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Not 24 hours had passed since a coalition of gun rights organizations came together to stand up for the First and Second Amendments by hosting the 3D gun blueprints (speech) that had caused such a kerfuffle before Amazon Web Services issued the following take-down notice:

One anti-2A group, Alyssa Milano’s NoRa, even gloated for a few hours about the site temporarily being down. It seems a safe bet they don’t understand how decentralized file sharing technology works.

The website is of course back up because the signal can’t be stoppedClick here to visit and download all the files you’d like.

> I have started a fundraiser on their behalf if you would like to contribute to the effort. <

Below is a statement posted on

Firearm-Related Speech, Machining Instructions, Codes Published by Civil Rights Organizations, Activists at New Website

SACRAMENTO, CA (July 31, 2018) — Tonight, the organizations and individuals behind, a new Web site for the publication and sharing of firearm-related speech, including machine code, have issued the following statement:

Our Constitution’s First Amendment secures the right of all people to engage in truthful speech, including by sharing information contained in books, paintings, and files. Indeed, freedom of speech is a bedrock principle of our United States and a cornerstone of our democratic Republic. Through, we intend to encourage people to consider new and different aspects of our nation’s marketplace of ideas – even if some government officials disagree with our views or dislike our content – because information is code, code is free speech, and free speech is freedom.

Should any tyrants wish to chill or infringe the rights of the People, we would welcome the opportunity to defend freedom whenever, wherever, and however necessary. Hand-waving and hyperbole are not compelling government interests and censorship is not proper tailoring under the law.

There is no doubt that Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed have inspired countless Americans to exercise their fundamental, individual rights, including through home gunsmithing. Through, we hope to promote the collection and dissemination of truthful, non-misleading speech, new and evolving ideas, and the advancement of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. is a publicly-available Web site for truthful, non-misleading speech and information that is protected under the United States Constitution. The purpose of this project is to allow people to share knowledge and empower them to exercise their fundamental, individual rights. is a project of Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, and a number of individuals who are passionate about the Constitution and individual liberties.

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, through advocacy, legal action, education, and outreach.

Firearms Policy Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPF’s mission is to defend the Constitution of the United States and the People’s rights, privileges and immunities deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition, especially the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.

The Calguns Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members, supporters, and the public through educational, cultural, and judicial efforts to advance Second Amendment and related civil rights.

California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees ( is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization serving its members and the public through direct and grassroots issue advocacy, regulatory input, legal efforts, and education. CAL-FFL’s membership includes firearm dealers, training professionals, shooting ranges, licensed collectors, others who participate in the firearms ecosystem.

Piper Smith is the founder & executive director of Armed Equality.

Armed Equality National Discussion Group

Armed Equality SoCal Training Group

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Founder & Director of “Armed Equality”. About Armed Equality: Armed Equality is building a strong and inclusive community of diverse individuals who seek the skills needed to defend their lives. Armed Equality is dedicated to the defense and protection of all Americans, from all walks of life; especially targeted minorities. About Piper Smith: Firearm legislation media commentator with experience on local/national/international/live television, online and print articles, and local event appearances. Controversial topics commentator with over 30,000 hours of study in the field of political science, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Extensive work experience in sales & marketing. Community organizer and event planner with experience planning over 100 community events in the last few years ranging from CCW workshops, pistol/shotgun/rifle training, advanced medical mass casualty training, wilderness survival training, and education covering your individual and collective rights when interacting with law enforcement and legalities surrounding defensive firearm use.


  1. Way to go!

    “The largest site distributing #3Dgun blueprints unlawfully”…unlawfully…
    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • I love the ambiguity of English and people who can’t yield it correctly. I read it as, “The largest site distributing #3Dgun blueprints, unlawfully has been shut down…”

      • “I love the ambiguity of English and people who can’t yield it correctly”

        I love the ambiguity of English and people who can’t wield it correctly.


  2. Keep up the good work Cody !! It’s shameful that there are leftist people in this great nation that couldn’t care less about our constitutional rights. Their ignorance makes me sick !!

    • FIFY:
      Keep up the good work Cody !! It’s shameful that there are leftist people in this great nation that couldn’t care less about our constitutional rights. Their ignorance makes me sick !!

  3. They weren’t able to stop “The Anarchist Cookbook” decades ago.

    What makes them think they can stop this? Hubris?

    • Heck, someone published a manual on how to build an atomic bomb. Of course he was arrested and charged with various federal crimes such as espionage, stealing government secrets and the like, but he demonstrated that all of the information he published was from freely available public sources and not stolen government files. Charges were of necessity dropped.

    • They still can’t stop it. It is still published and there is even the Jolly Rogers cookbook as a companion…..heck, you can even buy it on Amazon (Isn’t that ironic)

      • It was at times. Depends who is doing the bombing. It was ‘liberals’ in the 60s, ‘conservatives’ in the 90s.

    • Heh, heh, heh… the Anarchist’s Cookbook!
      I’ve a VERY dusty copy of that on my bookshelf… the Firearms Section can today best be described as “quaint”.

      • I trust the formulas in certain Department of Agriculture documents a lot more than I’d trust the ones in the ACB.

        Think ‘stump removal’.

