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According to CBS News,

Sources told CBS News the suspect has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long, a 29-year-old black man.

Long was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police, but not before killing three officers and wounding three more, one critically.

While little is known about him yet, that will surely change in the hours and days to come.

Gov. John Bel Edwards asked the public to pray for the officers involved and their families. He is expected to hold a press conference on the issue later this afternoon.

“This is an unspeakable and unjustified attack on all of us at a time when we need unity and healing,” Edwards said in a statement. “Rest assured, every resource available to the State of Louisiana will be used to ensure the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.”


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  1. “…a 19-year-old black man.”

    Whoa. I did not expect that.

    I had my money on a white Lutheran from Wisconsin who was wearing a Tea Party t-shirt.

      • I thought it would be pretty obvious, but apparently I was too subtle for some people down-thread.

    • Don’t forget President Obama has stated the danger comes from the Right Wing Racist (by inference Whites) I tend to believe most sane people would hate to go back to those days. Yet this President only needs to open his mouth and he’s devisive for the past 7 years. Don’t slander the Prophet Mohamed. Islam is the Religion of Peace. He invites the Muslim Brotherhood most of the World considers a terrorist group to the White House. They want to replace our Constitution with Sharia and force convert muzzle your free speech about them. Obama also lauded Black Lives Matter for their work at organizing. Go to their Website. White People don’t exist. Maybe Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch feel that way too.

      May the 3-Police Officers slain in the line of duty RIP May the Families of the Fallen know they can lean on other Officers Their Religious leaders and Congregation, and the residents of Baton Rouge for support and Solace. May the wounded Officers heal in both the the visible wounds and the new scars you don’t see.

      • Denigrating appropriate police response to black Americans since almost immediately after his election, e.g. “beer summit”

      • DHS did put out a memo warning about returning veterans being dangerous. The implication was white militia gun enthusiasts would be a threat.
        Well, they had the ex-military part right but totally missed the ideology.

  2. “This is an unspeakable and unjustified attack on all of us at a time when we need unity and healing”

    So, what happened to the report that the cops were responding to an on-going shooting?

    Was this an “attack” on the cops or was it cops killed in the line of duty answering a dangerous call?

    Or..third option: both, in the form of staged ambush?

  3. The police state versus radical black leftists. Isn’t it great when two of your enemies go to war? It’s a shame they can’t both lose.

    • Those three officers who lost their lives today were not “the police state”. They were in all likelihood patrol officers who were on duty to insure that average people like you and I could go about our lives in peace. They had nothing to do with the militarization of the police. That blame belongs to politicians and administrators – not street cops. As for the shooter, we can rejoice in the fact that he’s already residing in hell.

      • With legions of patrol officers “just doing their jobs”, there wouldn’t be a police state. Their primary job is to raise revenue for the state, enforce unconstitutional drug and gun laws (what, do you think Obama and Schumer are enforcing their own laws?) and keep the welfare/warfare state fed.

        Protecting my life and property? Please. The police enforce laws which diminish my own ability to defend myself and give criminals the benefit of the doubt.

      • Greg,

        Your romantic portrayal of police is just that, romantic. Are there some outstanding police officers who really are our friends and compatriots? Absolutely. Are there countless 10s of thousands of police officers who blindly enforce any and all executive orders and laws, no matter how blatantly obscene and unconstitutional they are? Absolutely.

        Case in point: watch these two YouTube videos which show examples of police officers who have absolutely no reservations whatsoever blatantly violating a citizen’s First Amendment right to petition government for a redress of grievances at City Council meetings:

  4. Sin is sin. There will always be sin and sinners. Just get a good handgun and defend yourself. Or a shotgun.

  5. If the reports that he was wearing body armor are true he likely intended to cause some alarm so the cops would show up and he could shoot them.

  6. No other news report has identified the suspect as a black man. All other reports state that he was wearing “all black” and a face mask to hide his identity.

  7. Wanna bet that he’s a Demoncrat? Ever notice most mass shooters are Demoncrats? (Yes, it’s spelled correctly)

  8. Do the damn math right he was 29
    Yes this shows why we need the 2nd Anendment you know in case of a tyrannical government

  9. What happened to the other suspects? Are there still other suspects or is this another lone shooter cover job?

    Because I don’t for a moment believe 6 cops can be shot by one shooter who they’re focused on and are behind cover. The police would have had to be flanked by others, same as in Dallas.

