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There are millions of firearms freedom fence straddlers out there, somewhere. Americans of all colors, religious and sexual orientations who might someday be persuaded to cherish their right to keep and bear arms. But don’t expect them to wake up one morning, head to their LGS and vote their guns . . .

But do keep trying to win converts. Do it by shattering the stereotypes the anti-gunners seek to perpetuate, as they work ceaselessly to demonize law-abiding gun owners out of existence.

You know the template: gun owners are OFWGs (Old Fat White Guys). They love them some NRA, vote Republican, “cling to their bibles” and pray for the day the South will rise again. Because they’re selfish racist rednecks.

This media-perpetuated caricature is the left’s ultimate “enemy of progress”: the selfish, brain dead armed opponents of life-saving “common sense gun safety” measures. The inconvenient truth: while some American gun owners tick some of those boxes, most don’t. Not even close.

Besides, [at this point] what difference does it make? All Americans have the same individual right to keep and bear arms. The vast majority of armed Americans — yes even OFWGs — know that. They would never dream of denying their neighbors their gun rights.

Besides, who really fits the antis’ stereotype?

Not me. I’m a woman. A mother of young children in good physical shape who carries wherever it’s legal to do so. I live in Wyoming, not the deep South. I’m not a racist. Nor am I a Republican. (Some would probably call me a Libertarian but I prefer the term “voluntaryist.”)

There’s no shortage of armed women like me in America. Unfortunately, there’s also no shortage of unarmed women eagerly claiming victimhood — that females are being kept down by the patriarchy. If true, that should provide more reason for women to arm themselves.

Rather than declaring their freedom and taking responsibility for their own agency and self defense, these self-styled “feminists” demand that men lower themselves to beta male status and disarm — in the name of equality! And if you don’t embody their ideal of what a woman should be, you’re discounted, degraded, and demonized.

But I digress. Man or woman, liberal or conservative, young or old, all American gun owners have something on our side that the civilian disarmament advocates don’t: the facts.

But facts aren’t enough. By our words and deeds, by our very existence, we have to show gun muggles that owning a gun doesn’t make a citizen a violent sociopath any more than owning a car makes someone a drunk driver.

The fight to overcome the negative stereotype of gun owners will never be “done.” No matter how much progress we make, there will always be people happy to cast the first stone at the Second Amendment.

If we stand up against them, visibly, we may yet win enough hearts and minds to protect our gun rights for generations to come.

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  1. “They would never dream of denying their neighbors their gun rights.”

    that’s correct, infact, I armed my neighbor and helped another neighbor, who happens to be an elderly lady pick a wheelgun she can handle.

  2. Every gun owner just needs to convert one. The numbers will add up and everything will work out. I’ve converted a couple Bernie people to the dark (rifle) side. The such feminist beta males you speak of.

    • I converted two young guys from work and I’m trying to convert my super-liberal girlfriend with some bolt action. My aim is to have them all be sheephitting, Heavy-Metal-3gunning tactical vikings by the year’s end. lol

      I may have also turned another guy from work gay. He was saying some suspicious stuff when the Gay Pride festival was going on…

  3. Well I spent most of my life as medic and ER nurse. I’m just an OFWG now, 6 months cancer free. Is that enough to break the mold? People see me as a truck driver or similar. Nurse always gets a laugh. I do my best to spread the word.

    • Congratulations on beating the cancer!
      Im not an ofwg. Nor am i republican or demoncrap.
      I am pretry middle of the road, but i believe in freedom of choice and personal responsibility.
      I have taken quite a few non gun people shooting, several had since purchased a firearm, and some have not.

    • Props on beating your illness! My mother’s main tumor is now completely gone, but one of her metastasized tumors started bleeding and we’re going to have to do another round of chemo and radiation. Maybe if you told people you were an ambulance driver they’d believe you since that’s kind of like a truck driver. lol

  4. Break the mold by starting gun rights orgs that counter the anti’s narratives be they black, gay etc. Not by converging the NRA, which is an OFWG organization and is just fine as it is. Unless you are a gamma and then you cant help it.

    Unless of course you want the NRA to go the way of NASCAR, ESPN, et al who think that ignoring their base and embracing diversity is a winning strategy.

    Diversity is cancer.

  5. You train to shoot attackers in the vagina?

    I guess that works, but center mass is generally more advisable.

