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UPDATE: Latest reports indicate 77 dead and a report from the UK’s Telegraph quotes Chrisian Entrosi, president of the region, claiming that the truck was “loaded with arms and grenades.”

An earlier fire at the Eiffel Tower has been ruled an accident, not part of any terrorist attack, and unrelated to the events in Nice.



“A long white truck ran into a crowd of people in Nice, France, on Bastille Day, killing ‘probably’ 30 people and injuring 100 more, a local prefecture official told CNN. One witness, an American who was about 15 feet from the truck, said the driver pointed his tractor trailer into the crowd, mowing bodies over.” France has been on alert for terrorist attacks in recent weeks.

An American witness at the scene said the driver of the truck was mowing bodies over, and that he appeared to accelerate as he hit those bodies. The witness said he saw only the driver. He heard gunfire as he ran away, but did not know its source. It seemed like an accident at first, but it became apparent very quickly that it was deliberate, the witness told CNN.

More as it becomes available.

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  1. Apparently there are some gunmen on the loose as well, the truck driver was known to security services. This is clearly the NRA’s fault, no one should drive a vehicle over 2 tons.

    • Shannon blamed the handcuffed prisoner shooting the bailiffs on the NRA. She’ll figure out a way to pin this on us as well.

      • Easy:

        The violence loving NRA creates a climate of hate so that people with the slightest bit of anger must unleashed violently against innocent people, even across the Atlantic.

    • TTAG must have reported the story wrong. Everyone knows that gunmen only attack in the US. France has awesome gun control, can’t be there.

  2. Stop leading credence to the antigun folks by using their rhetoric to make fun of a tragedy….supposed to be BETTER than them not sleezeball opportunists.

    • As if this isn’t the first thing every one of us thought. Maybe with this new tragedy we can finally focus on the problem.

      • About impossible to stop someone who’s willing to die from causing death and destruction. They’ll find a way. I agree, but also wish we could avoid the snarky bullshit and be the better people.

        • And you believe that if we use nice pretty words that Sen. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein will say ah shucks, them gun owning boys, they alright (wipes tear) — and throw out the legislation that she has ready to go to take away gun rights? Is she going to go back to CA and tell Brown, ya know, those gun rights killing bills are just too much, repeal them!

          Nope, they see us all as baby killers and they will double down on gun control it does not matter what words are used.

    • Yeah. It’s not the right thing to do. The unfortunate reality is though that it’s kind of hard to not politicize this. The media has made mass murder a political issue. It’s stupid, but every other mass killing has been made political to the point where now the first thing everyone thinks is what political repercussions it will have.

      And you know, that the anti gun media and politicians will go on about how “Mass shootings are always more deadly when people have access to high capacity, military-style, killing machines.” How do you not think, after hearing that droned over and over after every mass murder, “Well, a truck just did more damage than the worst mass shooting ever in the U.S.” because they will politicize the next mass murder and say the same crap.

      Now what, Nietzsche said about staring into the abyss makes sense. You really can’t be unaffected by it.

      • Terrorism, by definition, is political. How can we not politicize a political event? Anyone with a beating heart acknowledges the the sadness and the magnitude of the tragedy. But rather than impose a French flag over my Facebook profile photo to show my grief, I would rather fight the evil that perpetuates these tragedies. Politically and physically when the time arises.

        • Yeah, when I wrote that, I was assuming that it wasn’t terrorism until I got more information. I knew it was a 95% probability of being terrorism, but I don’t want to be the idiot who goes “ISIS STRIKES AGAIN!” and then it turns out to be some random crazy suicidal truck driver. It’s looking more like terrorism as the information comes in.

          Still, the issue shouldn’t be gun control. I know, you’re all thinking that gun rights are an important part of the answer to this kind of terrorism, and they are, but the primary concern should be ISIS control and the gun rights advocates have to jump in and use it to defend their gun rights because the other side keeps doing it.

        • My consistent point is that we are bringing up the gun relationship because we are discussing it on TTAG. Beyond that, I judge the validity of a comment as whether it is true. Not whether it is appropriate.

    • Mocking the irrational doesn’t “lend them credence”. The only argument it supports is that if they continue to produce blatantly manipulative propaganda it will be mocked.

      The die hard anti gun movement is at it’s core anti-fact, anti-logic, and anti-reason and has demonstrated countless time that they will exploit death and tragedy to insert their agenda. It will be no surprise when they (the anti-gun politicians, media and organizations) mine yet another horrific tragedy to ruthlessly promote their agenda. It is very likely that the truck will be minimized, the terrorism will be minimized and the gun and bombs that the terrorist/terrorists behind this will showcased in the “causal analysis”.

      Today “commonsense” has come warn of the PR tactic of using emotional arguments that are designed to divert attention from facts that don’t support the premises and derail real analysis of problems.

      I say mock away, but keep it fresh and clever so we can all take pause to see the antis for the grasping opportunists and exploiters of suffering that they are. (albeit well meaning /sarc)

    • You make a decent point motivated by good intentions. OK – on the night of the tragedy is too early. But we’d be stupid if we didn’t point out the irony and obvious. Of course you don’t need a certain kind of gun to kill a lot of innocent people. Anyway it’s what most people thought.

    • I must have missed something. Did anyone disparage all truck owners? Did anyone call them truck nuts, call them all evil, or insinuate that when they have a bad day that they are going to go nuts and run down innocent children? No? Yet this is exactly what the left does every chance they get. Drawing an anology between trucks and guns is not exactly the same is it?

        • The original post has since been edited, but read “BAN TRUCKS” followed by 30 plowed over by truck, or something of that nature. I felt, and still do, that it was in poor taste as a headline on a website like this. I came to this site originally as a “liberal” looking for information and a second side of the story, and have come to value my 2A rights as a result. Crap headlines like that would have driven me away rather than help bring more to the fold.

          A lot of people seem to think that the fight to protect their rights is just about screaming nonsense about how lefties suck without taking any time to educate or understand. This is not a battle that’ll be won by the ignorant. People who aren’t educated about guns fear them, so it is YOUR job to teach them, not scare them and be flippant. Too much rhetoric on here sometimes and no balls or conviction. If you really think your gun rights are important than realize this place can either be a great tool for education or a swamp bog of redneck nonsense.

          So yeah…the headline was stupid and childish. Just like the Orlando shooter, the truck was merely a tool used for destruction, not the cause. Let’s not even jokingly on such a public site pretend the gun grabber argument holds water.

  3. Evil will use whatever tools are available to wreak death and destruction. This is the unfortunate proof.

    But, as far as the Left and MSM are concerned, a gun wasn’t used here so this doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • I’m just surprised/relieved there was no homemade bomb in the truck. That could have been devastating…more devastating.

