How To Shoot With Cross-Eye Dominance

Previously, we covered how to tell if you are cross-eye dominant. Now let’s talk about how to shoot if you are. There are a few strategies that you can adopt in order to combat it. First is to learn to shoot with your weak-side hand. I’ve heard a few people say they had to either […]

I Don’t Like My GLOCK’s Sights – What Do I Do?

If you hate your GLOCK sights, the prescription is easy: buy a 1911. Just kidding! Well, obviously…you can change them! The stock sights are made of plastic and not beloved by many. They’re on the fragile side, and some people find the stock sights on almost any gun aren’t the easiest to get a good […]

I Can Open Carry In My State…But Should I?

So, you can open carry in your state. Should you? Some of you are probably thinking “not this crap again,” because this is an oft-visited trope for folks who carry. If that’s you, then you might want to skip this one or – alternately – go vent your spleen in the comments. Bring the pain, […]

How Do I Choose Good Self-Defense Ammo For My Handgun?

It’s vital that you choose good self-defense ammo for your handgun, but how to do that? How do you know which ones are only OK and which ones excel? There are a few basic criteria for picking a good self-defense ammunition for your handgun. First, it must be expanding. This is important, as over-penetration of […]

Should I Buy A .300 Blackout Upper For My AR?

One of the reasons that the AR-15 platform is America’s most popular rifle is its versatility and ease of customization. For most people, changing calibers is usually as simple as buying another upper and swapping it out. And that’s what makes adding 300 Blackout blackout capability to your AR-15 so attractive. The cartridge has become […]