    I also lean libertarian, am not racist, am fit, don’t live in the South (Art out West – though I love the South)

    I am white, male, middle aged, and Christian. I won’t apologize for any of those things. I’m tired of politically correct bullshit propaganda.

    Also, I think it is ok for Christians to use a word like bullshit when describing totalitarian Marxism. It is a great evil.

    • Marxism is a cult pretending to be a political ideology.

      But that said, I do my bit in training and assisting new shooters on tips, technique, and answering any questions they may ask.

    • TTAG should do an informative article on the pros and cons of dick shots. Go into real detail here, including how different firearm types would be best suited to the task. Like, a shot gun would make a great crotch shot weapon.

  6. Good article. I don’t wear camo or drive a bro-dozer etc etc. I like to take people shooting that are maybe on the fence about guns in general. I make it as calm and safe as possible. Suppressors really help bring the anxiety level down for folks. I dont use “operator speak” or try to go overboard with teaching them anything but the basics on the first time. They almost always come away with a new, positive attitude towards the hobby.

  7. Why is this woman still writing for TTaG? Come on RF, there’s plenty of smart, tough women out there, get one of them to write. I seem to remember this one writing about how she refused to vote, thus doing the INCREDIBLY cowardly thing of absolving herself of all blame, being able to point to whoever won when they screwed up and say, “Well, I didn’t vote for them! So I’ll just look down my nose at the schmucks who did!” Pathetic. Cowardice is one of the worst personal failings, and the worst form of cowardice is the kind that the coward has somehow managed to convince themselves is actually courage, such as refusing to choose between two (ostensibly) bad options so you can pat yourself on the back and claim you’re taking a stand, when in reality you’re just avoiding a hard choice that still needs to be made. Bullshit!

    • Don’t forget the trans whatever bathroom support. Because “I’m a Mommy: The Most Important Job In The World”.

    • Theres also this:

      “I’m a woman. A mother of young children in good physical shape”

      Oh really Sara? We had no idea, because you only mention all those things in EVERY article you post (90% of the time backed up with instagram-filtered pictures of yourself). At least they stopped headlining all her articles with the large, red-text bolded intro “SPECIAL SEGMENT FROM SARA TIPTON, GENUINE ULTRA-SPECIAL WOMAN AND MOTHER: ” like they did for the first few months.

      I don’t even really care about all the above, if it weren’t for the fact that ALL her articles consist of essentially the above, plus some trite, poorly thought-out, poorly-justified opinions, and then a repeat of how those opinions are worth more weight because of her special status. If her articles had some legitimate worthwhile content I could roll my eyes at all the rest but at least get something out of it.

  8. I’m an OFWG. I won’t apologize for outliving the rest of my family, who all died young. I won’t apologize for being overweight (although, having lost 20 pounds, I’m working on it). I won’t apologize for being unapologetically male. And if me being white frosts some people’s pumpkins, they can kiss my old, fat, white, male, NRA card carrying, lawyer ass.

  9. Yeah, yanno, I keep getting Gun Culture 1.0 and chairborne rangers up in my grill. Old farts should thank me for being part of Team Gun but there’s a lot of smugness.

    • I get torn up on this site every time I post something that doesn’t toe the Trump voter line, or the new (Boch-led) “cops are always right” bullshit that didn’t used to be the way TTAG operated.

      • Probably get more torn up because your views are nuts. Get over it. The Perfect President is not available. Deal with the best we got and count your blessings it wasn’t Hillary.

        Also, tons of us around here are plenty FTP, at least to some extent.

        • The bottom line is if you vote Democrat or not at all, you vote against the 2nd. There isn’t a Democrat that I know of that would go against party line when it comes down to more “Gun control” legislation, end of story.

          • “There isn’t a Democrat that I know of that would go against party line when it comes down to more “Gun control” ”

            The fun would be to ask a Dimwitocrat if he/she would leave the party if forced to choose between politically correct (gun control) and 2A.

          • Not in office anyway. They all got run off. I used to be represented by one, but that was over ten years ago.

      • Yup. It’s weird, the Trunp administration has been like a manic-depressive episode for much of the gun culture. They say he’s good but get shitty when someone questions it. Why? We’re not going to un-elect him. They don’t need my permission to be happy with whatever he says or does. The Trump fans say they won but they don’t act like it.