      • Likewise.

        One truck filled to the brim with homemade explosives like Timothy McVeigh’s in a populated area could easily level a city block and kill at least 300 people in one go. Sadly, I think this is going to be the next step in these terror attacks.

        Assaulting helpless civilians in a major urban center with a few gunmen causes casualties and panic, but a truck bomb that can literally cleave a building in half is so much worse.

        • That will get you death, but not fear. Large explosions rally those nearby to help; shooters create panic and an every-man-for-himself mentality.

        • Katy, a favorite terror tactic is hold some of your people back and use them to attack the first responders…

        • Geoff – it’s a popular tactic among the liberation armies and rebel alliances, but doesn’t seem to be the calling card of today’s enemies of the West.

    • Gun where used and the driver started by shooting at the crowd and then mowing them down. More guns, explosives and grenades in the back of the truck.

      If there is a way the POTUS or Democrats can spin this for more gun control, they will

      • Those reports appear to have been mistaken. So far, the only gunfire confirmed is from the police to stop the attacker.

  4. Estimates are up to 60 dead.

    Since the terrorist came out shooting before police took him down, I expect the blame to be laid on the NRA instead of on radical islam where it belongs.

    Support to our allies. Nuts to our enemies.

  5. I just shake my head. PC will not protect us from evil.

    Supposedly, the driver exchanged gun fire with the police. I have already seen a picture of the truck’s windshield full of bullet holes, so at the very least, the police shot at the truck. Either way, a lack of gun control is clearly to blame for this.

    • Clearly you are not familiar with their (historically) very recent history. Mormons were a serious blight on any neighborhood they infested, which is why civilization drove them to Salt Lake. Then the Feds were after them as insurrectionists, because they were. And not the good kind.

      Don’t worry, the LDS faithful have an excuse-fest prepared just to rationalize it. Make no mistake, the LDS nutters were just that – nutters in Jim Jones cult who were at odds with all civilized people until we ran them out of Illinois and Missouri.

      They have since morphed into a Canadian-nice kind of generally-more-attractive-than-average folks who really are quite pleasant in public. Very much the Stepford cult. What kind of weirdness happens in the recesses of Temple, while wearing the majik underoos? Go learn for yourself.

        • Bruce and Carlin were hilarious for observing the pathetically stupid.

          I’ve never claimed to be that amusing, but others seem to have found my observations hilarious. YMMV. As does theirs. Frankly I don’t give two flyin’s what anyone thinks.

  6. I guess O’Bama’s going to have to plan a trip to France now to publicly chide truck drivers for not being willing to give up their jobs or something. Probably have to preach about global warming while he’s at it. Won’t mention Islam though.

  7. How about a little less smartass for a title? I get the sentiment, so does everybody else, but it’s still poor form.
    As we continue to try and tell these morons, the weapon doesn’t matter to the dead. But they all deserve a little decency.

  8. For F*CK’S SAKE!

    I was wondering who’d be the first bozo to make a crack like this headline but had assumed that TTAG staff would at least be above this.

    It’s a tragedy and should not be used as an opportunity to score cheap (and hollow) rhetorical points.

    You’re just as bad as “the other side”.

    • I had Fox News on as soon as this story broke. My first thought was how the Obama administration turned the Orlando shooting into a campaign against gun rights. I don’t think it is out of line one bit to show the Fucktards on the left that violence is carried out by evil people regardless of laws and to blame guns is nothing but a lie to be used in order to take our gun rights. If Fox News lead this story with an analogy on gun control, then you would have a beef with Fox News. But to take exception with TTAG for doing it is ludicrous. I am surprised no one asked “what the hell does this have to do with gun rights?” Well TTAG tied it in in such an obvious way that I am wondering where your head is at right now.

      • So because Obama does it, it’s ok? Have respect for yourself, man. If you are fighting a war from the moral high ground you lose any advantage when you go slumming it.

        • And because we say nothing, they will not try for gun control? Not sure of your points. Nobody is belittling the dead, it is a travesty but I assure you, nothing will stop the Left and if we are someone cordial, nothing will change regarding how guns are scene either. “Guys, guys, guys — just be nice, be nice and everything will be fine” does absolutely nothing because the Democrats are deaf to any logic or reason.

        • Your logic is flawed because you are simply looking at numbers. 5 vs 10 vs 20. That is not the issue. Someone with a “five shooter” would be just as effective in a situation like Orlando where everyone is enclosed in a box. When the shooting starts, people simply run. Since nobody is attacking or shooting back, that person has plenty of time to reload. You will not, but you take a look at video with French Lebel Rifle from WWI, someone with some practice catn fire-reload-fire-reload fast enough that they can do a lot of damage with 8 rounds at a time. Even in the case of Dallas, if you have height and surprise to your advantage, you are killing a lot before they find you.

          There can be no encrypted lists that the govt cannot track. There is no technical solution that would prevent the government who owns the data from exploiting it. See articles from Electronic Frontier Foundation. You believe that secret courts and secret lists will protect you? Everyone has heard about the No Fly list, did you even know there is a No Marine list to try to prevent some terrorist from hijacking some luxury cruise line? And while that list is for passengers, nobody but the cruise line vets the staff. Nope, the only safe list is no list

          I have of have had Top Secret, secret and other types of access. I have been vetted for Pre-check and Global Entry and because of various govt. work, I can be vetted and background checked whenever they damn well please and I can’t do a think about it and “YET” I still have to go through everything ALL OVER AGAIN every time I renew my permit — what possible additional “vetting” would be sufficient for me that I have not already have gone through including the FBI talking to neighbors and ex-gf? Please, let me know.

          Please, tell me, how all that regulation you propose will stop the senseless violence that happens in Chicago weekly — tell me which law you propose will stop this: How violating my rights or making more expensive, more lengthy for me, will stop the killing in Chicago which has had some of the strictest gun laws on the books — or how it will stop the 600 or so that will die in NYC this year.

          In CT we are having a record year for murders in all our major cities. Please inform me, a CT resident, sold and fed via firehouse by the local media that the new gun laws would “stop violence” and “save lives” how the new laws have only made it harder and more expensive for me, but has almost doubled the murder rate this year?

          That is what I want to know.

        • Everything on this site is from the perspective of gun truth. Obama is the President of the United States. So I make a statement on a GUN website how this terrorist attack should prove to YOU that guns and gun control are NOT the the heart of the matter that Obama puts front and center of every single attack involving guns, and you make a asinine comparison to what TTAG does and what our Government does. This isn’t tit for tat. This is the exact forum to discuss these matters. Not the Rose Garden.

