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For years now, the fastest growing segment of the handgun market has been pistols designed for every day concealed carry. Finding the right gun for you is a matter of striking the right balance between capacity, stopping power and concealability.

Once you decide on the right gun for your particular needs, the next item on your concealed carry to-do list: choose the right holster. The good news is that Concealment Express has exactly what you need. You’ll want a rig that provides low-profile concealment, superior construction, top notch materials and a comfortable fit. Concealment Express builds all of that and more into each inside-the-waistband Kydex holster they make.

Concealment Express offers gun owners quality, U.S.-made concealed carry holsters at a fair price without the usual wait and hassle. While some companies take as long as four to six weeks to ship their holsters, Concealment Express custom builds their IWB holsters and ships them out the next business day.

Whether you choose Concealment Express’s standard IWB holster or their stealthier tuckable model for added concealment and versatility, you’re getting a hand-crafted rig made of top quality components and first rate Kydex that’s beautifully finished.

All of Concealment Express’s Kydex holsters are custom molded and feature easy adjustment for the exact degree of cant (carry angle) you want and just the right level of retention for your pistol. You won’t find a better IWB concealed carry holster for the money.

Finally, you’ll need a secure, comfortable way to carry your holster. Fortunately, Concealment express has you covered there, too. 

You can’t rely on a weak, floppy department store belt for a job as important as comfortably supporting your concealed carry gun all day long. You need the right tool for the job. That’s why Concealment Express’s Ultimate Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt is made of 100% premium full grain leather that won’t stretch out or sag. It features steel hardware and, best of all, it’s made right here in the USA.

For more information on models and guns or to find out how to order a Concealment Express custom Kydex holster, check out their website.





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  1. That holster in the first picture looks like a compact and convenient way to carry a small pistol. But is it as comfy as a Crossbreed Mini-tuck?

    I need to leave my gun in the vehicle a lot because I enter a lot of government buildings for work. The Crossbreed Mini-tuck is sweet to wear but near impossible to get on and off when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat.

    • I have one for my Mod 2.0 and one for the G19, which I trade off as my EDCs. They go on and off is very quick and easy – sitting or standing.

      The only thing I’d like to see change is to have more cant adjustment. When carried in appendix, on either side, they ride a little too upright for comfortable sitting in bucket seats. So I find myself carrying the left hander at 4 o’clock or the right hander at 8 o’clock.

  2. I really like these and have them for my Glocks, H&Ks, and Sigs. I’ve asked for 1911 options, supposedly coming soon.

    Comfortable, well made, priced right, quick shipping.

  3. I looked at thesefor my S&W Shield 9 and then promptly rejected them. The reason: check the photos on their website–the holster DOES NOT COVER THE MAG RELEASE BUTTON. Complete non-starter for me. Ended up getting an almost identical model from CYA Supply that actually covers the mag release.

  4. They don’t make anything for anything I own…

    Too bad. My failed holster box just keeps getting bigger anyway.

  5. I have had one holster like this and I will never have another with the kydex failing to cover the bottom of the trigger guard. It doesn’t take much to get it to flex enough to access the trigger.

  6. I have one. It works very well with a Shield. I’m in bed and am too lazy to go experiment right now to see how easy popping the mag release is while in the holster, but I can tell you I effected a plain clothes arrest that turned into a fight and the gun remained intact and the holster stayed in place.

    • I’m happy to hear that it may not be as big an issue as I thought. Both Concealment Express and CYA Supply are available through Amazon. They are very similar in design, but C. E. makes holsters for many more models than CYA, last time I checked. I may have to get the wife a Concealment Express holster for her SR9C.

  7. I actually own two of these. They’re not the most comfortable holsters (although not as bad as I thought they may be) but they’re easy on and off.

    I actually bought one because I didn’t want to wait for Stealthgear USA to send me the Shield 45 holster I ordered so I made do with this cheapy one in the meantime.

    Low and behold after a while I went back to the Concealment Express one. Again, it’s not the most comfy, in fact, it’s a far cry from SGUSA’s offerings. But what it did do was have easy on and off with the single, wide belt clip. SGUSA just made my dream holster (the “Scorpion”) but unfortunately it’s stupid expensive… and they don’t make it for the Shield 45 yet anyway.

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