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You want to bring your concealed carry weapon into the Arizona legislature? Fuhgeddaboutit. Unless you’re an elected member of that august body, you are strictly prohibited from carrying a firearm onto the premises of that or any other public building. If you are, yes you can! “I will never have a policy that restricts (legislative) members,” Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, told “It’s sort of a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy now.” Yeah? Well, we’re asking. “Pearce said he intended to keep it that way, noting that there have been no firearms-related problems with the status quo.” What does that mean?

Neither [AZ Senate Prez] Pearce nor [House Speaker Kirk] Adams would directly address the issue of why lawmakers were not held to the same legal standards on guns in public buildings as the rest of the population.

Pearce on Wednesday said he saw no reason to change the Senate’s practice, but if he did, it would be to allow even more access for guns.

Currently, both the House and Senate buildings are posted with signs advising visitors they cannot bring weapons inside; it also offers storage options for those who need to check their weapons.

This boy’s club ballistic brouhaha arose after freshly-minted Senator Lori Klein, brought her handgun to the Capitol—and told the press about it. See what happens when you forget the latter part of DADT? D’oh!

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  1. Didn’t you get the memo? If you criticize anything about Arizona, you’re engaging in blood libel and hate freedom. Or America. Or both. I can’t remember….

  2. There are always two sets of rules, one for the powerful and one for the powerless. And the rules are designed to make sure that the powerful and the powerless remain exactly so.

  3. I don’t see a problem with them bringing guns into their work place. If someone attacks them, at least they have a fighting chance.

  4. Just sayin… Texas has metal detectors at the entrances to the Capitol building. But those with CCL have a special line and go right on through. Just show your CCL.

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