        • I’m not a hypocrite, and let me prove it.
          If I am ever murdered at the hands of a terrorist or psycho mass murderer, I hereby donate my bloody shirt to the freedom fighters to wave upon high as they so choose to eliminate the evil leftist agenda that is responsible for more suffering in this world in the name of equality, security, or social justice.

        • Taking the moral high ground when your enemy routinely takes the moral low ground is a dubious proposition. Personally, I’m a big fan of sarcasm. I find it to be very satisfying when dealing with ignorance and intolerance. Many of these people don’t want to reason with us – they just want us dead. And they are happy to use the power of the police to do so.

          Even at our worst, we are far more civil and intelligent than the knuckledraggers on the anti gun sites.

        • I would merely add that one can possess the moral high ground, while fighting one’s enemy however, only if it is tactically appropriate to do so.

          Fighting them on their own terms is their choice of terms. But only the vanquished remain committed to following their own pre-ordained strategy for some social points. Win the war, apologize for the brutality later. The winning is all that really matters in the end.

    • Ok, so us keeping quiet about this psychos ability to use a truck as a mass killing machine and keeping the heat on your and my gun ownership from freedom hating marxists who would prefer to keep this truck thing hush-hush is a positive? Not a chance Dave. This is The Truth About Guns. Not the truth about being nice and sympathetic when a terrorist attack occurs.

      • Yeh. You’re right. When the anti gunner’s main weapon is “This attack would not have happened if we had better gun control” and you find someone used a truck to kill more people than any one person ever did with a gun, you shove that in their face. That doesn’t make it right though. It’s just one of those things you need to do, but probably shouldn’t be proud of.

        • You know, with 100% certainty, that if this had happened in the States, the focus would be on the killer’s arsenal, and not questions on the model, gross weight and horsepower of, and how he acquired the truck he murdered 76 people with.

        • I disagree R.B. This is a perfect time and place to point out the hypocrisy of the left in using every opportunity to push the narrative that only guns kill large amounts of people.

          Instead of pointing out that the problem is allowing mass imigration of a mideaval culture that believes spreading religion at the point of a sword, along with rape, pillage and plunder, is acceptable when practiced towards infidels..

    • No it’s not… because it comes just one day after the EU did vote more gun control laws to limit magazine size and many other crap… why? Supposely to stop terrorism, even thought terrorists never got their weapons from law abiding gun owners… not ONCE! So, they either consider that law abiding gun owners are terrorists, or they’re idiots… Either way, this is only the top of the iceberg with the million of migrants (a.k.a invaders) that came and keep coming in Europe with absolutely NO ACTIONS from the government… except to give ORDERS to customs and border patrols to NOT DO ANYTHING.

      I have friends in Customs, Border Patrols, Police and Gendarmerie (the military rural police)… and they all confirmed me they got ORDERS to not do anything about migrants. They have to bring them in some locations of unknown organisation (probably paid by Soros and co), that give money and all info to how get benefits, free medical, food stamps, etc… And when they review the “migrants”, they are clearly war soldiers with scares of war, all perfectly fit, all men in age of combat… no women, no kids, no older people, no handicap people, etc… When interviewed if they want their wife and kids to come later, they just laugh like they know what will happen, and they say: “oh no, no way”.

      This is WELL KNOWN at this point and it’s covert by media and politics. They want it because they need chaos to push for more laws, and extend the Marshall Law to become a permanent status.

      And if you think this is not what will happen in the US with the BLM and other division that is currently happening, think again!

  9. And we let TEENAGERS pilot two ton guided missles daily. surely they can kill 15 at a time …..tsk..tsk..

    • Just pray the ISIS twits don’t figure out how to hack that moronic PokeyBS to create Smartphone guided cars.

  10. Effing Obama will be to the podium soon to blame guns before he is wisked away to play 36 holes of golf.
    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  11. I hope comments avoid gleeful jokes about banning trucks but I doubt they will

    To me the ready availability of legal purchase of high capacity magazines is an obvious danger, as are explosives, trucks now, infrastructure etc. I doubt that banning them would help and it would impinge upon freedom but surely if anyone is looking to commit mass slaughter it is made easier by that

    I am sadly coming to the view that some freedoms must end up being reduced, and I would rather reduce the travel of foreigners than Americans rights (reducing Saudi travel would not make me the slightest sad).

    • Sp Tyranny should succeed for our safety? Ban high capacity mags, nationwide, and confiscate them. I’m sure that will stop these monsters from finding them, France did it and they’ve only three major terrorist attacks and a few hundred people killed in the last couple of years committed by men armed with banned guns and magazines.

      • I am not saying we should, I am saying it is obvious they make shooting high volume easier and more effective and denying that is a losing argument that makes people look silly or nutty

        I started out thinking a few years ago this was an obvious fix, then came to see both the passion of defenders and the legal or constitutional argument as likely being valid

        Still doesn’t mean a person in average could effectively kill as many with a five shooter, no matter specific examples

        To me the argument is lost if starting from lies. To me the argument should be protect Americans rights not others

        My own compromise, and I come from a more liberal point of view than most here, would be universal checks with encrypted lists so the govt cannot track, national carry permits with additional training proven, perhaps additional screening in high (normal) cap mags, again encrypted and hopefully legalized higher cap in all states

        It is quite easy to buy rifles, magazines, ammo, and murder hundreds in the absence of any regulation as some here argue for (not current rules but some argue absence of any rule)

        If that happens five or ten times gun rights would lose

        • Why don’t we just throttle our immigration to completely vetted persons? And end all regulations on the true U.S. citizens. A dog never shits where it sleeps. Build the wall!

    • There is evil in the world. Whether that evil uses guns, vehicles, fertilizer, pressure cookers, fire etc makes no difference. After you ban visitors from travelling freely, and standard capacity magazines (not high capacity, just standard capacity 30rd magazines) and terrorists still attack, what will you move to ban then? Cigarette Lighters? Propane Tanks used for grills? Fertilizer? The Internet?

      As someone who travels for pleasure frequently (and increasingly more so internationally) I’m offended that you’re so willing to remove someone else’s rights in a lazy attempt to secure yourself rather than look at the actual issue such as a religion of violence.

