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All-In-One torque driver kit (Courtesy
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Have you ever mounted a scope on a rifle? How about a new forend on an AR-15? Have you ever fat-fingered it and stripped a screw or hex bolt? It’s maddening.

To do it the right way — especially when attaching a scope mount or rings and tightening down a new optic — that means using a torque wrench. But sometimes you have to make adjustments when you’re in the field or at the range, and they’re usually relatively large and not something that’s easy to carry with you on a regular basis.

Fix It Sticks has a solution. Their new All-In-One torque driver comes pre-set for six of the most often-used torque settings (from 15 to 65 in/lbs) in a kit that’s small and light enough to pack in a range bag.

The driver itself (below) is priced at $60. The All-In-One kit pictured above is $112.

Here’s their press release . . .

Chicago, IL- Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced the All-In-One torque driver.  Available in a complete kit or individually, the All-In-One provides six torque values most commonly used by expert and professional shooters into one compact driver.

Fix It Stocks torque driver (
Fix It Stocks torque driver (

Using the All-In-One is quick and easy because there are no settings to adjust or hassle with before use. Simply install any ¼” bit or socket as needed and tighten the fastener until the proper torque is achieved.

A precise, graduated torque scale is laser etched on the side to indicate the torque value as it is applied. The settings marked on the side are 15in/lb, 25in/lb, 35in/lb, 45in/lb, 55in/lb and 65in/lb.  The All-In-One can also be used to apply torque in between the specified settings by watching the in/lb indicator as torque is being applied.

Fix It Sticks All-In-One Torque Driver Kit from James Wener on Vimeo.

The new All-In-One Torque Driver kit comes with the Fix It Sticks T-handle wrench. This wrench works with any ¼” hex bit and is designed for portability or for using either as a standard T-handle, or bits can be inserted into the opposing T-handle ends for more torque. Included with the kit are a ½” socket and fifteen ¼” hex bits commonly used for scope mounts, actions screws and other firearm accessories.

The entire kit is contained in a zippered soft carrying case with a molded bit holder designed to securely organize any bit or accessory with a standard 1/4″ base, including Fix It Sticks Torque Limiters. The All-In-One Torque Driver works with any ¼” hex drive or hex bit.

Fix It Sticks All-In-One torque driver kit (
Fix It Sticks All-In-One torque driver kit (

Perfect for use at the range or in the field, the complete All-In-One Torque Driver kit has an MSRP of $112.00 and the individual All-In-One Torque Driver has an MSRP of $60.00. Both are now available. For more information visit:

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  1. Wow!
    Really trick!
    What did we do before this $112 kit?
    “Wrist tight” has worked for, like, ever.
    Might be great for the precision shooters, or those with OCD, the average Joe? $112 is a bit much.
    But thanks for the heads up.

    • That’s what I was thinking.

      It doesn’t take up any less space than my screwdriver style in-lb torque wrench.

    • It’s ready to go – no pre-adjustment or re-zero when finished like with a variable torque limiter, so it’s basically a torque wrench in screwdriver style. What I want to know is how accurate it is and if it loses accuracy over time/use.

  2. Genius packaging!! Saw it and thought “Gotta get me one”. Then, thought about the price and how rejected and neglected my current tools would feel. Cannot do that to them.

  3. A little pricy but those sticks are really easy to use in the automotive field. No doubt they are here too

  4. A decent torque wrench in inch/pounds is valuable tool, and I’m in to tools LOL. Gun Porn and Tool Porn are kindred spirits.
    Finding a good torque wrench isn’t a Harbor Freight Special (last time I checked, the lowest reading was around 25 inch pounds). For home gunsmithing, 10 inch pounds is a good minimum starting point when shopping for one. $65 for the wrench alone isn’t a bad price at all. I payed a lot more than that for the Wright torque wrench I use. Buying one with the included bit set is a convenience, but not a nessecity, since it uses a standard 1/4″ bit socket, and not some odd proprietary size that you’ll never find bits for, any 1/4″ drive tool bit will fit in the bit socket.
    The peace of mind one gains from knowing all the various screws, nuts and bolts are exactly where they should be Spec. wise, is well worth the $65 for the tool.

  5. Have the Fat Wrench and its ok but not ideal due to it’s shape and design. Never used a tee handle torque wrench but I have used the Gehmann right angle and I like it a lot.

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