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In the video below we learn that Australian David Dunstan defended his family from a knife-wielding intruder with one of his legally held and stored rifles. After the Bungowannah farmer delivered the bad guy to the police, to thank him for removing a criminal from circulation, they confiscated his firearms. (They did not confiscate the hockey stick a previous victim used to chase off the perp.) The good news here . . .

The video was uploaded by Australia’s Liberal Democratic Party. Yes, there is a “pro-gun” political party in The Land Down Under.

It’s leader, Senator David Leyonhjelm minces no words in his campaign to restore Australians’ natural right to keep and bear arms. And the politician’s not afraid to use sarcasm to do it. Here’s part of his press release — Sound and fury over firearms celebrating nothing — on the success of his country’s latest “gun amnesty”:

With still another 18 days before the amnesty ends, Senator Leyonhjelm said he was confident the remaining 235,000 illegal firearms the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has estimated to be in the hands of criminals would be recovered.

“There’s no way any crim would risk continuing to hold an illegal firearm, given the threat of a fine of up to $280,000, up to 14 years in jail and a criminal record,” he said.

“Thanks to Minister Keenan we can all now sleep soundly in our beds, knowing our families and the community are protected with all these illegal guns being wiped from our streets.”

Senator Leyonhjelm said he was particularly relieved to learn that among the impressive haul of surrendered weapons was a Beaumont Adams revolver (circa 1856), a WWI era Lee Enfield rifle and two WWII US M1 carbines, along with an incalculable number of rusty Lithgow .22s bravely seized by families after raiding grandpa’s shed.

While Liberal Democrats struggle to win enough seats to enact their pro-gun agenda, never underestimate the importance of public indignation — and the power of an arched eyebrow. If you know what I mean.

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    • Unlikely to ever travel there.

      Norway is #1 on my list of alternate countries to live in due to strong gun ownership and semi-fair justice system.

      • anywhere in flyover country is safe.. just dont post about how many bodies you buried back on the back 40. northeast oklahoma might as well be hazard county lmao you can still lose the county sheriff on a dirt road.

      • See also the Czech Republic. One of a very few countries where you could participate in 3-gun without a great deal more pain than in the US. As a bonus, Czech gun licenses are available to foreign residents from NATO member countries.

  1. ““There’s no way any crim would risk continuing to hold an illegal firearm, given the threat of a fine of up to $280,000, up to 14 years in jail and a criminal record,” he said.”

    One *tiny* problem with that.

    The ‘crims’ tend be folks who believe that they will *never* get caught.

    That only the stupid crooks will get caught.

    Since they are so smart, why in the HELL would they turn in their guns?

    • Well done mate…

      “There’s no way any crim would risk continuing to hold an illegal firearm, given the threat of a fine of up to $280,000, up to 14 years in jail and a criminal record,” he said.”

      Senator David Leyonhjelm was being a smart arse…
      He openly states the amnesty is a joke and that crims are crims because they choose not to be law abiding…

      This sentence was David’s way of poking fun at the mindset of idiot politicians in the anti-gun lobby, here in Australia.

      • Once you’ve given them up, you’ll never get them back without an all out revolution. And, without the ability to overpower your tyrannical government, you have no chance. Can’t believe you guys down under lost your guns right along with your balls.

    • you never hear of career crims getting buckled for “illegal possession” of guns in 0zz;
      the only case i can remember is that of Alphonse Gangitano, a known gangster….get buckled with an unlicensed roscoe (hand-gun);
      he got let off with a suspended sentence and a good behaviour bond;
      its always the coppers ‘dropping’ on old grannies who found recently deceased hubby’s war souvenir Luger or sumthin’ in the garage….or….totally law-abiding farmers and such like Mr Dunstan…..
      most Aussie coppers are corrupt crap….
      there’s been several inquiries into them but the problem has never really been cleared up……
      some years back, VicPol hired a top cop from the UK to investigate and, if necessary, clean up “the force”….he had a very lucrative, five year contract but ‘bailed’ after less than a year….
      his reason:….his words…. they’re dirty as HELL! i couldn’t care less about the money! i would have ended up in a ditch with a tag on my toe

  2. What a horrible, immoral system. These police would prefer to scrape a good man’s corpse off his own property than for him to retain any individual power to rival their own. No better than thieves.

