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Our friend over at thefirearmsblog,com (he has to be our friend, he’s got guns) provided the heads-up on this new AR-15 lower receiver from AXTS. The innovation here: the magazine release button manipulates the bolt catch. “Why would you want this feature?” Mr. FIB asks rhetorically (but not in that heated way that’s got so many liberals’ knickers in a twist). “It makes clearing malfunctions much faster.” So . . . now you know. Will other manufacturers follow suit? I’m thinking yes. You?

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  1. If the idea is that this will allow you to let the bolt to go forward without having to take your cheek off the rifle, it’s not going to work because you still have to pick up your cheek to pull the charging handle back. So unless this is paired with an upper receiver that has a different kind of charging handle (maybe a lever on the left side of the forearm a la the HK series of weapons) then I don’t see much point in this.

    So it gets a big “meh” from me.

    • No, the idea is that if you experience a double feed or other malfunction, you can drop the magazine and lock the bolt to the rear without having to give the rifle a reach around to diddle the ping pong paddle.

  2. …but not in that heated way that’s got so many liberals’ knickers in a twist…

    Been reading you for a couple of days now and got you in my aggregator so I figured I’d let you know this political crap is poinlesss, meaninless, valueless, and generally detracts from delivery of your message(s). The right to keep and bear arms (and the enjoyment of those arms) is not a left thing or a right thing. Peeps on both sides of the political aisle both have & enjoy and do not have & abhor firearms. In my very left-leaning opinion of course.

    Just sayin’

    • Point taken. But there has been an AWFUL lot of anti-gun, anti-“heated rhetoric” rhetoric over the last few days. And it’s not coming from the right ened of the political spectrum.

  3. What if I want to manipulate the magazine catch without manipulating the bolt catch?

    If I do both at the same time will I go blind?

  4. I have to ask: this is a solution to what unsolved problem? Also, might it add a new level of complexity that may cause new problems?

    Without a clear and obvious advantage, and a lot of battle testing, I’d probably pass.

    • Ralph:

      I’d say “Yes” and “Yes” to your questions.

      The mag-button-bolt-release is the gas piston of 2011: A “solution” to a nonexistent “problem.”


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