  10. I am a white slightly overweight Constitutionalist who open carries a full size pistol, has a carbine in my pickup truck, listen to loud rock n roll and have not one but two harleys and a colonial and original rebel flag in my garage over them… I am now part of the true minority and am proud.

  11. The question about just how many “undecideds” there are (regarding “guns”) seems “much ado about nothing”. The number of “undecideds” cannot be sufficient to change the game. Essentially, we are stuck with hoping to maintain the barest of majority opinion regarding guns. Even that supposed bare majority is polling dependent. Fact is, “gun rights” are not a major issue for “undecideds”, certainly not an issue for which they would sacrifice any other priority in their personal or political lives. Hoping for stasis is not a plan for victory. Simple fact: the second amendment IS a second class “right” (quotes used to distinguish from “correct”) for almost half the voting public. Such people will only regard the government as tyrannical, and needing armed correction, when they find themselves required to undergo official tatooing as an official permit to make any choice, about anything. The “undecideds”, and the anti-gun gang would not turn a hair if all the gun owners were somehow rounded-up and imprisoned. And I am not sure the “undecideds” and gun grabbers would mind terribly that they must be marked to prove their moral superiority.


    Maybe a few hundred, or thousand, “undecideds” can be persuaded to endorse the POTG and become one. I guess even one convert is worth however much time and money is spent convincing them. I simply have no faith these “undecideds” will be there when the voting counts.

    No /s

    • According to Wikipedia, the last time at least 60% of the voting age population voted in a presidential election was 1968. About half of the people don’t vote. Then about half of the voters vote for antis. At least 3/4ths of people don’t vote for pro-gun politicians. If they don’t own a gun, they are even more likely to be in the “don’t vote for guns” camp. If you convince someone it the 3/4ths to be a hobbyist, they are more likely to become a pro-gun voter. They will have a direct, personal stake in the election. They’ll see both the stupidity of the antis arguments and that the antis lie.

      If every gun voter can convince one non gun voter to be a gun voter, then you double the number of gun voters and probably reduce the number of anti-gun voters. That would drastically shift the landscape.

      • I agree with your note that with sufficient opportunity, the number of pro-2A voters could increase beyond a virtual tie. Where we differ is that I do believe there are enough actual voters who would take 2A as a make-or-break proposition when considering political policies. Assuming every “undecided” could be identified, and that every “undecided” could be converted, where do we get the confidence that these converts would put 2A above other interests?

        • Well, if they are non-voters who decide to vote because of guns, that is all they are voting for. And if it is a secondary or tertiary position, at least they wouldn’t be pushing gun-control and might write their elected officials to push pro 2A measures.

          Every convert to the gun culture (whether they vote 2A or not) is likely to convert others to the gun culture. That is likely to result in some 2A voters. Additionally, as some anti-gunner pointed out, most firearms and firearm accessory companies donate money to pro 2A groups, so their buying of guns, ammo, and gun stuff funds the pro 2A fight.

          Finally, they might buy stuff you can try out, which will make it all worth it.

            • That would result in some other things as well, like a wave of judicial vacancies. I’d prefer retirements, but I’d leave the details to God.

  12. Two of the best pistol shooters I know here in Australia are female. Both ex Olympic competitors, one is a farmer with husband And the others owns business in city. She is still coaching at club I go to occasionally. Both over 60.

    About a quarter of regular shooters at club are female from 10 to 70. Doesn’t fit the narrative here or in USA though

  13. All these beta males are leading young female teachers to screw their teen students.

    • Lots of cray-cray hot teachers these days. Where were they when I was in high school?

  14. And you went and spoiled the whole narrative by opening the article with that racist target!

    For shame.

  15. Really it’s all about just being out and about in the community and while not wearing it on your sleeve, not hiding your gun ownership either. Do that and the fence sitters will come to you when they respect you as rational.

    In college people used to sheepishly approach me and ask if it was true if I owned a gun. “Guns” I’d correct them and then immediately ask if they wanted to go shooting. Faces lit up. I can rattle off a list of 20 people, off the top of my head, that shot their first gun with me in college and now own multiple firearms.

