MO Rep. Withdraws Anti-Gun Bill after Death Threats

Joshua Peters, a state representative from a district in the city of St. Louis, introduced legislation that “…would have made it illegal for someone living in the City of St. Louis to own certain firearms.” Now he reports via that he has withdrawn the bill after receiving death threats via email. “As for the people […]

George Zimmerman Gets His Paint On

Color me flabbergasted. George Zimmerman, a man who’s been brutalized by the media, the justice system and his own post-acquittal misjudgments seems to have done a remarkable thing. Rather than demand to see life’s manager or hire engineers to develop a combustible lemon to burn down the house that is his life, he’s taken to the […]

The Unbearable Lightness Of Gun Laws

The ATF swooped into my hometown of St. Louis and over a four-month period, they arrested over 200 people, filed charges against 159 of them and seized 267 firearms, as reported by the The Feds, working along with MY local constables set up fake storefronts where undercover law enforcement, among other things, got busy “arranging […]

Brotherhood of the Gun: Paul McCain

School is out and grandpa has a little time off, so I pick up Grandson #4 for a little trigger time at the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club. I’m digging the club, since you can drive your truck right into a “combat bay”, back in, and just friggin’ shoot. G4 is a pleasant lad, so taking […]

Teaching Blonde Four To Shoot

“Hey Babe, want to go shooting today?” I asked my wife. She was off for the day, and I could break free for some firearms-related amusement. I had recently joined the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club and she and I had not yet gone together. “No, I have an appointment – call Number Four and see […]