    • As seen in Dallas, one man who knows how to run and gun can outflank a dozen cops who hug cover.

      Any nitwit who knows how to aim a rifle can take out at least three cops armed with Glocks before he absorbs enough lead to be incapacitated. Especially if the nitwit is wearing 9mm resistant clothing, then killing only 3 makes him look incompetent if he has a lot more than 3 targets. Speaking of which, what sort of weaponry did Eugene have?

    • It’s being reported that he was a former Marine E-5. Even without a combat deployment, he was almost certainly a better shot and better trained in close quarter combat than the officers.

      • 3 of the 5 killed in Dallas were also prior service. 1 Marine, 1 Army, and 1 Navy. Who knows, they could’ve all had REMF MOS’s. But I’d almost be willing to bet the 41yo Deputy with 1 year in, just retired from some branch.

        • Apparently Army and Marines – a helicopter crew chief in the Army. Can’t find what he did in the Marines.

          One difference is that the racist terrorist started with a “combat” mindset whereas the cops likely began with a “policing” mindset.

          How long before all cops begin answering all calls with a “combat” mindset? Not really looking forward to that.

        • GUARANTEE? I’ve seen a few crew chiefs that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn… And yes, from the 160th. Actually worried me, as if we were to get shot down and they had to defend me, I had no confidence that I’d get out alive. And if I hadn’t been there to call them out on it, they’d have probably been signed off expert and not fixed. I at least got them to where rounds were on the target instead of hitting the concrete a couple of feet below the target.

        • It seems that if police respond at all to a shooting in progress on the south or west side they are already showing up with a ‘combat’ mindset here in Chicago.

          Luckily? (sarcasm) they usually only show up to clean up the mess when all the shooting is done…

          Either way this event continues to degrade the mindset of radicals in the public and in the police and it certainly seems like we are still on the downward spiral and possibly not even close to the upward swing.

          Stay safe out there.

  10. Democrats and the left are the fountain of hate and violence in the USA. The KKK, the BLM (the black KKK), the SDS, the Weather Underground, the SLA, the Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, the SNCC, etc. all founded by Democrats or leftists who sympathize with the Democrats.

      • DG, your years stretch quite a bit farther than mine. I’m 29 and only starting getting interested in politics about the time my son was born, a little over 4 years ago. Before then, I really didn’t give a shit, I was just working and living and wasn’t terribly concerned with the wider political sphere. That said, since I started paying attention, I have noticed that there is a huge chasm between the left and the right. It looks to me that the two sides of the political spectrum are so diametrically opposed to one another on how to run this country that there is no and can be no common ground.

        My question then is this, Has it always been this way. Has there always been this much hate between the two sides. Not only that, but on the topic of race relations, it seems the same. They seem to be in worse condition than I can remember in my short memory. I’d like to hear from any of you old fellows on here. Much appreciated.

        • “My question then is this, Has it always been this way. Has there always been this much hate between the two sides.”

          First off, I’m older, but not old, per se.

          And no, its not always been like this, the pure venom.

          Once the Democrats fully embraced Progressive ideals, around the time of W.J. Clinton is when the chasm started to really open up.

          I was talking to someone about a month back, and I told her that as much as I despised Clinton 1st, holy friggi’n crap, I would give nearly anything to have him instead of what we have now.

          She grudgingly agreed…

        • Government and it’s overbearing regulation is increasing determining the winners and losers in today’s economy.
          Now everything turns political because the government declares the winner.
          It didn’t use to be this way.

          The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.

          The way out of this road to hell is to diminish the size of government. That is diametrically opposed by the Left, and increasing so by the elite Right.

        • @Geoff

          Klinton made us miss Carter. Obama made us miss Klinton.

          W made us miss his father, his father made us miss Reagan.

          Either Hitlary or Trump will end up making us miss their party’s predecessor president.

          Both parties are degenerating, I think with Trump we may finally have a Republican who was worse than the starting Democrat in this sequence.

    • kkk lean left? thats a new one. i guess timothy mcveigh and his militia buds were screaming liberals. there are bad righties and lefties, bad christians and jews, all the clubs have bad apples id say.