    Later in life a friend of mine, a Hispanic lesbian who’s all of 4’11 (how’s that for a minority?) approached me about firearms because she was being aggressively pursued by a male patron at the bar she worked at. It was borderline stalking type shit and it was escalating. I took her shooting, she settled on a G27 as her personal favorite, borrowed the pistol (before our silly UBC laws) passed her CCW and today is legally armed and the proud owner of numerous firearms. Her partner got a CCW and bought mutliple guns too. Now they both want to dive into suppressors and support the HPA.

    Just be normal and approachable. It makes the frothing-at-the-mouth antis look crazy and “normalizes” gun ownership/carrying.

  16. The response to being called a “selfish racist redneck[]” is to respond Han Solo style with an outraged “who’s selfish.”

  17. In this one’s experience, oftentimes gunowners are their own worst enemy to the cause.

    A little background: Esoteric Inanity grew up in South-West Wyoming during one of the more violent periods in this area’s history. Rock Springs was awash in drugs, organized crime and murder. Evanston and The Bridger Valley also experienced its own share of violence with Hopkinson and his ordered executions.

    As one might guess, with events like these occurring so close to home, and just being regular ol’ country folk, people ’round these parts are neither unfamiliar with firearms or self defense. After all, when one is broke down along some two track, out in the sagebrush, at two in the morning, a firearm is a damn fine friend to have. However, there are divides that naturally exists within the community. Many of the older folks can be quite distrusting of out-of-towners, especially where firearms are concerned. Now to say that such old-timers are hostile to outsiders wouldn’t necessarily be accurate, but they certainly aren’t hospitable.

    There was a time when most local gun and pawn shops would do their damndest to avoid selling a firearm to somebody that wasn’t a longtime local or didn’t have one to vouch for them. This has pretty much changed over the last 30 years. Nowadays there are other tactics used and towards a different audience.

    Most readers here have a local gun shop or two that they frequent, and have probably seen that young guy/gal come in that just seems awkward and looks out of place. He/she doesn’t make prolonged eye contact and fidgets around with their hands. Now some shop owners/attendants will simply ignore these firearms pariahs with the intent that they leave, all the while keeping a watchful/suspicious eye, lest they might try something. Should this outcast even dare ask a question, voice an opinion or even strike up a conversation, it’s not uncommon for the other customers to harass and deride them for their ignorance. After all, can’t have these young kids gettin’ ahold of a gun when they don’t know nothin’, why they might shoot one of the regulars. Rather than engage and educate, these so called “altruistic freedom loving patriots” would rather humiliate and ostracize a potential comrade for the mere act of being young and ignorant of “their” culture.

    The local range can be no better. Just off Highway 414 and along an auto tour route, it gets quite the variety of folks stopping in. Some of them have never even shot a gun before and swing in out of curiosity. Once again, there are those “altruistic freedom loving patriots” that can’t even manage a “hello”, minor pleasantries or acknowledge their presence. Even worse, some of the regulars delight in jeering these onlookers should they have a conspicuous liscense plate e.g. California, New York, Connecticut etc, or say something deemed to be foolish.

    Such behavior is both indecent and detrimental to not only the 2nd Ammendment, but also to the cause of civil rights in general.

    Youth and beneficent pariahs are the desperately required transfusion that the pro civil rights side needs to keep the 2nd Ammendment alive and intact. Why then, one might ask, would somebody such as these “altruistic freedom loving patriots” so flagrantly undermine their own interests? The answer; fear, but not the fear of the individual, but rather the influence that such individuals might be perceived to have upon the sacrosanctity of “their” culture. To paraphrase a quote from Ingmar Bergman’s Det Sjunde Inseglet: “A skull is more interesting than a naked woman. The more one looks, the more afraid they will become”. People different than one’s self are encountered everyday, but rarely does one truly get a glimpse beyond their surface(flesh) and view the unique eccentricities(skull) that such an individual may hold. To some people, upon viewing these “skulls” they truly become terrified of the implications that such perceived abnormalities have upon their lives; This in spite of the fact that everyone possesses such individual proclivities, just as all have skulls hidden beneath their flesh.

    Now granted that not all of the older crowd around these parts act in such a way. Most are quite pleasant to be around. The fact is that Every Town has its cabal of assholes and jerks, oftentimes that’s all it takes to dissuade a future firearms enthusiast.

