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Backup Tactical GLOCK 48 threaded barrel g48
Backup Tactical

Backup Tactical has spent the last six months perfecting their Glock 48 Threaded Barrel. The single-stack Glock 48 is noticeably thinner than its double-stack big-brother, the Glock 19. In order to make the Glock 48 as thin as it is, the hole in the muzzle-end of the slide that the barrel goes through has a noticeably smaller diameter than the same hole in the Glock 19.

That means the barrel has a smaller diameter. Simply put, the Glock 48 barrel is thinner than the Glock 19 barrel.

GLOCK 48 threaded barrel
Backup Tactical

The big challenge when engineering a threaded barrel for the Glock 48; the small diameter of this barrel does not leave any room to machine a shoulder on the barrel for the suppressor to lock-up against. The simple solution would be to use a barrel spacer for the suppressor to lock-up against. But using a barrel spacer on any caliber other than .22LR never works out well in the long run.

The spacer winds up deforming and battering the suppressor or accessory you attach to the barrel. The only other viable option was to determine the perfect length for the barrel so the muzzle of the barrel would shoulder up against the internal shoulder of the piston. This meant coming up with the exact right barrel length so the muzzle will shoulder on the internal shoulder of the piston for all the 9mm pistol suppressors currently on the market.

Backup Tactical GLOCK 48 threaded barrel
Backup Tactical

According to the owner of Backup Tactical, Jason Bayne, “This is why you don’t see Glock 48 Threaded Barrels flooding the market. It takes months of research and experimentation to get this just right. We tested our Glock 48 Threaded barrel with just about every suppressor on the market and with over a dozen types of ammo. Our Glock 48 threaded barrel functions flawlessly. We are very proud of our accomplishment and we are excited to offer this Threaded Barrel for one of Glock’s most exciting pistols in years.”

Bayne thinks the Glock 48 is the ideal carry pistol. He says, “It’s not too small to bring to the range and practice with regularly and its dimensions are perfect for daily concealed carry. The slide is not the hard part of a pistol to conceal. It is the grip that usually creates problems for concealment.

Since the grip of the Glock 43X and 48 are exactly the same, I would choose the longer slide and sight radius of the Glock 48 every time. The longer slide and barrel helps with accuracy, recoil management, and is more suitable to target practice. The more you practice with your carry gun, the better you shoot it.”

Backup Tactical G48 threaded barrel
Courtesy Backup Tactical

Here are the specs on the Backup Tactical Glock 48 Threaded Barrel:

  • Caliber 9mm
  • 1/16 twist
  • AISI 416 Stainless Steel
  • Pulled Broach Rifling
  • Available in Stainless and Black Nitride (more color options soon)
  • MSRP $149.99

Backup Tactical is taking orders for their Glock 48 barrels starting on 9/27/19 at

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  1. Don’t get it. Shot suppressed weapons all my adult life. Other than the suppressed Colt Woodsman and the MP-5 SD we had in the armsroom, I really don’t understand. An unauthorized person enters my home. My ears are ringing. My neighbors walk outside (they would anyway. Parole cars and all.) No Feds. Tell me, what’s the downside. Besides, if you’re not sub-sonic you ain’t that quite anyway.

    • MPX, 147gr HST, suppressed. HK 45 Tactical, 230hr HST, suppressed. Just a couple of the many excellent HD combos that makes sense.

    • Supersonic 9mm from a can isn’t that loud. Common self defense loads are already subsonic if your ears are delicate. Leave the can on. Problem solved.

  2. Even if we could have cans in Illinois, I am not stopping to put a can on my gun and change the load to subsonic ammo when the bad guy breaks through the front door.

    Or even screwing with a can at all.

    Electronic muffs allow me to hear better and protect my ears at the same time. Assuming I have that much time to prepare for Mr. Intruder.


    • Buy a gun with a threaded barrel and attach the can. Put muffs next to it. It’s now a bedside gun.

      If necessary make it a copy of your preferred pistol. Now you have a carry and a bedside gun plus spare parts in a pinch until you order new parts.

      Don’t want to swap ammo to subsonic? Buy a .45.

      All you need is better laws. The rest kinda works itself out.

      • Seriously, how do people not get that? Just leave the can on. 9mm suppressed isn’t that loud when it’s supersonic. 147 is subsonic anyway.

  3. I also don’t get it. The more crap there is on a weapon the more likely it will snag on clothes, furniture, or even the assailant. Besides just in case I might miss my first shot I want the sob to know they been shot at. All that fuss to make a pistol look cool like maybe the seals use them at least in the movies. Don’t like glocks to begin with. Even the name sounds like something hitting the wall.

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