      • KKK was founded by Democrats to overthrow the Republican led south states just after the Civil War. Even David Duke was a Democrat until 1989.

      • McVeigh wasn’t KKK out to kill black people, first of all. He really is pretty much the ONLY example of the “crazed militia terrorist” we’ve seen in like a century; those folks aren’t common, and the crazies among them even less so.

        On the other hand, your “bad apples” are now killing officers in cold blood at a far higher rate than were the “innocent” brothers being felled unjustly, and are motivated by hatred rather than any semblance of justice.

      • The last member of the KKK to serve in the US Congress was a Democrat, Senator Robert Byrd of WV.

        The KKK was the reason why Al Smith, a Catholic candidate for POTUS in 1924, received so much internal strife from the Democratic Party that Calvin Coolidge was elected in a landslide.

  11. If there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, how does the spokesperson get away asking for prayer for the deceased policemen’s families and the other officers involved?

    Second, to which God are we to pray? The Judeo-Christian God? Buddha? Allah? Why should we pray? Does anybody expect our prayers to be efficacious? If he means the God of the Old and New Testaments, I think this nation has violated enough of His laws, commandments, ordinances, and precepts to fall under His judgment and not His blessing.

    So, what is it? To whom are we to pray and how? Does this god require any sacrifice or does this god just want everybody to be happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody?

    • Don’t be such a hater. As it stands, 75% of people in the US identify as various denominations of christian.

      So if you want to show that much vaunted respect for multi-culturalism and embrace with kindness, love and acceptance, those that believe differently than yourself, just say, “I support the spirit of what they are doing, even if it’s different than what I believe or would say”, or something to that effect.

      Oh wait, I was told by a Liberal/Progressive, that accepting without judgement other peoples beliefs only apply to immigrants that aren’t christian. Otherwise, Christians, especially home grown, white, heterosexual, conservative, Christians, are to be attacked, humiliated, degraded and insulted at every opportunity.

      At least he was honest, that one time.

      • “As it stands, 75% of people in the US identify as various denominations of Christian”
        And maybe 2% actually are.

        • Like the bible says, only G-d can see the true hearts of man. “For even the elect will be deceived”.

    • Hey dummy, options 1 and 3 are the same dude, and Buddha is not a god. Come back when you understand what you should really be mad at.

      • First, I’m not an atheist let alone angry.
        Second, why ignore my questions unless they are indictment of this culture and your own godlessness.
        Third, 1 & 3 are not the same. You have the audacity to equate Islam with Christianity?
        Really, the 2A should require an aptitude test for crazy.

    • First, POTUS is a hypocrite. If he believes in any god it is undoubtedly Allah and as near as I can tell you do not pray to Allah, you beg him for mercy or for success in murdering infidels.

      Second, if someone believes in a supreme being and wants to pray for someone or something and that action does no harm, even if it does no help either, why should you or anyone feel the need to stop them from doing something that at least brings them some comfort?

      Third, There is no “separation of church and state” in the Constitution. The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” So your call for religious people to STFU is more a violation of the First Amendment than is any suggestion by a government official, even a hypocrite president, to pray for our fellow citizens. Even as POTUS he has as much right to freely exercise his concept of religion as everyone else.

      • i sure wish you would read–actually read–what I wrote and answer my questions. It’s obvious I’m writing from a conservative, Christian standpoint and questioning the state of affairs in the USofA.

        To whom are we to pray? Describe this God and His attributes. What does He require? Are we being encouraged to pray to the God who created the world in 6 days or a god of our own making? When we hear, ‘God bless America’, what is that God like? Does He condemn homosexuality, abortion, adultery, murder, lying, stealing, gossip, hatred, and all the rest?

        • David are you trolling in the way of “2Asux”, or are you really serious?

          If there is some deity or “higher power” he gives not two shits about humanity, and he is impotent in the face of mother nature. His “miracles” happen at the same rate as random chance, and his disciples have no wisdom that is not held by those who have never “heard the word”.

          Believe in whatever you want, but please, your beliefs are not required for a functional civilization. The better part of human nature is what is necessary, which has sweet FA to do with any particular magical sky-daddies.

          • How am I trolling? If someone says ‘please pray’, I want an explanation of what they mean. Be specific.
            Regarding your response, you have no moral leg to stand on. Everything becomes moral relativism. Relying on the better part of human nature has never worked out very well.