    As to what can be done to ameliorate such situations, put simply self involvement. People have a right to be self-righteous asshats and hold bigoted beliefs, even to their own detriment. There isn’t any changing of this, as their shouldn’t be. However, when one sees that awkward guy in the gun shop/range that is either being ignored or given a bad time, step in, say hello and offer some assistance. Show them that there are many beneficent individuals in the firearms community that are not only pro 2nd Ammendment but also pro Civil Rights in general, and just all round altruistic freedom loving patriots.

    Damn, gotta lay off the fire water. WTH was just typed?

      • Appreciate the compliment friend. Granted it isn’t always a simple matter for this one to form coherent thoughts at times, much less amalgamate cohesive ideas. Esoteric Inanity needs time for the sanity to set in and the inanity to dissipate.

        As there were thunderstorms occurring, this one’s Scandinavian blood flow began to hasten and the gears and cogs initiated the metacognition. Helluva a rush delving into one’s own mind, not always productive though.

        Therefore it’s good to have some feedback and affirmation that such musings are indeed logical, at least in a subjective sense.

        • The method of illeism, Esoteric Inanity understands TX_Lawyer and extends his gratitude.

          Speaking of “One”, this one was coincidentally listening to One-, or was it this One-

          Words and thoughts are to Esoteric Inanity what body parts are to Dr. Frankenstein (Was his first name Mary or maybe Shelley?) and his monster. A thunderstorm, some sleepless nights amalgamated with esoteric inanity and exactly what one gets is like mixing a bunch of cleaning chemicals together from under the kitchen sink. Might be something flashy and explosive, but oftentimes just slime and toxic fumes.

          Apologies as this one is uncertain as to what he set out to convey, but the comment was most appreciated.

        • Ah very good. Victor, Esoteric Inanity did not know, but was aware of whom Mary Shelley was. Didn’t know that the good doc even had a mention of a name beyond Frankenstein.

  18. I may LOOK like a stereotypical OFWG-but I’m not. Not with my still gorgeous chocolate bunny on my arm after nearly 30 years. Boomers still rule and to hell with your opinions “never Trumper”.

  19. I am an OFWG, libertarian-conservative, and Baptist pastor. I recently had the honor and privilege of taking a married lesbian couple to the gun range. We had a great time. After shooting a bunch of my guns we spent some time looking over their best options for their first firearm. They haven’t made a purchase yet, but when they do I will ensure that they know how to use and maintain it.

    By looking at me and knowing just a little bit about me you could make some very wrong assumptions. I love my gay friends while also believing in the biblical view of sexuality.

    It just makes sense to me that we should share our passions with all who are willing to participate.

    • Unless the next time they vote the priority is supporting the 2nd and not Gay Rights, it doesn’t matter that you converted them to firearms.

    • “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”

      “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?”


      “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”

      “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”

      Und so weiter.

      • I do believe that there is a difference between loving your neighbor and being yoked with them.

        Also, ”How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:14

        • Big difference between preaching, and endorsing/supporting/upholding/facilitating. Is it not one thing to present good news, and another going to dinner, theater, sports, range?

          Not that any of that matters here.

  20. So what’s an OFWG to do? Become transgender? Transracial? Or shut up and move to the background because our superficial attributes aren’t the ones culturally favored?

    We can be welcoming of everyone with good values without embracing identity politics and elevating or devaluing people based on unchangeable attributes like sex, race, or ethnic background.

    I do believe that some of the identity-based organizations do have a positive role and it’s primarily in reaching out to their communities directly and indirectly by providing living proof that the “guns are for OFWGs” narrative is a lie. I’ve long been a supporter of such identity-based pro-gun groups as LGBTQ group Pink Pistols, Jewish groups Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and (recent JPFO breakaway group) the Zelman Partisans, and black American group the National African-American Gun Association. I love to see members of these groups deflate claims that their communities are united against the right to keep and bear arms and provide a point of entry into the gun culture in communities where it is sorely needed. Just by being open about their beliefs, they provide a positive example of gun ownership amongst their people and offer moral support and guidance to those curious about firearms ownership who might otherwise never act on their often taboo, but righteous, desire to keep and bear arms.

  21. Politically, we don’t even need to “convert” folks to “pro”, just help them realize that “pro” isn’t necessarily crazy. The “anti” propaganda program to paint “pro-gun” as crazy, violent, unstable, and guns as intrinsically malevolent is aimed at the persuadable middle.

