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Bloggers and others murdered in Bangladesh (courtesy

“First they came for the bloggers, the atheists, the secular intellectuals,” the subhead under article Inside Bangladesh’s killing fields: bloggers and outsiders targeted by fanatics reports. “Then the three-year murder spree spread to aid workers, minority religions and Muslims who did not want their country reshaped by extremist Islam.” The examples provided are gruesome.

The attack on Professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee was so frenzied that its traces remain more than a month later, arcs of dried blood spattered up a pink wall and a pile of sand covering bloodstains that had pooled on the ground where the softly spoken lecturer was all but beheaded . . .

He was killed on his way to work in the city of Rajshahi by four men who knew their target and his routines well. At least one of the killers was a former student who had a reputation for barracking the professor in class about the “immorality” of the English literature he taught, police believe . . .

The murder fitted into a pattern laid down over a gruesome three-year killing spree by extremist groups in Bangladesh: a bloody but brutal attack in broad daylight with the most basic of weapons, and later a claim of responsibility from Islamic State (Isis) or al-Qaida.

And guess what? The targeted attacks are “working” . . .

A week after Siddiquee’s killing, three men on a motorbike roared into the village of a Hindu tailor, Nikhil Joarder, hacked him to death and threw his body in a ditch. Again, they struck in the middle of the day, on a main road lined with shops and homes, but his former friends and neighbours all insist that no one saw the faces of his killers.

The murder put an end not just to Joarder’s life, but to a long history of religious diversity in the village. Joarder’s wife and his brother’s family fled after the killing, and now the courtyard of corrugated iron homes that was the tiny Hindu enclave is locked and empty.

Americans’ standard reaction to this kind of targeted violence abroad: it couldn’t happen here. Ignoring the fact that it has happened here.

Our country has a long, sad history of exactly the same kind of “ethnic cleansing” that’s bedeviling Bangladeshi society. Specifically, the genocide inflicted on native Americans by the federal government and both the pre- and post-Civil War rape, torture and murder of black Americans.

Guardian writers Emma Graham-Harrison and Saad Hammed highlight the Bangladeshi government’s ineffectiveness at stopping or punishing the Islamic extremists hacking and beating “secularist” citizens to death. But the authors singularly fail to point out that there is an answer to this murderous jihad: armed self-defense. Well, there should be. gives us a glimpse of Bangladesh’s civilian arsenal.

According to Home Ministry sources, there are nearly 217,000 legal firearms of various types in the country right now, all licensed under the Arms Act 1878. In the last five years, the government has awarded 10 firearm licenses of various types.

So 217k legal firearms in a country of 162 million souls. Including ten new ones in the last five years!

The risks of carrying an unlicensed firearm couldn’t be any more severe. Anyone who “intended that such fire-arm should be used for the commission of any offence of murder” — a definition that could easily include carrying a gun for self-defense — is looking at the death penalty.

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government isn’t have any of that “shall not be infringed stuff.”

The Government may at any time order or cause to be seized any arms, ammunition or military stores in the possession of any person, notwithstanding that such person is licensed to possess the same, and may detain the same for such time as it thinks necessary for the public safety.

Gun rights are the foundation of a civil society. The lack of gun rights is an open door to tyranny of one sort or another.

Hence the Second Amendment. Hence patriotic Americans’ declaration — however authentic — that they’re willing to die to defend their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Here’s hoping the government never forces armed Americans to put that oath to the test.

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    • Whoa! Good point. After all, China and North Korea are republics. Says so right in their names.

      Bangladesh is also Asian, by the way.

  1. The pants suit is terrified of these people and will appease as much as possible. Ordinary Americans I don’t think share her views, at least I hope enough dont.

  2. if they push hard enough, they will get the nukes too, if it does not happen in Pakistan first.
    sounds like religion is the issue, not lack of guns (bad guys did mot have guns either).

    • Last I checked, Pakistan already had nuclear weapons.

      It’s unlikely that Bangladesh will ever have them, unless they are donated. Too poor to develop them, even if _all_ resources were dedicated; too poor to buy them.

    • Disarmed has far less to do with it than the existence of Islam.

      200 years from now (if anything exists at all), this will be the beginning of the culture wars that define what the remaining populace of the world evolves into. Muslims trying to burn the civilized world to the ground are what they’ve done since the founding of their “religion”. They destroy all they touch, replacing it with the notions of primitive barbarians.