      • Not sure if your comment was directed at me. I was in my first comment arguing for any restriction of gun rights I was arguing for restriction of foreigners travel rights in our country which is what I think you are arguing as well

        I do think claiming higher capacity mags is the same as lower for a terrorist is disingenuous and therefore a losing argument. I was suggesting restrict their freedom not ours is a better one

        Oh. Perhaps you were more offended by restricting travel, which is reasonable, I would be too. I am not sure there are good choices. I am saying if you can prove a country is a terrorist sponsor, as you could for many, restricting immigration from it temporary or permanent would be a lessor evil than restricting Americans rights

        Although simply accepting the danger and the fact that media sensationalizes low frequency incidents is a valid coice, I do not think people will stand for it, it is too passive in the face of attack

      • It is. The world is a very interconnected clockwork and terrorists throw sand in the gears, impoverishing all and threatening civilizations progress at its worth

        If I lived in Europe I would be strongly against allowing any material migrant entry at this point

        Since it is impossible to stop without militarization and violence I would implicitly be supporting such

        I would not feel happy about the prospects of millions living in broken countries but I would think that allowing millions in breaks other countries

        Perhaps I am too pessimistic though

        • Thanks for being honest about the freedom you are willing to give up. May your chains rest lightly on your chest.

    • Sorry, but only the freedoms of Islam must be seriously infringed, nothing else. The U.S. Congress must demand that Muslim countries everywhere denounce radical Islam as Satanic, otherwise we are at a state of war.

      Well – they are already at a state of war with America.. but you can’t get Obama to wake the fuk up.

    • Haven’t seen you in the comments before, but then I don’t post as much as I used to. I think a lot of folks here know I’m a cop, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I had the pleasure of attending (and graduating from) the Hazardous Devices School at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

      Most of the training, of course, is on how to defeat improvised explosive devices. A very limited amount of time is spent giving an overview of homemade explosives. I’m not going to go into any detail here, and really, the information is already out there on the internet.

      No matter what you ban, regular human beings have and will retain the potential to make explosives in their kitchens, using materials many, if not most of us, already have at home. Materials that can, if you don’t have them already, be purchased at any hardware store in the country.

      This will not change unless the goverment bans all technology beyond the late medieval period- you can’t ban chemistry or physics.

      When you think about banning anything, whether it be standard capacity magazines, semi-automatic rifles, compact pistols, or anything else, just remember that there are budding terrorists in the USA as I’m typing this, who don’t need so much as a flintlock musket to build a bomb that can do far more damage.

      The only thing that can stop evil is the courage of men.

      • Hasdrubel. That is a meaningful point and made with expertise, thank you

        I seldom comment here or anywhere, I am generally too busy to follow up in real time and so cannot have a dialogue.

        Here I seldom if ever would have more expertise than the average commentor and so have little to add

    • Wrong!!!

      Magazine capacity has no bearing on mass shooting. We all know that. Stopping all immigration will not stop terrorism either. What has worked is taking the fight to them. Mindless ISIS drones would not follow the orders of the ISIS leadership to kill people if ISIS did not exist. If these people harbor a desire to kill in the name of their religion, make them understand they need to migrate back to the middle east to do it.

  12. AS if it mattered the moose-lim used a truck. Unarmed French folks are sitting ducks. BTW they just had a “live fire” drill at Wrigley Field,Chicago. Where you can have NO weapon to protect yourself…sorry to be 1st in on the Tavor thingy.

  13. Good lord, truly terrible news.

    Until we start to get serious about this issue, this is going to continue. Unfortunately.

    And the people in charge here and over there continue to import more and more of these people.

    This is madness. Literally madness.

    • As of 2229 MST, no group has claimed responsibility, there were fake grenades and toy guns inside the truck. This seems like an absolutely possible scenario.

  14. This is the death of the gun control argument. As has been argued many times in these pages, the real deadly weapon is the human mind which will find a way to kill if it wishes to. The notion that banning one type of gun will make the killing stop is utterly foolish. Here is the grim proof.

    • Nope.

      This isn’t new. We’ve had such proof for years. There have been mass killings with knives, bombs…a can of gasoline.

      Facts don’t stop the narrative.

      Here, let me remind one more time:

      ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      –Joseph Goebbels

      They are running a propaganda machine. They don’t care about facts…only the lies they can sell because, as Old Joe said, “the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      • Goebbels wrote the playbook for Madison Avenue, and also for the current powers-that-be in DC.

        It is a shame that we have to constantly point that out.

  15. Fundamental Islam. Nothing radical about it. The Saudi Flag has the Shahada and a Sword. In other words, the profession of faith and the means to spread it. That is fundamental to Islam. Islam means “submission”, not peace like some ninnies would have you believe.

    There are peaceful Muslims, but THEY are the radicals.

      • Yep. I’ve read the Koran, twice. But to really understand the totality of the evil that is Islam, one needs to read the Hadith, and a detailed, non-sanitized version of the actions of Muhammad in spreading Islam.

        These three together guide the beliefs, and support the violent , bloody, mass murdering actions of fundumentalist Muslims, which they call holy, and simply following the words and actions of the last prophet of Allah.

        If Muhammad was alive today, this is the type terrorism he would have committed,

  16. Wonder how many of these incidents it will take before the French people realize their .gov isn’t able to protect them and they have to do it themselves?

      • Probably did convince those who can still remember it. But nobody listens to a bunch of 90 somethings anymore.

    • Just like you cannot simply change the culture that cause the violence in Chicago, it will be near impossible to change the culture in France to think differently. Look at the outrage over Brexit and the people wanting to take back their country. You have to many immersed in the multicultural ways and PC language that the answer is, it will never happen nor will these attacks. This I am afraid will be a new normal in France and other parts of the EU for years to come.

      The French have done nothing to integrate their invited guests into their culture and their guests give zero f**ks about French culture. That is the issue. There is no winning.

      • i think the French have attempted to intergate the muslim immigrants starting 40 years ago or so, via free housing, free money, free healthcare, and a free society with jobs for those willing to start at the bottom and work – to a point when there are no longer enough jobs to go around. similar to germany, seweden, Belgium, london, Michigan, etc, they instead chose to isolate themselves into their own comfort zone, surround themselves with people of similar values, have lots of children, and essentially attempt to recreate similar insular systems from whence they fled from. much of it comes down to population, available economic opportunity, money and resources in the end (sum total and critical mass of each group)

  17. Dear California based anti gun legislators, Gruesome Newsome, Prune Faced Hag Fiensten, Bitchy Boxer, Ghosty DeLeon, Camel o Harris, and national disgrace, Barracks O’ Bama;

    Good day dum dums,

    If you would be so kind as to write some new legislation that will protect “the children” by banning trucks larger than a mini van, cause after all, NO ONE NEEDS a vehicle THAT big right?!

    Unlike your work to vilify semi-automatic modern sporting rifles, these trucks are ACTUALLY FULLY AUTOMATIC, *gasp*, so please lets find a way to block the usage of any truck larger than a mini van on public roads within a 100 mile radius near a school zone, to protect the kids after all, cause if it even saves ONE life, then it’s worth it right?!

    We should have immediate sit-ins from John Lewis, and Dianne Fienstein to make sure we have a vote on this divisive issue, and we should have calls for bipartisan support of banning ALL trucks larger than a minivan.

