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After a lengthy series of deeply depressing stories about educators and their thundering idiocy about firearms, from toy gun buybacks to expulsions of 7th graders for wearing an NRA shirt, I ran across this article on about teachers posing with their favorite firearm. An Italian photographer brought his camera to an event where teachers would learn more about shooting. Check out this encouraging quote: . . .

Mark Christian, an assistant superintendent for the South Point district, has had his concealed carry license for eight years. He comes to the shooting portions of the local courses for teachers to socialize and to practice. Though he’s never used firearms in self-defense, he always has one with him when he’s not working.

“I tell people if I don’t have on a tie, I have on a gun,” Christian said.

If you read his comments about self defense, Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini appears to have packed his va-jay-jay along in his camera bag.

He’s a conflict photographer who just returned from Afghanistan. He said he’s fascinated by guns, but “no way” he’d carry a gun while working.

“It’s not what I’m there for,” he said, and it would be even more dangerous for him to have a gun because he could be viewed as a threat. He’s not trained and he said it wouldn’t make a difference if he were cornered by a fighter.

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  1. I see the photographers point to an extent, carrying a gun while he is working could cause concern for some terrorist groups. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t carry one while not working. So maybe he should take a little time to take a class if he’s actually interested in guns.

  2. Speaking of teachers and guns, my girlfreind carries, is working on her teaching degree, is a mother and like me works full time in emergency medical services. Shes also African-American. If that doesnt break the sterotype, I dont know what will.

    • I’ve been teaching for five years and I spend elk and deer seasons at a hunting camp with SIX of my fellow teachers. Three of those guys also join me twice a month for handgun hunting rabbits when they’re in season. Then there are two teachers from the next high school over with whom I duck hunt during the season, plus my VP, with whom I goose hunt. Oh, and don’t let me forget my three coworkers with whom I helped to build their first ARs (nothing fancy, complete lowers plus complete uppers).

      My point is, there are many, many pro-gun teachers, no matter how anti-gun TTAG likes to paint all educators.

      • Shank, this is one of those “…then I am not talking about you” type things. The Academy – excluding folks such as yourself – is a weeping pustule oozing a limitless supply of idiocy of a wide variety of types.

        It is a shame that 99% make the other 1% look bad.

        • Tim, I don’t agree with your claim that it’s the 99% that make the other 1% look bad and, frankly, it’s a ridiculous claim. Consider this my last visit to any contribution from Tim Mcnabb. Your posts are too angry and condescending towards anyone who isn’t you.

  3. I think if I was a conflict photographer I’d try to buy a pistol in country and when it was time to leave, just give it to another photog or cameraman.

    Being in a war zone completely unarmed is kind of ridiculous, especially in places like Africa and the Middle East.

  4. Sean nailed it; journalists are supposed to been seen as non-combatants, as neutral observers not fighting for one side or another. Carrying would compromise that.

    Also, I don’t think it particularly wise or mature to make vagina jokes about a person at all, much less one with the demonstrable courage to work in an active war zone. Even if he refused to carry because he is a pacifist, he is no less courageous for his decisions (nor would the attempted insult be less misogynistic).

    We’re better than that…..aren’t we?

      • I agree. I need to remember to check who the TTAG contributor is before I click on the post. I find that reading Tim’s posts is not worth my time because they all seem to be directing negative attention to anyone other than himself.

    • I agree. I mean you buy a pistol of unknown pedigree in a war torn area and pack it into your vest. How does it shoot? How familiar are you with it?

      Now you come upon a rebel road block manned by 10 guys with AK’s and rpg’s. You tell them you’re a noncombatant news man. One of them searchs you and the pistol is found. Now they’re calling you CIA and making you dig a shallow grave for yourself.

      • And what about in Afghanistan or Pakistan where terrorists like to kidnap, torture, and murder journalists?

        • You’re a journalist, not Rambo. If it’s that dangerous maybe you should not be there. I stay out of Oakland for that reason.

          And if you have to be there hire experienced locals to watch your six. Money better spent than on a pistol in AK country.

      • Those who know me are in agreement: I have neither a detectable sense of humor, nor trace elements thereof.

  5. Busting on someone for not carrying or not wanting to be around guns is as bad as someone trying to take away yours. If they don’t want one, great…more for me.

    The freedom to exercise a right comes with an equal freedom not to. I should think such ardent supporters of our rights as those of us who frequent this site would know and support that.

  6. Survival of the fittest baby…. From flight or fight to flight or die… Darwin at his finest.

  7. Journalists, by the code of their profession, are non-combatants. I respect what they do and the risks they have to take. I wish many of them would get educated about firearms, but perfection is often out of reach for all of us.

    Regarding teachers, Tim, you need to talk to more. If it were legal, I’d be carrying at work. I do carry everywhere else it’s legal. And of the colleagues whom I know well, most of them are also carry license holders and shooters.

    • +1

      Same. As an educator at an elementary school, I’d be more than happy to carry if it were allowed. Sadly, it’s not… so the closest it gets is being in a locked case in the trunk of the car.

      • g,

        Don’t waste your breath. Tim McNabb only has room in his heart for 1% of teachers. (See above.)

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