        • @David B: I’m just trying to figure out what the fuck you’re on about.

          Anyone who has the power of rational thought knows what the Governor meant by “pray” for the officers and their families. But since you don’t seem to be among those with that power, I’ll spell it out. It means to offer entreaties to the deity of your choice for those officer’s (and families’) well-being and safety, and if you don’t believe in a higher power, then just keep a good thought for them. It’s pretty goddamn simple.

          I don’t know what point you’re trying to make, and I frankly don’t care. Whatever it is, you’re doing a horrible job, because you just come off like a contrary troll.

          • What good does “keeping a good thought” do? Is that like a hashtag to stop domestic violence? Real powerful stuff you got there.

            If there is a higher power or deity that you personally worship or honor, then describe it. Where do you get this idea of a god? Sounds like your god approves of vulgar language and name calling.

            I have asked legitimate questions to people who subscribe to the notion that anything goes as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. If we are then called upon to pray, to what god(s) are we praying too? Should we confess sins to this god? Why only pray when the chips are down?

            If you can pray to any god of your choosing, do you believe in multiple deities? Aren’t there various ancient deities that are for destruction and others for peace? How do you know you’re praying to the right one?

            • You’re right. “Keeping a good thought” does nothing to alleviate the immediate situation. It’s just what people say, and what people do. It’s called empathy, and it (among a few other things) is what separates us from the animals. Pray, or not, keep a good thought, or not, insert your head up your own ass and breathe deeply, or not… no, on second thought, please do that, but while you’re doing it, figure out what your point is. Because your questions are as legitimate as King Tommen, First of His Name. They have no purpose beyond making you feel superior.

              As for who or what I believe in, it’s none of your fucking business. If the fucking deity I fucking believe in approves of fucking vulgar language and calling you a fucking oxygen thief (by the way, you’re an oxygen thief), what the fuck business is it of yours? And if he/she/they/it does not approve, and I’m gonna burn in hell (or whatever my deity’s equivalent is) for it, what business is that of yours?

              So again, I repeat my initial query. What are you on about? Because you’re asking a bunch of questions for no other reason than to ask them, because the responses may be true or they may be not (it is the internet after all), but either way, they have precisely zero effect on you or your world.

              Answer carefully, the life of this comment thread depends on it.

              • Matt in FL has killed the Socratic method. I force you to think and you get angry.
                Words mean things. In your argument, you have attempted to redefine the terms to avoid discussing or answering my questions. I’ll spell it out. Either there is power in prayer or there is not.

                If there is zero power in prayer, then there is no God who listens and cares. All religions are false and constructs of man. Asking for prayer is a terrible strategy to resolve pain from loss, to bring encouragement, or to affect change.

                If there is power in prayer, then there must be a being more powerful than man who can control, shape, and care about our world’s events. If He has power over nature–including the nature of man–then He has creative powers. We are not here by chance; we are here for a reason. Prayer implies we have a relationship with this God. Why else would He listen? Doesn’t this God demand our respect or worship? Surely then, we should keep His commandments.

                To ask for prayer from people who do not know God or have rejected Him is emptiness and foolish. To whom will they pray if they don’t want a relationship with God? To the trees? To rocks? To themselves?

                Well, Matt in FL, I’ve answered your questions, but I’m sure your anger hasn’t been appeased. Perhaps you have trouble at home, or health issues, or work problems that cause such hostility. Regardless, I’ll pray for you.

        • So you are trolling – I’ll play for a minute…

          All morality is ‘relative’. Kill a busload of kids, or let their vehicle loaded with enough of Aum Shinrikyo’s Sarin into the middle of a 50K stadium for the half-time show? Whatcha gonna do? Seriously, you can Hellfire the bus and 50 innocents die, or you can let them live for a few minutes longer – then they will die along with 35K other people. What. Will. You. Do?

          ‘Thou shalt not kill’ or ‘thou shall not kill the man who means to kill you’? Which is it? You’re saying “moral relativism” is somehow inherently bad, do expound.

          Let’s cut the nonsense – humanity never would have survived long enough to start using “gods” to con weak-minded humans, were it not for essential evolutionary humanity. We don’t just kill, rape, or rob whenever the mood suits us, because that would be untenable in evolutionary terms. We wouldn’t have lasted 200K+ years to get here, were we savages waiting on some “deity” to give us order and purpose.

