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Mattv2099 is one of my favorite gun-related YouTubers, and back when I had time to write the Daily Digest, rarely did a week go by without one of his videos appearing in that space. Often silly, but always in an entertaining way, his YouTube channel recently crested 200k subscribers, and his friend and fellow YouTuber Jeff from Taofledermaus organized . . .

an invitational machine gun shoot (the “first annual”) in his honor. They invited every gun-related YouTuber with more than 300 subscribers, and many of them showed up, toting toys that I can only dream of owning.

Mattv2099 shot most of this video himself, and I can’t begin to calculate how many dollars went up in smoke that day. If you’re not smiling by the end of it, well, something’s wrong with you. Congratulations to Mattv2099 on this milestone, and I hope he’s back next year with 400k.

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  1. back when I had time to write the Daily Digest

    Matt in FL, your Daily Digest was one of my favorite TTAG features ever — and I’m not the only one.

    • +1 Even on days where I did not have the time to get to every TTAG article I prioritized the digest.

    • “Matt in FL, your Daily Digest was one of my favorite TTAG features ever — and I’m not the only one.”


      The ‘Daily Digest’ is (well, it’s a solid *was* now) TTAG staple, always good for a smile.

      Or was that an S.M.L.E.? …I forget.

      Matt, if you’re unable to continue the Digest, perhaps TTAG’s Dan Z. could farm it out to TTAGer (maybe on a rotating basis…) to someone who could use it to develop their writing chops?


      MattV2099. What more can you say?

      Guns. Food. The only thing it’s lacking is nookie. And you need PornHub for that…

      Oh, the gun.

      The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun has a rate of fire of 3,000 rounds per minute, so a 200,000 round burst should only take about one hour and 7 minutes, not the “hours” it took them.

      According to Dillon, the barrel group has a 200,000 round life.

      That 200,000 rounds of NATO 7.62 looks like it cost them about 100,000 USD (at 500 USD per thousand).

      Must be nice…

  2. That looked like 20 tons of fun!
    Wonder where that event was held, that would be fun to go to even as a spectator.

  3. Anyone besides me notice that YouTube gun views skew more and more towards gunnertainment and less and less towards the ole here’s-a-gun-watch-me-shoot-review?
    Matt at Demolition Ranch is killing it with views and subscribers. He’s to YouTube what TTAG is to the old paper gun rags.

    • That’s not just guns, that’s all of youtube. The random dude, with his laptop cam point up at his face and into the ceiling light, rambling about a gun he just bought isn’t really a video providing value to viewers or giving them much of a reason to come back and watch more. Quality production, quality editing, originality, and value are what drive an audience to watch and keep watching.

      How many more Hi-Point torture tests are you willing to watch? They’re not original, they’re not funny, and they provide little to no value. But, people are still making those videos.

      Matt and Demolition Ranch have found a great niche and they’re filling it really well. Now, if YouTube’s monetized views and revenue split didn’t suck so much, these guys would have more money coming in to fuel more videos.

  4. Wow. Wish I could have been there. They must have gone through a million dollars in ammunition if not more. I still can’t figure out where these Youtube gun guys get their ammunition. Many of them shoot several hundred $$$ worth in one video. The high price of ammo has kept me shooting .22s just for fun. I can go through over 500 rounds in a day, while I’m pretty much limited to 25-50 rounds in my larger caliber guns. I do reload shotgun shells, but have never tried to reload rifle and handgun ammunition.

  5. Makes me proud to be an Americen!

    Law abiding citizens, owning and shooting full auto weapons, artillery and even a tank! The very loud sounds of freedom!

    Greatest country in the world!

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