  4. The website link is now… <— this wasn't hotlinked, I had to type it in manually.

    And, of course, it's still down. Cute…

    • Yep…. when State first banned the files, I went to Pirate Bay and downloaded them on principle. I don’t have a 3D printer or plan on making plastic lowers, but I disagreed fundamentally with the idea of banning the information….. Pirate Bay has had them posted for years. I never had to look around (or look hard) but I’m sure the files were and are all over the internet.

  5. You would think that these blue prints were actual guns…or that some deep dark secrets were being released…or that it is illegal, immoral, and dangerous for people to build guns in their homes. Where do they get the completely incorrect idea that all guns are “registered,” and that unregistered guns are illegal’? (I know, TV.) Idiots.

  6. Awright! I have no real interest in downloading files but “shall not be infringed”…and now I’ve learned the evil Bezos controls all.

  7. So it’s okay to publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders in New York state and elsewhere.

    But it’s not okay to publish how to make an AR-15 or any other modern firearm????

  8. The funniest thing is Amazon is citing the court case and temporary restraining order. Neither Amazon, nor the California pro-2A organizations that set it up are parties to that lawsuit and they’re not bound by the court’s temporary restraining order.

    • Yep. A massive CYA on the part of Amazon, but unless someone makes these files themselves illegal (in which case, I hope Kavinaugh and the rest of the Supreme Court slap it down hard and fast) there is no way everyone will stop hosting them. And even then…you can’t stop the signal. The torrent networks will prove really difficult to root out, and people will start handing out hard copies and printing the designs on shirts. It’s happened before.

        • Because you can’t plug an image into a Cnc machine. Or get any detailed measurement not listed, make your own alterations if desired, etc. CAD is cool. As an engineer If I could afford a cnc machine I’d be like a mad scientist in my garage.

          I need to find one I can use freely maybe.

      • Suspect it’s less CYA than more corporate anti-gunism from Bezos.

        Plus I bet Amazon doesn’t like the idea of consumers getting into 3D printing either.

        • Plus I bet Amazon doesn’t like the idea of consumers getting into 3D printing either.

          Oh, now THAT is an incredibly interesting point. (Homes with good 3-D printers do not have to order so much stuff through Amazon.)

        • Corporations tend to have a knee-jerk “Sorry! Sorry! Please don’t hate us! Don’t sue!” reaction when it involves the left accusing them of supporting a right-wing cause. I suspect it’s more “Gosh, what are we letting happen? People will make guns!” type of stupid than anything specifically “anti-gun” per se. Cultural shock rather than malice. And 3D printing is still mainly a hobby. Amazon won’t be seeing a drop in purchases due to it anytime soon, and then would probably be happy to set you up with monthly shipments of ABS spools, and offer a great deal on that new spiffy printer accessory.

    • Not only can you not rely on a mega-corporation to reliably host your data, you also cannot rely on a mega-corporation to refrain from perusing your private data.

      So, if you want your data to be unavailable on a whim and have unauthorized strangers parse through it, by all means post it on a mega-corporation’s web server/s.

  9. Remember when the Soviets tried to silence Radio Free Europe?
    Perhaps it’s natural for one group of totalitarians not to learn from earlier generations.

  10. Milan use to be hot, not a great actress, but hot. Unfortunately, twenty plus years later, not so much now. I guess that more than any thing ended her acting gigs.

    • For readers who are puzzled with Rusty Chain’s comment, he is referring to actress Alyssa Milano.

    • Yes. Probably a CAD viewer of some sort. I haven’t checked, since I mainly wanted these for kicks, but type the file extension into google and you should be able to find something free somewhere. Just stay away from anything not mainstream…or the Russians might run your PC like a puppet and post Jesus vs Hillary memes on your Facebook timeline.

  11. The NAZIs were National Socialists…..socialists are totalitarian by design.
    It’s the only way they can stay in power.
    Liberals = just another way of spelling socialist.

  12. These idiots still haven’t figured out the Streisand effect is a real thing now, primarily because of them.

    Almost all of these types of situations end up bigger than they are, largely by self-inflicted stupidity on their part.

  13. Haha, the Air Force just transfered its network to Amazon servers, and im pretty sure the military wages actual war, but they havent shut the AFNET down!
    But dont you dare try to post free, legal info on our shit….
    Rights for me but none for thee…..

  14. The funny thing is that I’m a gun owner, I had zero interest in this d-loadable gun, but NOW, thanks to all the Leftist Loons having fits about this, I just HAD to go out and d-load these plans.

    When are the liberals going to get a clue about human nature? Best way to make people WANT something is to tell them they can’t have it.


    Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is a Mercedes Marxist, he takes money that he makes from Amazon and puts it into the Washington Post which is a HUGE propaganda tool against gun rights.

  16. People, these SOB’s do understand file sharing, and they do know what they’re doing. They don’t give a rip about these files. They couldn’t care less what we do or to whom we do it, so long as we don’t threaten their power. This is connected to the attack on Infowars. They’re trying to create the authority, either through legislation or regulation, to selectively criminalize speech. It’s just like the so called war on drugs, which was never about stopping drug smuggling, but being the gatekeepers, deciding who smuggles and who doesn’t, and skimming the profits. Free citizens have rights, but if they can criminalize our behavior, it becomes much easier to rationalize, justify , and get away with all sorts of abuses against us.

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