    It kinda makes you wonder why they come at non-OFWG gun-owners so hard.

    Their program is all about getting people “all wee-wee’ up” (Now, where did I hear that? It’ll come to me, eventually.), so they’ll blindly accept another rake-off bureaucracy, another round of “mother, may I” in living our lives, another portfolio of burdens on wrong-voting folks (Like, oh, I don’t know, FBI & OSHA suddenly “investigating” a small business when the owners get politically active.), and another pre-programmed dog-whistle (Now, where did I hear that term? It’ll come to me, eventually.) to cheaply de-legitimize someone for wrongthink. Get them branded as deplorable, even, (Now, why that word? It’ll come to me, eventually.) so you don’t have to care about their opinion or what happens to them.

    Yeah, they don’t like guns for the autonomy they enable: to live without the Overlords largess, to resist if it comes to that. What’s the point of being ruler if the pesky proles get a vote?

    Short of that, those bad gunners are just another bunch of people who aren’t with the program, which makes them out-group minority to drive out. They should keep working: we want their stuff, after all. But it’s not like they get a say in how anything is done. They might start having their own opinions.

    The point isn’t so much de-legitimizing gun owners to get rid of guns, as it is using gun ownership to de-ligitimize inconvenient citizens. Can’t have people who think for themselves gumming up the political works.

    Me and my tinfoil hat don’t like thinking this way. I don’t like thinking so badly of other people. If I’m stuck living with them, I’d rather they were saner and better behaved. Sadly for me, the good empirical scientist in me — Don’t ever work in labs doing actual research. You catch the method. It’s incurable, like herpes. — gets stuck on following what works.

    If only the cynical view didn’t predict so well exactly what these parasites will do.

  22. Just by letting two of my neighbors know that I’m a gun owner led them to get pistols, training and NRA memberships in the last three months. But before some sarcastic comment, it wasn’t out of fear of me.

  23. First, when I read “I don’t live in the South, and I’m not a racist”…it’s insulting, due to the fact that I have lived in Texas all my life. Reads as if that fact makes me a racist.

    Two in my family who voted for Obama voted for Trump. They have their carry licences. Didn’t ask, but I gathered that wasn’t the only reason they didn’t vote for Hillary.

  24. I’m pretty vocal about being a homosexual gun owner here so, but I’ll be vocal about it more and more 😛

    I’ve converted plenty of the gay community over to the gun culture, or at least made them see the truth in owning firearms (Or at least not being afraid of them) and how we, as a group, benefit from owning them.

    They are always shocked to find out the hate crime statistics and how homosexual men are targets of it, and even more shocked when I tell them that the laws are meaningless and that the only way to overcome this is to learn how to defend themselves, either through martial arts or.. *drumroll* defensive firearms.

    Women also love me, I guess because they feel I’m a lot more approachable than some of the super operator types that like to troll Arizona gun ranges.

    I have to say, the community at large is open and receptive really. The only caveat I really have is that sometimes occasionally people have to inject their religious opinion on my private lifestyle, but I promptly remind them that it is irrelevant to the shooting range and that how I live inside my house is my choice and that it is inappropriate to talk about it outside of the kitchen table. Always ends there without any disagreement, and I find that many people are a lot more respectful if you ask them to just respect your private life.. And then leave it off the table.

    Doesn’t stop the questions though, since my spouse and I are both gun people, lol. Some people are really caught off guard by that, I guess, since he’s a bit more stereotypical gay. (I’m a lot more rugged so, guess I fly under the gaydar.) Live and let live, I say, as long as he and I are on the range enjoying the hobby we all share, no problem!

  25. What so bad with “the mold?” The mold has produced some damn good Americans. I am not ashamed of my ancestors. They stuggled through good times and bad, made mistakes and overcame them. Hell, they outperformed and made the world a better place. The proper response to someone insulting your heritage is “go fuck yourself, I need my gun to protect myself from you disingenious assholes and the primitive barbarians you inspire.”

  26. I’m concerned with the obvious targeting of the crotch region of that male looking silhouette target. Could you imagine the millions of women and gender confused “males” who would march in the streets if a feminine looking silhouette target (curves and such) was shot full of holes, specifically in the breast and crotch regions. The outcry would cause many high ranking people to withdraw twitter posts and make grand public apologies….

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