        • Hey 16V. You should read Jim Penman “Biohistory”.

          Because, while you believe people may or may not need a “G-d” , to live in an advanced civilization, his book talks,about different methods that cultures raise their chikdren, and how that effects their ability to crate the social environment to create civilization, versus warring tribal primitive cultures.

          By his book, It turns out the “diety” inspired word of Yaweh, in how to design a moral code of marriage, society and the raising of children is ideal for supporting an advanced civilization, versus the progressives methods, that generally deny all christian based beliefs, lead to the destruction of a culture and a dark age. It’s about different evolutionary genetic responses to different “triggers” in child hood that create different cultural norms, that support the generally historically law abiding nature of American culture with it’s respect for an idea of freedom and liberty ; versus the end result of liberal policies that support single mother families that end up ecouraging lawlessness and a disrespect for the law. As only a very simple example of a very complicated subject.

          This ties in with the r/K selection process and explains why civilizations rise and then to seem to always collapse into a darkcage. (Stefan also has videos about the r/K selection theory. Stefan is an; athiest that has a philosophy blog. He’s mostly a libertarian anarcho/capitalist)

          Stefan Molyneux interviews Jim Penman on his blog. Listen to it and then read his book.

          I’d be curious as to your feed back, after reading the book and listening to Stefans interview, if you choose too.

        • This is for DavidB and 16V.

          There have been studies that show people that are sick measurably get better faster after having a prayer circle for them.

          So if you want logic. Then how about this. Can a society of athiests survive and prosper and be free?

          From the examples so far, not so much. Godless communist Russia and China? No. How about western europe? Even if you think socialism makes you free and other peoples money will never run out, they aren’t having enough children to replace them selves, so no.

          Here in the USA? Almost across the board, all the prominent godless athiests in academia promote progressivism, which means no individual freedom, nor are athiest couples replacing themselves by having children, as demographics show.

          About the only groups in this country that actually are having enough children to replace themselves are fundumentalist christians, muslims, and new immigrants, the greatest numbers that are generally fundumentalist christian or muslim.

          So no 16V and DavidB. The reality is that athiests are an anomaly in evolutionary history, because if a particular group does not have an ethic as part of their beliefs that requires having children as an imperative, they don’t survive, as a species. Until or unless athiests take on having children, raised in the proper way, as if it was a commandment by a diety, it does not matter if you are right that G-d is simply an imaginary daddy figure in the sky made up by those too “weak” to survive a lifeless and impersonal universe, because those that see G-d as a benevolent and loving creator, that has given his children the freedom to choose the truth, and in doing so , will be set not only free. But they will be supported by the endless power, and love of the one being to grow and expand through the universe as we go out into the stars. As a free, prosperous and peaceful(not pacifist) christian civilization

  12. Wow, 2 comments in, left wing BLM nut, actually right wing nut. That’s why labeling crazy people on the left/right spectrum is a bad idea. Lets do a workflow analysis:

    Diagnosing attacker’s political position.
    Question 1: Are they a nut bag?

    Yes: Go to question 3.
    No: Go to question 4.

    Question 3: Seriously, you just said yes to nut bag.

    Question 4: Hey, you’re obviously an idiot, go back to question 1, and the answer is yes.

  13. The practical response by LEO’s to this should be to start answering calls of “shots fired” with a patrol rifle or shotgun.

    Stop answering with only a sidearm. If you don’t have a patrol rifle (ie, AR-type rifle) or a shotgun with buck or slugs, hang back.

    • Already done on my end. 16″ Sig M400 with 3 – 20 round mags loaded with 64 grain Speer Gold Dot .223. I’d rather have one of my own AR’s, or an AR-10, but the company guns we have are decent. Our department buys great ammo, body armor and tires. Everything else is a crapshoot. Heck, some of our shooters are a crapshoot.

      • And what’s your sighting system? Do you use irons, a reflex/holo sight, or ACOG…?

        • M16A2 style peeps sights. Hence why I’d like some of my own gear. At least they are very similar to the setup I trained with as an 0311 from 94-01, although the sight radius is shorter.

      • I’d get engage with M855 first…. Especially if these Democrats are coming to the fight “up-armored”….