    • AUssie coppers are corrupt scum!
      VicPol is one of the worst (look up: “Raymond Hoser”);
      a mate of mine was, a good few years back, part of a demolition crew of a deceased coppers house;
      they found heaps of guns and ammo in his garage…..thousands and thousands of rounds and semi-autos like AR-15s, AKs etc…also…..several handguns…..all were ‘proscribed’ under Howard’s gun grab laws….
      AUssies coppers always look after them-selfs first…don’t really give a black ‘n’ blue damn abt the av. AUssie….

    • Well, what the hell did you expect? Once you are disarmed, they can and will do whatever they want. There’s no citizens with arms to keep the SOB’S in check. You Aussies were BLOODY stupid to give up your guns without a full blown revolution. Those who give up their liberties for security soon find they have neither. Thomas Jefferson. You people should have studied American history.

  3. Sounds like the Australian criminals are very much procrastinators too. 25,000 guns turned in since since July 1st, 235,000 left to go in the final eighteen days of the turn in. That’s only 13,055 guns a day for the balance of the program.

    “Come on criminal element of Down Under……You can do it!”

    • I think 25k is a huge number, I was expecting 500-1000 total.

      Who would have thought that 25k people would refuse to sell a gun to the government for several hundred dollars, keep it in secret for 20 years, then jump at the chance to give it to the government for free?

      Or are these just the guns whose owners have died and the heirs don’t have the same strong feelings about gun rights?

      • this number includes unservicable guns, gun parts and accessories and, believe it or not, at least one nerf gun. The actual number of functioning firearms handed in will never be known as they’re counting each item as 1.

        • also…a lot of the guns were ‘legal’ any-way…that is: mainly manually-operated;
          AFAIK, they only had one single, solitary ‘banned’ gun turned in….an M1-carbie……
          most of the m/op guns were just registered to already legit owners……

          all-in-all: another SNAFU…like all these ‘gun grabs’…..
          the Great Aussie Gun Grab of 1996/1997 snagged abt ¾-mlln guns…..but…again…a lot of them were clapped-out crap and parts……they got less than ⅛ of the total guns out there….
          SSAA research indictates up to ten million “illegal” guns still out and abt…..

          Aussies don’t trust governments, politicians and/or cops….
          they just havn’t got the organisation or the motivation to over-throw these mongrels….

      • betting that’s a bingo … only answer that makes sence to reach 25,000. 20 yrs later fer free.

    • Those 235,000 guns still out there are not just in the hands of criminals, unless you consider everyone who has a gun a criminal because of “criminalization through legislation.” That said, those 235,000 guns would be a good start toward your revolution and getting your rights back. Human rights come from your creator and should NEVER be stripped from you by any man nor government. Can’t believe you guys allowed this to happen.

  4. If they want their rights restored, start off small and work up later.

    Step 1 – Get law passed legalizing self-defense inside the home…

    • We’re working on it. 20 years of politically fuelled media driven propoganda and lies born of an event of questionable circumstances is hard to undo.

      • Any government employee who sanctions you for righteously defending your life is evil and has no legitimate authority — which means they are committing armed robbery (if they fine you) and felony kidnapping/imprisonment (if they jail you). In other words they are violent criminals who deserve the same treatment as any other violent criminal who robs, kidnaps, or imprisons you.

        • People who support gun control aren’t really against guns. They just want to make sure guns will only be used to push their agenda.

  5. Sounds like Califor…oh wait😡 I desired to travel to the land down under as a yout. Then I grew up. May you be overrun with moose-lims and run of the mill crims.

  6. Australia doesn’t have a monopoly on idiot politicians but the ones they have are, without any doubt, the most ignorant.