    (speaking to the aforementioned legislators now, not to TTAG viewers)
    You see, you left wing douchebags, do you understand how stupid you all sound? I hope you do, because I know you don’t care, you smear all of gun culture to facilitate the removal of our rights as the last step between you and complete control of the American populace. Can’t wait to show you what you’re missing,


  18. I saw one news source saying the truck drove about 2 kilometers along the water front before it stopped. There is also some raw cell phone footage of someone walking along the the street in the aftermath and it is horrific.

  19. Will the French ever take the necessary steps to preserve their heritage and homeland? Until they purge their nation of the jihad population, I fear that we’ll be reading more stories of innocent Frenchmen dying in the streets.

      • That is socially acceptable to the liberal German leadership in power. Better a person be raped, than an individual speak out against a particular racial stereotype.

        • They have their reasons obviously, and decades of absorption and rejection of past evils embedded in people

          The result may be to destroy Europe just as thouroughly through passivity and incompetence as the nazis did through deliberate evil and aggression though

  20. Best to get used to this. The French government will be outraged at the pointless loss of life and resolve the tragedy will not change them one bit and vow vengeance on the perpetrators with the full force of the tools at their disposal.

    But that’s a lie. The perp is surely “known to security services,” and probably spent time in jail for jihadi activities or made a trio to Syria or something. Doesn’t matter. Ultimately, the French government is on the side of the killers. Don’t get me wrong: they would greatly prefer the Muslims not kill French citizens, but they have no intention of taking the steps necessary to stop it. Which amounts to the same thing.

    And before we talk smack about the sissy French, note that this is basically our reaction. Except we find domestic scapegoats.

    • I am French, and at this point, I don’t even feel bad… It’s been months that a lot of French Patriot keep saying the government NEED to do something, and they don’t care… they even pass even more gun control laws for law abiding citizen… why? Supposedly to reduce terrorism… when we clearly know that terrorist never get their guns from law abiding gun owners, not even ONCE!

      It’s been over a year that we protest about the migrants (a.k.a invaders), or the situation in the jungle of Calais. But they don’t care. Hollande does support Hillary Clinton, and is supported by the same elites like Soros or lobbies like Goldman & Sachs, etc… So at this point, it’s not a big secret. All they want is to create more chaos and fear.

      They undemocratically pass a labor laws, and now that the Euro is done, they definitely need a new distractions for the media to get their focus out of their crap. In the US there’s the BLM, in France we will have another wave of Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks… It’s just a matter of time anyway.

      And once again, it proves that criminals and terrorists will ALWAYS find a way to harm people, it could be guns, bombs, planes or trucks… it doesn’t matter! But somehow, gun grabbers won’t see that and will keep pushing for more gun control!

      If people are stupid enough to vote for those idiots again and again and again… in the end, they just got what they deserve. I know it’s harsh for the 73+ people that died, but I’m just getting tired with this organised chaos.

      • I’m kind of at the same point. Like Strangelove. Just stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

        The West is done. Cooked. Over with. have outlived it’s time. Like Rome. If it wasn’t the Muzzies moving in to pick over the remains, it would be someone else.

        The problem is us. The Muzzies are just another symptom of the disease.

        The upside is, as opposed to what the pagan God of Western collectivism has indoctrinated people to believe for the past few centuries or more, there are no “us.” As the rhyme goes: Just You, and Me. no We. Hence no incontrovertible law of nature that states everyone (mis?)fortunate to be born into a culture in lts advanced stages of decay, have to march clean off the cliff, in lockstep with the main flow of indoctrinated lemmings chanting well rehearsed, worn out slogans about “us.”

        • You touch on it, but don’t call it out. The liberal democratic socialist/Marxist party is the destroyer of culture. They seek to diversify the people and in doing so blend the cultures into one, meanwhile they pass liberation based law based on their opinions over the entirety of the people, when few should be passed as possible. The result is to bring everyone into conformance of what they would like the culture to be.

  21. You know what they need?

    Common sense background checks for trucks. Universal background checks for private sales. No felons or mentally defective persons should be able to drive trucks like these. They need an instant background check system for these trucks!

  22. A horrifying attack, and ISIS is celebrating it on social media, but nobody has claimed responsibility for it yet and the French G hasn’t identified the murderer.

    It’s also been reported that the truck was loaded up with arms and explosives, although the report may be a load of journalistic merde.

    • We are sending FBI Director Comey and Attorney General Lynch to help the French determine the attackers’ true motives and if a reasonable prosecutor would bring a case. Oh…and they are bringing lots of hugs. Because that is all we really need to win!

  23. Don’t forget the open borders crowd, libertarians, socialist, and republicans like senator Lindsey Graham think Mexican trucks driving into America without stopping for border checks are a good thing.
    You can never tell who is driving the truck.
    Build the Wall!

    • There is just no reality in which we are able to physically inspect every truck that comes across the border. The land port between Texas and Laredo is one of the busiest ports in the world, and it’s not the only crossing. The best we could hope to do is to high energy X Ray them, and even then, it would cost billions. The solution to that problem is actually driverless freight, which never stops, never slows down, never opens, and can be high energy X Rayed at multiple points.

      • The amount of freight coming in any land port is so dramatically and terrifically dwarfed by what is coming in by sea.

        So, how are the sea ports ‘secured?’ (Don’t answer that, I think I know at least part of the answer).

        My point is, though, what flow of goods is coming in by truck from Mexico, other than drugs, I guess, is so important that it cannot be slowed for adequate inspection? Like I said, by a very large margin, the lion’s share of goods come in the seaports.

        Just for some perspective:

        One container ship can carry from about 7,000 to over 15,000 containers, each container is about a truck trailer size and I’ve seen those ships come into Savannah one right after another, about every 10 minutes or so, all day long. Ditto Charleston.

        There’s no way 15,000 trucks are coming through that “land port” every day.

        • JR, it’s actually far more than that. There are well over 2 million trucks a year going through the port of Laredo alone, more than most of the sea ports in the U.S.

        • 2 million per year is only an average of about 5500 per day, assuming 365 days of traffic.

          There’s over twice that from a single ship in a single sea port per single day.

          I’ve long said most Americans have a problem understanding scale. A trillion dollars is just dang difficult to conceive, for example. The size and amount of freight coming in on container ships is another good example.

          Let’s play with some numbers just to put this into perspective.

          The largest ships carry over 15,000 containers. Each container is roughly equal to one OTR truck. Multiple ships enter multiple ports per day on both coasts. So, let’s say we are talking six ports (LA, SD, SFO, Charleston, Savannah and NY…just to pick three on each coast), and let’s limit it to one ship per day per port.

