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“A tractor driven by a Palestinian man rammed into a bus in central Jerusalem early Monday afternoon,” reports. “A male pedestrian, later named as Avraham Walz, 29, was run over by the tractor as it headed toward the bus and was killed. The tractor driver, identified as East Jerusalem resident Muhammed Naif El-Ja’abis, 23, turned the bus over onto its side during the attack, making several efforts to do so before he succeeded. The bus driver as well as five others were lightly hurt.” And then, a good guy with a gun . . .

A police officer and Prisons Service official who realized what was happening ran up to the tractor and fired a volley of shots at the terrorist as he sat in the cab and killed him, Jerusalem police chief Yossi Pariente said.

Of course, the story teaches us that the more good guys there are with guns, the safer our society. Either that or, in interest of anti-terrorism, we should ban excavators. [h/t DE]

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  1. Ya, anyone who’s been to Iraq has to worry about terrorism here when they have Lowe’s and Home Depot available. Boston marathon could be daily event, and they could be telling you ‘sequester’ yourself.

    • They’re n o t going to ban excavators, nor are they going to get rid of people who can use them for other purposes.

      We got a lotta excavators over here. [and some interesting and cheap/plentiful warehouses called Lowe’s and Home Depot]. . (jump to the end-game stance, or just get their eventually in a more littered/ruined state, whatever).

      You save your pamphlets from Task-Force-Troy classes?

  2. ahhh, but this just reinforces that the only “good guys” with guns are the highly trained and trustworthy members of the government/ruling class security services 🙂

    For the rabble to have firearms? Heaven forbid!

  3. I bet an wheeled excavator ban will be passed in California (with a construction and LEO carve out). Tracked excavators will be exempt due to the ground speed achieved [they are very slow moving].

  4. This will now be labeled an AE weapon “Assault Excavator” and operators will be required to have an “open carry” permit to operate one.


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