    • Mankind on this planet IS ONLY RULED BY MANKIND (while some are foul, POS, unworthy of being called equal to humanity) NOWHERE are we ruled by animals, robots, or aliens. All of those MFs “in-power” are human, finite, and mortal. They are NO MORE NOBLE A CREATURE THAN YOU and they all sleep somewhere.

      Hold up the first finger of your right hand. That is the only number of “people” that anyone can hope to equal. Put a stethoscope, a badge, a PHD, or the Pope’s ring on it, it will still never be equal to greater than 1 person.

      “On the notion of individual sovereignty one individual could say to another “Stand feet shoulder-width in your largest foot gear and draw a chalk line around the soles of your shoes.
      The lines alone contain the hallowed ground upon which you are king, until, by you, I am made to move my feet”.” [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 77]

  7. Please Note it is NSW state police who did this not Federal or other states. NSW even before the 1996 massacre was regarded as second most anti gun state.

    The last case in Queensland I can remember was three “youths” home invaded the wrong house looking to steal from drug dealer. One killed, one wounded and the police announced he would not be charged in under 8 hours. Usual rubbish later from one mother saying her son armed with machete and club was harmless.

    As mentioned here many times our current laws suck and the interpretation by state varies a lot. Unfortunately with about half our population living in just 3 major cities many politicians can be anti gun and get away with it.

  8. Aussie’s stupid neighbors who needed a job, don’t trust the average populace and need to keep them bent over a log in order to maintain their continuity of tyranny.

    0 > = Pigs

  9. How sad. Australia used to FIGHT Fascism; for a number of years now, they’ve been embracing it.

    There are still a few sane heads there, as evidenced by Senator Leyonhjelm, but they obviously have a long and difficult fight to spread their cure for the social disease they battle.

      • Australians DON’T drink Fosters. That’s why it is exported. Only foreign tourists drink Fosters locally.

        There are better local beers available such as VB, Toohey’s New or Draft, and others. I would even drink 4-X (XXXX) from Queensland before Fosters.

        On another topic, it was noted in the media some tine ago that sporting goods stores were noting a big increase in the sales of baseball bats but not a corresponding increase in the sale of baseball mitts and balls.

        • The Foster’s beer sold in the US and the UK isn’t even imported from Australia, they are both brewed locally.

  10. Australia used to be a brave country with a history of self-reliance and a strong rifleman’s culture.

    What is it now?

    California with kangaroos.

    • Same reason most of the former British empire and Europe are full of cucks: Most of the male population with genes capable of standing up for themselves were wiped out in the world wars. What’s left are those descended from the sick, the injured, the politicians, the then young, the elderly, the non-combat personnel and (a relatively small number of) survivors.

      Late entry in both wars and GI bill (the material gain that came from it gave an advantage to veteran in reproduction) mean it is less pronounced in the US.

      • the Vietnam vets are, prblby, the last gen. with any ‘balls’ to stand up to the gov’….unfortunately…most of them are, now, elderly or dying out……. ☹
        not much hope in the Gen “x”s or Gen “Y”s …. just a bunch of brain-washed, limp-wristed bozos ….

        the only thing that will snap Aussies out of it is an invasion by a hostile, alien, foreign aggressor….

      • Makes you feel great about the blood and treasure we spilled defending them doesn’t it? I’m beginning to think we should have left them to Hilter and Stalin, as they have a natural affinity for being subjugated. The next time the Europeans invite us to die in one of their wars, we need to tell them to screw off.