          6 ships x 15,000 ctg per ship = 540,000 containers entering the country. In one day.

          540,000 ctg / day x 365 day / year = 197,100,000 ctg / yr

          Or, roughly 100 times what you said is coming in the land ports. Now true, it can take multiple days to unload a ship (2-3 days used to be the norm in LA, for example, but it has increased to about 5), so let’s divide 100x by 5, and we are still left with 20x.

          So, even allowing for only one ship in port at a time (which is not realistic, but skews the numbers DOWN) and say 5 days to unload, you are STILL looking at 1/20th the throughput via trucks at 2 mil a year.

          And, that’s not counting sea born freight in the form of ‘oil’ or the other THOUSANDS of smaller ships that enter.

          There simply is no way possible OTR freight is moved into the country on the same scale as sea born trade, and your own numbers show that.

        • JR in NC

          Ahmed Ressam, the bad guy with bombs.
          Diana Dean, the good girl with a gun.
          Over 160 pounds of explosives for LAX in California.

          Why do libertarians want to have a utopia just the socialist????
          I assume the libertarians also support the Disney company importing foreign labor and having American workers train their replacements.

      • Or you could reindustrialize the United States, while doubling down on efficiency and clean energy.
        Most of that truck traffic at the border is because we’ve moved our factories and jobs to Mexico to take advantage of lower wages and no environmental laws. Same with the port traffic from China.

        If we brought manufacturing back there would be more jobs and much less social dysfunction. Maybe it would be possible to raise a family on one income. Likely we’d get fewer out of wedlock kids, less drug abuse, less suicide, less crime. Maybe, the police could relax a bit and demilitarize some and average people of all races could get along with them better. Maybe, if things settle down some, there won’t be so much pressure to stomp all over the Bill of Rights.

        Of course this would come at a price. We’d have much less cheap crap at Wallymart and corporate profits would go down. It wouldn’t be easy, it would require taking on our corrupt politicians and their paymasters on Wall Street.

        The big secret is that it is possible. There are many interested parties who want to convince you that you have no choice. But that’s a lie to keep you passive; there’s a tremendous hunger for change. It’s just like the lies that divide us as a country into Red and Blue states, people of the gun and antis. The reality is most people want to keep their families safe they just have different ideas about how to do it. 60+ years ago, when the country was (more) whole my teenage father could order guns through the mail. None of his suburban likely non-gun owning neighbors thought that was dangerous because it wasn’t and more importantly there was enough social trust for them to believe it. Somehow we need to look past labels and see that we’re all Americans and all in this together.

        • “If we brought manufacturing back there would be more jobs and much less social dysfunction.”

          Your post sounds good, but it may well be, alas, Wishful Thinking.

          The take-home point is that if we DID bring all manufacturing back to the US at this point, it would be a very different landscape than it was before it left. To expect “all those jobs” to fix everything or even just exist is probably unrealistic.

      • jwtaylor

        Ahmed Ressam, the bad guy with bombs.
        Diana Dean, the good girl with a gun.
        Over 160 pounds of explosives for LAX in California.

        Why do libertarians want to have a utopia just the socialist????
        I assume the libertarians also support the Disney company importing foreign labor and having American workers train their replacements.

  24. Again I’d like to suggest giving Tom Kratman’s book “Caliphate” a read. Might give a good idea of where we could wind. It’s free on in the free library.

  25. And some of you just make jokes……fucking shame.
    Is nothing revered anymore, is it all just a damn joke?
    People just got run over intentionally, how disrespectful!
    How can you just verbally piss on the dead?
    Pray then lets roll on these bitches.
    That’s what needs to happen.
    Not meaningless jokes in poor taste.
    Dads,moms,babies …sons and daughters…grand parents just got laid to waste.
    When is enough ….enough?

    • “When is enough ….enough?”

      When the French .gov and our POTUS has a clue as to whom they are fighting and deal with the issue appropriately. The only joke is that after Orlando travesty the Democrats doubled down on gun control instead of doubling down on destroying ISIS. Being PC has never saved any lives and will not do so now either.

    • For many irreverent humor is a very effective coping mechanism. They look at people who cry and shake their heads wondering why someone would waste their energy crying. They don’t get it with the same passion that you want to shame them because you don’t understand how they cope.

      So, shame on you for trying to tell people how they should feel and act. We might not understand your tears but you will rarely see those who cope with humor ridicule people for crying. No matter how strange a reaction it seems to us.

      • You have your opinion, i have mine.

        So you say shame on me for telling people how to act or feel? And yet aren’t you doing the same???

        After i buy you the second round…I’ll explain why your inconsistant in your replies to my outrage of putrid jokes of slaughter within minutes of it happening.
        Believe me….i understand the use of humour in dealing with horrific events….i just think that some events require respect first.

        Another round bartender!

        • The first sentence of the second paragraph was not me doing the same, it was a sarcastic example of how useless it is to try to cast shame on someone for how they articulate and cope with their emotions. Meant to be read with a puffed up chest and an over abundance of silly bravado. I still don’t know how to change from standard font to sarcfont on this site.

          You may be confusing my reply with some of the other replies. This was my only one so with a single post it’s sort of hard for me to be inconsistent. My reply was simple reminder about the age old glass house adage. You think that some events require respect first, others think that the more acute the outrage and emotion the sooner the humor will even the keel. Neither is wrong and neither is shameful. I will concede that some of the jokes are just bad attempts at humor. But I have heard lots of bad jokes in my life and usually don’t do more than groan disappointment.

          I personally tend to err on the side of social respect when I am uncertain of the audience both in person and online but because I lean very hard on the dark/irreverent humor in my own head I have no problem, maybe even more respect for those who reply with comedy than those who go to the other extreme and claim some emotional attachment to people 8000 miles away who if it wasn’t for the internet they would never know perished. It’s just the way many of us are wired. It’s not that we don’t recognize it as sad and awful. Of course it is. Kubler-Ross teaches us that there is no correct order to the stages of the grief cycle and that it is healthy for each person to progress through it on their own path. I can see why you don’t like it. Can’t you see why your way is counterproductive to us?

          As for beer, I’d love to. Will you be in the Denver area anytime soon? Depending on the recent headlines I can promise to at least borderline offend you in public.

  26. Muslims kill kafirs. All day, every day, wherever they go, for over a thousand years. It’s what they do. This is only headline news because people still don’t understand France is now part of the Muslim world. This is the new normal for the French. They have chosen to commit national suicide by migrants. America still has a choice. Lets make the right one and restrict Muslim immigration.

  27. I have been wondering when this would happen. Just steal a big truck and drive it as fast as possible into a large crowd at a public celebration. We had two examples in the US a few months ago. A woman, described as mentally ill, drove into a crowd at the Oklahoma State homecoming. Another woman drove down a crowded sidewalk on the Las Vegas strip.

