Customized G43 Sees Lots of Use, and Shows It – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

My GLOCK 43 doesn’t show quite as much wear as this one, but it’s getting there. EDFX, clearly not satisfied with “perfection,” has swapped out the barrel, the trigger and given the grip a nice stippling job. And while we can’t tell from the photo, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s replaced the sights, too.


  1. avatar snarky says:

    thats not from wear by user. Its BattleWorn finish, intended to look like patina

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      I’ve wondered…
      One of my Summer guns, a pocket pistol, has a similar look after riding around in my shorts for a while… eventually its original blued finish will get totally polished away and we would describe it to be unfinished or “in the white”.
      So what does a few seasons of real wear do to a mocked up “Battle Wear” finish? Can we say it gives it character or does it just look like crap?

      1. avatar gordon baglaj says:

        that’s “CHARACTER” wear.

    2. avatar Joe says:

      You’re just jealous. That Glock and that watch have clearly been to battle, son.

      1. avatar Moltar says:

        looks like the watch lost.

  2. avatar Dog of War says:

    Ugh, that wrist watch. :p

    Interesting finish though, especially that gold accent to the finish. Too gaudy for my taste, but still interesting.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      I agree. Unique. I will give him that… but the watch? ugh….

      I rarely leave these types of comments, but that shit is fugly.

  3. avatar Moltar says:

    When did G shocks get so damn ugly?

    1. avatar MilitantCentrist says:

      Wikipedia says they were first released in 1983, so about 35 years ago

      1. avatar Moltar says:

        The black one I have (and cannot find but I still hear it beeping somewhere in the house) doesn’t look that hideous. Maybe it’s the nuclear booger color on that one making it fugly….

        1. avatar surlycmd says:

          It will eventually stop beeping. You’ll find it 6 months after you realize it stopped. While looking for something else. That’s how I found mine.

        2. avatar Moltar says:

          either that or one of my children will turn up playing with it outta the blue one day. Most of the time that’s how I find lost items , my kids turn up with em. I once lost the recoil spring and cap out of my 1911 ( long story short I was a noob to the design and did a noob thing thus the spring and that little cap flew across the room), I know the horror right? Anyway, I go order a new one after searching for the old one a few hours. New one comes in I install it and go about my merry way. Well bout 3 days later my then 2 year old son turns up with a 1911 recoil spring and cap in his grubby little hands while gleefully gnawing away on his teether.

      2. avatar gordon baglaj says:

        Yeah, but this is the new Glock 43, just first released a few years ago as the 1st single stack 9mm Glock ever produced.

  4. avatar tommy says:

    lol fails again. that gun is not “worn in” at all, it’s intentionally finished like that…

  5. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I have a cheap “tough solar” Casio that I seldom ever take off…in three years it has been beaten around enough to remove much of the lettering. Cheap, accurate, and functional which make it one of the best watches I have ever owned. Watches fail on me, or the battery dies, or I break the band and then lose it before I get around to putting on another band. I am far harder on watches and phones than guns.

  6. avatar MAGA says:

    If it looks new, you haven’t practiced with it enough.

  7. avatar gordon baglaj says:

    This might have been done intentionally, to look like a well worn & used gun.

  8. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Bet me, I can make a customized steel frame side arm look a whole lot prettier then a plastic sidearm. I’ve never tried to nickle plate and engrave a plastic framed pistola. We like what we like. I like steel.

  9. avatar New Continental Army says:

    It looks like this dude has some kind of infatuation with yellow.

  10. avatar Greg says:

    Battlworn finish is for posers.
    G43 is for girls.

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