  11. I’m from Australia. We used to have very relaxed firearm laws in the 1980’s and early 90’s. There were no appearance laws, no magazine restrictions and you could basically have anything that was not fully automatic (most States banned fully automatic firearms after WWII, except the State of Tasmania which still allowed fully automatic firearms). Then in 1996 we had the Port Arthur massacre, ironically in Tasmania, which at the time was the largest massacre in the world committed by a lane gunman. It gave all sides of politics the ammunition (pardon the pun) they were seeking for years to implement some of the worlds strictest gun control and a forced confiscation of semi automatic rifles and registering of all firearms. Since 1996 Australian gun laws have only gotten stricter, implementing calibre and magazine restrictions and in the case of New South Wales, the State being the subject of this article even restrictions on the amount of ammunition you can purchase and only the same calibre of firearms you own. There is some hope on the horizon. There are more licensed firearm holders than before 1996 and that number is growing rapidly every year. Also Australia is seeing the rise of a number of right wing parties who all have improved gun policies. These include the Liberal Democrats whose Senator David Leyonhjelm was quoted in the article. There is also the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and One Nation Party who are all getting members into parliament. The resistance against relaxing firearm laws has come from both our major political parties, Labor (equivalent of Democrat) and LNP (equivalent of Republican) who both believe that gun control provides a safer society. Also our media is extremely left wing and extremely any firearm. Lastly our society is very city centric. Most political decisions are made by people living within a 10-kilometre radius of the CBD of a capital city. Australia still has many gun grabbers who believe we need more restrictions to curb gun crime ignoring the statistics that 98% of gun crime in Australia is committed by criminals with illegal firearms. Let Australia be a warning for all gun owners in the USA. Don’t fall into apathy believing that your guns are safe. Never give an inch, the fight for gun rights is on going because the gun grabbers will never stop. They will never be appeased. Even if all you left was a single shot .22 they would come for that also.

        • Hoax, no. But with too many coincidences, un-answered questions and questionable conduct by the powers that be/were, there is a growing consensus that it has all the credentials of a false flag operation. Search for the book ” Deadly Deception at Port Arthur” and discover the known facts for your self. Alternatively, there are numerous videos on YouTube discussing the topic.

        • it was, @ the very least, a partial hoax….
          the two Mikac kids, for instance, were, quite clearly, not killed….
          supposedly shot with hi-powered rounds….there ain’t a drop of blood on them..
          look up: “Port Arthur Police Training Video” on LiveLeak;
          (used to be on YouTube but got taken down b’cs of pressure from the coppers)
          also: there’s Chnnl 9 footage of them, after they had supposedly been shot and were covered up by parad-medic “space blankets”, moving and squirming around…..
          they were playing possum….
          hard to say if any-one else was killed on-the-day b’cs there was no formal Coronial Inquest
          (required by state law in ALL cases of un-natural death….required by Commonwealth Law in the case of the death of a foreign national…[there were a coupla foreign nationals allegedly killed @ PA] )……
          there’s also no evidence of Life Insurance pay-outs;
          what-ever: most of the gun-grab following the PAM centred wholly and solely on those two, dead kids…..
          if they could be proved to be still living (tracked down by Private Investigators), then, most of the PAM ‘narrative’ would fall apart and it would, then, be v. hard to continue justifying the current Australian gun laws…

        • No, unfortunately it wouldn’t… Gun grabbers can justify anything, no matter what country they’re from! Facts, truth, or lack of integrity never stopped them; the lies continually spew forth to the sheep who will listen.

        • yeh…that’s true!

          but…in AUssie…95% of the current laws are all predicated on the PAM;

          if the PAM was exposed as, mostly, some sort of ‘con’-job, then, there would be significant public pressure to have most of the laws repealed ASAP…
          they could no longer be justified….
          TPTB in 0zz have simply invested too much time and effort in the whole PAM narrative as the raison d’être for current AUssie gun laws……
          the laws could no longer be sustained if the PAM narrative collapsed…

        • I hope you’re right, for the sake of your country and its people. And ultimately, the world.

          Unfortunately, I guess I’ve developed a lack of faith in humanity over the years, as I’ve watched with my own eyes how tyrants keep using the ignorant masses to further their own goals.

          I do fervently hope that the truth about the PAM comes out and leads to social change through increased firearms freedom… but the jaded part of me wonders if the truth will be enough to fight the entrenched liars and politicians (but I repeat myself.) Good luck to you all, and like us, never stop fighting for truth and freedom. It’s our only hope against tyranny!

