Teachers & Their Heaters

After a lengthy series of deeply depressing stories about educators and their thundering idiocy about firearms, from toy gun buybacks to expulsions of 7th graders for wearing an NRA shirt, I ran across this article on CNN.com about teachers posing with their favorite firearm. An Italian photographer brought his camera to an event where teachers would learn more about shooting. Check […]

Ali Get Your Gun

Among the gray, green, blue and tan shapes shuffling on the combat range at the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club (ARPC) on a dreary Saturday morning is a shock of bright pink. At first I think it might be Emily, a young competitor I met at last month’s International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match, but […]

What’s it Like to Shoot IDPA? Watch Joshcam

This month’s International Defensive Pistol Association match at the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club started out drizzly. While most of us anticipated a nice day for shooting, the weather decided we needed an extra dose of gloom and misery. I am extra crabby because I showed up late, and missed my chance to shoot. I […]

Fisking Federal Gun Control Proposals

I was asked recently what I thought about the proposals offered by the Obama administration in response to the Sandy Hook spree killing. I responded that I hadn’t looked at them carefully, mostly because I suspected they would likely be some kind of kabuki dance that, had they been in place at the time of […]

You Can’t Slap a Hippy with Nuclear Arms

My position on gun control was challenged during a recent conversation. I believe gun control is keeping your rounds on target. I believe that the Constitution is my carry permit. The person I was talking to disagreed, though. He asked me if private citizens should be allowed to own nuclear weapons. I believe that whatever arms […]

The Lesson of the Drilling Guns

During the NRA national convention here in the Gateway City last year, I stopped by the booth of an organization dedicated to preserving drilling guns. Pronounced “drelling”, the name comes from the German number “drei” – three in English. A typical drilling gun consists of two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel, but they can be […]

Shooting Like a Girl

On this cold February morning, I’m walking around the “pits” – three sided enclosures created by giant concrete blocks. These are shooting bays at the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club south of St. Louis. I have spent the last hour or so developing numb fingers in pursuit of setting up six “stages” for an International […]

Price Gouging and the Consequences of Elections

On election day in 2012, I stood out in the cold handing out literature for the GOP candidate for Missouri’s attorney general. I was shivering next to a young man decked out in a camouflage hat and jacket. He was handing out literature for Democrats and we spoke for a while. He was a hunter […]

Armed Citizens In Schools: Policies and Procedures

It’s a mistake to designate anyplace a “gun free zone.” Mass murderers, somehow motivated to achieve the dubious “glory” they’ve read about in previous shootings, are drawn to places where the likelihood of meeting an armed response is minimal. As the country has now seen to tragic effect, one particularly horrifying place to create a […]

Honor Newtown’s Heroes – Ban Gun Free Zones

In Newtown Connecticut, a madman entered a school shooting six adults and twenty children. At least three adults were face to face with the spree killer, and at least two did the best they could to deter the killer from doing his awful work. Pause for a moment to consider the heroic actions of Dawn Hochsprung. […]

It’s Time for Common Sense Media Control

Since we are talking gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook, how about we talk a little media control? The Sandy Hook murderer was a disturbed young man, but being disturbed doesn’t mean they are stupid or irrational – at least not irrational within the confines of their own mind. Few human actions, or […]