would have been charged with 1st degree Bear Murder…Permit, firearms and all weapons would have been confiscated by local police department. To protect the bears!”


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