        • or….psy-op … covers both false-flag and hoax….
          either way, it was a psy-op;
          the laws were already “waiting in the wings” … pre-written;
          the whole thing was obviously a political agenda….they had their ‘patsy’ already set-up/ready-to-go…
          was supposed to have conveniently karked it @ SeaScape Cottages….but…he beat the odds….
          if Bryant had died…it would’v been just another case of: “lone-nut gun-man” massacres a bunch of people and then, conveniently, ‘suicides’ … case closed!
          Bryant’s survival has caused them all sorts of fuss and bother….all the way back to the lack of a Coronial Inquest and the ‘show’ trial or non-trial…
          and…all the subsequent books being written on it…
          (look up: “Mass Murder: the Martin Bryant Case re-Examined” by Keith Allen Noble … avlbl on Amazon or as a free dwn/ld … iinet/nedwood)

          it ain’t going away….
          sooner rather than later, its gunna bring down government(s), trigger arrests of big-name pltcns, judges, cops and media big-wigs and force a major change in AUstralian gun laws….maybe an across-the-board total repeal….

  12. Did anyone else catch the tone of the media? Shockingly enough it seemed almost, if not outright, sympathetic to the plight of the gun owner.

  13. Clearly, when you kill a perp in a country with no regard for civil rights, don’t call the police.

    Just bury the perp in the garden… and throw another shrimp on the barbie! /s

  14. I would love to know why the police confiscated ALL of this man’s guns when from all appearances nothing he did constituted a crime.He didn’t shoot anyone, his gun was unloaded, and he even got the perp to turn himself in without having to beat the kid to pulp. What is the reasoning here? that he had guns and this was an opportunity to take them away?

    • “I would love to know why the police confiscated ALL of this man’s guns when from all appearances nothing he did constituted a crime.”

      Sure he committed a crime: he handled a stressful situation himself and thus seriously undermined the supremacy and relevance of the nanny state.

      Remember: the nanny state does not exist to serve you nor I. Rather, the nanny state exists to serve itself. Any nanny state actions which seem to benefit you or I are theater or incidental to its own interests.

      • “[T]he nanny state does not exist to serve you nor I. Rather, the nanny state exists to serve itself. Any nanny state actions which seem to benefit you or I are theater or incidental to its own interests.”


        Plus the state is not so much an organism as much as an epiphenomena; the thing different in kind manifest from the aggregate of a bunch of other things. In this case, the choices of people “in” government; small people, who’s best chance of getting what they want is hijacking state power to do it for them; damaged people, who in the end want to warp the world, and especially other humans, to their will; small, damaged people who never grew past the impotence of being two years old, and the two-year-old’s need to dispose of the imposition of their being anyone but them in the world.

        The point of a republic is the powerful inoculation of having the same people be both doers and done to, on both sides of what “the government” does. The less this is so, well, we can see what happens.

        Why this requires the citizens acted upon have the same tools as the government acting upon them is pretty obvious. Tools like communication, use of force, personal security & autonomy, and so on. Kinda like exactly the stuff that lines up with the Bill of Rights. 2A included.

        Why this must be so is left as an exercise for any readers who have yet to get it. Hint: Approach as a proof using the negative. Begin with: “Suppose the government is armed, while the citizens are not…”

  15. Even with President Trump in office…America, like Australia, is continuous under siege by Left-wing, Liberal, and Globalist influences. From Leftist PD to Globalist politicians. Eventually, if the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights is placed in jeopardy by these people. It may push our country into another American Civil War…n

    • “… if the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights is placed in jeopardy by these people.”

      We are well past jeopardy: Globalists, Progressives, and many “Conservatives” have already subverted our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This started in the 1930s.

      • Subverted?

        The Constitution was created and ratified in secret because it was designed to create a strong central government…

        Remember: The Bill of Rights had to be ADDED later because once people did see it they freaked out. The whole “we have to pass it before we read what’s in it” schlock was not created by the people who foisted Obamacare on us, it was in full effect in the 1780s being used by Hamilton and his cronies.

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