    There is no way to stop terrorists wholesale. It has to be done retail, that is, one terrorist at a time at the beginning of the attack. Democrats want to ban guns. Trump wants to ban Muslims. Neither approach will work and both are unfair to the majority who aren’t terrorists.

    • You are absolutely correct. And until the politicians understand that reality, nothing is going to change. Painting with a broad brush gets you nowhere and everyone has to stop their false narratives. It is not the guns and yes it is not all Muslims and banning either fixes nothing.

    • Like every nation on earth, America can decide to whom to issue visas, who should become citizens, and how to enforce our borders. Fairness has nothing to do with it. Muslims kill gays and oppress women in their own theocratic countries where they have made it legal to do so. We have no obligation to allow these people entrance here to spread their evil.

    • Oh, there’s a way to stop terrorists.

      But people are still living with their heads in the sand, peddling nostrums such as “Islam is a religion of peace,” and “not all Muslims (insert trope here)…”

      The way to stop terrorism by Muslims will be to kill at least one-tenth of their adult male population with savage efficiency. After that point, most cultures start to realize that they’re not winning. Given the Muslim propensity to double down on suicidal attacks with huge losses, we might need to go as high as half of all adult males before they get the hint that their suicidal philosophy will not win.

      • Please point out the historical examples where that has worked with a predominantly Muslim poplulation. There are many historical examples, even recently, that prove the opposite.
        Other than the fact that it won’t work, your suggestion is simply evil.


          Spain had largely taken over by the Islamic Jihad. It took hundreds of years, but Western Christian rulers pushed the Muslims back culminating with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella winning ultimate victory in 1492.
          That same year their commissioned explorer, Christopher Columbus, discovered this new land he called America.
          If it wasn’t for the Reconquista, there would have been no America founded by Western values.

          Zionisim was a movement of Jews back to Palestine after Islamic Jihad conquered it back in 7th century. In the 20th century Jews eventually displaced the Muslim population under the umbrella of Western powers, culminated in the formation of the one true democracy in the Middle east, the State of Israel.

          None of these examples are evil in my opinion. Some civilizations are empirically better than others. Islam is a plague destroying the world. There are no great universities in the Islamic world. There are no great scientific advances coming from Muslims. Wherever it goes it snuffs out the light of progress. If we value freedom and the enlightenment of humanity, war with Islam is inevitable, because it is coming to devour us.

        • Read up on the Muslim invasion of Europe and what it took to drive it back. Check out the campaigns to drive Islam off the Iberian Peninsula, or read up on the tactics of a wonderful chap who is now known as “Vlad the Impaler,” who despite is savage blood lust upon his own subjects, is still considered a hero to the Romanians because he drove back the Turks. Or check out the Polish success of driving back the Muslims after 1683 in Vienna, with tremendous loss of Muslims being what turned the tide.

          Or you could turn your gaze eastward and find out what the battles against Islam on the Indian sub-continent were all about.

          People who think that the recent savagery out of Muslims is somehow “new” are historically (and otherwise) ignorant. Muslims have always been savage, murderous, raping thugs. Always. Going clear back to Muhammad’s battle for Mecca, and the Battle of the Trench, Muslims have been murderous thugs. The Battle of the Trench, by the way, is where Islam’s special hatred for Jews starts. If the Jews had won at the Battle of the Trench, it would be a very different world right now.

          We’ve dealt with this sort of mindset before, when we had to deal with the Japanese in the Pacific. By the time we were on the doorstep of the Japanese home islands, our forces had to extirpate the Japanese Imperial Army where they were found, and even then, we decided we had to drop two atomic bombs.

  28. The president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azure region said “It’s the worst tragedy in the history of Nice.”

    I guess he wasn’t in the École the day they taught about WW2. Or maybe the French schools are as bad as ours.

  29. So ah jwtaylor to understand you would be in favor of free and unrestricted tourist visas from Syria? Unrestricted Permanent migration?

    Your comment on chains resting makes it seem so but it doesn’t seem to fit you

    • I can’t speak for JWT but I will comment that your general tone in your earlier posts was one of defeat and despair instead of resolve and determination. And in that context I think his observation was correct. The problem is that you were probably raised that way, and it’s all you know. Same goes for most of the young folk in this country, sad to say. Fortunately, you CAN break free from those chains and set yourself free. It’s just a matter of deciding if you want to or not. Are you?


    • LIb lurker, youu said some pretty ridiculous stuff, like high capacity magazines being obviously dangerous, and that you felt that we’ve come to a point that freedoms had to be given up. If you want to give up your freedoms, go ahead. I won’t.
      You can give up all the freedoms you want in exchange for being kept safe. You are willing to accept servitude and slavery. I am not.
      Perhaps you realized your cowardice or your foolishness, and so you attempted to pivot to a ridiculous strawman that no one brought up about unfettered visas and migration in America.

      • MR jwtaylor

        Lots of strong words about me that are based mainly on your own assumptions about what I wrote rather than my words

        The capacity restriction is, let’s call it a trigger word, after which discussion degrades so I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it

        However for the record my point was that I dislike the argument that higher capacity is irrelevant. If it were irrelevant people would be advised to carry derringers instead of the highest capacity edc they can comfortably fit

        And I do not belive the Orlando shooter would have been as destructive with a j frame. I think it is a poor argument

        I think a good argument is the constitution, the practical inability to restrict bad guys from having higher or normal capacity mags, and so as many point out here restrictions only affect the law abiding

        On losing freedoms. I am suggesting that stricter visas may be a better solution than stricter gun laws. Neither is good but the public will eventually demand action

        I am not sure people here really disagree with that point but are being inflamed by my username and use of the word freedom

    • This is America. Where other nations are defined by their language, or their race, or in ages past even by their monarchy, we define ourselves by our values. Chief among these is Liberty.

      If you want to be an American, if you want to dedicate your blood, sweat and tears to creating and preserving a world where free men and women can just be free to live, then we don’t care where your father was from. We don’t care what color you are. We don’t care what language you speak, though if you really want to be an American, you will learn English out of respect for our history and culture without being asked.

      When Americans are threatened, we do not ask ourselves how much Liberty we must sacrifice to buy another day of life. Since 1776, brave Americans have proved with every generation that they are willing to give everything, even their lives, to preserve and advance the cause of Liberty.

      Americans who fought in the Revolution and the Civil War, Americans who helped turn the tide against Hitler. Americans who fought against segregation and Jim Crow. Americans who are fighting even now to lift the gun laws designed to keep blacks fearful and submissive after their physical chains were cast aside. And yes, Americans who fight against terrorism as we speak, whether at home, on the battlefield, or on a high speed train in France.