        • Highly unlikely any of these BGs are coming to the fight up-armored with anything remotely possible of stopping a 5.56 NATO round. Stop 9mm or .40, possibly, but any rifle round won’t even hesitate.

          My advice to cops with only their pistol in this situation: aim for the head or groin.

      • One of the many times I’ve felt like Afghanistan was better. When I was with the Afghan Nation Police, we responded to “shot’s fired” with never less than M240Bs.

  14. LEOs answering calls period need to do so in pairs or more and at least one of the officers with a slung carbine. One dealing with the call or traffic stop and the other on “overwatch”. The perps will soon catch on that its better to call in something besides man with a gun or shots fired to get the responding LEOs to be less alert upon arrival. So all calls will have to be approached with caution.

    Upgrading body armor to be able to defeat carbine rounds is probably also a consideration.

    This will mean slower response times, but will be safer for the LEOs. This means we all have to take some responsibility for our own safety – but I don’t need to point that out to the readers of this blog.

    • I can state first-hand that Ballwin and Manchester (not 100% about Chesterfield or other connecting munis) are currently in a “2 cops per car” metric.

      We’ll see how long it lasts. They laid low for a couple days after the shooting, they are back to visible and busting zero-risk (upper-middle white) folks for traffic violations to pay for the inefficiencies.

  15. OK, folks, here’s a new twist:

    The shooter, Long, who turned 30 today, was honorably discharged from the Corps in 2010 as an E-5.

    In a situation like this, I cannot imagine that lots of LEO’s who aren’t USMC vets are going to come out well when going up against someone with USMC training and a rifle, bent on killing cops.

    This makes two US military veterans going into stand-up shootouts with their local law enforcement in a short period of time. This is going to make for some very, very uncomfortable questions for politicians.

    • The Fed’s are already on it. The VA’s been slowing trying to rid the country of vets for a few years now…

    • I’m intrigued as to whether Long and/or the Dallas shooter had any known ties to a gang before or after their service. I was under the impression that today’s military did a better job at keeping the riff raff out than decades past. Either way, I doubt we’ll get a truly straight story. I just have a hunch that somewhere, somebody in the law enforcement field had both these guys on their radar, and fucked up by not saying anything.

      • “Long, who was black, was affiliated with the anti-government New Freedom Group, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person briefed on the investigation. A spokeswoman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, said she had no information about that.”

        Not a street gang if that is what you mean and have not seen a single source stating that.

        • The SPLC is nothing more or less than a bunch of con artists, scamming money and donations out of little old Jews in places like Chicago.

          The SPLC, being led by Jews, knows how to run an affinity scam, just as Bernie Madoff did.

        • Difference being that no one who knew their ass from a hole in the ground would get near Bernie (nobody ever returns like his BS prospectus).

          The MSM actually pretends the SPLC does “serious” work, and is something other than a prog tool. They are a hate group themselves, it’s all rather disgusting.

    • In a statement today United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated that the Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long had a known affiliation with a right-wing terrorist group, the United States Marine Corps.

  16. “While little is known about him yet, that will surely change in the hours and days to come.”

    You can depend on that because the media will make another folk hero out of him and that will only encourage more of these garbage rats to start shooting people. What are they going to do when they’re done shooting cops? Next it’ll be republicans, Conservatives, Christians and any white person. I would not be at all surprised to see an attack on a republican election rally or event.

    If you don’t go out of your house with a mindset that is ready to enter combat every day, you are living in La-La Land.

    • I foresee NBP Party agitators slinging lead at GOP convention attendees this week. That scares BHO shitless right now… Notice how he didn’t mention guns in his 3 minute dog-and-pony show earlier this afternoon?

      • Really? Why would that scare him?

        That’s exactly the kind of thing he wants. That would be a great “crisis” for him to take advantage of…to swoop in with “solutions.”

        And, it’d be a great opportunity to bash guns again.

        I doubt he really cares all that much that he’d be turning on some of his most ardent followers – not if HE can benefit from it.

  17. Man another crazy black ex-military POS. All I’ve got right now. And THIS one kills a black cop…

  18. Not to change the subject, but did u guys see that the shooter used an fde tavor with an eotech, or similar optic.

  19. Kinda strange these last 3 shootings used some different firearms than the typical ar. Sig mcx, saiga 74, and fde tavor.

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