Military Surplus Guns You Can Still Afford

Oh, the days when military surplus guns like a Mosin-Nagant could be had by the armful for about $100 each, along with all the corrosive steel case surplus ammo you could shoot. Those were the heady days back when I had hair, my knees didn’t make weird noises, and I even had some self-esteem. Just […]

3 Alternative AR-15 Rifle Chamberings To Consider

Let’s face it: getting an AR rifle in .223/5.56 is BORING. It’s too easy! Everyone has one. It shows a lack of imagination. Oh, okay, fine. .223 and 5.56 NATO has their virtues. It’s cheap, which means you can do a lot more shooting than with other chamberings. It’s proven in self-defense capacities, too. If […]

6 Easy Ruger 10/22 Rifle Upgrades

The Ruger 10/22 .22LR rifle is one of the most frequently customized rifle platforms on the market. There are hundreds and hundreds of 10/22 mods and upgrades available to make Ruger’s ultra-popular rimfire rifle just about anything you want it to be. The aftermarket support is ridiculously deep. Do you want to spruce yours up, […]

Concealed Carry Guns For Summer Comfort

Some people carry different concealed carry guns during different seasons. Once summer comes around, they tend to scale down to something smaller and lighter, then bulk up for winter. You’ll find plenty of people packing a Shield or G43 when it’s hot, then gear up to something like a GLOCK 17 or 1911 pistol when […]

Why Range Ammo Is A Terrible Choice For Self-Defense

Don’t use range ammo as self-defense ammo. There are a number of good reasons why it’s a bad idea. Range ammunition – meaning full metal jacket or fragmenting ammunition in center fire rifles and pistol, target or bird shot in shotguns – make generally poor self-defense ammunition choices. Not that there aren’t good uses for […]