      Anyone who starts talking about how much Liberty we Americans will have to lose to keep us safe, is measuring themselves for chains. No matter how well meaning you might be, you are speaking the wrong language to the wrong people.

      The problem isn’t the tools. That’s why talking about the tools is never the solution. That’s why places like Chicago, Baghdad, and now France haven’t been able to solve the problem. The problem is that evil sometimes lies in the hearts of men, and the only thing that will stop evil is courage.

      By the way, any Syrian who wants to come here and really, truly, honestly become an American with all that entails, is welcome to do so in my book. I thnk we’d get probably, two, three dozen if we’re lucky.

      • Thank you again hasdrubel

        I was speaking of a preference to maintain American freedoms and restrict entry and thereby reduce free travel slightly of foreigners to our country if it comes to that

        You seem to be saying the same thing in welcoming Syrians after strict tests

      • Hasdrubel: you are lecture me it seems in Liberty. Americans don’t ask how much livery to give up. When Americans were threatened after 9/11, we didn’t ask how much Liberty we must give up?

        Tell that to former president g w Bush, and a republican congress, who passed the blatantly propagandistic Patriot act, “allowing” the government to unconstitutionally track record and use every conversation and written word in the Internet

        Only three house republicans voted against it, including Ron Paul

        Democrats, some of them, voted against it and for freedom and more danger

  30. the guy killed more people than orlando and san bernadino combined, without using a gun, in a country that has an almost total gun ban. I bet Obama won’t mention this attack twice except maybe to say the solution to the problem is to import more “syrian” Immigrants.

  31. Well this is what happens when you have a “party” and some friend invites a bunch of “assholes” that you don’t know. They wreck the “house”, steal your shit and your stuck with the clean-up and repairs. Viva la France..

  32. Got 2 be those Mormon extremists.

    If not them then those fundamentalist Buddhists.

    I hope you all see where I am going w/ this cuz I’m layin it on a little thick 🙂

  33. You are all wrong! If trucks were limited to the size of Smart cars there would be less damage and many more employed.

    VOTE and load up.

  34. Did anybody mention when the Constitution was written there were only carriages?
    Clearly the Founding Father weren’t actually planning on allowing trucks.

  35. This should be the end of all gun control debates in the USA! Terrorists will find a way to kill and to obtain guns no matter what the laws are, this is 100% proof of that! The only thing that needs banning is the religion of Islam.

  36. Interesting assortment of “new” commenters tonight. Shaking their fingers at some of us regulars for perceived flippant comments. Ya’ know what? This is nothing compared to proposed gun bans after Moose-lim terrorism in the good ole USA. Where were you “lurking” then? Too retarded to get what’s going on… up to 80 dead now.

    • “Interesting assortment of “new” commenters tonight. Shaking their fingers at some of us regulars”

      It happens in spurts. Got a bunch over in one of the OC related threads yesterday. They’ll lay low for a week or two, then it will happen again. ALWAYS happens in the OC threads. OC brings out the haters.

      Drive by trolls…and they fit a pattern:

      * username is usually a single word (first name, for example) or something ‘edgy’

      * trollish post

      * no reply to the replies they get; one post and done flame bait kind of thing

      • Good to see I’m not the only one seeing the trolls. I try not to engage unfamiliar screen names on TTAG -that’s what Facebook is for (in moderation!). How dare you laugh at terrorism 🙂

  37. Progressives live in a fantasy world where pseudo-intellectualism replaces rational thought. Is it absurd? Yes, it is. Is it harmless absurdity? NO!

    The use of a truck as an assault weapon” and the ridiculousness of applying the same logic to trucks as the Progressives apply to Guns is perfectly acceptable. This is not an intellectual exercise without casualties. Progressivism kills cities like Detroit, causes widespread poverty, crime, murder, rape… all of the worst behavior of which man is capable. Wherever crime is rampant, joblessness endemic, hope destroyed, there is a Progressive idealist movement in charge.

    These people think they are smarter than you because they have a lambskin on the wall with some ink on it. Their arrogance is almost as astounding as their willful ignorance and their vapid rhetoric. They’ve brought violence to our very doorsteps then want to disarm us, presumably so that they can take even more of our freedom in order to further enrich themselves at the people’s expense through their dysfunctional corruption of the American experiment in freedom.

  38. Apparently there is a use-case for an EDC firearm that is sufficiently powerful to crack an engine block.

    • That would be some trick, and momentum is still a b1tch.

      Cracking the skull of the driver may well be the best bad option in such an EDC scenario…and that’s long enough odds.

  39. I’m a tough man but this morning I have real difficulty to handle this news. I live in France with my 2 young daughters and when I think about those families destroyed by these monsters…..

    I’m always fighting for the truth and our rights to defend but today I’m putting all my thoughts to the sadness and loss. Children excited, smiling waiting to see the fireworks and then that ..

    Today is a day of utter sadness and a time for decent members to unite.

    United together good men and fight for a civilised future world.

  40. This non firearm related attack won’t change the anti gun agenda of liberals. The 3 largest mass killings in the u.s had nothing to do with firearms. Box cutters killed 3k on 911. Diesel and fertilizer killed 175 ish in okc. An ass hat with 30 cents worth of gasoline killed 80 ish in a NYC club fire. All of those attacks happened over a decade ago. Don’t think for a second that if firearms arnt used in a recent terrorist attack that will stop u.s. attempts by fools to increase gun control. I believe strongly the next wave of attacks on the west will be with car and truck bombs, and the panic and death toll will be way higher. This is how isis gained control in Iraq and syria. Its page 1 of there playbook.

  41. These recent terror attacks should not change our course. We should not call for less freedom via legislation. We should see these attacks for what they are, isis lashing out because we are devasting them on there home turf. We need to remain a free society, the barbarians at the gate should not make cowards reduce our freedoms for perceived but not real increases in security or safety. Your more likely to be killed by lightning than terrorism in the western world. To turn away from freedom over a statistically insignificant chance of death via terrorism is assanign.

  42. At least the gendarmes were able to comfort the survivors with the reassuring words, “It’s okay, ma’am. They died for diversity!”

  43. It sounds like we need to ban truck sales to anyone on the terror watch list.

    We had a saying back in the late 90’s:

    “Blaming guns for murder is like blaming spoons for making Rosie O’Donnell fat.”

  44. The truck did not do this. Why is TTAG putting the same thing in their headline that we rail against when journalists say “Assault weapon kills 50” or whatever. Shame on you, TTAG!

    • having trouble understanding sarcasm?

      TTAG once took glee in pointing out ‘passively constructed negligent discharge’ stories that blamed the gun, so much that there was a tag for it.


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