      • It wasn’t always that way. There was a time when Islam was an enlightened religion. But it stopped evolving 500 years ago, and it’s been going backwards ever since.

        • It was inbreeding, probably. There’s a couple papers floating around suggesting different reasons (not the one the uses Nobel Prizes as a metric). This is off the top of my head from memory, but the mean IQ for Muslims vs Non-Muslims is like a half a standard deviation below the norm. So that also means that they have a larger pop of “challenged” individuals and their “gifted” population has less IQ than non-Muslim “gifted”. This was also found to be this case for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. There is debate if this caused because of cousins banging cousins vs. a historically closed population, for forced because of religion.

        • @Ronald – I’d say the fall of the Abbasids after the sacking of Baghdad was definitely the turning point – they propped up the entire Arabic Intellectual edifice. But don’t be fooled into thinking the Islamic Golden Age was all peace, prosperity and science. It was still just as barbaric.

        • There was a time when the ME was an intellectual hub, filled with libraries and scholars.

          Islam killed all of that, it just took a number of years for Islam to completely “win”. I’m not sure what period you’re referring to Ralph.

        • You show your ignorance. It was never an enlightened religion. It has destroyed or degraded every society it has touched. Name one invention, outstanding piece of art, or scientific discovery that has come out of a Muslim country. You cant. Look what the Islamic turks did to the most civilized society in the world the Byzantine empire.

  3. Time for the smart people to go, and leave the mad mullahs to preach “Inshallah” (God or Allah willing) and wonder why nothing gets done.

    When it comes to killing muslims, no-one does it better than other muslims. It has been happening since the death of the prophet, and is till happening today. Look what happened when Pakistan gained independence from India and Britain. And don’t forget the more recent Wahhabi inspired actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

  4. avatar My name is Brian T. Oshiro, and the H.P.D. and the "Federal Police" tried to murder me and cover it up under color of authotiry, and it is still happening. They claimed it was all justified because I at one time legally owned a gun.

    What about targeted here in the USA? I live in Hawaii, it is supposed to be a part of the USA… I am in constant danger of a “Hawaii setup” here, because all effective means of self defense are deemed illegal, but if you are a connected white mason or other connected person in the same situation, you don’t even get a court date.

    “Hawaii setup” is that the political powers that be decide they are going to get rid of you for whatever reason, like you know who the local connected, protected pedophiles are, you are too poor to have the level of social interaction you have, you speak terrorist speech like saying how the second amendment and the U.S. Constitution as a whole is a document that protects basic human freedoms, etc. (All of these were excuses used by them for their actions)

    So they give your personal info and surveillance info out about you to the local neighborhood watch / neighborhood board groups and various criminals. Even the meth dealers here are owned by the army. So then you get all these degenerate murderers, rapists (yes, they try to rape men too) and frauds trying to make a show out of doing whatever they can to you. If you have a weapon adequate to protect yourself, you get arrested for just having it. If you have to fight off scum, you get arrested for defending yourself, if you live. If they want money and promotions, they wont murder you in prison until after the kangaroo court trial.

    Not all cops here in this sh1thole are bad. Nor are the military guys (Military intel or whatever who do the illegal stuff on US soil) but there is evil crap in Hawaii and they are trying to hide it. Go ahead and call me schizo, they will try to implement this in larger parts of the country when they get more confident in their actions…

  5. It is not just Islamic countries, although they are mostly hell holes for the ordinary people
    Just look at Mexico
    Both the Police and the Cartels are armed
    The citizens are forbidden arms
    So of course bothe the police and the cartels victimize the unarmed populace

  6. When are people going to understand that Islam was created by Satan in response to Christ? There are good Muslims who have been deluded into believing they actually worship God. They don’t.

    • Somewhere there is another, equally zealous, person declaring that God gave the world Islam to keep them from being deceived by Christianity and Judaism. Which religious zealot is to be believed, I wonder?

    • Much of the Quran is cribbed from the OT. It’s an Abrahamic faith, just like Judeo-Christianity.

      Perhaps one should read the Quran and Hadith to know what it’s really about – a primitive charismatic warlord with a raging hard-on, and the understanding that “god” will help him lead men to battle and give him excuses to get some tail. Lots of tail.

  7. Don’t lie about the Indian Wars. There was no genocide. To say so is a lie. And only 3,000 blacks were lynched in the United States. Certainly insufficient to claim some sort of race war. Stop slandering Americans.


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