Hoplophobes Committing Contempt of Citizen

As part of a “conversation” about what to do in response to mass shootings, I’ve written on a series of myths about defensive gun uses. I’ve covered The Training Myth, The Myth of the Imperiled Bystander and The Myth of the Confused First Responder. They’re intended to answer objections posed by some of my friends who […]

The Myth of the Confused First Responder

Among the many imagined scenarios for those who object to arming citizens in facilities attractive to spree killers is first responders not knowing the good guy from the bad guy. This is indeed possible, but like most of the objections raised by promoters of gun free zones, unlikely. Here’s why . . .

The Myth of the Imperiled Bystander

When someone suggests eliminating gun free zones like schools and shopping malls, one of the imagined scenarios that prompts people to shriek and hike up their skirts is the specter of innocent bystanders being hosed down with lead. Like most such things, this is not a real-world eventuality. With millions of armed citizens in the […]

The Training Myth

One common objection to armed citizens being welcomed into what are now designated “gun free zones” are fears that a lack of training will put that person and those around him or her at risk. On the surface that may seem reasonable, especially if all you know about defensive gun uses is what you’ve seen […]

Liberals Love Guns Too, You Know…

The other day, a few “progressive” members of the armed intelligentsia pleaded that I not drive away supporters of the 2nd amendment who are among the center-left. Apparently, the fidelity of left-leaning supporters toward the 2nd amendment is tentative and easily cleaved from the edifice of freedom lovers with divisive words. Liberals love guns too, […]

A Man’s Girlfriend’s Car is His Castle. Or Not.

Ohio’s castle doctrine law justifies defending yourself without retreating in your home or car. Twenty-nine-year-old Woodrow Edwards III was in his girlfriend’s car when a man he didn’t know lifted the door handle and tried to enter. Edwards then lifted the .40-caliber handgun he was legally carrying. As a result, he was convicted of aggravated […]

Don’t like Stand Your Ground Laws? Thank a Liberal

Lefties are using the tragic death of Trayvon Martin as an occasion to call into question ‘stand your ground’ (SYG) laws. In the face of a legitimate threat, the duty to retreat is removed from citizens who have a right to be where they are, their right to self defense is explicitly affirmed and they’re […]

Warning Shot Costs Florida Woman 20 Years

A Florida mother of three fired a warning shot at her husband after an argument escalated. According to a sworn deposition, Marissa Alexander’s husband Rico Gray got belligerent after he found text messages to her ex. “The two were already estranged – according to her father, Alexander had been living at her mother’s since the […]

Self Defense Tip: Mob Beatdown Edition

A few weeks ago I told a group of young men playing hoops in the alley behind my house that they are welcome to hang out, but they needed to mind their language. I reminded them that being guests in someone’s neighborhood meant not yelling obscenities at the top of their lungs. I’m an easygoing […]