Newsweek: Mass Shootings Up 35 Percent in 2020

Just this morning, Newsweek published an article covering the Gun Violence Archives’ latest claim that mass shootings are up 35 percent in 2020 compared to mass shootings in 2019: Mass shootings in the U.S. have increased by 35 percent since 2019 despite widespread closures of schools, businesses and many public places due to the coronavirus […]

BREAKING: Remington Will Be the Subject of a Federal Investigation

A reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous has passed on information to TTAG regarding a pending federal investigation into Remington Outdoor Company’s handling of the sale of company assets to the Roundhill Group and Remington CEO Ken D’Arcy. Multiple trusted sources close to the transaction report that D’Arcy was the man behind the Roundhill […]

The New SOUSA Optics R.A.I.D. Pistol Red Dot Sight

SOUSA Optics, which is now part of the Texas-based CMC Triggers family, recently came out with a new pistol red dot, the R.A.I.D. It’s always good to see an RDS hit the market and even better when they look like they’ll bring some solid competition to the industry. The R.A.I.D. is affordably priced ($179 MSRP), […]

Skinner Sights HTF Tactical Garment Bag

We’re all familiar with the myriad ways people conceal — or don’t conceal — their guns in and around their homes or in their vehicles. There are safes, guitar cases, boxes, drawers, mattresses, shelves…you name it, it’s being done somewhere in America. Frequently by a number of makers. It would be nice to see something […]

TactaCam’s New Spotter LR (and More)

Tactacam has been on my radar for a while now. After all, if you want to videotape what you shoot, it’s a good product for it – and now they have a spotting scope camera that’s well worth a closer look. The Tactacam Spotter LR was officially new in August, but it’s now gaining traction […]

San Tan Tactical’s New STT-15 Rifle in 6mm ARC

It just might be a first in the gun industry. For once, an ammunition manufacturer launched a new cartridge ahead of schedule and a firearms manufacturer launched the accompanying rifle early, too. That’s how the 6mm ARC and the San Tan Tactical STT-15 6ARC hit the market. And after shooting the rifle I can say […]

Illinois Rep. Sean Casten: We Need an Australia-Style Mandatory ‘Buyback’ Because America Has Too Many Guns

Illinois Representative Sean Casten feels deeply that “we have too many guns.” His innovative solution to this pressing problem: a buyback. But not just any ol’ buyback. The Daily Herald reported on it, saying: Already an advocate of stricter gun control laws, U.S. Rep. Sean Casten of Downers Grove this week voiced support for a […]