TANDEMKROSS Black Friday Sale: Everything For Your Rimfire

TANDEMKROSS specializes in hop-up parts for your favorite rimfire. Beginning this Friday, they have three sales going on: $15 off any purchase of $150 or more, free shipping sitewide Friday through Monday, and $5 off all Halo Charging Rings (seen below) all day Friday only. They even have a Christmas ornament!

New From Inland Mfg: M1 Carbine Pistol

New from Inland Manufacturing, manufacturers of various M1 Carbine and M1911 reproductions, is an M1 “Carbine” that’s most certainly anything but historically-accurate. An even larger departure from tradition than suppressor-ready M1 Scout we recently reviewed. This legally-a-pistol .30 Carbine sports an AR grip, Sage EBR chassis, threaded 12″ barrel, and a Gear Head Works Tailhook brace. […]

Drive and Shoot Real Tanks at DriveTanks.com

(sponsored post) Ever driven a tank? There’s nothing quite like putting the pedal to the metal on a vehicle that weighs as much as a small house. Especially when you’re thundering down a simulated WW2 battlefield environment, complete with obstacles, drop-offs and spring fed crossings. But let’s face it: driving’s a tank’s only half the […]

The Case for Banning Bump Fire Stocks

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: This week a gunman opened fire on a music festival using one or more firearms equipped with a bump fire stock, killing over fifty people and injuring hundreds more. In response, Senate Democrats introduced a bill to ban bump fire stocks. The instinctive reaction from gun rights […]